could he be a nogitsune too



Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: meantion of dread doctors 

Word Count: 1932

Imagine: Imagine Stiles comforting you after a Nightmare 

Stiles had always associated nightmares with everything loud and noisy.
When he’d lost his mum, the screams, that had often followed his night terrors, had been loud enough to wake up his dad who was sleeping across the hall.
It had been the same when the Nogitsune was slowly taking over his mind and body.
Stiles’ nightmares always reminded him of storms, the pictures in his head clear as the lightning, illuminating the sky, his screams as loud as the thunder that came with with the storm. In the end he found himself in a brooding darkness.

But Nightmares could be quiet too.
Quiet and dark as the far depth of the ocean, where monsters could hide in the darkness and no sounds could make their way up.
So quiet, in fact, that you had been able to hide them from Stiles for months on end.
For the first 7 months of your relationship, Stiles’ hadn’t even known that the monsters, the pack had fought over time, were keeping you awake at night too. Where his screams laid all his fears open, you were keeping it all hidden inside of you.
But one can only take so much and one night, not too long ago, Stiles had found you sitting in the living room, silently bawling your eyes out at one of your especially nasty nightmares.
After that you hadn’t been able to hide even one more of your bad dreams from your boyfriend and while you couldn’t help, but felt guilty for keeping him awake so often, you were still glad that Stiles wasn’t leaving you alone with the dark pictures in your head.

You were cold… so god damn cold!
As you opened your eyes and tried to look down on yourself, you realized that you felt dizzy too. Everything in front of your eyes was swimming and you barely recognized the ripped top and the shorts you were wearing.
Your bare legs and arms were traced with goosebumps from the cold underground you were lying on and you couldn’t move your arms.
You finally realized that you were captured in a dark room and it frigthened you even more. Something was wrong.
“Stiles? Scott…”
Trying to call after your friends wasn’t helping either, because your tongue lay too heavy in your mouth and instead of yelling their names, it sounded more like you were drunk.
A sudden high-pitched ringing made you groan in pain, as you were unable to protect your ears with your hands.
Something about that noise was familiar and it made your heart beat twice as fast.
“We can’t let you go, (y/n). The experiment is not completed.”
The robotic voice made the blood in your veins freeze.
The dread doctors had captured you.
They slowly came closer, each step ringing louder and louder in your ears, and seemed to ignore your pleads for mercy.
You gasped at the sudden pain of a needle in your arm, as they reached the operation table.
They were injecting you more mercury and you could feel it in your under your skin. It was burning like fire.
As you coughed some of it back up, they all looked down on you and you knew they’d kill you.
The Dread Doctors were cold, they had already killed all of those kids before you, and you would end up just like them
Just one of their dirty, failed experiments.

