could be their kid



decided to try something different and do some digital painting for the new star ep! i actually think this turned out really good to so im pretty proud of myself tbh, anywayyyyyyy yea i fucking loved the new ep and i want to know everything there is to know about there family now, which sucks cause we don’t know shit!!

boom! trash babys!! XD


Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son

  • jason: he took me in and pretended to love me like a son!
  • me, picking up batman comics, flipping through them, stopping on the panel where bruce pulls out a picture of jason from his utility belt: ding dong you are wrong
  • me, stopping on the panel where bruce says "jason was the best": eggs and bacon you're mistaken
  • me, stopping on the scene where bruce attacks the joker and the only word he's capable of saying is "jason": double-decker architect you are incorrect
  • me, stopping on the panel where bruce thinks of holding jason's body and says "god i wish... i wish i could just start over": ballerinas are inharmonious and you are erroneous
  • me, stopping on the panel where bruce describes jason's laugh and then says "and then it was stolen from him": jaws the great white shark you are off the mark
  • me, stopping on the panel where bruce thinks "maybe then i could sleep. maybe then i could stop thinking about jason": mother margaret you are off target

me: sees a group of kids riding bikes
me: uhh what kind of stranger things and IT plagiarism :/

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Listen, as much as I believe that Ducktales reboot will be promising

I really don’t think they will top this moment with Donald:

b/c to be honest with you, I lost my absolute shit when i saw this as a kid and I still lose it when i rewatch this fucking masterpiece of a movie

and if they do? Mother fucking applauding them


Couple of assorted haikyuus