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February 2017

This is a compilation of fics that I’ve read/re-read over the past month. Faves get a star ( ★ ). There is also a separate fic rec page for my favorites here, if you’d like to check that out. :)

MONTH: February, 2017 | (older lists)

▶▶ A Start by Inell
Teen And Up | 1,458w
Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

▶▶ An RA’s Guide to Mutual Pining by alocalband
Teen And Up | 2,208w
“Stiles, this is the sixth time in two weeks that you’ve locked yourself out of your own room in the middle of the night and that Scott won’t pick up his phone to let you in.”

“Uh, yeah, man, tell me about it. He really needs to step up his roommate game.”

Derek seriously can’t take this anymore.

▶▶ Candy Hearts by dragon_temeraire
General | 1,133w
Stiles decides that, since they’re the only two single members of the pack, he and Derek should spend Valentine’s Day together.

▶▶ Cute Bus Stop Guy by leslieknopeismyspiritanimal
Teen And Up | 2,142w
The guy gave him a curt little nod and neatly sidestepped him, continuing on his way. Stiles snuck a look over his shoulder, and yep, the rear view in those tight slacks was pretty good, too. The guy stopped at the bus stop, leaning against the sign, and Stiles sighed. It was a dreamy sigh, even he could admit that.

He had a feeling he was going to become a morning person.

▶▶ Delivery Drivers: Unsung Heroes of the Restaurant Biz by DeliberateMisspelling
Teen And Up | 4,756w
Derek Hale is a Good Samaritan, okay? That’s how he got roped into helping out Laura in the first place. Helping the attractive stranger who just literally collapsed into his arms might be more fun, though. Not that he’ll ever admit it, especially since he got puked on first.

▶▶ Demanding Forever Series
[1] That Stalky Thing by wangler
Mature | 2,560w
Derek frowns, thrown off. Teenagers are confusing.

[2] Scientists Document This Stuff by wangler
Explicit | 3,264w
“Your arbitrary sex rules are getting really old,” Stiles says, lipping at Derek’s mouth like a goat at a petting zoo.

▶▶ Dog’s Best Friend by otter
General | 8,923w
Other people might have found the name of the place off-putting. Stiles didn’t. He was actually relieved, when Scott handed him a business card that said “HALEHOUNDS” across the top, because clearly, if anybody could recognize and understand the evil that lurked within his dog’s fluffy precious body, it was these people.

▶▶ Former Employment by dragon_temeraire ★
Teen And Up | 4,023w
Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

▶▶ Help Wanted (But Not Really) by reillyblack ★
Mature | 20,525w
“Stiles, I’ll clear up your confusion about the position. Derek here needs someone to live with him. He’s a difficult person to live with, so I won’t sugarcoat that. But his responsibilities at the company right now make it impossible for him to actually take care of himself and his home. That would be your job,” Laura explained.

Both Stiles and Derek objected at the same time.“

▶▶ Hot Like Burning by leslieknopeismyspiritanimal
Teen And Up | 2,762w
In which Derek is the grumpy neighborhood firefighter, and Stiles is a bit of a lovestruck idiot.

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Safety in the Darkness

So this is my first Teen Wolf imagine, starring Dark!Stiles <3 I hope you like xx 

Nogitsune Stiles!

Y/N walked swiftly down the road, listening to music in your earphones. It was quite dark out, as you’d stayed behind in the library to do your homework, and you’d lost track of time completely. You were a little frightened walking home in the dark, because you knew about what was out there, but you were too proud to call Scott or Stiles for a lift home.
You were lost in your music, until you heard a car pull up next to you. Glancing towards it, you saw it was a blue Jeep, and pulled your earphones out of your ears, smiling.

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Deputy “Pretty Eyes” Parrish in episode 3x19 “Letharia Vulpina”

Isaac Lahey Imagine- If I Die Young

Anon- Can you do an imagine where the reader is dating Isaac and like they love each other and when their fighting the Nogitsune she dies instead of Aiden and Instead of Isaac being there he would be inside the school with Lydia and the others. Then when Lydia runs outside Isaac runs too and then he sees the readers dead body and you can do the rest? Sorry this is long.

Author’s Note- Sorry if this didn’t turn out the way you wanted it, but I was trying to make it as sad as I could so I focused more on memories rather than the build up of the reader’s death. I also made it so both Allison and Aiden didn’t die. I hope you enjoy x


The last day of your life, at seventeen. Death is unavoidable, but it came too soon for Y/F/N. Of course you knew your time was limited, like everyone else’s on earth and yet still it’s a shock when it happens to us and the people we hold close to our hearts. You never know what day could be your last and sometimes that never quite sinks in.

“I’m here to save my best friend” Allison said heroically, you’d always admire her for her strength. “Remember what we agreed?” Isaac asked sternly. “I’m not waiting in the car, I’m not sitting around doing nothing while two of my best friends are in there dying!” you exclaimed, forever feeling weak. “I promised to keep you safe, get in the car now!” he shouted. “You know what, fuck you Isaac!” you didn’t know where that anger came from, but you knew deep down he was doing the best he could to protect you. Regardless, you stormed back into the car and slammed the door shut, Isaac locking it behind you. He blew a kiss at you through the window, you rolled your eyes but pretended to catch it anyway with an involuntary smile on your face. They all then split off, some to find Lydia and Stiles, some to help fight off the Oni. You were sitting in the car for what seemed like hours, hearing the sound of growls and swords. That’s when you saw Ethan, Aiden and Derek walking towards Void Stiles, who was guarded by more Oni soldiers. “It’s silver, silver kills them!” you heard Allison shout, but you noticed the other three didn’t hear as they began to fight. Without hesitation you began to pull on the door handle but you were completely locked in. You noticed one of the windows at the back was slightly open and so easier to break, you climbed over and began to kick it with all your force until it eventually broke. You then proceeded to climb out, ignoring the cuts you got from the shattered glass. You pried open the trunk of the car and took out one of Argent’s guns and ensured you picked up the silver bullets, you loaded it before following the three of them. “Y/N! Get out of here!” Derek shouted, as a sword sliced his back. You ignored him and ran down the stairs before shooting the Oni in the chest with a bullet and watched as it immersed into green smoke. The four of you shared a small moment of optimism and hope, until the worst thing imaginable happened. “Y/n move” Aiden shouted, but it was too late. They watched as a sword was being pulled from your stomach, before Void Stiles and the remaining Oni disappeared. Derek managed to catch you as you fell to the ground. It didn’t hurt and that’s what scared you. Allison and Kira ran down to you all, both of them devastated by what they were seeing. “Oh my god” Allison gasped, covering her mouth with the sleeve of her jacket as she stood there crying at your motionless body. Lydia’s shill scream echoed through the heads of the werewolves, before her, Scott and Isaac ran out of the building. “No” Isaac said with a weak whisper upon seeing everyone crying around someone. “NO!” He shouted as he ran down the stairs to you. He dropped onto his knees as his heart sank, he cradled you in his arms as Derek stood up. Scott and Lydia walked over hand in hand, joining the others during such a sombre moment in all of your lives. Your shaky hand reached out and cupped Isaac’s cheeks, as his tears dripped down his face. You smiled softly, but this time it was different, your face smiled but your eyes did not. “Please don’t leave me” he cried. “I love you, Isaac Lahey” you managed to say. “I love you” he said softly as you took your last breath. He began screaming your name as your eyes fluttered closed, he clung onto your body until he had to be pried off hours later by the paramedics, but it was already too late. You were gone. 

Isaac slowly approached the front of the church, a crumpled piece of paper in his hand. He unravelled it and swallowed thickly before beginning the speech he never thought he’d have to give so soon for the girl he loved. “The hardest part of losing someone isn’t having to say goodbye but having to live without them. Spending the rest of your own life, trying to fill the void and emptiness that’s left in your heart as theirs stops beating. Before I met Y/n my life was grey and I was lost in an abyss of nothingness, but she brought colour to my life and feelings I thought I’d never experience and now I watch as that colour slowly fades back to grey- because I’m nothing without her. Death no longer scares me, but a life without her does. Believe me when I say, not a second goes by where I don’t think about that day. The day I lost the one person that has loved me as much as I loved them. Y/n gave me so many memories, some of my happiest and saddest but I wouldn’t change a single moment of them. I wish I would have told her this while, while- she was still alive. Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal but love leaves a memory no one can ever steal. I love you Y/F/N, I always have and I always will and I hope you find peace and a way to forgive me” Isaac began to get chocked up, until he couldn’t say anything more. He wiped his eyes and left the stand, hanging his head with the emotions he felt.

When Isaac arrived back in his seat, he zoned out and remembered the exact moment he realised he loved you. His dad had just beat the crap out of him and you heard from next door. You opened your bedroom window and climbed onto the part of the roof that connected both of your houses together. He was already sitting there, his head in his hands. You didn’t need to say anything, you just needed to be the shoulder he would cry on. “Shhh” you soothed as you heard a sob escape his mouth. “I hate him, so fucking much” he whispered harshly. “Come on” you said, lifting his head up. “What?” he asked, looking at you quizzically. “We’re going out” you told. “It’s 1am?” he said confused. “So?” you said with a smirk, taking his hand and helping him up. He shook his head and smiled, before going down the drainpipe. You followed shortly behind and he caught you as you got close to the floor. “Where are we going exactly?” he questioned. “Anywhere” you claimed. After half an hour of aimlessly wondering around the streets of Beacon Hills you came across an empty park, you’d been there a few times when you were little. You guided him over to the swing set and sat down, gently rocking. “Y/n” he suddenly said, you could tell by the tone of his voice that something was bothering him. “Yeah?” you asked, looking at him. “You’re the only person that’s been there for me, through all the shit that’s happened in my life and I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you for it” he rambled. “You don’t have to thank me, because I know how much it means to you” you smiled sympathetically. Sometimes his eyes reflected the sorrow he felt and it was truly upsetting to see. “I’m always going to be here. Forever and always” you continued, a promise you made when his mom passed away. In that moment, he realised something that had literally been staring him in the face. “I love you, as more than a best friend” he randomly blurted out. You couldn’t ignore the goose bumps that rose on your skin or the missed beat by your heart as you stared back at him. “I do too, but-” you began. “But as a friend” he finished for you, as his head dropped. “As more than a friend actually, but we’ll never be anything more” you claimed, sadness in your voice. “Why are you afraid to love me? Because everyone else I’ve loved dies, moves away or ends up hating me?” his biggest fear was always rejection. “I’m not afraid to love you Isaac. I’m only afraid to lose you” you said softly. “You wont lose me, we’ve been best friends for years and you’ve still got me” he cupped your cheeks gently. ”I just don’t want things to change” you sobbed, looking up at his blue eyes. “Change can be a good thing” he barely finished his sentences before you pressed your lips to his and wrapped your arms around his neck, like you were never going to let go. It was worth the wait, but who knew he would be your first and last love?

