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i’m trying to get better at putting myself out there and talking to people… i came to the sudden realization that if i’ve never met someone or i know the bare minimum about them then i can ask anything??? literally anything it’s so much easier than my mind makes it so i’m capitalizing on that realization and i can tell i’m getting better at asking!!

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hey so awhile ago i read a fic about dan needing a note taker at uni and phil was doing it for him and first dan was resistant but then he started warming up to phil? i was wondering if you'd help find it

There You Were (Inside My Brain)“So, like, you email that to me, right? The notes? Is that how this works?”“Right,” Phil says. “Yeah, I email them to you.”“That’s great,” Dan says. “So I’ll see you tomorrow?”“Yeah, I’ll meet you outside the…”But Dan doesn’t stick around. He turns on his heel and escapes down the corridor, feeling like he might actually die of embarrassment.In which Dan needs someone to take notes for him in lectures and he ends up with Phil. Now if only he could get past his own awkwardness and just talk to the guy…

- Eliza

BTS Reaction to you walking in on them while showering:

Rap Monster: “Oh… Hey… ”

His face would be bright red with a smile, as his hands would cover his privates. You went to leave before things could get more awkward but his powerful arms pulled you back into the room and into the shower with him ;)

Taehyung: *gasps* “J-Jagiya!.. W-what are you doing in here…”

He wouldn’t exactly be sure what to do, grab, or say. You bite your lip at him and he blushes. Both of you began laugh and you quickly grabbed him a towel.

Jimin: “Like what you see?”

He’d begin to laugh and flex. As you cover your eyes he’d laugh even harder than before. You began to blush and turned to walk away while his voice kept calling for you in a teasing way.


Speechless but calm he’d get out and quickly wrap a towel around his waist. He’d come over to you causing you to tense up.

“My pants have fallen down to my thighs during a performance in front of fans… I don’t think you walking in makes a difference.”

He’d wink and brush your hand walking past you.

Suga: “N-nonononoooo not good!”

He’d try to hide behind the curtain and you cover your eyes, apologize, and hand him several towels while stumbling. He knew you didn’t mean to do it so he helps you but you crash into him, hands in his chest, both blushing.


He’d be frozen in his tracks. Suddenly you’d start saying you’re sorry over and over again when you headed for the door but finally he moved to grab your hand.

“My bathroom is your bathroom.” He’d say with a smile.


With how loud his music was he didn’t really even notice you until he heard your gasp.

“Oops! Forgot to lock the door again…” He’d joke around with you while wrapping himself up in a towel.

“Don’t worry Jagiya.. You’ll see more of me eventually anyway..”

Was having another argument spirited debate with my dad this morning when walking the dog, politically based as it usually is. Around two thirds of the way in, he turns to me and says “I hope your dating profile includes your political views, or this could get awkward. What if you meet the perfect man, and then all this stuff comes up?”

And I said “… Well then he wouldn’t be the perfect man, would he?”

tfw someone says one word to you or holds a door open for you and you feel yourself developing a slight crush and then five minutes later your brain is like ‘hey so imagine marrying them?????’

2. Kissing // Klance

« {Part 2 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

Training with his boyfriend had its perks, Lance decided. Sure, it could get a little awkward when they did group mind-melding exercises, but dating his teammate meant that he got to see him all the time, and he could flirt with him whenever he wanted, and—best of all—he could watch Keith practice sparring.

Lance was sitting on the floor of the practice room watching Keith battle the gladiator robot. He had a great view. When Keith sparred, he was just. Really hot. Sometimes it sort of made Lance mad how hot he was. Every move seemed as though it was specifically designed to showcase how strong and elegant Keith could be. He almost moved faster than Lance could track, brandishing his bayard with one toned arm and dodging the robot’s blows in a display of athleticism that made Lance’s mouth go dry. Keith had already taken off his jacket. He was left in a form-fitting black t-shirt that clung to his damp skin and perfectly showed off the muscles on his back and shoulders. His face was flushed and sweaty, and most of Keith’s hair had fallen out of his ponytail by now. Lance really wanted to tangle his fingers in that hair and never let go.

In one final move, Keith leaped forward and turned midair, slashing the robot’s side with his bayard. The poor thing didn’t even stand a chance. As the robot sunk to the ground, Keith landed, rolled, and ended in a crouch, one palm braced on the floor for balance. Lance’s breath caught in his throat. How the fuck did he manage to date someone so badass?

“Holy shit,” Lance said. “Leave some of the cool moves for the rest of us, okay? Jeez, you’re going to use them all up.”

“That doesn’t even made sense,” Keith replied, a little winded, as he got to his feet. “Also, did you just admit that I’m cool?”

“No, I said you were doing some cool moves. That means you’re being a show-off.”

“Oh really?” Keith said. He grinned a little, and Lance forgot everything he’d just been saying. Why was Keith a show-off again? What were they bantering about? “C’mere, let’s spar.”

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My entire friend base is ignoring me whats up with ya’ll

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I hope Joecile is endgame. Cecile and Joanie were such cuties in this episode, especially Joanie.

They were so cute. Although, I’m kinda shipping Joanie and Wally, so it could get awkward if Joe and Cecile get married. LOL, but I suppose I’ve been shipping joecile longer…

A Way To Make You Smile

This is my first contribution to the Check, Please! fandom so please be gentle with me.


Mostly fluff, bad poetry, and a little bit of smut at the end. Enjoy!

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