could he be any more attractive in this scene

An Apprehensive Choice

Request: “can you do something where everyone loves the reader bc they’re so funny and just genuinely fun to be around but for some reason kylo doesn’t know how to talk to her”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1984

Warnings: None

The first day on the Finalizer had been daunting. There were troopers marching everywhere, the eyes of officers lingering over your badges, and the booming voice that came overhead announcing things every so often. The combined stomping, glares, and loud voices caused some sort of a sensory overload, and you felt your chest tightening with anxiety as you tried to hurry along to your designated station. Once you arrived though, you found the environment totally changed. People were sneaking smiles and whispered inside jokes, and as you entered some even shot you a welcoming grin. Your station was full of engineers, planning how to better and create new weapons for the First Order. The pay was good, and the work hours were relaxed. You were the most brilliant minds in the Galaxy, and to your joy you found that your fellow intellectuals also shared your similar sense of humour.

Within the first week, you had settled comfortably into your cohort, even getting to know some of the officers and generals. General Hux stopped to check on your work often, as he was tasked to make sure all was in order at least twice a week. Along with a couple fellow engineers, you sat with Hux a lot during lunches and big First Order events.

In the next month, you had built a family here. Your co-workers were more like friends, and apart from a few who preferred to stick to their work and be alone, everyone loved you. You were funny, smart, witty, sarcastic, and above all you were kind. You were the most likable person on board, and even though you enjoyed time to yourself every now and then, it did feel amazing to be popular with everyone. You had also been asked out on many dates, but you politely declined all of them. Your heart had unfortunately become tied to only one.

Kylo Ren.

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anonymous asked:

Hi would you be able to write a one shot where reader is Rossi's 22 year old daughter that he didn;t kbow about for a long time (similar to Joy) and he introduces her to the team and Luke instantly likes her and flirts with her. some sarcastic comments from Rossi are welcomed ;)

I changed this one a little bit, so that the reader has previously met most of the team. But, Luke’s a new agent who is only too keen to help her with her investigative project on law enforcement.

A Day at the BAU

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: It didn’t matter if you were twenty-two years old, your father David Rossi would always be protective of you.

“Thanks for the help.”

Rossi turned around the flash a wide grin at you, pushing open the door leading into the BAU’s bullpen.

“Don’t mention it Y/N. I’m glad you came to me for it.” He told you sincerely, winking playfully at you as he allowed you to enter the office first.

It still felt a little strange between the two of you given that he had only found out that you were his daughter this year. But you had quickly come to love the compassionate and caring man. It seemed as if he were determined to make up for lost time and had been nothing but devoted to getting to know you.

Although you still weren’t at the point when you could confidentially call him ‘dad’, with every day you were feeling more secure about your growing relationship. You knew that no matter what you could rely on him to be there for you. His support was something you cherished dearly.

That was why you had called to ask him for a huge favour. Perhaps it was slightly embarrassing to be receiving an in-depth tour of the FBI like a schoolchild. But you had always been intrigued about your father’s work and choosing a project focused on the workings of federal law enforcement had been the natural choice as a criminology student.

Rossi had been only too happy to assist you, delighted you found his job interesting and that you took your studies so seriously. He was already immensely proud of you and would do anything to support your ambitions.

You heard him chuckle softly behind you as you stood in complete awe at the hectic room, agents bustling past as phones blared out loudly.

“Welcome to the BAU.” He smirked as you glanced at him, a wide grin spreading across your face as you took in the incredible scene. It was so interesting to get a glimpse into his world.

“Here, I’ll introduce you to one of my colleagues. He used to be the Fugitive Task Force so he’ll be able to give you a different insight.”

You barely took in his words, nodding in agreement as you still tried to adjust to the chaotic surroundings – following him over to a nearby desk.

“Luke, this is my daughter Y/N. Y/N this is my colleague Luke Alvez.”

Your breath hitched slightly in your throat as the handsome agent leant forward to shake your hand warmly, his lips curving into a bright grin as his eyes swept over you. If you would have known your father worked with someone this attractive, perhaps you would have visited earlier.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He greeted smoothly, his other hand rubbing the back of his head almost nervously. Maybe you weren’t the only one feeling sparks?

“You too.” You murmured breathlessly, your mind trying to catch up with what was happening.

A firm hand was placed on your shoulder as Rossi began explaining your presence to Luke. The other agent seemed to be nodding along, intrigued by your backstory. However, his warm brown eyes kept drifting over to you, causing you to flush under his piercing gaze.

“So, are you thinking about joining the bureau?” Luke asked, a slight smirk playing on his lips as he noticed your pink cheeks.

You shook your head, laughing softly at the thought of you pursuing a career as an FBI agent. It just wasn’t for you. But before you had the chance to answer his question, Rossi interrupted.

“Not a chance. You’ve seen the weirdos we have to deal with Alvez. She’s not going anywhere near them.” He flashed you a sheepish grin at the look of bemusement on your face.

Of course, you weren’t going to be chasing down unsubs. But if you ever did want to he would have to learn to deal with it.  

Luke chuckled softly at the interaction between the two of you. He had always profiled Rossi as the protective paternal figure. His suspicions had definitely been proven right.  Although, he had no doubt you could hold your own when it came to the older agent’s interference.

“I’d actually prefer more of a desk job, behind the scenes sort of thing.” You explained, smiling as you noticed the cheeky grin on Luke’s face. There was something about him that you just liked. He seemed so outgoing and friendly…not to mention, charming.

