could have had a v8

anonymous asked:

Btw my boyfriend looks way better than you do/did at 18. You dont have to be so disrespectful

Lol Well, since we wanna start being salty because you embarrassed for no reason (I mean you’re anon nigga no one cares) let me drag you through the dirt real quick :

No, what you had said was :

This is one of the reasons why I stay with my boyfriend cuz I feel like he’s gonna transform and I dont wanna miss it…” 

THEN you try and fix it by saying :

Its not really that petty since I clearly said its not the main reason why Im with him. I wasn’t thinking about that when I got with him its just that I think he’s attractive now and it would suck to miss out on him blossoming like that 

So first it is a reason .. and now it’s not? I mean no one is asking you for “main” reasons. Also you’re kinda saying the same thing with more words to try and reconcile with yourself 

No IF IF IF you had said, “My boyfriend is attractive now, and I can’t wait until he transforms even further, it would be a shame to miss out on him blossoming. :)” We wouldn’t be here with you lying to validate yourself on tumblr. lol 

Like most people do when they’re cornered they lash out in an egotistical tornado trying to recover their integrity and save face (though you have no face), so now you comin’ at me because YOU mad that YOU fucked up and I put you out there. lmao I don’t know why ya’ll try me. Just drink the cashew milk and walk away.

You’re anon, you could have just silently took the blow, bowed, walked away from my presence in fuckery and we all could have had a V8. but noooooo. Apparently you wanted to “defend” yourself by fucking up your story further.

lol and what kind of highschool shit is “My boyfriend looks way better than you did blah blah blah”.

You’re either:

1.) Sensitive as fuck.

2.) Dumb as shit 

3.) Or Both.

Now go suck his dick dry before he glow up and leave you.