With the last of Lydia’s strength through all of her hurt, she stood up and approached the front with Allison. You had been friends forever and it was a horrible feeling having to let go of someone you thought would be with you forever, with the supernatural involved or not this was never how it was supposed to end. They began their speech together, taking it in turns to say something about your loss. “Your life still matters, even when you’re gone. Y/n still matters, she always has and she always will.The good die young because God needs them. He needs her. But so do we, I need her. Goodbyes hurt the most when people leave without saying them, and we all have to learn to accept that we’ll never hear one or have the chance to say goodbye for the last time. She was too pure for this hell we call life, but she was also too young to be taken so soon in such a tragic way. Today is one of those days where I wish I was a little girl, who could just crawl into my mother’s lap and cry until the hurt goes away. But I cant and even then I don’t believe the pain will ever go away. Y/n was a beautiful girl, she still is and I know she wouldn’t want to see us mourn forever. She was a firm believer in moving forward and as hard as it is, we have to try and do the same, if not for us, then for her. Her memory will forever live on and a piece of her extraordinary soul will be embedded in each of us. Thank you” Allison and Lydia were weeping as they walked back to their seats. They took their places beside Scott and Stiles and every pack member were met with their memories of you playing over in their minds, for the rest of your funeral.

Four months later

Lydia finished arranging a bunch of your favourite flowers on your grave, before standing up and meeting Allison’s tight embrace. There everyone stood: Scott, Stiles, Kira, Lydia, Allison, Ethan, Aiden, Derek- and Isaac. They visited you every chance they got, sometimes they’d visit on their own and talk to your gravestone for hours or they’d bring a fresh bunch of flowers. “I miss her” Stiles announced. He smiled for a second, remembering the time you would make him dress up as a princess when you were little. “We all do” Scott continued, remembering all the times you’d let him vent his anger to you, just before a full moon, to stop him from doing anything crazy. “Are you guys ready?” Kira asked softly, she hadn’t known you long but you had a huge impact on her life. They all said goodbye to you, before heading back to their cars. “ You coming?” Derek asked, noticing Isaac was still kneeling on the floor. “I’ll meet up with you guys later” he said. He waited until the others left to place a necklace down. Before you died, he had one engraved to celebrate your anniversary but he never had the chance to give it to you. For months it was sitting on his desk, but his grief was eating away at him. He stayed there for hours after. Some people thought Isaac never got over your death, others say he never will. But for now he clung to the image of being reunited with you one day, where you will be together. Forever.

I don’t know if I like this, thoughts? Requests are closed for now x

Chaotic Connections: A Void  Stiles Imagine

So this is a little thing I started writing with void Stiles, because who doesn’t want a void Stiles? I might write a part two, but I wanna see if you guys would want one before I post it, as I’m hoping you will. Anyway, enjoy x

“I’ve been waiting for you.“ 

His voice sent shivers down your spine. 

Don’t let him get to you. Confident remember? You’re not scared of him. You’re not scared of anything. 

"What do you want me to do? Thank you for getting me out of Eichen House?" 

You watched as his lips turned up at the corners, those dark eyes glinting with mischief. 

"How’d you know it was me?" 

"Well, who else kills about ten guards, innocent guards might I add, to let someone like me escape?" 

He took a step towards you. 

Do not step back. For the love of God, do not step back. 


You stood your ground, knowing he was waiting for you to slip up. Waiting for you to run. Waiting for you to crack. 

"Why? Why’d you do it?" 

He took another step forward. You felt your heart rate quicken, knowing he did too. You two had a connection, something you couldn’t quite explain. 

It was nothing to do with the host he had chosen. Stiles was just a boy. You’d seen him around Eichen House, sensed something in him, followed him to the basement, watched as he gave himself up for some girl. 

Ugh, love. A perfect waste of time. And just look where it had gotten Stiles. Possessed by him. You could hear him screaming to get out. And part of you enjoyed it. 

You shivered involuntarily as the nogitsune took hold of your wrist, tracing the unusual birthmark you had. The one that had alerted you to the presence of supernatural creatures in the first place. 

Self. That was what he’d told you it meant the day you’d first met. He’d laughed at the pure irony of it. Of course back then, there was a different host. You preferred the one he currently had. 

You weren’t going to lie. Stiles was an attractive teenage boy.

"I need your help." 

Your eyes locked with each other’s as he pulled you to him. 

"With what?" 

By now, your noses were brushing against each other, his lips hovering over yours.

"I need you to help me win." 

You felt yourself grin. 


He needed you

You decided to play with him. After all, he liked his games. He especially liked playing them with you. 

"Why? Are you actually losing for once?" 

He snarled, a sound that should have terrified you, knowing he could kill you in a instant. Instead, it sent shockwaves through your body, making him smile. 

"I just need a little bit more strife. A little more pain. A little more chaos. Something I know you are very good at." 

You raised an eyebrow at him. It was true, you specialised in those things. It was why they sent you to Eichen House in the first place. 

You still remembered everything you’d done. The heat of the flames. The blood coating your hands. The screams of the people you’d slaughtered. 

"What’s in it for me?" 

"It’s unwise to question me sweetheart. Sure you don’t want to end up dead?" 

"You won’t kill me. You need me." 

He chuckled. 

"You’re right. I do need you. You help me win, and I’ll make sure no-one looks for you when they realise you’re missing. And people are going to come looking. After all, you did murder a lot of people. Good job with that by the way." 

You smiled at him. You shouldn’t have felt a sense of pride, you shouldn’t have felt good about the fact that he appreciated you. But you did. And that couldn’t be helped. 


"So, do we have a deal?" 

You nodded slowly, watching as his eyes flickered to your lips. 


In one quick movement, his lips had captured yours, his hands sliding up your arms to your neck, squeezing slightly when he reached your throat. 

You gasped for breath, him taking the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth, quickly taking dominance as he always did. Your hands moved under his, under Stiles’, t-shirt, feeling the ice-cold skin that you craved against yours. 


Damn, stupid fox-spirits. 

He removed his lips from yours, and latched his teeth onto your neck, the sensation enough  to send you into overdrive. 

And then he stopped. 

He grabbed you by your shoulders, looking straight into your eyes. 

"Y/N, go." 


"There are people coming. Go." 

"But I thought you needed me." 

He smirked, resurfacing unresolved feelings. 

"I do. But we’re going to keep you a secret for now." 

You understood. 

"Just another trick right?" 

"Exactly. Now go." 

You ran, hiding as you watched a man walk into the loft. 

The sheriff. 

The nogitsune smirked at you, before he faced the sheriff. He was the performer and you were his audience. 

You watched as he pretended to be Stiles, broke the handcuffs the sheriff used on him. 

You watched as he tackled a werewolf to the ground, slamming him against a wall. 

You watched as he stretched the brunette's taser, rendering it useless.


Stupid, idiotic do-gooders. They were all going to die. 

Then the other man there pointed a gun at his head. The sheriff yelling at Argent, the nogitsune tricking them all. 




You smiled at the thought of him winning. 

And then the Oni showed. 


Holy shit. 

But your worry didn’t last for long. Before you knew it, he had appeared beside you. 

"Good show?”

“They’re going to die." 

"Well, that is the plan. Tell me, do you approve?" 

You turned to face him, using your fingers to draw patterns on his chest. 

"Very much so." 

He began to walk away. 

"Are you coming with me or not?" 

"I guess so,” you began to follow him. 

“Good. We have business to discuss." 

You walked in silence, before you piped up. 

"Why are there handcuffs in your pocket?" 

"Well, the sheriff has loads. He won’t miss one pair." 

"So why do you have them?" 

You heard him chuckle. 


That damn chuckle. 

"Oh, I’m going to use them later." 

"On what?”

He faced you. 

“On you." 

prompt #5 (Stiles Stilinski)

5.“It’s okay they can’t hurt you anymore.” Requested by @hunterbunter123

Originally posted by deathcabjenny

A loud scream caused me to spring up from my bed and rush into the room next to me. My brother Stiles thrashed in his bed as the nightmare took over. This was a nightly occurrence since the nogitsune almost destroyed our family, and Stiles. He would have horrible night terrors about things he did while the nogitsune was possessing him, or things that he could have done, and woke me and our Dad up with his screams. I rushed over to his bed trying to wake him up.

“Stiles it’s just a dream!” I screamed shaking him awake.

Dad came running in now as well. Stiles woke up looking at me with tears in his eyes.

“y/n” Stiles said pulling me into a hug.

“it’s okay Stiles it was just a dream.” I said rubbing his back.

“I killed you, I would never, I could never,” Stiles started but was choking on his tears.

“Stiles I’m fine okay, I’m right here.” I said getting a little emotional now as well.

Stile and I sat on his bed while he cried in my arms. I wish there was something I could do to take away the pain. When my brother broke, I did too. We had an unbreakable bond and he was terrified because the nogitsune almost broke it. Stiles finally stopped crying and just sat there trying to calm his breathing.

“you know you’re the strongest, and kindest person I’ve ever met.” I said.

Stiles laid there listening to me, so I continued.

“you’re will and fight is incredible, you always put others before yourself, and I’ve never met someone so devoted to their friends and family. Stiles you could never hurt me. The Nogitsune, The Oni, they’re gone Stiles it’s okay they can’t hurt you anymore. I won’t let them.” I said kissing his forehead.

Stiles sat up looking me in the eyes. He wiped a stray tear falling from my eye.

“do you really mean all that?” He asked his voice still shaking from the screaming.

“every single word.” I said pulling him into a hug.

and that was how we spent the rest of the night, in each others embrace. Our bond was unbreakable and I wasn’t about to let someone else hurt him.

prompt from:

hope you like!


Void!Stiles x Female Reader.

Wasn’t requestion I just have the hots for possessed Stiles. Enjoy.

Part Two.

Your legs buckled beneath the dead weight of your body as you sprint as fast as possible down the blackened corridors of Beacon Hills High School, your heart raced so quickly you’d be surprised if Scott or Isaac couldn’t hear your blood pumping or your shaky breaths. They originally ordered for you to remain at home, safety guarded Derek but you refused and managed to escape the clutches of the elder wolf when we knew that Scott and the others were going to try and save Stiles.

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In Your Head (Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek)

spectrumcrovn said: Holy grail, I am the worst. If you’re still doing teeny fics then I’ve got one for you. Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek (or Nogitsune!Stiles/Derek). Craving some dark stuff… it’s been a while and this literally just popped into my mind a few minutes ago.

When this song came up on shuffle, I figured it was fate. This is not my usual style for this fandom, so I hope it turned out alright & that you enjoy it! Teeny Fic #35

Dreams of war, dreams of liars
Dreams of dragon’s fire
And of things that will bite

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight
Enter Sandman by Metallica

In Your Head. Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek. Teen. Also on AO3.

After everything is over, Stiles is afraid to fall asleep.

The days are blurring together. Not missing moments like before; no risk of possession now, or so Deaton assures them, but just hours blending into each other until Stiles isn’t sure how long it’s been since Allison’s funeral, since Ethan left town, since he slept more than a handful of minutes at a time. No one seems to realize, caught up in their grief and avoiding him while trying to pretend that they don’t blame him for what’s happened.

Stiles doesn’t need their blame; he’s got enough of his own to go around.

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Request : Can I request a void stiles imagine where void stiles kidnaps the reader for ransom against the pack and stiles is in love with the reader so void exploits that

Summary : Void!Stiles kidnaps Y/N and reveals Stiles’ feelings for her while holding Y/N for ransom.

Warnings : Swearing, angst, small bit of fluff, verbal abuse, physical abuse.