Rossi gently patted your shoulder, a bright smile on his face at your words. Your relationship might still be flourishing with your father, but it meant a lot that he was proud of you.

There was a teasing glint in Luke’s eyes as he folded his arms across his chest. You couldn’t help but admire how toned his muscles were, blushing as you quickly evaded your gaze. You didn’t need any more embarrassment and you definitely didn’t want to be caught ogling your father’s coworker’s physique.  

“That’s a shame, we could do with more people like you around here.” The playful smirk on his face told you exactly what he meant by his words.

You laughed softly at the fact he was bold enough to try flirting with you in front of Rossi. He was brave, you had to give him that.

Rossi glanced between the two of you, his eyes filling with suspicious as he observed the scene. After all, he was an experienced profiler. He could tell when two people were attracted to one another. So, naturally he had to intervene.

“Well, Alvez here is still a SSA-in-training.” He remarked casually, in an attempt to remind Luke of his place – his place being that he had better be careful when flirting with you.

But your father’s words of friendly warning fell on deaf ears.

“Really? I’d love to get your perspective.” You told him, genuinely intrigued by his unique experience of the BAU.

In fact, you had wanted to put a particular focus on transferring between divisions and experience of younger agents. Luke grin widened even more, his face lighting up with joy at the prospect of being able to spend more time with you.

“Yeah, well Alvez is still under evaluation. I have to provide a report on his work next week actually.” Rossi commented, a snarky tone creeping into his voice as he stared unnervingly at his fellow agent.

Luke just chuckled at Rossi’s annoyance at his flirting. They both knew it wasn’t sincere. In fact, Rossi greatly respected and admired the former ranger. But as your father he had to assume a role of protector.

“Didn’t Prentiss ask you to consult on a case Rossi?” He tried to conceal his growing grin at the suspicion on Rossi’s face. “I don’t mind giving Y/N the grand tour.”

He flashed a dazzling smile at you, prompting you to nod quickly in agreement. “That would be great.”

You tried not to laugh as Rossi’s eyes narrowed as he glared threateningly at Luke. It was peculiar to see him act so protectively, but in a strange way it was nice. Besides you knew he would never be overly interfering. His bark was just worse than his bite.

“You’re an FBI treasure Alvez.” Rossi replied, a smile growing on his face as he leaned forward to clap Luke on his back – his hand a little too forceful judging by the surprise in Luke’s expression.

He leaned in close to whisper in his ear.

“Listen assclown, my daughter had best receive the best treatment.”

You rolled your eyes at his hushed threat, still loud enough for you to overhear. It was hard to contain your laughter at the situation.

Luke nodded, quite sincere as he assured Rossi that he would be the ‘best tour guide the FBI had ever had’. The promise earned him a light clap on his cheeks from the older agents, praising him as ‘good man’. Your father flashed you a grin as he strolled away to their Unit Chief’s office.

“Sorry about that.” You told Luke, smiling softly at the cheerful grin spreading across his face as he shrugged his shoulders.

“No worries. He’s right you deserve the best.” He told you, sending you a playful wink as he gestured around the bullpen. “Where do you want to start?”

Your eyes widened as they fell upon the photograph sitting proudly on his desk.

“Oh my gosh, what about with who this cutie is?” You exclaimed, beaming at the adorable dog jumping up in the photograph.

“That’s my dog Roxy.” He paused for a moment as his grin widened. “In fact, you should meet her sometime. She would adore you.”

Table Turn

Prompt: Hey congragts on 700! :D could you do a drabble of Charles Xavier x telepath reader? Please and thank you!!💙            

Word Count: 700 (hah! exactly 700, how neat, in honor of the 700 Follower Celebration. I also know that’s a little longer than  drabble but come on)

Warnings: Adult content/ sexual imagery/sexual innuendos

Note: Beta’d by the ever fabulous amazing, perfect @like-a-bag-of-potatoes This is based around


You decided to visit the Museum of Modern Art one innocent Saturday. It was a bit too hot outside, so you thought a long visit inside an air conditioned museum would help some. It absolutely helped.

Idly admiring the works of art, a certain brunette man caught your eye. How could he not? He had blue eyes that could penetrate steel walls, raspberry lips, an all around great body…Before long, you were watching him more than the works of art. He was a masterpiece himself. You began to notice and trace every element of him. His suit jacket, his pants, his slender hands, his hair, his mouth…Almost as if you were committing it to memory to draw later.

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“MR. EDDY’S BROTHER!” Edd calls out confronting the man.

It’s a little creepy seeing Eddy and his brother’s make similar facial expressions in unison. They’re brothers. They’ve grown up together. And yet they’re so different. Eddy has always been scared that he’s going to grow up similar to Bro.

Side Note: I completely forgot to point out Bro’s menacing electric guitar theme in the last analysis! Go listen to it. The music is unique from signature calming background music used in the show.

While Bro is surprised to see that Edd, or someone, is actually trying to stand up to him, Eddy is silently begging Edd to stay back. Eddy knows what terrible things his brother has done to anybody.

Has Bro killed anyone? Why the three locks on his door?


Edd is the first person to speak up and actually come forward to face this man,who is twice his age and towers over him.

Edd has become my hero. First he digs through a pile of mud to try and save his friends, and now he is facing a man for the sake of the safety of his best friend.

Nobody is telling Edd to do this. This is based on his own instincts. He sees that his friend won’t stick up for himself and has to put a stop to this.

Edd knows that the other kids won’t do anything. The kids have never done anything to help them. Of course they all teamed up to face aliens together, but that was very different. They were going to save Rolf. If it were the Eds in that danger would the kids have helped them? We have already seen how the kids can’t live without the Eds, but it is hard to say If they would have or not.’