As you finally woke from your nightmare, you could feel your heart hammering in your chest at the darkness in front of your eyes.
You gave yourself a few seconds to collect yourself again. It seemed like Stiles was still asleep, thankfully lying with his back to you, and you weren’t helping anybody with breaking into tears.
Just a dream, a scary dream that had happened at some point in your life, but still - only a dream. You could do this.
Burying your hands in your hair, you tried to get your fast breathing down to normal, which was an act on its own.
The pictures were still fresh in your mind, goosebumps still grazing your skin, but it had no use, you had to get out of your sweat-soaked shirt.
Pushing the blankets off of your body, you fastly got up from the bed and grabbed one of Stiles flannels from his chair, before entering his small bathroom.
You shoved the door close behind you and switched on the lights .
With the darkness, the monsters disappeared too and you felt yoursel relax even more. Just standing in the illuminated room made you feel saver again, probably because all you remembered from your visit in the dread doctor’s labour was the dark room they had hidden you in.
Heavy shadows were gracing the skin under your eyes and your hair looked tousled from pulling at it.
Your old self wouldn’t have recognized you, before the supernatural and death had entered your life.
Now it felt normal. You had changed and people just had to take a look into your eyes to see how broken you were.
With one fast movement you pulled your shirt off of you and sliped into the flannel. With shaking hands, it took you a while to get all the buttons closed but you eventually got it.
Untwisting the water tab, you held your hands under the water before splashing some of it into your face.
The cold water wasn’t doing much for your racing mind but you still enjoyed the cool feeling on your skin.
With closed eyes you fumbled for a towel to dry off your face.
As you put the towel back down, you had to hold back a scream at the dark shadow waiting for you in the door frame, clinging at the sink instead.
Stiles entered the room with a guilty look on his face.
“Shit, I’m sorry! Did I scare you? …(y/n)? Hey, are you ok?”
You looked back up into the mirror and found tears glistening in your eyes.
Too tired to hold back your pain any longer, you simply turned around and shook your head.
Within a second Stiles was in front of you, pulling you into his chest.
Your own sobs sounded ugly in your ears but you were too tired to actually care, instead you tried to listen to Stiles’ soft voice, telling you that it would be okay.
And with your face hidden in his shoulder, feeling his arms around you, his hand gently stroking your hair, you even started to believe him.
Living in a hell hole like Beacon Hills had always only brought you misery, but you would cope with it as long as you had Stiles by your side.
It took you a few minutes to calm down again and even after your crying had stopped, Stiles was still keeping you in his embrace, giving you the chance to calm your nerves completely.
“You want to lay down again?” his voice sounded understanding and made you want to hide in his arms forever.
Not trusting your voice, you slowly broke yourself away from Stiles’ chest and gave him a short nod of approval.
“Okay,” you enjoyed the feeling of his warm lips on your skin, as he bent down to give you a gentle kiss on your forehead “lets get you back into bed.”
Stiles held the door open for you but you froze at the sign infront of you.
You just couldn’t bring yourself to walk the short distance through the dark room, not after a dream like the one you had had.
Stiles looked over his shoulder back at you, once he realized you weren’t following his lead.
“Stiles… the light.”
The realization dawned in his eyes and it made him let go of your hand, before dissapearing in the dark room by himself.
With a simple click you were finally greetened by light and before you had the chance to leave the bathroom by yourself, Stiles was already back by your side, taking your hand in his.
He gently pulled you over to his bed and, once you had laid back down on the mattress, wrapped himself around you protectively.
“We can leave the light on if you want.”
“I’d like that.” your voice sounded faint but you knew that Stiles had heard you as he pulled your interlocked hands up to give you a kiss on the back of your hand.
“You want to talk about your dream?”
The Question coaxed a dry chuckle out of you. “Nothing I haven’t dreamt about yet. Just the good old Dread Doctors freaking me out in my dreams.”
“It’s okay, these freaks can’t hurt you anymore.” Stiles pulled you closer and gave you a gentle kiss on your temple. “They are gone and if they ever think about coming back I’m gonna be the one kicking their asses back into hell!”
You couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “Stiles, we are two humans in a pack full of supernatural creatures.”
“I’m serious! I wouldn’t let them capture you a second time. Not under my watch.”
“I’m just glad that you guys found me before they could turn me into on of their chimeras.”
“I wish they hadn’t caught you in the first place…”
You almost hadn’t heard your Boyfriend’s reply but you could only shake your head at his tone of voice.
“And I wish you’d finally stop blaming yourself for things that you can’t control in the first place.” You turned around and captured Stiles face in between your hands, searching for his eyes. “We live in a beacon for the supernatural. Stuff like that just happens and we don’t have to like it but it’s just the way things work in this town.”
At that, Stiles finally returned your stare and something new seemed to shine in his eyes. Suddenly his stare didn’t seem so sad anymore.
“Then promise me one thing.”
Another laughter escaped your lips, a honest one this time. “What idea did I give you this time.”
“If we ever get the chance to go somewhere else, will you take my hand and run with me?”
You wanted to laugh but could stop yourself as you realized that Stiles was serious. His whole face reminded you of that of a pleading puppy and it was unfair. How could you say no to that?
But if you were completely honest with yourself, you knew that you would follow him everywhere, just like he’d follow you. 
And if it meant that one day you’d be able to get out of this hell of a town, was there really anything to think about?
Stiles’ skin felt warm under your touch, as you pulled him down into a kiss.
Responding with tender lips on yours and his hands roaming up your face, your skin started to get tingly at his touch.
You both took your time before seperating again.
“I promise.” 
Stiles laughed as he saw you holding up your pinky for him. 
You had only ever used the pinky promise for silly things, but he also knew that not one of these silly promises between the two of you had ever been broken before, so he intertwined his pinky with yours and gave you a kiss on your finger.
“It’s a promise then.”
With one last kiss on his lips you turned back around and smiled when Stiles pulled you back into his chest.
“Good night, (y/n/n).”
“Night, Stiles.”
Being held in his warm embrace maybe couldn’t make the nightmares dissapear, but it sure made life baerable.