A/N : Hi, anon! I REAAAALLLYY hope you like this. Also, sorry about the delay! It’s been a very busy week. I tried my best with this one, so hopefully it’s alright! Also, Y/N is switching places with Lydia in this fic during the events of 3x23 - Insatiable. ALSO: THIS ONE-SHOT DOESN’T FOLLOW THE EVENTS IN THE SHOW. And when speaking about the Nogitsune, I didn’t use any pronouns. The Nogitsune is referred to as an ‘it.’ This could potentially turn into a 2-3 parter. Anyways, I hope you like it! x

Playlist : Trouble - Memorecks (ft. Jenna Pemkowski) 

Originally posted by love-dont-cost-a-thing1

A chill ran down your spine as you leaned your head in your palms. The dead silence was killing you, leaving you to your thoughts. You didn’t know where you were, but you knew who had taken you. Stiles. Well, it wasn’t really Stiles. It was the Nogitsune wearing Stiles’ face. You knew that. Half of you was absolutely terrified, but the other half wasn’t. You understood the part of you that didn’t feel afraid. You had been in love with Stiles for as long as you could remember. It wasn’t like he had romantic feelings. His feelings were platonic and it killed you. He was far too infatuated with Lydia Martin to develop mutual feelings. But you understood. She was Lydia Martin. Queen of Beacon Hills. You were just Y/N. There wasn’t anything special about you. 

A harsh breath was pushed from your lips as you lifted your head from your hands and looked around. You were in a long tunnel that seemed to have no end. The sound of footsteps coming closer and closer caused your blood to run cold and your heart rate to pick up. The footsteps echoed across the walls, taunting you. Finally, the Nogitsune came into view. You gulped, scuffling as you struggled to push yourself to your feet. A sadistic smirk rested on it’s lips as it neared you. You backed up, stumbling over your own feet as you walked.

A dark chuckle filled the air. The part of you that hadn’t been afraid had slipped away as you finally accepted that this wasn’t Stiles. Stiles was safe. Right? The thought of him being anything but okay made terror run through your bones. The Nogitsune stepped closer to you as your back collided with a wall. It tilted it’s head to the side as it observed you. 

“You’re thinking about Stiles.” It stated, a cold finger began to trail across your cheek which caused you to flinch. You refused to answer, but the Nogitsune already knew. How did it know? “He’s thinking about you too.” 

This statement caused you to look up to meet the eyes of the Nogitsune. You wouldn’t let it’s looks deceive you. Stiles’ eyes would make you melt under his stare. You would not let the Nogitsune have the same effect on you. 

“You don’t know that.” You said. The same dark chuckle rumbled from his chest, filling your ears. 

“Oh, but I do, Y/N. Don’t you know how the feels about you?” It said, stepping impossibly closer to you and placing it’s soft lips beside your ear. “Don’t you know about how much he worries about you?” The voice coming from Stiles’ lips was menacing and cold. Although the Nogitsune had his voice too, it sounded nothing like Stiles. Stiles’ voice was warm and calming. This one made goosebumps raise on the back of your neck and arms, and not in a good way.

“H-He doesn’t.” You stuttered, turning your head the opposite way.

“Yes, he does. In fact, I can guarantee that he’s crying over you at this very moment.”

“Stop messing with me. Just let me go.” You pleaded, clenching your teeth together. 

“I’m only telling the truth.” It sneered, its lips trailing down your ear and to your neck. 

“He’s in love with you.” You clenched your eyes shut and took a deep breath as the lips belonging to Stiles brushed across your neck. You knew you couldn’t believe anything the Nogitsune said.

“Stop. Please.”

“In fact, if Scott and the rest of your pack doesn’t show up within the next hour with the money, I think I’ll kill you. Just for fun.” You could feel as it’s lips curled up into a smirk and it made your blood run cold. 

“You mean you’re holding me for ransom?” You asked.

“Don’t be an idiot. That’s what that means.” The Nogitsune snarled, pulling it’s head back and grabbing your wrist. You yelped in surprise, head turning to look back at Stiles’ face. “Maybe I should just kill you now. What could the pack want with you, anyway? It’s not like you offer any valuable assets.” 

It’s fingernails were digging into your wrists as you whimpered in pain and you struggled to remove your wrist from the stone hard grip.

“Stiles would be a wreck. That’s the only use you have for me. You make him weaker.” It snarled. Stiles’ face was only inches from yours and hot breath made contact with your face as the Nogitsune spoke. 

Finally, the Nogitsune released your wrist and you sighed in relief.

“They should be arriving any minute now.” The Nogitsune said, a smirk returning to it’s lips. It grabbed your arm forcefully and began to drag you in the other direction. 

“Let go!” You yelled, thrashing in the Nogitsune’s grip. This only caused it to grab you tighter than before. A whimper of pain escaped your lips. 

“Shut up.” It growled. You struggled harder than before as an amused chuckle rang through the air. Suddenly, everything went black as you were hit across the head.


The sound of tires on gravel caused you to stir, squinting your eyes before opening them. You had been thrown over the Nogitsune’s shoulder and you panicked. 

“Right on time.” The Nogitsune hummed, tightening it’s grip on your legs. “Try and escape and I’ll bash your skull in.” It whispered just as the sound of car doors being slammed shut could be heard.

“Ah, Scott,” The Nogitsune said, fake pleasure lacing it’s tone. “And Stiles.” HIs name caused you to lift your head.

“Oh god,’ His voice. It was Stiles’ voice. The real Stiles. “Stiles!” You called out, your voice somewhat weak. 

“Let her go.” Stiles growled. The same sinister laugh filled your ears and you winced. “Hand over the money for the stupid girl.”

Footsteps travelled across the gravel slowly. “Here,” Scott’s voice rang out. You couldn’t see what was going on but you could imagine what was happening. “Now, let her go. You got what you asked for.” Scott calmly said.

“Fine.” The Nogitsune said. Suddenly, his arms let go of your legs and you began to slip. A surprised gasp left your mouth just as your body collided with the hard ground. 

Just as quickly as it had appeared, the Nogitsune was gone. Your eyes were squeezed shut, a tear leaking from one of your eyes, your ribs aching. 

“Y/N!” Stiles called out as he ran to your side. You were lifted into his lap as you opened your eyes to look up at him.

“S-Stiles?” Your voice cracked slightly as you spoke. He nodded quickly, hands framing your face.

“Yeah, it’s me.” He said. Without thinking, you threw yourself into his arms.

“Oh god, I was so scared.” You cried, instantly feeling comforted as his arms wrapped around you.

“You’re safe now. I’ve got you. I’m here.” Stiles said, his words muffled by your shoulder. You smiled through your tears and pulled back, looking into his golden brown eyes.

“Are you okay? Did it hurt you?” Stiles asked, his voice panicked. “Not really.” You shook your head. “It lied. That’s all. It was playing tricks with my head.” You explained.

“What did it say?” Your cheeks reddened. “I’ll tell you later. I just want to go home.” Stiles nodded, helping you to your feet. Your legs shook as he supported your weight, helping you to the car and into the backseat. 

“I can sit back here with you if you want and-” “Stiles, it’s okay. I’m fine.” Stiles frowned.

“Y/N, you were just captured by the fucking Nogitsune. How are you fine?”

“I don’t know.”


“Okay! I’m not fine, alright? I was so scared, Stiles. I-It kept lying to me. Messing with my head.”

“What did it say to you?” You shook your head, unsure of how to tell him.

“It doesn’t matter-” “Y/N, tell me.”

You took a deep breath. “It told me that… It told me that you loved me, Stiles. And not just as a friend.” He took a deep breath and his eyes searched your eyes as you looked down at your lap.

“Y/N, hey,’ He said, taking your chin and tilting it upwards so you were looking at him. “It - It wasn’t lying.” Stiles admitted.


“I love you, Y/N. I always have.” Stiles said. Your heart swelled.

“I love you too.” You said. You thought the amount of butterflies in your stomach as impossible. 

Stiles looked at war with himself for a few moments as he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, unsure of what to say. 

“Oh, fuck it.” Stiles muttered before pressing his lips to yours. You were surprised at first before you kissed him back.



Terrors - Stiles Stilinski Fluff

REQUESTED: No, I just wanted to write this. First I was going to make this a Jonathan Byers imagine, then it was a Scott McCall imagine, then Liam, but none of those characters fitted with how I wanted to write this. I just felt it worked better with Stiles, and couldn’t see that in any other way.

WARNINGS: Night Terrors

SUMMARY: Ever since the Nogitsune came and went, you’d been suffering from night terrors. One night, Stiles stays over to work with you on a project and you’re hit by the night terrors.

NOTES: I kind of wanted to write this because Stiles, in the show, kind of has a history of night terrors and paranoia (especially after 3b and the events during that part). So, there was that reason, because I wanted to see how he’d react to someone else suffering.

As well as this, I kind of personally suffer from night terrors. Like, I’ll wake up sometimes, and just see human figures in the night by my door and window, and I can’t ever move to get to them. Nobody can get in my room other than me, but it’s the scariest thing for me to deal with. So, personal writing here (yay!). 

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one. I realize that I’ve written so many Stiles imagines, but right now that’s all I’ve felt like doing. If you would like to see more imagines for a different character, then please drop me a message!

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Only Human - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Stiles Stilinski. Surrounded by a world of supernatural and strange, it’s hard to keep a hold of things, especially ones mind and with something new terrorizing the streets of Beacon Hills the unexpected happens, causing Stiles to react in the only way possible. He is only human after all.

Warnings: Language. Dark. Talk of death. Death of main characters. AU!Stiles

Word Count: 5,004

A/N: Okay, this is deep and dark. I needed a little break form the fluff and got inspired to write this. It’s a little different than what I am use to posting and I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcomed. 

Originally posted by trickthekick

They had made fun of him before. Knuckles turning white as he gripped the metal bat with such anger. How could Stiles carry around a bat as all his friends around him were filled with supernatural energy? What could a strong swing do compare to fangs and sharp nails of a werewolf, or the screeching scream of a banshee? Enough. It could do enough. Beads of sweat collected on his forehead, confused eyes were staring at him as if she didn’t know. “Stiles.” Her voice was breathless, shallow and he could hear the hope. Lydia Martin. The girl he had been so in love with since before the two understood what love was. He never thought he would be stalking towards her, only one idea in mind. He use to have happy thoughts, images on them kissing dancing in his head, ideas of holding her hand and telling her how much she really meant to him, how amazing she was and how she had such a beautiful mind even if she didn’t like to show it that often. But now, now he just wanted to see that beautiful mind painting one of the school walls. One by one, they were going to pay, and he was going to be okay with it.

“Scotty! Scott-o! Movie night, just us bros!” Stiles was excited. Although he enjoyed the idea of being needed around Beacon Hills, there hadn’t been any supernatural sightings for a while and he was liking the idea of having his normal life back. Him and Scott were spending a lot more time together like they did before, stuffing their faces with countless junk foods and lounging in their pajamas, just being comfortable with each other. However, when he looked at his best friend, his smile on his face immediately dropped. Scott was all uneven jaw and apologetic eyes, his lips pursed together. Stiles was starting to think he was gaining some weird wolf powers by association, like he could hear Scott’s heart beat through his chest. “Oh damn.” He sighed. “I’ll go put some real pants on.” Stiles hiked his way up his stairs so he could get ready for whatever was to come. He knew it was a little too good to be true. There was never a true break in this town. He was starting to wonder why he wasn’t being paid for this yet. Grabbing the keys to Roscoe before heading out, Scott patted him on the back as they exited the house and made their way to the clinic.

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Posessive (Void!Stiles x reader)

I just couldn’t resist this, there are pretty many of these, more imagines than fics, but with the idea of void being obsessed/protective over you and the pack trying to get you two separated.

You were pulling your hair. You scratched the back of your neck, tangling your fingers with the strands of your hair and tugging on them while you paced around Scott’s room. You walked the space between an armchair and Scott’s bed, never fixing your eyes to new objects. You kept your eyes fixed on either to your toes or the window. Every time you gazed the window you walked over to it, taking a long gaze at the surrounding of the house.