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Wrong Person, Not That I’m Complaining.

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Overweight Reader

Series: Soft Thighs Series

Warning: Insecurities, high school fears,

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: High School Play AU: He wasn’t supposed to kiss you…

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Rewired Part Two // Kylo x Reader

Prompt: After (Y/N) reveals her crush on the Commander to “Matt" , it is then revealed to her that he is Kylo Ren by her two friends. Embarrassed and scared of the outcome, she runs away from the lunchroom, but bumps into her boss on the way…

Part One here

His dark façade walks down the hall, his leather boots hitting the surface of the base causing a clanging sound to echo through the halls. Your stomach flips at the noise as you start to run in the other direction.

This was way to much for you to handle. You were a radar technician, no one important in the Order and certainly not the arm candy that Ren wanted. All you wanted was to live a simple life, without care and just breeze your way through life.

Now you had the pressure of having your boss know who you are and that you liked him. That was not something you planned at all. As you raced back to your living quarters, you shut your door and lock it as if that was going to protect you from the rest of the days events.

Meanwhile, the Commander now was on the hunt for you. After you revealed your crush to him, you have been the number one thing on his mind. He knew he should be focused on his work and taking down the enemy, but he deserved a break.

When the Commander entered the cafeteria, all employees rose at attention, and Ren quickly dismissed them. He had one objective, to find you and learn more about you.

He checked in the spot where you were before, but there was nothing left. Only the tools you two had left before parting your ways. The Commander knew your friends and thought they would have an idea of your whereabouts.

"Lieutenants Zack and Kim,” he calls through his voice modifier. The two lieutenants approach their boss when he calls for them. They both know what this was about and they were both very nervous about the topic. When they stand before their boss, they salute him quickly. “I have certain information that you two are friends with a radar technician. (Y/N) is her name.”

Zach nods his head firmly. “Yes, sir, we are,” he answers.

Gulping lightly, the Commander speaks, “I’d like to know where she is at the moment for reasons you would not comprehend.”

Kim looks to Zach as he shrugs his shoulders. Turning back towards their masked boss, Kim starts, “We don’t know, sir.” Kylo huffs. “She was with us a minute ago, but she left and did not say where she was headed to. Maybe in the control room?”

The Commander could only think about where you’d be. The base was so large, you could be anywhere. He didn’t know where your quarters were or where exactly you worked because technicians were needed all over. “You are dismissed,” Kylo says before the two lieutenants give him another salute just to leave.

Walking away, Kim leans over a whispers to Zach, “Do you think he’s going to anything rash to her? Is he going to kick her off the base for possessing those feelings for her boss?”

Zach shakes his head. “Your guess is as good as mine. However, if I were Master Ren, I’d be more flattered that someone could actually have a romantic attraction for me,” he says as the two walk away from the scene to get back to work.

After two days of your encounter with “Matt”, you did your best to avoid any contact with any high ranking officers or the Commander himself. You took very early shifts or very late shifts to prevent your encounters, too scared of what the Commander would do to you when you did in fact meet once again.

The more time when by, the more frustrated Kylo would get with himself. His tantrums would be more frequent and carry more damage to the items he destroyed. He hated that he could find you and talk to you. For Maker’s sake, it’s not like you fell off the base or quit. If you did quit, you’d have to go through him.

That day, Kylo spend the day in his quarters, crossing off lists of places he checked and didn’t check for you. But all of his places were crossed out, he checked the cafeteria daily, the control room, your living quarters, everywhere. But there was nothing.

Sick of the chase, Kylo told the head technician to assign you to one area of the ship, late at night, so finally you two could have your encounter.

At almost midnight, you walked to your shift that the head technician told you about and started preparing for your work. Getting down on your knees, you rewired a few things, did some routine checks on the security system, all basic things. As you screwed in a few final bolts, you heard footsteps. Those same footsteps you were accustomed to run away from ever since your incident. It took every fiber in your body from getting up and running away, but it was too late.

You could feel his presence behind you, decked out in his robes and helmet. You gulp nervously knowing you have reached the end of the line and you had to face your fear now.

“(Y/N),” his voice says as it sends shivers down your spine.

Inhaling deeply, you muster up enough strength to turn around and face him. Looking up, you respond with a meek, “Commander Ren.”

He stands tall and stoic, his hand folded behind his back as he stared down at you. “I have been search for you for almost a week and a half now,” he informs you as you gulp.

“Oh, I didn’t know, sir,” you lie through your teeth as he clears his throat. “May I ask why you have been searching for me, sir?”

When the words slip out of your mouth, his hands raise up to his mask as you know his next move. You couldn’t look him in the eyes like you have done before. Not after what happened. Biting your lip overwhelmed with nerves, he lifts his helmet off his head, revealing the face you once saw. Instead of phony glasses and blonde hair, you saw dark eyes with matching dark hair. He features were dark and seductive. Your heart fluttered as your mind told it to stop.

Holding his helmet as his side, he then asks, “Do you recognize me?”

Reluctantly nodding you speak, “Yes, sir.”

The two of you sit in silence for a while, him trying to read your thoughts about how you felt in the situation. Were you happy? Scared? Embarrassed? Surprised? He needed to know how you were feeling about this situation. Would you still feel the same after this?

Finally, you decided to speak. “Sir, what I told you when you were ‘Matt’, I don’t mean it in any derogatory way. I apologize thoroughly if I have offended and I want to clear the air about that.” You rise from the ground in hopes to look more convincing in your argument, however he still had a good foot over you.