Imagine Stiles(your boyfriend) hurting you as the nogitsune, and Stiles feeling awful about it after


Pairing=Stiles x Reader

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The nogitsune was now standing very close to you, he pulled out a knife out of his waistband and stabbed it in to your stomach he twisted it until you screamed so loud you would have trouble speaking. 

And that was the last thing you remembered from that night.

(One week later)

“Y/N, are you awake?” your best friend Lydia asked.

“Yes I´m awake” 

You hadn´t heard from Stiles yet. It was one thing that he stabbed you subconsciously and another that he had ignored you since the night he came back. But you were still worried. 

“How are your wound?” Lydia asked still furious about what the nogitsune had done to you, she could´t loose her other best friend too.

“I´m fine, Lydia” But mentally you were hurt.

You tried to get out of bed, but you failed. Melissa had told you that you would have trouble working your stomach and you did, you could barely be by yourself for five minutes. That´s why Lydia was living with you for the moment.

Lydia helped you get ready for the day, until…

You were sitting in bed when you heard someone knocking at the door.

“Lydia, can you get the door!”

“Sure!” Lydia responded.

You heard voices talking but you couldn´t figure out the words, so you got up and started walking to the door. In your surprise you saw Stiles standing there crying. Your heart jumped when you saw him, it had been so long.

“Y/N, can we please talk?” Stiles asked sobbing.


Lydia walked out of the room without saying anything.

“Y/N please let me explain, I didn´t want to hurt you, but I had no control”

“I´m not mad that you stabbed me, I´m mad that you ignored me all this time.”

“Y/N I couldn´t talk to you after what I did, you were in a hospital for three days” Stiles said still crying.

“I know, but I love you Stiles. I wouldn´t blame it on you”. That was the first time you said `I love you´ to Stiles, and it felt amazing. 

“You love me..?” Stiles asked as he wiped the tears from his cheeks and took a step closer.

“Of course I do” You answered getting nervous that he didn´t love you back.

“Then please forgive me” 

“I forgive you” You could barely finish you sentence before Stiles pulled you in to his embrace and kissed you roughly.

And he whispered..

“By the way, I love you to”


Imagine Void revealing that the reason why he chose kidnap you is because he loves you

Y/N: Why?

Void: Why what?

Y/N: Why’d you choose to kidnap me? You could’ve went with Lydia-

Void: A banshee? Too much noise. Plus, I thought you liked it here.

Y/N: I do its just-

Void: I love you. You’re…interesting. That’s why I chose you out of all your friends.

It was warm.
Too warm.
The kiss she had pressed to his lips was fervent, desperate, and to Nogitsune, surprisingly intoxicating. Nevertheless, his hand reached up to grasp a fist full of her hair, pushing her into him. Despite the coldness of the attic, he could feel sweat gathering at his neckline, and the burn of her fingertips against his chest was not helping. His grip loosened on the dagger in which he clutched with the hand at her back. In the depths of his twisted mind, he could hear Stiles, shouting, telling him to let her go, to not hurt her. To provoke him, Nogitsune purposely bit into her lip, drawing blood. She gasped, pulling from him.
“Stiles?” She whispered, breaking the kiss momentarily.
“Yeah dove?” He licked her blood from his lips, his eyes murderous. Her breath was cut short before realization struck her. She tried to pull away, but he pressed the blade of the dagger into her skin.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
He hated the thought, but there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that it was an empty threat. He would never hurt her. In the weeks he’s spent pretending to be Stiles, Nogitsune couldn’t help but feel drawn to his younger, steel-willed girlfriend. And the worst part was Stiles seemed to know.
“I don’t think Stiles will be too thrilled with me if I killed you.”
So he masked his emotions behind his devilish smirk, or more precisely, Stiles’s smirk and pushed his lips back onto hers, to ignore the terrible, immutable truth.
He was falling love.