You were worried. Not sure what you were waiting for, but it was not good. That you were sure of. It would more likely be Void to be the first one to show up. He could teleport unlike any werewolf or others like them. No one you knew could do the same.

You felt like you had doomed your friends to death. You had told them what the nogitsune wanted. You had told them everything that was enough to build up a nice death scene. Maybe that was why you did it? Or maybe that is why Void told these to you? What he wanted and needed and for why. And of course you had fallen for it, told them, unwillingly though, and now everyone, even you, were in danger.

You had told the pack what you suspected was going on, why had the nogitsune come after you, why was he so offensive towards them. Of course they wanted to know, you then trying to back away from the subject, thinking it was nothing. You didn’t want to look like an attention seeking teenage girl, but Scott didn’t leave it there. He pressured you to tell him. And you did.

You thought the nogitsune was after you, though you didn’t know why, but it still bothered you. You pointed out how he had never made a move on you, a threatening one. He had always circled you, walking pass you, sometimes making eye contact with you while smirking.

Scott didn’t know wether it was point that should be taken seriously, but he did give it a thought. He even thought about testing the fact that were your suspicious true. That was it now. This was the test.

You started to bite your lower lip, your nails. Still moving nervously around in the already so unwell lighted room. If it wasn’t already enough to make you worry and nervous it had to be getting dark sooner than before just today.

You didn’t even know what you were worried for. That Void would kill Scott and the pack, or that Scott would kill Void? Or that you even cared if they would kill the nogitsune!

You knew Scott had a plan that wouldn’t set anyone in danger if it was even worth a try. Still, you were nervous as hell.

Scott had sent you to his house, where you were right now, and he was with the pack at the school waiting for Stiles to show up.

-at the school-

Scott, Isaac and Allison were inside the school building, Lydia was with Aiden and Ethan at the front doors. They knew he would be there at any second.

Scott had his phone close, keeping a track on you. Making sure you were fine and inside, safe. He kept sending you texts where he asked were you alone and were you ok. Of course you were. But you started to get lonely and a bit anxious.

The front door flew open, Aiden and Ethan’s mixed werewolf body flying across the air in front of Scott and others. Stiles had Lydia with him, he had his hand tangled in her hair while he dragged her with him, then he pushed her on the floor, gazing at Scott.

“You think your little banshee and a mutant freak can stop me?” He yelled, the voice echoing in the hallway. “You’re little seven numbered pack is just getting one number smaller.” He smirked.

Scott got ready to attack, he arched his back, his face changing more animal like, his eyes a mixture of red and yellow.

“It already has!” Scott announced.

Stiles looked a second worried, surprised, off guard. He went over the pack letting his eyes wonder on everyone he saw. Yes. There was only six teens present. He gritted his teeth and hissed: “Where is she?”

It was Scott’s turn to smirk. He shrugged and said: “Not here.”

The nogitsune glared warningly at Scott, then the onis appeared from thin air. Everything happened so fast. Suddenly Stiles was all over Scott, he had his hands on the collar of his shirt, he pushed his body against a wall while the onis made sure no one could break the two apart.

“Where is she?” He hissed once again. Scott only gave him a smile and shook his head. Stiles pulled Scott away from the wall, then trowing him back with enough force to break his bones and yelled “WHERE IS (Y/N)?”

-pack at McCall residence-

You had walked round the room for hundreds of times and now started to get dizzy. You felt sick, annoyed, worried and all, not sure could you take it anymore.

Scott had stopped answering to your texts an hour ago, not even picking up on your calls. You had thrown your phone to the end of the room due frustration.

“Knock knock.” You heard from behind. The volume quiet, the voice raspy and dark but delighted. Somehow even thrilled.

You turned to look. The figure now leaning against the doorframe and smiling. The darkness under his eyes so clear to be seen it looked inhuman. And inhuman was the whole situation.

His knuckles were bloody, bruised, you looked at them worriedly, hoping it wasn’t any of the pack members.

It took you off guard how you reacted. You were about to say something, just being able to open your mouth, but not to make anything out. You were not sure even now what you wanted, waited and hoped for. It was so bizarre.

“A fox caught your tongue?” He asked and smirked. It made your blood boil, even though you were not scared to see him there. “A good try from Scott to try to hide you from me, I have to give him that,” he circled closer to you, his hands behind his back, like he was hunting a prey, which was you. “but I can’t say I enjoyed it. That he takes something that belongs to me away from me.”

You felt slightly angered when he preferred you to belong to him. You could feel the heat raising to your face, your hands clutching to fists.

His tone was starting to sound threatening, not purposely for you, but to anyone in the matter. You took an unsteady step back, only because you were being sure not to get too close. You were not sure of what mood he was on.

The second you stepped back, nogitsune stopped. He tilted his head, sensing your unsure body language. He of course did not mean to scare you, but you were never so sure of what went through his head. A trickster he was.

“Don’t be scared, little dove.” He taunted. “I am not that mad at you.” He walked slowly closer to you. “You do understand that I am just starting to get fed up with games. The pack can’t hold you down. They can’t keep you away from me. I will have you. And you know it too.”

“Why are you so interested in me?” You dared to ask. You knew you didn’t feel like you were in control of the situation but you still knew how to talk back.

Nogitsune walked around, not letting you out of his sight, his cold stare on your (e/c) eyes.

“You are more than you appear.” He said, it didn’t mean anything to you so you waited for an explanation.

“There is something in you that calls for me. I feel the undying need to collect you. To own you.” He chuckled when he saw your disgusted and confused expression. “You are like a wild animal that I feel the need to tame. A price, worth of fight. And even the pack fighting for you,” he clicked his tongue. “makes me want you even more.”

“So this is a game to you?” You couldn’t help but mock. “I’m just a symbol of power. A mark of victory?”

Now he was close enough to touch you, he had made you back up so much you were now against a wall, your back pressed firmly in place where you could not escape. Though you didn’t even want to. You wanted to hear him out.

“You shouldn’t underestimate yourself, (Y/n).” He purred. “You are not just a pawn in my game, you have so much more value to me, you can’t even imagine how important you are. This feeling I have for you is more human than a magical bond, though humans do prefer it to be magical, so either way the feeling is strong.”

You swallowed. You hoped you were wrong for what he meant. He couldn’t possibly be..?

“You’re lying…” You mumbled. You could feel the aura around you darken, getting heavy and making the air hard to breathe. You saw Stiles’ body tensing and his teeth gritting.

“I have watched you sleep, I have watched you dream and I have held you due nightmares without you knowing my present. I have made sure no one hurts you, I have made sure you won’t have to face your fears and I have been there for you!” He was now shouting, hitting his fists close to both sides of your head, then softly caressing your cheek and whispering, almost lovingly to your ear: “And I will always be the one to be there for you. No matter what.” He had calmed down, but still felt the need to say the next line.

“So don’t underestimate my love for you, darling.” He smiled.

He then kissed your cheek. Your tense body not relaxing, but all the air that had been caught in your lungs rushing out through your nostrils.

“I’m confused.” You finally got to say. “I didn’t know why any of this was happening and I didn’t think and now, I put everyone in danger so I could know why. I didn’t know-” Void, in the skin of Stiles’ cut you out.

“It’s okay, little dove.” He said softly, no sign of anger in his voice while he talked to you, his lips now tickling your ear while he whispered: “You know now. You don’t have to be confused, they will never try to separate us anymore.” You could feel his lips curve into a smile, then he kissed near your ear.

“And I don’t ever have to be scared of losing you, ever again.” He purred and embraced you.

Imagine: The return of the Nogitsune.

There it was. The sickeningly sweet voice you knew all too well. It was Stiles, but he wasn’t standing in front of you, the Nogitsune was.

You shuddered as he reached up, bloody knuckle ghosting over your cheek, leaving a crimson trail on your flushed skin. “I’ve missed you dove.”

“Let him go.” You spat, dodging his touch. He let out a dark chuckle, before burying his face into your neck.

“Mmm. I’ve forgotten how sweet you smell baby.” He mumbled into your skin. “You haven’t suffered in a while. I’ll have to change that.”

You bit your lip, tears forming as shut your eyes tightly, trying to block out all feeling, knowing it was useless to try to escape him. This couldn’t be happening. You’d fallen into the clutch of the Nogitsune once before. He’d left scars you were still recovering from. You weren’t sure if you could stand going through with it again.

A sharp knife to you neck brought you back to reality with a yelp. You opened your eyes as he grabbed you face, pulling you up to face him.

“Now you know I can’t have you going back, telling Scott about me.” He slid the blade across your skin with idle fascination. “But you’re too precious to kill baby. I guess I’m just gonna have to steal you away again.”


Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Stiles X Reader 

-Darkness. Black. Green. Allison. Sword. Stomach. Blood. Okay. End.

-Stop! –I begged.

- Darkness. Black. Green. Allison. Sword. Stomach. Blood. Okay. End.  –The voice in my head whispered again.

-Stop! –I screamed.

-(Y/N), are you okay? (Y/N)! –Stiles voice was heard next to me, making me wake up from that ‘nightmare’ I was having.

I looked at him breathless, as if I just had run miles, and then I looked around. I was sitting with the pack on one of the tables outside the school, next to the parking lot; their eyes were all over me, trying to figure out what was wrong.

-I’m sorry. –I let out in a light whisper.

-(Y/N)… look at what you wrote, sweetie. –Lydia said carefully.

I look at the paper in my hands; it was written and scratched by the pen in my hand. The same words were repeated countless times and with different handwritings. It was the same words that the voice had whispered to me. I looked at them and then at the words; my eyes were getting watery and I knew that I was about to cry. The feeling of emptiness was taking care of my chest once again.

-I’m not insane. –I said.

-We know, (Y/N). Just tell us what those words mean. –Allison said slowly.

I immediately started to think about an easy way to tell her what it really meant, but no words seemed to be gentle enough to say it out loud. Tears started rolling down my face and I looked her dead in the eyes; I have to tell her.

-You’re going to die. –I whispered. - I’m sorry.

Their faces turned paler as the seconds went by. Allison’s mouth was opened trying to find words to what I had just said, but nothing came out. Lydia’s hand was suddenly taken off my shoulder.

-(Y/N), how do you know that? –Scott asked.

-They told me.

-Who told you? –Stiles came closer.

-The voices in my head. –I said. - But, I’m not insane.

-We know, babe.  We know that you’re not insane, but that doesn’t make sense, you know? I’m sure it’s just some nightmare. –He told me.

-Who’s going to kill her, (Y/N)? –Isaac asked.

-The man in black.

My head started to get heavier and my vision started to turn black. I felt dizzy and, in seconds, my weak body hit the floor leaving me unconscious. I could hear their words, those frightened tons of voice calling my name… but there’s was nothing I could do to answer them.

I woke up and all of a sudden these lights are blinding me. As soon as I got used to that light, I started to look around and it didn’t take me that long to realize that this was not my room.

Instead of those white walls filled with pictures of me and my friends, I saw these white tilled walls. Instead of my perfume in the air, I smell the chemicals used in a hospital. Instead of my comfortable, clean, bed that I was so used to, I was now laying down on this old mattress on a bed made of steel.

I tried to get out of that bed; out of this room; but, my hands were tied down tightly to the bed. My heart was racing and I started to feel the fear running in my veins. I pushed as hard as I could, getting out of there was my only worry right now, but nothing seemed to break those knots that were tiding me down. The door of this room was opened and a short, skinny, man entered; he looked at me and this unusual smile was drawn in his face.

