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In what way is Harry the right person for Ginny? I always got the feeling that he fell in love with her facade of coolness, not the real girl. (Also, he didn't learn anything from his disastrous relationship with Cho, which fell apart because Cho was in too much pain to be fun, and Harry was in too much pain to be considerate of anyone else's feelings.)

Here are some of the ways in which Ginny and Harry fit together: 

  • Humour: they enjoy the same kind of humour - dry, cutting and sarcastic. Also, since Ginny is one of the funnier characters of the series, Harry likes that, especially since he relies very much on humour to get him through difficult situations. Harry craves laughter and humour “But I could do with a few laughs. We could all do with a few laughs. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to need them much more than usual before long.” - Goblet of Fire, p.635. Which is part of the reason why Ginny is definitely a much better romantic companion - because she shares his sense of humour, which is very important in a romantic relationship. Also, look at the way they play off each other, particularly in the tattoo conversation. It is very natural and free flowing.
  • Physical attraction: I wrote about it above. Even when younger, Harry does take appearance of Ginny’s appearance. For example, to name just a few times where this happens, in CoS Ginny is “glowing like the setting sun” and she “blushes to the roots of her flaming hair”. She has “bright brown eyes”. Her hair is described as being “a long mane of red hair”. Even when Ginny is arguably being described neutrally, here in GoF, it’s an opposition to Hermione. In GoF, when Harry sees Hermione and Ginny coming down the stairs of the Burrow, Hermione is described as having “very bushy brown hair and rather large front teeth” while Ginny is described as being “small and red-haired”. And the thing is, you do need physical attraction to spark off a romantic relationship. If you deny this you deny human nature. 
  • Love for Quidditch: It is something that they can bond very strongly over it as well as it definitely being alluded to more than a few times in the series (even in OotP, before their relationship begins). It is about the similar passion for the game.
  • Similar experiences with Voldemort: they do talk about it, particularly in OotP, HBP and DH. A few times, but still, what’s represented on-page is not necessarily the case off-page. Sure, one may look at these few conversations and say, that’s not a lot of conversation they’ve been having. But let’s put it this way: is every conversation between every single character in the books? Of course not. What we are debating about is why their characters fit together, not the way it was written. Also, linked to this of course one of the controversial moments of their relationship is when Harry’s break up with her in the end of HBP. But that just signals why they work so well together. Even if Ginny personally disagreed with the reasons for which he was doing it, she understood it and accepted it.
  • Anti-authoritarianism and individualism: their characters are anti-authoritarian, in contrast to someone like Hermione or to a lesser extent Ron. Both Harry and Ginny have a very individualist and anti-authoritarian streak, Harry from his time at the Dursleys, Ginny from the standards her family (particularly her brothers and her mother) push on her.

So I was walking around Meijers one day, these two guys were standing over to the right. one of them just starts taking off their shirt as I walked by. his friends like “dude why you strippin in Meijers man?” the guys says “cuz I can.”

now at this point my ((mostly)) gay mind is pretty uncomfortable, so I look away and try to distance my self as much as possible. thing is though the guys friend noticed me, and I could hear him say “man that girl looked away from you put yo goddamn shirt back on you ain’t impressin sht”

it was all I could do not to laugh right there X’D


1x02 // 1x07


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

@ people angry at me for ‘posting too many birds’, i’m sorry i happen to have an interest all my life i get excited to talk about and want to educate people ://

call me petty but when you have a mindset of ‘letting things slide’ that’s what sets the environment for somewhat innacurate designs to eventually become horrifically bad designs made with zero research and harmful representation. anyone can post a screenshot from foodfight for a good laugh and thats all i could do with this blog, but i believe in and endorse criticism of media that i enjoy consuming just as much as the low hanging garbage

dgraymanweek  || Day 1: The Voice of Darkness

↳ Option A: Opening ( INNOCENT SORROW - Abingdon Boys School) 

“Don’t cry, how many times did you save me from
endless pain and sadness? Oh…
Touch me harder with your palms, show me, ever and never end
You drift so far away

Paper Hearts (Part 10)

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Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 3.9k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

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Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

“We could all do with a few laughs. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to need them more than usual before long”

I imagine his first day back at the joke shop after the series ended would have been really hard for George Weasley. 

Going in for a passionate kiss

Imagine running with Steve

It was the usual morning ritual the four of you had, a good run in the morning then breakfast at the Tower or the diner near the park. You ran next to Steve, while Bucky and Sam raced next to each other.