But see here’s my theory for 5B, i don’t think nogitsune is coming back as the demon we saw on 3B, its void stiles, the nogistune got attached to Stiles because there’s always been a certain darkness within him, his mother saw it and she was afraid of him, we saw his dark nature during 5A, displaying his anger towards a lot of things including his frustration and pain, pushing away not only his friends but his lover too, Stiles is a dark character by nature, and even the writers have said so, he contains himself a lot, there’s a lot in him. That’s why he got the most affected after the sacrifice and after they activated the Nemeton, his mind was even more unleashed than before, and that darkness within him, attracted the nogitsune. So if void stiles comes back during 5B, it’s probably going to be our own stiles, embracing that darkness that has always been there which could either be good or bad. Stiles became a much more broken character than any of them, he blames himself so much for Allison’s during 3B and the change its showed in the last two seasons.

Here have some fluff where Stiles can’t sleep. Written just now on my phone. Sadly I can’t seem to find the read more thingy. I’ll get to it tonight when I’m on my computer. Hope you enjoy.
Rating: general

There are dark lines under Stiles’ eyes and have been for quite some time now, ever since the nogitsune. Stiles isn’t sleeping well, he doesn’t tell anyone this but it’s evident to anyone with eyes. Scott seems at a loss of what to do. Derek is too. He and Stiles are kinda, sorta friends now and Derek wishes he could help Stiles. He takes to watch Stiles’ bedroom window at night. The teen does research and watches movies and basically anything but sleeping. At first he goes to bed but the nightmares wake him up quickly and so he doesn’t even go to bed anymore. He passes out from exhaustion in his desk chair or maybe on his bed when he’s watching a movie or one of those stupid sitcoms he likes to watch. If Stiles knew Derek lurked outside he would complain that Derek is being a creeper. Derek worries though, that’s all.

Time passes, Derek watches, Stiles doesn’t sleep.

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Into the Darkness // Lexi


A lot has happened in Stiles’ life.  It really all started when Scott, his best friend, got turned into a werewolf.  He liked to think he handled it all pretty well.  Crazy alpha werewolf, kanima, Gerard Argent and Kate Argent, grumpy Derek, newly turned beta werewolves, a dark druid.  Then the Nogitsune happened.  Up until then, Stiles was okay, he could handle things.  But Void possessed him, made him do things…  He still had nightmares about it all.
Other things distracted him for a bit.  Scott becoming a true alpha, turning Liam, master assassins trying to kill them all.  Things just kept getting worse though.  The Dread Doctors, Theo, Chimaras, the Beast.  It was too much.  It felt like Stiles was slipping.
He knew Void was gone, couldn’t come back if he tried but still…  He had this lingering feeling like Void was still around.  Like there was a dark stain on his mind and Void would come back.  Not like before.  Like Stiles, just Stiles would become Void.  Like there was a part of Void still inside of him.
He could feel it the most in his sleep.  His nightmares had become more vivid.  Dark hallways and doors that stood ajar.  He didn’t dare go in though.  He was scared of what was lurking beyond the door.
Stiles hadn’t told anyone this.  Theo seemed to know though.  Had wanted Void Stiles in his pack.  Stiles wouldn’t give in, couldn’t give in.  But…
Where were you?  You trusted him.  You believed him, right?  Huh?  So where were you?  Where the hell were you?!
He had thrown Scott around like a rag doll, his rage unfathomable.  He almost felt stronger, like before…
But no, no he couldn’t go down that road.  Fuck.  He still remembered what it was like to have that kind of power.  He couldn’t give into it.  But what if he needed to?  What if Scott needed him and the only way to help him was to give in?  Give into the darkness?

I have a much nicer theory about Parrish. I don’t think he’s being used by the Dread Doctors. I think he has a… different purpose. 

Do you see how sad he is? Every time he brings a body, he’s sad. I still think he’s a phoenix. Or at least some sort of guardian of the Nemeton. The bodies in his dream? Those are all the supernaturals that have died in that town, and he’s always the one who comes and cleans it up. He burns the bodies clean and starts the town anew. The Nemeton drew him because, really, it’s not supposed to be evil. In fact, with the nogitsune no longer poisoning it, and the darach no longer using its power for evil, it could be trying to fix the balance. Like Druids are supposed to do, but it’s too much for Deaton, and Morrell is in the fucking wind. 

It called Parrish back to cleanse the beacon.



don’t ever allow yourself to think about how stiles being possessed by the nogitsune affected derek don’t remember how derek was so worried and concerned for stiles’ safety and how derek did absolutely everything that he possibly could to save stiles because it hurt him so much to think about stiles suffering honestly don’t even think about it for a second it’s too painful