-Where am I? –I said.

-You’re safe, sweetie. –His voice was heard.

-I’m going to ask you again, where am I? My friends need to know where I am. –I said roughly.

-Oh, sweetie. –He laughed sarcastically sitting right beside me. - They were the ones who put you here.  

-And, how long was that? –I said with my eyes getting watery.

-It has been three months.

I was asleep for three months; three bloody months. I’m stuck here, sleeping, for three months because my friends thought I was out of my mind. It hurts, but little do they know that I’m the sanest of them all.

I looked at the man who was still sitting beside me; questions that only he could answer went through my mind at light speed. But, there was no time for them now. There was this huge needle in his right hand, a smile in his face, while his left hand pulled my hair and head aside. He started to move that needle towards my neck, ignoring all my fear and screams.

-No! God, please… no. –I cried.

-This is going to hurt a little. –He said before staining it roughly into my neck.

My vision started to get dizzy again, and all that adrenaline that I was feeling before started to get drained of my body. I could feel my watery eyes trying to close, to get some sleep again, and all that all that strength that I was using to forbid them from closing seemed to be in vain.

-Now, go to sleep. The doctor will see you right away. –I heard him saying before I went to sleep deeply.

This was my first conscious day here, in the Eichen House; it was been five months, two days, four hours and nine minutes since it happened. I’m still here; left behind by the ones I loved the most and surrounded by poor insane people. I already stopped trying to escape this facility; in fact, the last time I tried to leave this place, I was beaten up like an animal… they could kill me, but no one seemed to care about that. Their severe and aggressive treatments to a condition that I don’t have and the unneeded drugs that they keep giving to me just so I don’t leave this place took my hope away.

I don’t see any of those I used to spend my days with since I got here; which is extremely sad. In the beginning, I actually thought they couldn’t make it because they were busy with classes and monsters. I remember that I would hope to see them every time my bedroom’s door was opened, but it was always the same guy with the same drugs and needles. And the days went by and no visit was made, sooner or later I had to understand the reality which I live in now. They were the ones that put me here and they had decided to forget about me, so I should do the same.

-There’s a new guy here. –Oliver said bringing me back to reality.

-Oh, poor guy. –I said to him.

I pity everyone that enters this place as a patient, I seriously do. Once you became a patient, you can expect abusive treatments with illegal and heavy drugs that will leave physical and mental scars; some people don’t survive these treatments, others kill themselves so they don’t have to go through them again… and those who stay alive here, are dying on the inside. At least, that was what happened to me.

-He’s my new room-mate. –Oliver said.

-Now you have someone who you can talk to. –I tried to smile.

-Yes. –He laughed with a string of joy in his expression. – He stayed awake all night because he forgot his pillow.

A memory of Stiles ran through my thoughts and I smiled unconsciously, which was unusual for me since I got here. I remember this night, when we were doing a sleepover at my house and he forgot his pillow at home so he made me stay awake with him all night… those were the days.

-Hey, join us. –Oliver screamed to what I supposed with was his new room-mate. –I want to introduce you to someone.

I heard footsteps behind me and I knew that whoever it was this boy, he was close to us now. I stood up from the chair I had been sitting in for an hour, so I could meet this boy in a proper way. I forced a smile and turned my head to face him.

-(Y/N), this is… -Oliver said.

-Stiles. –I said interrupting him.

The air in my lungs was sucked out of me; it was like someone just had punched me in my stomach. He was here with me after all these months. His hair had grown a little bit and was now messier since the last time I saw him, his skin was paler and dark circles were circling his eyes making him looking like he was dying.

-You know each other?

-Yes. We used to be friends a long time ago. –I said coldly.

-(Y/N)… you’re here.–He said pulling me into a hug.

-What are you doing here? –I asked trying to keep all those tears and feelings away.

-(Y/N), I saw them. I saw the man.

-What man?

-The man. The one you said it was going to kill Allison.

Stiles was frightened, it was easy to see the fear and the exhaustion in his beautiful hazel eyes. Something was wrong; something was extremely wrong. He was not the same Stiles that I used to remember.

-I told you that I was not insane. –I said quietly making him look down at the floor.

-I’m sorry. –He whispered.

-You could have visited me, you know? You could have been the loyal friend you seemed to be, but instead you abandoned me here like I meant nothing to you. Do you have any idea of how much that hurt me? Do you? Of course not, because sooner or later Scott will show up here to take care of you… and that’s okay. –I said roughly. -Because unlike me, you’re not insane.

-I’m sorry, okay? But, I couldn’t do anything about it. I came here for the first three months, and then they told me that you had been moved to another facility therefore I couldn’t visit you anymore. So, I’m sorry that you felt like you were abandoned but that was not my fault. –He breathes out. - I would never leave you, (Y/N).

We were staring each other dead in the eyes, silent and still as if the time had stopped. There was this sadness in his eyes, caused by me and my stupid rough words. My heart started to shred into pieces and my eyes became watery; I was showing some feelings for the first time since I got here.

-I’m sorry. –We both said.

-You never told me why you were here. –I said.

-Yes, that… -He scratched his neck like he used to do every time he got nervous. – I’m being possessed by an evil spirit.

-Well, that’s new. –I said slightly confused.

We talked for hours, hours that seemed like seconds to me. He told me about the things I’ve missed, but mostly about his condition, about how dangerous he could be when the nogitsune took over him; and I tried to tell him everything I knew about this prison, about how insane this sanatorium was making me.

-When will you get out of here? –He asked.

-Probably never. –I tried to laugh, but the pain in these words was too real. –I have tried to escape this place, Stiles, and they almost killed me with their hands.

-You’ll leave this place the same time I will; we will get out of this shitty place together. I promise you that. –He tried to smile.

You Again

Fic Request: Lydia finds possessed Stiles and is the only one who can bring him back.

Rating: T

Genre: horror, romance, Nogitsune!Stiles

Author: cinemariel

Author’s Note: This takes place right after “Echo House” enjoy!

Warning: Mentions of Eichen House and many triggering happenings from the episode Echo House

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Wanna Play?

Stiles Stilinski X Reader

Word Count: 1332

Requested: @dylanlover24

Request: Can you make this a oneshot and make it a stiles x reader please xx

A/N - I decided to base this off of two prompts that I’ve written recently hope you like it.

Prompt 1 Prompt 2 

Originally posted by teendeucalion

(S/M/S) - Social Media Site

“I need you to tell me where you are.” You muttered looking at Stiles who was trapped in his own head.

“Dad!” Stiles yelled trying to break through the hold he had given to the Nogitsune.

“He’s not going to hurt your Dad, he enjoys playing with him too much, now tell me where you are.”

“Why do you care?” he asked finally turning to look at you.

“I want to help you but I need you to tell me where you are, he blocking all the spells I use to track people.” You explained.

“Spell? You’re a witch?” he asked. You nodded. “What are you going to do?”

“Take the spirit lock it in a body that it can’t control.” You answered.

“Whose body?” he asked.

“Mine.” You answered.

“Why would I let you do that?” he asked.

“I don’t think you’re in a position to be picky. If you must know” You mumbled pulling your sleeve up to show him the mark on your arm. “I’m the one that kept you safe in the earlier dreams when I could track him and more importantly you.”

“I’m in Beacon Hills.” he answered.

“I’ll be able to track the faint signal when I’m in the right place.” You nodded. “I’m gonna get him out of your head.”

You jogged up to the door and flung it open using your magic “we’re going to get in his head.” Peter said holding up Scott hand his claws out.

“Or you could do something a little less dramatic and with a lower chance of death.” You suggested a smirk on your face as you walked into the house, “Nice to see you again fox spirit.”

“Sorry, who are you?” Peter asked.

“None of YOUR business.” You answered emphasising ‘your’.

“Who are you? Scott asked this time.

“(Y/N). I’m a witch and I was protecting your friend before he handed over the reins so the fox can hide from me, and right now I’m probably the best outcome for this… Pack.” You explained.

“Why is that?” Lydia asked.

“I can take the fox spirit and seal it in my body, stopping it from hurting anyone.” You answered.

“Why should we trust you?” Lydia asked.

“Why does everyone ask that question?” You mumbled as you grabbed broth Scott and Lydia’s arm showing them the conversation I had with Stiles hours before. Scott nodded to you.

“How can we help?” he asked.

“I need you guys or specifically you.” You pointed to Deaton “to make a sealing potion.” You shrugged off the bag and placed it on the table in front of him “the recipe and ingredients are all in there.” he nodded before moving off to get started. “You.” You pointed at Lydia “need to sit here” you pointed next to Stiles, when he is able to get a hold of his body it’ll be nicer and easier for him to see friends rather than strangers. “Scott, Peter you both need to be around here.” You said indicating the end of the sofa. “When he is out of Stiles body the first thing he’s going to do is run.” You mumbled.

“Wait he going to be outside of his body!?” Scott asked.

“Yes, he needs to have his own physical body for the spell to work.” You answered. “Ready?” You asked and they each nodded.

You sat on the coffee table in front of the Nogitsune and smirked as he looked you over. “What are you going to do?” Lydia asked.
“That is too much to explain.” You mumbled as you concentrated your magic to your hand and brought it to Stiles’ temple. “You ready to play a game, handsome?” You began chanting before putting your arm up a body starting to appear between Scott and Peter, they immediately grabbed an arm each as you continued the spell before standing walking towards the Nogitsune who still looked like Stiles. You looked up your eyes a vibrant (F/C). You put your hand to his head and as his body started to disappear again something that looked like a swarm of fireflies tattooed themselves onto your arm, Deaton was in front of you in seconds he gave the potion and you knocked it back like a shot shaking your head once you swallowed it. “And done.” You confirmed.

“No!” The Nogitsune growled he was still in the form that resembled Stiles and your rolled your eyes before swiping your hand over the tattoo and making him disappear. You looked over at Stiles and smiled before coming back over and using your magic you closed the door that was left open in his mind.

“That should close your mind to anything else.” You explained before standing.

“Wait. You can’t just leave!” Stiles said quickly shooting up from the chair causing him to lose balance. You caught him with you magic until he caught his balance.

“I’d advise against sudden movements, I won’t always be around to catch you.” You smirked.

“Well, can you stick around until I’m back on my feet?” Stiles asked.

“Yeah I can do that.” You agreed

In the couple of weeks that you had been there, you and Stiles had gotten really close you were there when he needed you and visa versa. You were sure that there was going to be a point when he didn’t need around and as of now you were dreading but still anticipating it which was why you had a boyfriend, you’d seen the way that he looked at Malia so you figured that it was time you moved on. Now you were scrolling through (S/M/S) looking at pictures of him at a party that he had attended. “Why don’t you just kill him?” the Nogitsune asked as it stood opposite you in a body mirroring Stiles.
“He cheated on me I’m not going to kill him because he kissed some other girl” You mumbled as you scrolled through the pictures from a party that your boyfriend attended commenting on one of them asking the next person to see him tell him that he has been dumped.
“You won’t but I will…” The Nogitsune muttered under its breath though you knew they were all empty threats because the sealing magic was too strong for it to break. “Or is it that you couldn’t less what he does because you don’t like him much less love him?”

“Not gonna answer that.” You mumbled.

“Why not beautiful?” he asked sitting at the end of the bed.

“Because I don’t want to play today handsome.” You answered. Since he had no name you had taken to calling him that, mostly because neither of you could agree on a name.