“Come on bird boy,” Bucky teased. “I can run laps around you.”

“Whatever you say, metal arm,” Sam retorted speeding up. Bucky looked over his shoulder and winked at you, before taking off to catch up to Sam.

“They do know you could beat both their asses, right?”

Steve huffed out a laugh and smirked. “Let them have their wits.”

“Always a gentlemen,” you mused in between breaths. Your legs ached, you were never a great runner. You downright sucked, but Steve was ever the doting boyfriend; so he slowed his speed and jogged alongside you. The two of you ran together mostly in comfortable silence, you’d occasionally stole glances at the man. His face was a little flushed, hardly any sweat on his forehead. He was beautifully perfect.

“Will you stop staring,” Steve demanded in a teasing voice.

You snorted, “Will you stop being so damn perfect looking! It’s insulting!”

Steve slowed his pace, jogging to a halt. You stumbled over your steps to stop and turned to face him, hands on your hips. Your chest heaved up and down, trying to catch your breath. Sweat beads graced your forehead and you legs were on fire.

“If I can control my urge to pounce on you every second of the day, you can jog in peace alongside me.”

Your mouth gaped open in shock, Steve grinned sheepishly at the ground.

“Steve Grant Rogers!” 

He shrugged innocently as you filled the space between his body and yours. You unashamedly tugged at the hem of his gray shirt, your fingertips danced up his firm stomach. Steve blushed, his eyes darting around to make sure no one saw.  You leaned into his ear, running your hand up and down his chest, and whispered softly, “You can pounce on me any time you want, no permission needed.”

When you pulled away, Steve’s cheeks were rosy. You kissed him softly on the lips and reached around him to pat his bottom, making sure to grab a healthy handful of his ass.

You grinned at him before turning and dashing into a sprint toward Bucky and Sam. “Hey fellas! I just grabbed Captain America’s ass!”

i hope you like soft dex and awkward nursey cause Oh Boy 

(”quit it or i’ll bite")

“Shitty I swear to God if you don’t give me that cute ginger librarian’s deets I will kick your ass in the Annie’s parking lot until you do,” Nursey hisses. They’re tucked into the corner of the nonfiction section, unopened binders and textbooks thrown carelessly on the table to make them at least look like they’re studying.

“Ok, first, pretty sure he’s not an actual librarian, you need, like, a degree for that. Second, are you sure? He looks and acts like a pissed off cat ninety percent of the time. Third, why the Annie’s parking lot? You could just do it here,” Shitty laughs quietly. Nursey chooses not to respond to the last question and furrows his brows.

“Yeah, man, I just think he’s cute. Why not, y'know? If he ends up being an asshole I can just stop talking to him, it’s chill.”

Actually, it is definitely not chill, the absolute opposite of chill, in fact; Nursey had been doing his homework in the public library for the past month just to catch glimpses of this stupid boy. Shitty’s right, his mouth always carries a small hint of a scowl, but Nursey sees how his eyes melt every time he helps a child find what they’re looking for, how the lines on his forehead soften when he puts in his headphones while shelving books. Nursey wants to wine and dine this motherfucker, learn about his hobbies and the music he likes, maybe swipe his thumb over the cluster of freckles that decorate the other boy’s hand. If this doesn’t work out, he also may or may not have to throw out a couple of poems that are scribbled out in his notebook, and that would be a total waste of a good slam performance.

“Ok, ok, it’s your funeral. His name’s Will, from what I remember. I’m pretty sure he’s the same age as you, and good news, he played hockey in high school, so you two have a little bit in common. I took a comp sci class last year just ‘cause and he was mad good at it, like, he was doing hacker-level shit. I’m pretty sure I saw him making out with another dude at our last kegster so you most likely have the green light for flirting with him. And the last thing I know is that under that charming appearance lies a snappy little lobster, probably, so watch out,” Shitty says, moving his hands like claws for emphasis. Nursey laughs, a little too loudly for their location.

“Good thing I’m in the mood for fishing, then,” Nursey declares as he grabs a random book from a nearby shelf and makes his way over to the front of the library. He can hear Shitty whisper-cheering him on, which doesn’t really help much, but the effort is appreciated.

As he nears the front desk, Nursey can finally read the name tag that’s pinned to Will’s collar: William Poindexter. Nursey almost chuckles, because that is definitely one of the nerdiest names at Samwell, but it is kind of fitting. There’s no one in line, so Nursey walks right up and sets his book down, which causes Will to look up from his computer.