You expected the Commander to burst out into another one of his tantrums, yet he simply smirked as your heart skipped a beat. “(Y/N), if anyone should be sorry it should be myself,” he says as you furrow your eyebrows. “I was forcing you reveal your feelings about me. It wasn’t what I expected, but it certainly isn’t something I’m discouraging of.”

Was he trying to encourage your feelings?

“I’m not sure I understand, sir,” you say, shaking your head.

The Commander lets out a small chuckle. “Please, call me Kylo from this day forward. But, I’m trying to say that I’m not punishing you for feelings. In fact, I was wondering if you would like to get to know me better and not 'Matt.’”

Your eyes widen. He was asking you out on a date. “Uh, um. Sir- um, Kylo. I don’t know if this is appropriate for our situation. Wouldn’t the Supreme Leader discourage your decision?” you ask, as he grabs your hands.

“Don’t be silly. I haven’t listened to a thing he’s said in years…So, how about it?” he asks.

Months had passed after you and Kylo had your reencounter and you couldn’t be more grateful for that night. The two of you had fallen madly in love very quickly and you couldn’t have been happier.

You were each other’s rock and confidant. You couldn’t feel any luckier.

The First Order has gotten incredibly busy with their plans to take down the Resistance lately and Kylo being stressed was an understatement. He got no sleep, but he never did regardless of the situation. His temper was flaring at every minute.

From down the hall, you could hear the familiar clashing of his lightsaber against the metal of his control room. Walking down the hall, you see him slashing away at the panels as a frightened captain watched. You tap his shoulder, dismissing the captain as he scurries off down the hall.

As his furry halts, you stand behind him arms crossed. “Are you done?” you ask with a smirk on your face.

Kylo instantly recognizes your voice as he flashes off his lightsaber and rips off his helmet. His breathing is heavy and his eyes find yours as they are filled with anger, but they soft as he sees you.

“What’s wrong this time?” you ask, walking towards him, rubbing his large arms.

He huffs, “Our own storm trooper, FN-2187. He got away with the Resistance pilot. One of my soldiers has betrayed me!” He throws his helmet across the room as his hits a control panel, spending sparks everywhere.

You hush him as you run your fingers across his chest. “Hey, hey, look at me,” you say placing your gentle hands on his cheeks, rubbing your thumbs on his soft skin. “Everything is going to fine. Once you realize who you are and your power, you are going to take the Resistance down with a snap of your finger. He is just too weak this trooper. You are better off without him. We will move forward from this. I promise you,” you tell him.

His body relaxes under your touch as he sighs. “What would I do without you?” he asks as his hands rub your hips.

“I don’t know,” you smile as he laughs before his lips find yours, giving you a tender kiss. He pulls you close to him as you wrap your arms around his neck. As the kiss becomes more heavy, his name is called through his commlink asking for his presence on the landing platform.

He groans as he pulls away. Quickly you retrieve his helmet, handing him his helmet. “Go get 'em, tiger,” you say as he drops his left eye into a wink. With a final kiss to your lips, he exits the room, placing his helmet back on.

What’s really makes me sad is when Magnus says, “I wanted to see you again,” and Alec’s first response is “Why?” He really doesn’t see or understand what could possibly be special or interesting about him that could attract Magnus. This is Alec ‘We break rules and accept the consequences’ Lightwood, who’s never experienced any love in the manner of eros (besides his unrequited love for Jace). So Magnus telling him what Alec means to him in that moment is so important to both of them and that’s why this will always be one of my favorite Malec scenes in season 1 and I really hope the writers write more affectionate things for them in season 2.

Can’t Get You Out of My Mind

Chaptered Fic: Chapter 1/?

Pairing: Phan

Chapter Word Count: 2,248

Summary: Phil is weird in many ways, but there’s one thing about him that is weirder than most. He has the ability to enter people’s dreams. Normally, he just hops into a random friend’s dream and goes along for the ride. Until, that is, the new kid, Dan Howell, comes along. From the moment they meet, Phil can’t stop get him out of is head….. And Dan may have a hard time keeping Phil out of his. Literally. 

Rating: Currently PG-13 due to language, but maybe future smut

Warnings: Unbeta’d, semi-nightmares, one instance of vague bedwetting (minor character), some language



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More Than a Hike:  mysterymanjoseph and magicinthestory

It had been a few weeks since the ‘encounter’ in the woodlands.  Joseph had been hunting what everyone thought was a pack of feral dogs that had been attacking hikers and campers in the area.  What he found,..well, he could not explain.  A wolf was one thing, but, one that turned human after being shot when it make a lunging attack at him,..Joseph could not get his mind around.  On top of that, the attractive woman that just happened upon the scene and seemed none to flustered at any of it.  He was more than a little leery of the situation, but, too curious to just leave for home.  He stays in the small town not far from the deep woods where all the mysterious goings on have happened, listening to any and all gossip that might give him some sort of clue as to what might be going on.  He thinks, “Can’t really say anything about what I think happened, they would haul me to an psychiatric hospital if I did.”  “Just have to listen and see if I can pick up some tidbits here and there.”


anonymous asked:

Could you write a little Dramione scene with Ginny in love with Draco or attracted to him, but he's in love with Hermione?

(this is for both of you that asked!)

