could have warned ya

Towards the Sun- Chapter Four

by @notthistimespock​ and myself

Phew, chapter four got longer than we anticipated so we had to split it up. There will now be a total of six chapters to the story. We hope you enjoy!

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Now another one bites the dust
Let’s be clear, I trust no one

You did not break me
I’m still fighting for peace

Dread coiled nauseatingly in the pit of Stanford’s gut as he stared back at a pair of feverish orange embers glinting from depths of the second fragment’s searing glare. His brother’s silhouette loomed menacingly before him; a disturbingly calm and immovable statue compared to the shifting, fracturing, and wavering reality of the basement around them. The man, monster, shadow, personification of Stanley’s hatred, whatever he was, stood barely half an arm’s length away, pressing in uncomfortably close to Stanford’s trapped and hapless form like a half starved coyote closing in on it’s next meal.

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