“Did you find everything all right?” Will asks, and for once he doesn’t look irritated, just distracted. His voice is unexpectedly soft, probably because he’s trying not to disturb any of the other patrons, and Nursey has to resist the urge to lay his head down on the counter.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” Nursey answers, and mentally slaps himself. This should be easy for him; he’s flirted with tons of other people at varying stages of sobriety, but this is the first time that he’s actually been nervous. Will picks up the book to scan it, his eyebrows raising as he reads the title.

“Are you a bio major?” Will asks offhandedly as he searches for the scanner.

“Oh, no, creative writing,” Nursey replies, surprised that Will is actually initiating conversation. From the way Shitty talked about him, he half expected Will to beat him up the second they made eye contact (but to be honest, he doesn’t think he would really mind that).

“So you read about ‘the effect of temperature and soil water content on forest drought stress’ for fun?” Will asks, a hint of a smirk in his voice. If Will wasn’t currently chirping him, Nursey would actually be happy at the progress he’s making; he hasn’t gotten yelled at yet, at least.

“Haha, it’s…for a friend?” Will snorts, and it’s close enough to a laugh that Nursey’s face floods with warmth.

“You go to Samwell, right? I mean, you probably do since the campus is like two minutes away, huh. I feel like I’ve seen you around before.” Nursey feels like a dumbass; of course he knows Will goes to school with him, he just wants to keep the conversation going.

“Yeah, I live in the dorms, so you’ve probably seen me walking to class half-dead in my pajamas,” Will says, typing something with one hand into the computer, and Nursey chuckles in agreement.

“Do you play any sports?” Nursey asks, leaning against the counter, his facade of calmness hanging on by a thread. A small voice in his head chants common interest common interest, but he pushes it out of his awareness.

“Nah, not right now. I used to play hockey in high school, but I stopped after graduation. My scholarship is for academics, so I don’t want to lose it because of sports getting in the way.” The lines on Will’s forehead reappear, and his eyes lower. It’s different from his usual expression, though, more sad and thoughtful, and Nursey absolutely aches. “I still love it though, I sometimes wish I could play again, y'know?”

“Dude, I’m on the hockey team, you can always come practice with us! It can’t hurt to have an extra player, Dex,” Nursey offers, hoping that he doesn’t sound like he was waiting for this opportunity.

Will’s ears turn a flattering shade of pink, and Nursey doesn’t know if it’s from the offer he just made or the nickname (Oh my god! I just called him Dex! What the fuck!). Will scratches the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed.

“I mean, if you wouldn’t mind? Fair warning, I might be a little rusty,” Will says. Nursey is just about ready to cry with joy.

“No problem dude, can I get your number? So we can plan a day, and stuff.” Derek Malik Nurse, your mamas raised you to be stronger than this, stop shaking, fuck–

“Hey, I don’t give my number out to just anyone. I don’t even know your name,”  Will jokes. He’s smirking again, but there’s a blush creeping down his neck.

“Oh shit, my name’s Derek! Everyone calls me Nursey, though. And…I could take you out for coffee? My treat?”

Will doesn’t answer, just turns around and finishes getting Nursey’s book ready. When Nursey opens the front cover, there’s a phone number scrawled out on the receipt. Underneath it, a message reads, “actually, I’m more of a tea type of guy”.


“Not gonna lie, I totally thought you were an asshole before I actually talked to you. But you were like, super nice the whole time!”

“Only ‘cause you were bumbling around like a middle schooler with his first crush.”

“Ok, I’m revoking your tea privileges, time to take this back–”

“Hey! Quit it or I’ll bite!”

“On the first date, Poindexter? I thought you were classier than that!”

So last night...

So I was cosplay as Sans last night on Omegle, enjoying myself and playing around with different Undertale fans. I saw like, two dicks. Neither were impressive or wanted. 

But one thing really got me in the heart, and that was a little girl. She didn’t look more then 7…8 years old, right? Real small, braided hair, big eyes and everything.

At first, I started up on the chat with her like I would, making a peace sign and waving, and she literally flipped her shit. She started screaming and giggling and waving at me like, “SANS!! SANS!! Hi!! I didn’t know you were real!!” And all I could literally do was laugh and smile like a dumbass under this hot rubber mask.