[ This is part of the Needing Is One Thing; Getting? Getting’s Another drabble series! The rest can be found HERE! ]

Needing Is One Thing; Getting? Getting’s Another

She’d dated Harry for two years, and it had been fine. They’d gotten along well. After the war, he’d really mellowed out and he’d balanced out the more fiery aspects of her personality. He could calmly ride out any storm, including his girlfriend. She forced him to have fun, to go out and live when all he wanted to do was stay at home and do something quiet.

Ginny liked to think that it had been a good set-up, while it lasted. Of course, it hadn’t lasted, and that wasn’t really anyone’s fault.

She’d missed the boy she’d fallen in love with. The passionate, wild-eyed youth that Harry had been was a product, she knew, of a horrible upbringing and then being thrust far too young into the maws of death. She’d seen the hunted look that lingered in his eyes and wanted to provide comfort. She’d seen his serious mein – unusual for a boy his age – and aspired to his ‘maturity.’ She’d placed him on a pedestal, and that had definitely been her fault.

And when they’d finally sat down and discussed their relationship, he’d admitted that maybe his attraction to her had been at least partially due to a desire to be a member of her family. It had hurt at the time to hear that, but looking back on it, she understood. She wished she’d known earlier, to be honest.

She could have told him that he’d always be an honorary Weasley, whether he dated her or not.

After two years of him dating approximately no one – he was barely even seen, to be honest, outside of his job, preferring to stay in his house and play those ‘video games’ he liked or read books – the first time he’d stepped out with a girl had been the biggest media hurricane since the war itself.

Daphne Greengrass.

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Inclusive interview of Wu Yifan from F The happiness and sorrows of the “post-90s gentleman”

Inclusive interview of Wu Yifan from F

The happiness and sorrows of the “post-90s gentleman”


At the end of 2014, the editor of the F made an inclusive interview about Wu Yifan before the opening ceremony of the Givenchy concept store in ChengDu.

He is not that bad at communication as I’ve imagined (as for this question, he said that maybe I hadn’t pay enough attention to him. Yes, that’s possible). He loves fashion and is a good talker in both Chinese and English when it comes to his favorite Givenchy apparel and Jordan sneakers.

He is really of a hip-pop style off stage. However he can easily become a definite gentleman after dressing up (a post-90s gentleman, it’s kind of hard to imagine but he really is). He is rather mature in social occasions. He greeted fans waiting for him for a long time from the second floor; he posted a new message on Ins after the ceremony concluded; in the exactly same room where he took the interview, he changed into Galaxy_fanfan, a hip-hop boy in Jordan. All these looked so natural.

Well, these are some first impressions. As for the detailed conversation, please continue reading:

F : Today we have Wu Yifan here with us. Please say hello to the netizens of Fshion Ifeng .

Wu Yifan: Hello, I’m Wu Yifan.

My favorite style is Hip-hop.

F: So you’re here today for the opening ceremony of Givenchy concept shop in ChengDu?

W: Yes. It’s really a honor to be invited to the opening ceremony of the second Givenchy concept shop globally. And I’m really look forward to it.

F: What do you think of the fashion style of Givenchy?

W: I think it is edgy, stylish and at the same time, classic.

F: You’re a fan of this style?

W: Yeah, sure. Givenchy is one of my favorite brands. (The well-known fashionista Li Hui told me that fanfan is really a huge fan of Givenchy. He was already a VIP of the shop when in South Korea. )

F: You didn’t wear Givenchy quite often, right?

W: Yes, I was in Givenchy in numerous occasions. Maybe you hadn’t notice that. I wear them a lot. (Later some fans sent me many pics in which fanfan was in Givenchy. It’s really quite often. True love recognized.)

F: What kind of style do you think suits you most?

W: Actually, my best-loved style is Hip-hop. In the past several years, Hip-hop is kind of being combined with the trend including some high-end brands. Givenchy this season also has some hip-hop style in it. In some way, I like it because it is easy to match outfits.

F: Do you have any piece that you love in particular?

W: Yes, like the flower-printed T-shirts coming out this season. I really love it. You can just  go out in a black-and-white Tee .

Today’s outfit is tuxedo. Yeah, no tail.

F: Would you please give a introduction of the highlights of this fashion styling?

W: The outfit for today is a tuxedo of fall and winter 2014. Yeah, no tail. And the white shirt, I think the detailed design of the collar is really good. And the whole outfit give a impression of gentleman.

F: I’ve noticed that you’ve tried more leather garments and pants. Do you give your own opinions?

W: Yes. I often give my own opinions because I’m really interested in fashion and usually choose outfits after combining my suggestions with others’.

F: The earrings you’re wearing today is very special. You pick that by yourself?

W: I wear them usually.

Peng Zeyang is a new-money? Yes, new money. You can’t do anything about it.

F: You joined director Xu Jinglei in her new film Somewhere Only We Know. Please give us an introduction about the character Peng Zeyang.

W: This young man is quite complicated. He is Chinese kid growing up in the west and is raised in a family that is also complicated. And he studies music, to be more specific, he is a violoncellist. And… eh, I can’t reveal too many details. I think we do have much in common but at the same time there are also some challenges. And that’s this kind of the character that attracts me and nudges me to do the role well.

F: Why does everyone call him a new money?

W: (Laughing) new money. Because he is actually, eh, yeah, new money. You can’t do anything about it.

F: So still, you can’t give us more details?

W: Yeah. I need to keep it to myself now. He is just a (secretly) new money… (Could any MeiGeNi who knows the reason tell me? And also the story about “little fatty”… )

F: Are there any impressive scenes in the film? I know that your fans made a GIF of the scene that you held Wang Likun (the leading actress) on the shoulder.