“Hey! Are you okay?” Stiles asked as he burst through your door.

“How did you get into my apartment?” You asked. He held up a set of keys.

“That’s creepy at all.” The Nogitsune mumbled and you rolled your eyes swiping your hand over the tattoo.

“Goodnight Handsome.” You smirked. “I’m fine thank you.”

“Really ‘cause I saw those pictures” Stiles mumbled.

“Everyone saw those pictures.” You shrugged. “I never really liked him anyway… What is wrong with you I can feel the anxiety rolling off you.”

“I… I have something to tell you,” he said as you patted the end of your bed for him to sit down. Stiles sat at the end of your bed and run his hands through his hair before looking up at you. “I originally came here to tell you that you could do better and right now that seeming like an easier thing to do but… I like you a lot and I understand if you don’t like me back or need time… I” Stiles started moving his arms and that’s when you knew that he was going off topic and so you pushed yourself forward connecting your lips and smiled as you pulled back.

“I like you too.” You mumbled and he just reconnected your lips.

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The Dark Creatures p.4 |Creatures|

Fandom: Teen Wolf x Shadowhunters
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Request: No
Warning: Kissing (???), Allison Argent tb quote(i changed it a bit), Long-ass imagine

Word Count: 2,368



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“A what?” you asked, there was no way you were an angel

“An angel, you know those with white wings, gowns, halos…” Magnus said motioning with his fingers a halo above his head

“Yeah, we know what angels are” Derek said, not believing a word of what Magnus said

“But how is it possible? There’s no such thing as angels” you said, finally speaking up

There’s no such thing as werewolves, yet here we have two” he said pointing at Scott and Derek

“But… how? It doesn’t make sense, my parents…” Magnus interrupted you

“They’re not actually your parents” you frowned

“Then who…” he interrupted you, again

“You don’t have parents. Because you weren’t conceived, you were created”

“By who?” you asked and he shook his head

“That is something I don’t know. Only you know that, you just need to remember.” He said and you sighed; this was too much for just one day. “Listen, I know some people that might help you, why don’t you stop by tomorrow morning and we’ll talk”

“How do we know we can trust them?” Derek said with a serious voice and a frown.

“Right now, they’re the only ones who can help your friend get her memories back”

“Can’t you do that?” Kira asked “I mean, I know you can do it, you are a Warlock, after all” she said. A Warlock? You could deal with werewolves, hunters, nogitsunes, even crazy scientists and professional assassins. But Warlocks? Angels? This took crazy to a whole other level.

“I cannot. My magic does not work with angels, they are much more powerful than all warlocks in the world together” your breathing stopped. You felt sick, like you were gonna puke. You held Derek’s hand and he turned to look at you

“Are you okay? You look pale,” he held one of his hands against your cheek and the other one against your forehead “you’re cold” he said removing his hands from your face and placing one of them in your back.

“I’m fine… it’s just, too much for tonight”

“Let’s get you out of here, we’ll come back tomorrow” he said standing up but you shook your head ‘no’.

“It’s okay” you said but he didn’t move “really” he sighed and sat down.

“I have a question” Scott said and all of you turned your attention to him

“Go ahead” Magnus said

“If Y/N really is an angel, then why did we never realize, why now?”

“Look at her,” Magnus said, he frowned and looked at you, Magnus shook his head “no, not like that. With your real eyes” Scott looked at him, then closed his eyes and when he opened them they were bright red. He turned to look at you and he gasped.

“What? What is it?” you asked him. He closed his eyes, shook his head a bit and his eyes were back to normal.

“It’s… there’s an aura around you, like Kira’s, but it’s white”. Derek did the same thing with his wolf eyes.

“The reason you never knew about her, was because her powers were… asleep. She never had a reason to use them.”

“But all those times my friends were in danger, I could’ve protected them. I could’ve helped them”

“Yes, but you said it yourself, your friends were the ones in danger, not you.” You frowned, not understanding what he said, “you’ve faced bad things before, right?” you nodded. “Were you ever kidnapped?” you looked to the ground and nodded slightly, remembering that time the Dread Doctors almost used you as their science fair project. “Did you use your powers that time?”

“No” you said looking at him

“That’s because, your friends were there to help you. Your powers only show when you are in real danger and there’s no one who can save you. Those bullets they used, they should’ve had something in them, something that would stop your friends from helping you.”

“Wolfsbane” you all said at the same time.

“Probably,” Magnus said. “listen, it’s getting late and you must be tired, why don’t you go sleep and tomorrow you’ll meet my friends and we’ll help you, okay?” You nodded and you all stood up. You said goodbye to Magnus and walked away. You were about to leave the room when he called you

“Y/N!” he said and you turned to look at him. “Try to remember” he said before he walked away, you turned to your friends and walked out of the club.

Outside, Stiles was pacing back and forth, and everyone else was just staring at him

“What are you doing?” Lydia asked, Stiles looked up from the ground and looked at everyone staring back at him

“It’s called pacing, you know? I tend to do that a lot”

“Can you stop? You’re gonna make a hole on the ground” Malia said being her honest self, “I’m getting dizzy just looking at you”

“I can’t, my girlfriend and my friends are in there with some random guy trying to find out what’s wrong with her and they’ve been in there for like an hour and I can’t do anything to help her because I’m just a simple human” he rambled.

“Stiles…” you said, you walked out of the club just in time to hear him. He had his back facing you, and when he turned and saw you standing there he couldn’t contain himself and ran to you.

“Oh, my god, you’re okay. You’re okay, aren’t you?” he talked fast and you nodded. He placed his hands on both sides of your face and kissed you. You were surprised, to say the least. Considering the fact that you weren’t that much into PDA, especially in front of the pack; you would always hold hands or he’d have his arm around your shoulders or your waist, but you didn’t like kissing in front of everyone. You liked privacy, but right then, it was the heat of the moment. He kissed you and once he broke the kiss he eyed you head to toe, making sure you were really okay.

“What took you so long? Stiles was about to rip his hair out” Braeden joked

“We’ll tell you at the hotel, we should probably go. It’s been a long day” Scott said and you all agreed. When you were climbing in the car you decided to switch with Malia. But Derek stopped all of you

“Wait, can we go to the airport?”

“Why would you want to go to the airport?” Stiles asked

“I have a surprise for you” he simply said before getting in to car

You opened the GPS on your phone and searched for the New York airport, Stiles was driving; following your instructions, the rest of the pack right behind you. When you got there you parked a few streets before the actual airport so you didn’t have to pay the parking lot. Stiles’ idea. When you got there, Derek called whoever had just arrived and told him/her you were waiting outside. You wouldn’t be hard to spot, a group of seven kids and two adults was not hard to miss.

You walked to Derek and when he saw you, he smiled

“Hey, who are we waiting for?” you asked and he looked around

“Her” he said pointing somewhere. You looked to where he was pointing and found Cora walking up to you guys.

“What is she doing here? I thought she had to go back to South America” you asked him, clearly surprised that she was there. He nodded

“She did, but she wanted to be here with you” when you looked back at her she was greeting everyone , you walked up to her you hugged her

“Thank you for being here” you said and you felt her hug you back

“I wanted to be here. I know how scary all of this must be” you separated and let her say hi to her brother.

“Can we go sleep now?” Liam asked and you all laughed. It was almost one in the morning and you hadn’t sleep well the past few days. You walked out of the airport, and got to the cars. 

You opened the GPS again and searched the hotel Lydia had previously reserved. When you got there you asked for your rooms. Lydia reserved three rooms, which meant all of you would be sharing. It would be Stiles, Scott, Kira and you in one room, Malia, Lydia and Liam in other, and Derek, Braeden and Cora in the last one. The ten of you got to the elevator and had two split in two for the elevator to actually work. When you reached your rooms you all said goodbye and went to bed. But you couldn’t sleep, you kept tossing and turning and wondered how you had not woken Stiles up yet.

The word ‘angel’ ran through your mind, you reached out to grab your phone from the nightstand.

definition: One of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God.


That’s what Google told you when you searched the word angel. You wondered how it was possible that you, a normal eighteen-year-old were in fact, an angel. You put your phone back to where it originally was and started making scenarios in your mind; you pictured yourself with wings, a white gown and a halo above your head; then you pictured yourself as those ‘fallen angels’ you used to read about. With scars where the wings were supposed to be. Without noticing you started drifting away, sinking in your own thoughts until eventually, you fell asleep.

When you woke up the next morning, Scott and Kira were not in the room, Stiles was fixing his hair.

“What time is it?” you asked rubbing your eyes with the back of your hand

“About 10:30” he responded sitting next to you while he was putting his shoes on

“You let me sleep until 10:30?” you asked and got out of bed quickly, regretting it later when you felt dizziness.

“You alright?” he asked and you nodded

“Yep, shouldn’t have done that” you said standing up

“How do you feel?” he asked you. You took a moment before answering

“I don’t know” your answered made him worried and he turned to look at you

“Why’s that?” he asked

“It’s just that… everyone else had someone to teach them how to use their powers” you said before you sat down next to Stiles, he wrapped his arms around you “Scott had Derek, Malia and Liam had Scott, Kira had her mother. And Lydia… she had Meredith, I’ve got no one. What if I hurt one of you? What if I hurt all of you?”

“You won’t. And you have us, your pack; and now we’ve got more people to help you, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“But I do, I need to know who I am. What I am.” You said looking at him in the eyes

“And you will, you just need to be patient.” You nodded at him “Now go get a shower, you stink” he said shoving you out of his grip playfully. You both laughed and you kissed him.

“Thank you, I don’t know what I’d do without you” you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“You’d probably be dead by now” you slapped him in the chest laughing

“Get out of here” you told him getting clothes and a towel as well as shower supplies.

Two hours and an expensive breakfast in the hotel restaurant later, paid by your favorite sour wolf, you all jumped to the cars again. You were honestly tired of sitting all the time and the thought of actually walking to the Pandemonium crossed your mind. But you shook it out of your head when you realized you’d probably get lost in the middle of New York.

When you got there you all walked towards the main entrance, there wasn’t a security guard outside the door like yesterday. You walked in and started looking for Magnus, when you spotted him he waved at you. Two boys standing behind him, one with dark hair and the other was blonde.

“KK, dear Angel, wolves,” he nodded at Kira, you, Scott and Derek “people who I don’t know.” he looked at the rest of the pack. “Welcome to the Pandemonium”

“Hi” you murmured.

“What are you?” Malia asked and you held your breath, for once, you wished Malia wasn’t so straightforward. You expected Magnus to get angry or mad at the way Malia was talking to him, but he did not care.

“A warlock” he answered

“A warlock? Like a magician?” Malia asked, but this time Magnus just looked at her

“Like… Bibbidi-Bobbidi?” Liam asked and it took all your willpower not to laugh.

“Bibbidi-what?” One of the boys asked. He had dark hair and blue eyes, he was cute.

“It’s from a movie” you said. The one with the blonde hair looked to the other guy and the one with dark hair shrugged his shoulders

“No” Magnus said moving his index finger

“Who are you, by the way?” This time Lydia asked

“I’m Jace” blondie said

“And I’m Alec” the brunette said

“Y/N” you introduced yourself and they nodded at you. You noticed they were both covered in matching tattoos.

“I’m Scott, and this is my pack” he said pointing at all of you

“Pack? As in a pack of animals”

“Not animals,” Lydia said “we’re supernatural creatures” They both seemed completely clueless.