So right when I say hi and all the casual Sans things, she jumps up, telling me to wait just a sec and that, “I have something that makes me part skeleton just like you!” She bolts off and I just wait, cause I’m not gonna click off randomly while she’s so excited. She comes back like, five minutes later with a big bottle of ketchup. I start giggling and giving her thumbs up and just- reacting to everything she says!

But then, a wave of protective instinct starts washing over me- Like, even while she’s talking to me, I cant stop listening even when my own girlfriend is calling! ((I’m super sorry about that @strife-kind!)) I start telling myself, “You know, there are a bunch of nasty, horrible people on here who would take advantage of this little girl. Fuck that noise, I’m gonna stay on here till she falls asleep.”

I literally stayed up till 3am talking and chatting with this little girl, and she starts yawning and mumbling and I’m like “Hey, kiddo. It was awesome talking to you- youre such an awesome human kid! But uh- maybe you should head to bed. Kids like you need lots of rest to kill monsters like me.” And she just smiles dopily and nods, before blowing me a kiss and I catch it. She ends the chat, and I go one round around the bend to make sure she’s in bed and not still chatting. She’s not, and I’m happy.

The next person I talk to literally was the cutest kid, looked about 12 years old. He started implying I was in love with Toriel and I, playing along, started blushing and pulled my hood over my head and crossed my arms, the whole thing. He makes me PROPOSE to her and I did! I drew a paper board in bone letters asking if she will marry me, and when “Toriel” said yes, he literally flipped out and started giggling madly. Cutest kid ever. Sorry to say he had to get off before I could wish him a good night, but man…

Protective Sans syndrome just….WOOSH.

Pick Up Limes - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Imagine Peter having a Crush on You but he doesn’t know what to do other than lots and lots of cheesy pick up lines. (Requested by anon)

(I’m tumblr trash shhhh)

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“Hey. (Y/n).” There was a whizz and suddenly Peter was sitting - or rather lying- on the desk which you’d been doing your homework on.

“Hello.” You said with a slight laugh, “What are you doing, Peter?”

“No, but you could be.” He winked cheesily, sliding off your desk. 

“What-” Oh, doing Peter. 

He laughed, “Sorry, I’m not very good at this.”

“At doing yourself?” You teased.

He rolled his eyes, “You’re just as bad, Missy.”

“Oh, and you would know I suppose?” You leaned forward, on your elbow on your desk.

Peter glanced around and then with a whoosh, he was gone. 

Walking down the hallway of the mansion the next morning you were suddenly stopped by Peter standing in front of you.

“Hello.” You said hesitantly.

“We have Chemistry right?” He suddenly blurted.

“As our next class?”

“Um yeah sure. See you when we have chemistry!” And he was gone, his hands leaving your shoulders as fast as they’d appeared there.

When you arrived in your next class with Peter he came to apologise to you.

“Hey (Y/n). Sorry about earlier. I’m feeling a bit off today.” He paused and then a grin spread over his features, “But you definitely turn me-” He broke off laughing. “I’m sorry I can’t do this.”

He vanished again, leaving you standing in the corridor again, as confused as ever. 

It was when you were sitting out on the grass with some friends, doing your homework and just talking when Peter next appeared.

You saw him out of the corner of your eye. He seemed to be slowly making his way over to you and his friends but he kept stopping to pick something up. Or somethings.

As he got closer you realised they were limes. He saw you and waved, dropping all the limes.

“Oh my god.” You muttered, getting up and running over to him to help.

“I’m sorry.” He said, being very clumsy with the limes. 

“It’s ok-”

Peter suddenly looked up at you, locking eyes. “Sorry. I’m bad at pick up limes.”

You stared at him, the smile spreading across your lips, before you grabbed him by the collar, pressing his lips to yours. You felt him smile before he kissed you back, dropping all the limes around you. 

When you pulled away, unable to keep the grin off your face, Peter smirked at you. “So uh.. hey, will you go out with me then?”

“Yes you dork.”

And he kissed you again.

Imagine Jensen kissing you on impulse on New Year's day.

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“Come on guys!” you squealed excited, gathering everybody around as the final count down began.

“J!” you giggled as you dragged your best friend – crush towards the living room. The only thing the man could do was laugh, maybe a little nervously when you touched his hand, but smile widely nonetheless at your childlike behavior.


“Sweetheart, easy. Don’t want to have to spent the first day of the year in the hospital.” he chuckled, feeling a little giddy when without realizing it you locked your fingers with his.