W: Yes. It’s quite impressive. I needed to hold her up on the shoulder and walked down the stairs. It is dangerous if I fall down. Actually I really enjoy the time in Prague. It is my first film shooting experience and it’s impressive.

Plans about music? Not gonna to keep you waiting for long.

F: So you are gonna to shoot the film Fading Wave ? And there is cooperation with Li Yifeng (a Chinese actor)?

W: Yes. We are gonna shoot the film together.

F: What do you think of him?

W: He’s good, of course.

F: As for music, you’ve sung the theme song Somewhere. You composed it yourself?

W: Yes, I did it with my friends together.

F: Do you have any plans about music in he future? Like a album?

W: Yeah, definitely. I know my fans are looking forward to it. And the specific dates are not sure but I have the plan. I’m not gonna let you wait for long.


Being a celebrity usually loses something of life? You cannot always get everything you want.
Do you reject the mentioning of your previous experiences in Korea? Not at all, I am grateful for it
F: I know you were born in 1990.
Wu: Oh, yes.
F: Actually you are less than one year elder than me. 
Wu: You are younger than me? Wow…
F: Did you grow up in Canada since you were born?
Wu: No, I moved to Canada at the age of 10.
F: Then you went to Korea from Canada. 7 years in Korea?
Wu: Right, nearly 7 years.
F: Afterwards, you returned to China. I think you have more life experience than people of your ages. You must have learned a lot from those experiences. But did you also lose anything?
Wu: Sure. You can’t always get everything you want. For me, due to lots of travel, it is hard for me to maintain friendship with numerous people. When I moved to another place, I usually lost contact with my old friends since back then smart phones were not available. So I only have several really close friends. 
F: When you were in Korea and now in China, you have become so popular and have large number of fans. People are always paying attention to you. Your privacy must be violated to some degree. Are you disturbed? What do you think of it? 
Wu: I think it is inevitable as a celebrity. I am thankful for my fans and all the friends who support me. 
F: Your fans are called Nini? 
Wu: (Laugh out) Yes, because I said “I like everyone of you (ni in Chinese)”.
F: I see. You debuted as a member of a Korean group and then became a young idol in China when returning home. Your leaving the group has been a heatedly discussed topic. Do you reject the mentioning of your previous experiences in Korea? 
Wu: No at all.
F: Or you actually are grateful for it (experiences in Korea)?
Wu: Yes, I am grateful for it. I surely don’t reject it. I feel thankful for everyone who helped me. And at all stages of life, you will receive help from others. So you should be grateful. 

I didn’t measure the length of my legs and I wear shoes in pretty big size—46.
 You love playing basketball right?  
Wu: (Laugh out) Yeah!
F: You have a height of 187 cm. Did you ever measure the length of your legs?
Wu: No, really I didn’t. (It was such a shame that the editor didn’t take a ruler.)
F: Can you tell us the size your shoes?
Wu: I wear shoes in pretty big size—46.
F: It must be hard to find shoes of this size.
Wu: Indeed. Sometimes I need to look for shoes on line. (He said secretly.) 
F: You are fond of Jordan shoes right?
Wu: Jordan, yeah! (Later after the activity he changed to Jordan shoes. The pic on Ins can prove that.)
F: I interviewed Re Yizha (An actress in Somewhere Only We Know). She said in life you are more hip-hop style. So do you have other habits, say, musical instruments? 
Wu: About instruments, I learned Saxophone as a kid. And I love skiing, very very much. Actually I pretty like all in sports and also dance. 

I like the kind of girl that like an angle.

F: The last question. I can imagine that your fans are eager to know what’s your ideal type girl?

W: I like the kind of girl who’s pure, innocent like an angle. And I will pay more attention to the inner heart. The girls who are kind-hearted, considerate and filial.

F:So you are still waiting for her?

Wu: Yeah, sure~

                                                  Translated by: Kris Kingdom 小胖子

                                                                          Kris Kingdom 小子瑞

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Could you write a scene between a no-nonsense female Dalish mage inquisitor and Varric, where she (infuriatingly) find herself very much attracted to him?

Her own mind baffled her.

He was smaller than any elf she had known, he talked too much, he had far more hair than any sensible being needed, he often reeked of overly sweetened wine, and Creators he wasn’t even the same race as her.

She tried burning holes in the back of his jacket or at least find out just why she was attracted to him.

Maybe it was the way he spun tales with that so smooth voice of his, reminding her of her clan’s storyteller.

Perhaps it was the way he knew how to handle an arrow? That thing, he called it Bianca but she was inclined to believe it was a dressed up crossbow, either way he knew how to use it and even without being allowed to touch it she knew only a true marksman could hit ever target with such an instrument.

Or maybe it was simply the surprise and amusement she got when he would tell stories of the Dalish. An elf he only ever referred to as Daisy having shared some of their tales and lifestyles with him. This Daisy having obviously chosen carefully what she told and the Inquisitor found herself benefiting from it.

Never had she heard the chase of Fen’harel l woven so beautifully, than upon the tip of a dwarf’s silver-touched tongue.

The Inquisitor frowned, coming to realize where her thought had strayed. She dropped her gaze, glaring at the reins in her hands.

Dwarves were smelly, foul, rude beings; spent all their time underground and hated to savour the fresh forest air. Varric Tethras was a dwarf…a really bad dwarf. He failed to fit all the stereotypes of a dwarf, well all except he truly despised being out in the wilderness. She supposed that went along with him being unnaturally clean for a dwarf, dirt seeming to make him uncharacteristically uncomfortable.

“…sitor, Inquisitor!”