“These four are werewolves” you said pointing at Scott, Liam, Derek and Cora

“Ooh, we have those” blondie said

“She’s a werecoyote” you pointed to Malia. “Banshee” you pointed at Lydia. “Kitsune” Kira waved.

“Magnus told me about you… you’re the fox, right?” Alec asked Kira and she nodded

“And what are you three?” Jace asked

“We are…” you began to say “they are humans”

“And you?” Jace asked again

“I’m…” you looked at Magnus, and he nodded slightly at you. Suddenly you felt a shot of confidence running through your body, you lifted your head up a little bit, you looked at Stiles next to you, smiling. “I’m an angel”

PART 5: Heaven

Jealous and Greedy (Void!Stiles x reader)

WARNING slight non con, but not actual non con

”Stiles!” You snapped when you tried to get his concentration back to you. He had been waiting with you, in the hospital for a doctor to call you to a check up. He had kept quiet, almost as if he was moping, his head low, not looking at you the whole time you waited there. Scott was there too. And that was why Stiles was so pissed. You didn’t know why the two had become so distant, they fought a lot and they didn’t get along well anymore, at all.

It infuriated Stiles that you had called Scott to be your company at the check up. He wanted, no, he was supposed to be the one there with you. You two were dating! But since Stiles had become so aggressive, Scott had told you it wouldn’t be safe for him to company you if you would get bad news of your health.

You gazed at Stiles, who didn’t look back at you, then slipping your right hand on top of his, which he took a firm hold of. He squeezed your hand. You smiled slightly, a little bit relieved that he wasn’t that angry at you. But the harmony was broken too soon. You heard your last name being called, sensing Stiles’s body to tense and his hold on your hand tightening.

”Come on, (Y/n).” Scott said quietly. You got up, Stiles too, your hand still in his. You started walking, but didn’t get far. You tugged your arm, asking Stiles to let go, you needed to go. He gave you a sad look, he didn’t want to get separated from you.

”I’ll be back in no time.” You said, then kissed his cheek, feeling your hand getting free from his grip and you turned to leave with Scott. You reached the side of Scott, who was facing Stiles, his own expression weary and suspecting. You turned to look at your boyfriend once again, then noticing what bothered Scott so much. It was only now that it hit you.

Stiles’s dark glare and a wicked grin gave it away. He hadn’t used that hoodie in ages. Not after the nogitsune controlling him. That grey hoody, with lighter grey stripes with orange. And the sleeves rolled up over his elbows. He looked so much like Void. You could barely even see any of your boyfriend left in him when he looked like that. But the vision was soon over and his face softened. Then he gave you a silly smile, saying; ”I’ll wait you at the car.” Then he turned and left.

You turned too, to go to the doctor’s room, not even bothering to look at Scott, who probably wanted to discuss about what had just happened. You of course thought Scott was being overprotective and didn’t want to talk to him about anything. He was here only because you didn’t want to go alone, but instead of Stiles it was him that was with you. It was now bothering you more than before.

When you got to the car, Scott had left on his own, you were almost surprised Stiles was still there, in his car, waiting. His eyes were closed, you wondered had he fallen asleep while you were gone, even if you weren’t that long gone.

When you opened the door, then banging it close, Stiles jumped and woke up.

”What did the doctor say?” He muttered fast, he just woke up and was still covering from sleep.

You smiled at him calmly, then said ”It’s okay. It’s just migraine. Though I have no idea how it was so hard for them to figure out.” You said and fastened your seatbelt. ”Did you really fall asleep?” You smirked.

”Let’s just get away from here.” His voice had become harsh and angry. You wondered had he seen a bad dream or was he pissed you bothered his sleep. You felt bad now, and couldn’t wait to get home. You didn’t want to fight Stiles, but he became so easily frustrated and pissed by no reason at all that it tired you. Now you only wanted to get some rest.

”Why did you drive here?” You asked when he pulled the car to the spot where he always parked it. You were at Stiles home. His house didn’t have any lights on, it was dark and unwelcoming under the starlight. It had become very dark while you were at the hospital.

”I thought you’d like to stay over the night.” Stiles turned to look at you. You felt like it wasn’t all of the truth.

”I thought you were tired?” You said and took your seatbelt off.

”Tired of Scott protecting you from me…” He mumbled, but you were able to hear it. You rolled your eyes. It was ridiculous how jealous he was. It drove you crazy. Scott was his oldest friend and he knew very well he had no feelings for you.

”Your dad’s not home?” You suspected. Stiles smirked and nodded. ”Stiles?” You stressed not liking where this was heading.

”Did I tell you how much I hated Scott’s protectiveness over you?” He repeated, but this time a little more threateningly.

You sighed. ”Yes, you did.” You said but still not liking the idea. You were not in the mood of doing it tonight. ”But, Stiles, this is stupid! You know he was just, I don’t know, trying to make sure you wouldn’t lose it and that’s a good thing!” You tried to explain everything to him. ”You have to admit that you have been a little… How should I say it..? Angry and frustrated lately. You have hit yourself, and broke things, you even attacked Scott the other day!”

You turned to look at Stiles, he had been quiet and listening to you, but when you turned to face him you couldn’t help but wince at the expression he was making. You had never seen him look so dangerous. His eyes were dark, his stare cold.

”I didn’t give you a choice, now did I?” His voice was raspy, dark and slow. He looked at you, waiting, seeking for a reply for you.

”Stiles, this getting ridiculous.” You said and turned to leave the car, but Stiles took a hold of the back of your jacket, keeping you there.

”It is as much yours and Scott’s fault it wasn’t me in there with you. You let him take my place, and still, even though he has treated me bad, you are still on his side.” He growled. You turned to face him once again, but you didn’t feel scared. You were annoyed.

”I’m not on his side, Stiles.” You announced him. ”I am as angry at him as you are, and you know I believe you with that Theo theory you have! I’ve never suspected you with it! And I only let Scott come with me because I thought he would be nice, but I guess he still hasn’t forgiven to you. But you do realize that the way you act is not making it any better.” You glanced at his hand that was still holding you by your jacket.

”It’s his fault I am like this!” Stiles snapped. He pulled you closer to him. ”And with his stupid act of protecting you is only making it worse!” He then let go of your jacket. ”Now get out of the car and get in the house!”

”No.” You said and opened the door, got out of the car and started walking away from the house, heading home. You heard Stiles grunt, closing the car doors and locking them, then reaching to you, taking a hold of your arms and pulling you back.

”Where the hell are you going?” He snapped at you and glared you. You gave him a cold shoulder, trying to keep going but he pulled you closer to himself. ”I told you to get in the house.” He growled.

”And I said no.” You told him. Stiles glared at you with hatred and disgust, a look only void could make towards you, and you knew even then it was because of love and lust. You were in big trouble now.

Stiles took a hold of the sides of your face, bringing you to face him and then kissing you deeply. The kiss was rough, he forced his tongue inside your mouth, fighting for dominance and getting it. He had pulled you closer the house the whole time you kissed, then you felt your back hitting the closed front door. Stiles pulled away, grinding his lower section against yours and rubbing himself against you.

”Don’t-” You started but were stopped when he only pushed closer, roughly while smirking.

”Don’t what?” He smirked. His hands were around your waist, keeping you there, trapping you to his embrace while he grins at you. Then he pushed against you again, making you gasp. You tried to even your breathing then glared at your evil boyfriend again, trying to warn him you said: ”Don’t do that.”

Stiles only smiled evilly at you, he leaned his head close to you exposed neck, he had managed to rip your jacket to expose your right shoulder and now planted kisses and bites over the naked skin. He ran his tongue over your neck, getting higher and closer to your neck line.

”I will stop and take you inside when you beg me.” Stiles said but kept kissing your skin. ”But you need to beg me.” He had you trapped. You couldn’t possibly even think about going home after he had you turned you on and now going through his plan it was only the matter of time when you were too far gone to stop him. You knew you would lose to him and you hated it. You didn’t want to be the prey, you didn’t like it when he had you all figured out. You wanted to toy with him!

When he was busy with licking your neck, you sneaked your hand over Stiles’s thigh, getting closer to his groin, about to torture him a little in turn. Your hand was soon caught in a crushing grip, then it hit the door behind you, now pinned down, bot of your hands trapped by his strong hands and you could hear an evil chuckle leave his lips. He was now right at your right ear, a smirk spreading over his lips.

”This is my game, (Y/n).” He taunted. ”You won’t have any turns on this one.” He licked your ear, then pushing himself closer to you again, but you couldn’t hold it in anymore.

”Stiles…” You groaned. ”Please…” You gasped. You tried to free your hands, not even realizing how much it mattered were your hands free or held down. You needed to touch him, you wanted to busy your fingers in his hair but you couldn’t. He wouldn’t let go even if you tried or begged him. It wasn’t part of the plan, and you knew it would only get worse if you gave in, but at the moment you didn’t care, you just needed your hands, even for a minute.

”Stiles, I’m begging you-” You gasped again. You could feel his smirk on his face against you skin. He knew you would be giving in any time soon. And you did. ”Please, lets get inside.”

Right after those words leaving your mouth you felt Stiles getting off from your body, pushing the door wide open and pushing you inside. He took your jacket off, throwing it on the floor and then attacking your shirt. You kicked your shoes off, then let him take care of your jeans, kissing in between the stripping and walking closer to his room.

When you were there, Stiles pushed you on the bed, only taking his shirt off and then landing on top of you. You put you arms around Stiles’s neck, then trying to get into a sitting position, so you could get on top, but only to be crushed down under Stiles’s body.

”Stiles-?” You tried but he kissed you before you could finish. Then he started to go down your neck and you were able to speak again, only being interrupted by your own gasps and moans. ”What are you-” you moaned. ”I need to-”

”I’m on top tonight, babe.” He purred against your cleavage. ”And in the future too.”

”What is that supposed to-” You moaned louder than ever that evening, Stiles had pushed his finger inside of you, his thumb massaging your clit.

”I think you need to be reminded that you’re with me, (Y/n).” Stiles chuckled at your flustered look. ”We are a team now, there is no more Scott, no more pack. It’s just you and me. And you will stay on my side.”

You tried to catch your breath, you felt like there was some kind of misunderstanding. Of course you were on his side! You could never go against him.

”Stiles, I’m always on your side!” You gasped. He pushed in with more force. ”Could you stop for a second!” You snapped angrily, hating how he didn’t let you talk, making it impossible to you to defend yourself.

”This is your punishment, babe, you’re supposed to be quiet.” Stiles smirked, then pushing in again, making you moan. You swear under your breath, but weren’t able to say anything from that on. You could only listen to him. And take in all the pleasure he gave you.

”I’m not trying to control you, (Y/n)” Stiles said. ”I’m only twisting things a bit, to make this more enjoyable.” You didn’t quite catch the idea, but knowing how much the Void side affected him these days, you knew there was no need for reasons or a real sane pattern for his actions.

”But you know if you try to get close to Scott again,” He said threateningly. ”I will not stop there. I will make sure no one gets close to you again. You will forever be mine and only mine. Do you hear me?” You nodded but it wasn’t enough, he gave more power to his strokes and you moaned loudly, then crying: ”Yes, of course! Do what you want!” You yelled from the pleasure. Stiles smiled at you, then whispered to your ear, wickedly: ”Oh I will.”

Void!Stiles - Idfc


≫ WARNINGS; the roughest sex you will probably ever read. read at your own risk.

 ≫ REQUEST; For ur Halloween series can u write a rough void stiles(Nogitsune) imagine :) 

 ≫ PROMPT; in which void!stiles kidnaps you, telling you all about Stiles’ little crush on you, which only results in acting upon the aforementioned boy’s desires. 