You turned your head and gave him a glare, one that he found all too adorable and that he only laughed at.


“You’d deserve it! You are the only one running away from this, everybody has been gathered in the living room for over 20 minutes!” you scolded with a stern look that he’d be willing to face everyday even if you had to shout at him for the least of things.

“I’m not running away from this.” he said with a small smile, and roll of his eyes. Although part of him knew that he was slightly running away from being so close to you. It felt as if he had no control of himself whenever you were standing next to him.


“Like hell you are!” you exclaimed a little breathlessly as you joined all your friends and family in the living room. The moment you had asked him to spend New Year’s Eve he had been so greedy he had not stopped himself from saying yes.

And he couldn’t lie to himself, he had felt slightly disappointed when he realized you had called Jared, Misha and Mark and their families too. But he was a great actor, your words, so he had done his best to hide it. And he had done his best to not let you realize how Jared and Misha’s teasing had gotten the best of him all night.

As if it wasn’t enough that he had to put up with them encouraging him to make a move on you after years of having feelings for you, but he now had to deal with it all night. After all: who could blame him? He was unable to take his eyes from you when you looked more beautiful than he ever thought you could have. Just when he thought you were perfect you went and proved him wrong, showing that you could look even more beautiful.

Gosh, he was a goner.


“I told you I am not!” he huffed as he downed the rest of his drink and you took the glass from his hand and put it away.

“Right-” you rolled your eyes with a smile “-Jensen if you’re trying to skip the New Year’s kiss I’m telling you- there is no getting away.” you winked and for a moment he held his breath. His hopes got the best of him but he let out a breath when you patted his cheek with your finger.

“What? Jensen can’t wait for my New Year’s kiss?” Misha asked with a grin, making a kissing face at his friend and Jensen only rolled his eyes, hitting his friend on the shoulder.

“Go to your wife you idiot!” he said with a grin as Misha laughed, walking to his wife and kids… after he winked at you.

“Does he know something I don’t?” you asked Jensen and he only shrugged, avoiding eye-contact for a moment.

“What? Who? Misha? No, no absolutely not.” he shook his head a little over-dramatically.


“Ok” you giggled, glancing at the rest of your guests as the countdown kept going “The year is almost over.” you whispered and he nodded his head with a small sigh.

“Yeah- it’s almost over.” his eyes however remained on you.

“Did any wishes come true this year?” you asked, locking eyes with his and he shrugged softly, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

“Not the one I’d really want to, smalls.” he kissed your forehead as you hugged him.


“But- was it at least a happy one?” you looked up at him and he sighed.

“Every year had been a happy one ever since you came into my life, (Y/n).” he tucked a few strands behind your ear as you only smiled shyly.

“Then I’m guessing you like the party tonight huh?” you asked with a sheepish smile and he grinned, nodding his head.

“More than you can realize.” he breathed out.


“Really?” you breathed out “I mean I saw that Jared and Misha had not stopped teasing you. I don’t know what about but-”

“It’s nothing princess.” he shook his head.

“Is it?” you whispered.


“Why are you asking?”

“Jens, does this maybe have to do with that… wish that didn’t come true this year?”

“What- what do you mean?” he blinked, feeling the temperature on his face rise. Was it getting hotter all of a sudden or was it his idea?

“I-” you bit your lip, looking at him for a split second “I may have heard you and Misha talk about… me.

Well, that was certainly not what he expected to hear. His heart stopped beating and he held his breath.


“Are you not going to say something about it?” you whispered feeling more awkward and shy than him “J. Come on please, jus say something.” you breathed out shakily.

But Jensen couldn’t. He couldn’t say nor do anything as it all finally happened and he wasn’t prepared about it in the least bit. HE had thought about how this would happen so many times and he had prepared so many things to say. But he didn’t expect it to happen now and not like this. He was at a loss for words. So instead, actions spoke a thousand more.

He grabbed your face and crashed his lips to yours as the ‘Happy New Year!’ and cheers were heard. And even much much later…

…none of you pulled away.

people on my dash are complaining abt d+p’s branding for the tatinof movie and documentary. .. .  and i’m like …. my pals… . . remember ….this is their chance to dump it all and move on. they are leaving it all with a bang. the rebranding is coming. embrace the storm for now while you can.


HDM month | week 4: favourite book

Northern Lights // The Subtle Knife // The Amber Spyglass