Her head snapped up, seeing the Seeker looking to her for some kind of answer.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“The Seeker wanted to know if you were feeling okay.”

Her eyes drifted over and saw that frustratingly, charming smile aimed at her.

“I have a problem.”

“What, what is wrong?” Cassandra pulled her horse to a stop beside the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor narrowed her eyes at Varric.

“I don’t know what you’re doing dwarf, but I don’t like it and it needs to stop.”

“I’m…sorry? I’m not really sure what you mean?” Varric cocked an eyebrow and the Inquisitor suddenly felt heat crawl up her neck.

“That! It’s—it’s. Just stop it!”


“That damn attractive look on you face! Get rid of it!” The Inquisitor scowled at the roguish dwarf, with his perfect chest hair and damn bright eyes, that always had a glint of mischief.


The Inquisitor whipped her head around, setting her glare of the Seeker.


Varric cleared his throat and she found herself glancing between a blushing dwarf and flustered Seeker. Her words finally registered and she turned a deep red herself, looking at Varric.

“Inquisitor, I—Well, I’m flattered.”

“Yes—well good for you.” The Inquisitor nodded and adverted her gaze from the dwarf and rode to the head of her little group, barely catching the smirk on the dwarf’s face.

“So, it’s the chest hair, am I right?”

“Shut up, dwarf.”

“Thought so.”

A story to tell

Dan X Reader

Warning: Mention of smut (extremely lowkey), swearing.

A/n: This has been one of my favourite non smut Fics to write. I was inspired by one of Dan’s old videos, I think you know which one. He didn’t explicitly say he had appendicitis but what else could it be?

“Dan, something’s happened.” You whisper into the phone.

“What is it, Y/n?” He asks frantically, you vaguely hear the slamming and locking of a door in the background.

You gulp, surrounded by white walls, in a busy corridor. There wasn’t a sign of warmth anywhere.

“It’s Celine. She has appendicitis.” You choke on your words, your poor daughter. Whimpering in pain on the hospital bed, waiting for you to come back.

“What?” You hear Dan holler into the phone. “Will she be okay?”

“She’ll be having her operation later tonight. If you could make it in time, she’d like to see you beforehand.”

“Okay, I’ll be on earliest train I can possibly catch. I’ll see you there.” He says flustered before hanging up on you.

You slowly press on the the door handle, pushing the door ajar before creeping in. You look at your daughter’s tiny, pale form covered by multiple blankets and you hold back tears. She was barely even six, yet she will be in a situation totally unfamiliar to you.

You sit yourself down on the chair besides the bed and her eyes flutter open. You are greeted with her innocent brown orbs, gazing up at you.

“Mama it hurts.” She mumbles.

You brush strands of her curly mess of hair away from her face, giving a small sympathetic smile.

“I know sweetie, just go to sleep. It’ll hurt less.”

Her eyes droop shut again, she was lethargic from all the commotion in the morning. It had frightened you to death to wake up to her ear splitting shrieks, thinking a axe murderer was in your house. You dart into her room to find her rolling on the floor and clutching her tummy. Immediately you knew that this was not just a normal stomach ache. Mother’s intuition they say.

Between rushing to the Emergency room, signing papers, scans, blood tests and urine tests, it had not crossed your mind to call Dan until everything had more or less settled down.

Yes, he was Celine’s father. You and him had a relationship for over a year before you fell pregnant and everything turned into a hectic mess. You had to inevitably break it off because Dan was leaving for university in Manchester and it would be hard for a long distance relationship.

Dan, fortunately, still wanted to be involved in your child’s life. Visiting every so often, supporting you wherever you needed it. It was awkward, no one could deny that, but Celine always seemed more lively whenever he was around. And whatever you could do to see her precious smiles brought you joy.

However, you knew that deep inside, you had ulterior motives for asking Dan to come quickly. You were afraid, you needed someone to comfort you and you knew that only Dan can calm you down in times of trouble.

Fine, you never truly got over him and you saw more of him in her with each passing day, only reminding you of what you had lost. Your feelings still lingered, platonically, romantically, sexually. You wish with all your heart for it to be mutual, but what hope could you have left. It’s been six years, he’s gone and got himself a successful career now and where are you? Stuck with a boring job, in a boring office, waiting for a boring promotion.

You sigh, interlocking your hands with her tiny ones.

If only…


You’re pacing in the corridor, urging for time to travel faster when you hear the echo of feet hitting the ground heavily. You turn your head, sure enough it’s him rushing down the hallway, all clad in black as always.

He skitters to halt just inches from your nose and you can almost feel his pants against your skin. A familiar feeling tingles the surface of your skin and you feel all blood rushing south.

Shit. Why are you turned on by this simple action.

You clench you fist as he parts his lips.

“Where is she?” He breathes. His brown orbs, identical to her’s bursting with anxiety. He places a hand on your shoulder and rubs it to console you.

You’re so distracted by him, you barely remember how to speak. He looks skinny than you remembered and taller if possible. His hair has gotten shorter (again) and his stance is more confident. Though the last time you saw him was hardly even a month ago, you only caught glimpses of him when he came to fetch and return Celine.


“Oh she’s in there,” You point to the door.

He dashes in after hurriedly opening the door, leaving the door slightly ajar. You tiptoe over the frame of the door and try to catch fractions of their conversation.

“Hey sweetie,” His voice is almost too soft to hear. “Daddy’s here.”

“Hi, Daddy.” You can almost hear the smile in her slightly pained voice.

“You’re going to be okay, sweetie.”

There’s a pause and you know he’s kissing her forehead.