 ∆ Idfc - Blackbear (Rad Cat Remix) ∆ 

Originally posted by ungifable

 "Scott, I’ll be fine,“ You spoke through the phone, sighing softly as you say back down on your plush couch. Outside, the night sky had settled where the daylight once was, the horrors of the night causing Scott to worry about you and of course, call and check up on you. "I’m a werewolf too, remember?”

 "Yeah, but you’re a beta! I’m just worried, okay, [Y/N]. With the Nogitsune-“

  "Don’t say it,” You gulped, running your hand through your hair shakily. The Nogitsune was a trickster, known to come in many forms. And in this form, he had possessed the body of your best friend and first crush, Stiles Stilinski. The two of you were never properly together, considering that you never acted upon your actions. You had been in love with the spastic and hyperactive boy since the third grade, but you never knew if he reciprocated the feelings. The two of you seemed to be better off as best friends, but there was always that little spark that would ignite inside of you when you saw him. 

 "Right. Sorry, [Y/N], it’s just, it’s just that I don’t want you to get hurt. You’re my best friend too. And I know you love Stiles, but this isn’t him. This is a raged fox,“ Scott apologized, and you could almost hear his sighs through the static of the phone call. As much as you didn’t want to believe that the Nogitsune would possess your best friend, you knew that there was no way to beat around the bush. It was all true.

"I know, Scott. I don’t want to get hurt either, I just- I miss Stiles,” You murmured lightly, almost so soft that Scott didn’t hear what you had spoke, but with his supernatural hearing, he did. 

 "Hey, hey, [Y/N]. Stiles is still here. Don’t worry, we’ll save him,“ The aforementioned boy reassured your nerves as you took deep inhales of breath to calm yourself. 

 "I know,” you looked over at the clock on your wall. It said 1 a.m, but you didn’t even feel tired. You knew that no sleep would do you no good, so you decided to hit the sack and call it a night, “Hey, Scott, I think I’m just gonna go to sleep now.”

 "Alright, [Y/N]. Get a good night’s sleep. I love you,“ Scott spoke just before he hung up the phone. With that, you put your phone on the charger and began to make our way to the bedroom. Since your bedroom was on the second floor, you could hear everything that happened downstairs through the vents, and just as you had passed the flight of stairs, you swore you heard light footsteps. You soon pushed it aside, knowing that if you let your fears get the best of you, you would go insane. 

 Currently, your parents were working their night shifts as surgeons in Beacon Hills Hospital, which meant you had the whole house to yourself. Not that you planned on doing anything. Once you had made it to the bathroom, you turned on the light, stepping into the fluorescent colored bathroom. Your toothbrush laid besides the sink, and you began to do your nightly ritual. 

 Suddenly, you thought your ears had picked up another small creak of steps, and you jumped up. Opening your bathroom door slightly, you looked around, toothbrush in hand as if it were a weapon. There was nothing but darkness staring back at you. Shrugging your shoulders, you walked back into the bathroom, continuing to brush your teeth. 

 And that’s when the creaking became more consistent. 

 And this time, when you swung open your bedroom door, you were met with your worst nightmare. The Nogitsune in the form of Stiles. The person in front of you was someone you certainly did not recognize, and it was only the physical features that stuck out to you. 

 Before you even had a chance to yell for help or fight back, the Nogitsune slapped you. Your head hit the rim of the sink in the process, and soon enough, you fell into a deep abyss of darkness and unconsciousness. 

 You awoke with a start, your mind running in circles as you struggled to make sense of your surroundings. You found it hard to even move at all, and it was then that you came to the sudden realization of what had occurred. Your hands were tied up, along with your mouth, which was taped with duct tape. Gulping nervously, you tried to scream, only the sounds being muffled by the tape. You could tell that you were in a basement of some sort by the way the beams looked, but you simply did not recognize it. You continued to struggle, tears brimming your eyes, just as the Nogitsune walked in. 

 He walked into the room, the dark aura he possessed also entering the room. He smirked at the sight of you tied up in the chair, beginning to make his way towards you. You tried to order him to get away from you, but you then realized that even if he did understand you, he wouldn’t obey you. He stood right in front of you, pacing for a few seconds before reaching over and ripping the tape off of your mouth. He smiled as you cried out from the burning sensation, shaking your head. 

 "My dear [Y/N],” He reached out to touch your face, and you turned your head to the best of your ability, growling softly.

 "Hmm, relax, sweetheart,“ The monster inside of Stiles grinned persistently.

 "Don’t call me sweetheart,” You snarled, looking into his eyes, that displayed utter pain and pure suffering. But there was also an unknown darkness behind them.

 "Well, I don’t want to, but I know Stiles does,“ He continued to tease you, plying with a lock of your hair. 

 "W-What do you mean? Me and S-Stiles are just f-friends,” You stuttered out, frightened by the cold touch of the Nogitsune. 

 He laughed sarcastically, his eyes darkening with an emotion you couldn’t quite make out. He leaned over next to your ear, whispering in a deep tone, “Stiles always had a different type of craving for you, [Y/N]. One that caused incredibly powerful emotions, which fuels me. Imagine what would happen if I heightened those emotions even more." 

 You swallowed thickly, your saliva not finding the strength to even make it down your throat, "W-What are you gonna do?”

 "Well, I want to kill you, but something tells me that there’s a better way to end this story,“ The Nogitsune licked his lips slightly, eyeing you up and down. You immediately felt self-conscious, and you clenched your jaw from the anger his words brought onto you.

 "Sweet, innocent [Y/N]. You and Stiles would’ve been so perfect together,” He leaned down to your level, now gazing into your eyes directly. “Too bad it had to be this way." 

 His face was now hovering over yours, and you inhaled a deep breath from the close proximity he was in, which made you feel nothing but anxiety. He noticed the change in emotions, reaching behind you and beginning to untie you. Once your hands were completely free, you rubbed your wrists, the red marks that were seeped into your skin burning ferociously. All you wanted to do was get up and flee, but you knew the Nogitsune would immediately kill you if you even attempted. 

 His hands ghosted over your arms, his fingers tapping over the hairs that stood up on your skin. You shivered from his cold touch, your body staying glued to the chair as if you were paralyzed. His hands then moved down to your thighs, feeling your outer thigh. He smirked as he watched you quiver slightly under his touch. You felt awfully aware of what spell he was trying to put you under, which hurt you even more. The worst part of it all, was that you started to want him. You wanted him to touch you everywhere, to grab fistfuls of your hair as he fucked you the way that Stiles never did. You needed it. 

 Your eyes gazed into his own, which showed no feelings whatsoever, whereas yours were glazed over with lush. And it was exactly what the Nogitsune wanted. 

 With all the emotions running rapidly through your brain and entire being, the two of you forcefully crashed your lips onto each other’s. His lips were surprisingly soft, and your found yourself fighting for dominance against him. His arms wrapped around your waist, roughly picking you up, which gave you access to wrap your legs around your waist. Your arms were looped around his neck, giving into the lust and passion you were feeling.

 He soon walked over to a nearby wooden table, slamming you down on it. You were completely laid down on it, your body ignoring the pain as the pleasure overtook it. He wasted no time in ripping your shirt off, taking you by surprise at the amount of strength he had. You weren’t wearing a bra, which caused him to smirk at the sight, "I’m sure Stiles is enjoying this." 

 "I know Stiles is in there somewhere, so I’m just going to call you Stiles,” you spoke in a lustful tone, batting your eyelashes. He tilted his head to the side lightly before smirking and continuing to work on your body. His lips attacked your neck feverishly, leaving purple bruises that would heal in a few seconds. His hands were roaming all over your body as you grabbed fistfuls of his hair, light whimpers falling from your mouth.

 His arm reached down to pull off your pajama shorts in one swift move, throwing it across the room as he continued to kiss down your entire body. He soon landed right above your belly button, looking up at you from his position. And without any words, he ripped the elastic of your underwear right from you, making you moan from the action. His lips roamed down to your sensitive clit, sending you into complete begging mode. You were now incredibly vulnerably to him, no matter how bad or villainous he was.

 "Oh my god, yes Stiles,“ You tugged at his hair as his tongue ran over teasingly over your slit, but knowing that he could fully pleasure you yet, he pulled away, a smirk apparent on his face. Without words being exchanged, you sat up on your elbows, pulling his shirt off in one swift motion. You were eager to remove his pants, but he removed his pants before you even had the chance to. He then hovered over you, watching as your pupils dilated from the ecstasy of his touch. 

 And without a single warning, he plunged his fingers into you, curving them so that they directly hit your g-spot. He continuously hit your g-spot, sending you into oblivion. You arched your back slightly from the action, moans and groans exiting your mouth as he continued to pick up the rapid pace he was already maintaining. He went as fast as he could, and you could already feel our orgasm nearing. Your legs shook as you felt the utter pleasure, his next words making you moan loudly, "Do you wanna cum for me, princess?" 

 And before you even had a chance to do so, he pulled his fingers out of you, causing you to open your eyes immediately. "S-Stiles, no! No, please. I-I need you." 

 "I know you do, princess. But the scent of your desire is simply arousing,” He spoke in a rough tone as he got out of his underwear, making you gulp from the anxiety of reaching an orgasm. You were throbbing from the recent action, and as it would only happen, he pushed into you, full-force, with yet again, no warning whatsoever. 

 You screamed out in pleasure, your back arching all the way off the table as he went at the fastest pace humanly possible. Your fingers were entangled in his hair, as your other arm raked your nails down his back. He was growling softly from the pleasure that all this brought, his emotions being heightened from the tension in the air. He couldn’t find it in himself to stop as he knew he was reaching an orgasm, finding that he desperately needed a release as well. You could feel your walls clenching around him, and you let out moans that you didn’t even know were possible from you. “O-Oh my god, Stiles! Yes! Faster, please!”

 "God, yes! I’m gonna-“ 

 "I know, me too, princess. Just hold it in,” Stiles practically begged, feeling you completely tighten around him. His hand reached down south to your clit, running it directly so that the orgasm would hit you harder than before. And finally, you reached it with one more thrust, your back arching off the table as you squirted for the first time in your life. Your hands pulled at his hair as your breath fell from your mouth in an erratic manner just as Stiles came to his own orgasm. He pulled out from you, watching as you laid down on the table with a tired expression. Your eyes were closed as you rode out the aftermath from your orgasm. And in that time that you were relaxing, he had already gotten dressed, smirking at you as he watched your naked body wither. 

 "Well, [Y/N], I’m sure from the way we fucked, Stiles felt you well enough.“

 "Yeah, well, when he gets back, tell him I’ll be waiting for him,” And with that, you picked up your clothes, pushing past the Nogitsune, a stone-cold expression plastered onto his face. 

 You would definitely make sure that Stiles would hear about this when he had returned in his regular form.

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Void is showing. StilesxOC Smut.

Pairing: Stiles x OC
Rating: NSFW
Warning: Smut, smut, smut. Panic, Los
Words: 2,259.

A/N. Don’t be too harsh… K.

Emma laid in her bed. Staring at the ceiling. It had been 4 days now since Jackson made his stupid fucking joke that sent Stiles spiralling.. “Careful Stilinski… I think your Void is showing”. The pack had gotten rid of Void mere weeks ago, and I t seemed like Stiles had been still taking things hard. First of all he wasn’t spending time with Emma as much, and it seemed like he still wasn’t sleeping.

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