“You’ll be my little brave girl, won’t you?”

You can’t take it anymore as you peak into the room and almost shed a tear over the scene before you. His giant hands (™) are clasping her tiny hand as he kneels down beside her bed.

Jesus Christ. Your will power not to jump him right now was extremely strong.

She nods frantically. He tucks her hair behind her ear and beams down at her. Oh god, could this guy get any more attractive?

“Daddy, can you call mummy in?”

His head turns to look at the door and he finally notices you there. He gestures for you to come in. You do, slowly but surely, moving over to her other side.

“Be brave for me, baby.” You mutter as you squeeze her free hand.

You notice as a shiny tear rolls down her cheek. You squeeze her hand harder. You wipe it away gently.

“You’ll be fine. I promise. And then you’ll get better again.”

“Pinky promise?”

“Pinky promise.”

The door creaks open and the three of you look up in unison.

“Mr and Mrs Howell?”

Oh great, they think you’re married.

You know you want it to be true.A voice sniggers in your head. You shake your head to rid of all the thoughts and continue to listen to the nurse.

“Celine needs to get ready for the procedure, so if you could kindly say your good nights before she goes under.”

Oh god it’s time.

Going in for the kiss at the same time, you and Dan bump foreheads. Celine chuckles softly to herself as the both you rub your foreheads at the same time.

By the time you’re at the door, your eyes are already watering.

You spend about five minutes blubbering into Dan’s coat after you witness her being rolled away as he soothes you by rubbing your back.

“It’s going to be okay.” His whispers.

You sniff as you sit up right, your eyes red rimmed and face blotchy. He gazes down at you with the same exact eyes you missed from the past 6 years.

“It’s only going to take twenty minutes.” He reminds you, still rubbing your back.

“Dan, I-I,” You mumble.

“What is it?”

All you do when you see him is have flashbacks to the old days when you were young and carefree. You’d give anything to go back to way back when. Or maybe not. Celine is the gift of your life right now and nothing could ever replace your love for her.

“I -I still love you.” You blurt out stupidly. Immediately you regret it wholeheartedly.

His gaze softens, his hand scooting up to your shoulder.

“Oh Y/n.” He starts, “I never stopped.”

“Everything Celine does reminds me of you.”

“She looks way too similar to you.”

Unknowingly, Dan’s hand has cupped you cheek and you are subconsciously inching closer and closer to each other.

Then it happens. Your lips collide in a flurry of fireworks. His lips are better than you remembered, softer, sweeter. He’s gotten gentler.

What are you doing kissing in a hospital hallway. What a fucking cliche. But who cares, it’s deliciously heightening your senses.

He pulls you deeper and you feel your desires pouring out. Nothing has ever felt this delightful in ages. When he releases, you whine a little because it’s over. But you look up and notice his eyes are burning. That same look he’d give you when he’s lusting after you. He licks his already swollen lips. Blood is gushing through your system and you know where it’s going to end up.

“We have twenty minutes right?” He utters in a low tone and you know exactly what he’s suggesting.

“We can’t have a quickie in a hospital,” You giggle softly.

“But we can in my car,” He winks grabbing you by the wrist.

Oh will this be a story to tell Celine one day.

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Hey girly i love you so much okay but um question what are your thoughts on Andy saying he wanted more episode that built up to Richonne so that it did not look so out of place?? I agree with him that for those ignorant fans who may ignore signs it would have been helpful... but they can make up for it by letting us see them go on dates etc..

Hey! I love you too!

Ah, okay. I gave that comment some thought and I was a little confused by it at first, namely because all of the Richonne build-up was in the story of their journey from friends to best friends to lovers.

What I think AL was trying to say was that he would have liked to play more scenes of Rick expressing an attraction to Michonne overtly, and not so subtly (though he does it so well). I think he did a fantastic job as it was (their chemistry certainly got a lot of us Richonne shippers on board), but I also think he understands that there are people out there who are used to a romance being told a certain type of way i.e. overt gestures that ‘show’ attraction. That is not what Richonne is about. Their relationship is beautifully understated. Organic.

What is beautiful about Richonne is that their relationship evolved so naturally that once they inevitably got together, many fans were screaming FINALLY! The majority of viewers could see their connection and felt that they were operating and living as a family unit since S4. They had a bond that is and was different from any of their other relationships on the show. There’s understanding, respect, admiration and love between them.

I think Andy really would have liked to play more of those ‘relationship build-up’ scenes as Rick. The subtext of attraction was there, but he would have liked to act it out on our screens in the way of possibly more flirting or something like that.

While I would have loved to see more flirting, I don’t think they were afforded many opportunities within the parameters of the narrative. What I mean by this is there’s a time and a place and what we saw in ‘The Next World’ was exactly that: The time and the place for them to make the shift in their relationship. It would be OOC for either Rick or Michonne to be flirting with one another while in the presence of others or when badassery is at hand. A quiet moment when they are alone is what works for them. Maybe Andy wanted more quiet Richonne moments; I know I do!

I think he did more than enough with his eyes when Richonne did have a quiet moment to reinforce that Rick thought Michonne was attractive as we can see here:

Originally posted by erinjustyceforall

Originally posted by gorogomft

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Originally posted by rick-rhymes

He gave us all of this with just his expressions and body language, imagine what he could have done if he were given the chance to use words and actions as well!

Now that they are canon we’ve already been blessed with PDA and some really intimate, private moments and it can only get better. Though I have to say I am in need of a Richonne hug badly hehehe also, I am not against Richonne dates too :)

Thank you!