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{PART 13} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; You willingly surrender yourself to Jungkook in his bed, and he surrenders himself to you in turn - speaking words he never thought would leave his Vampire soul.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

Please note: This chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature.

{Part 1} // {Part 12} {Part 13} {Part 14}

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Dealing with species dysphoria


I wanted to make a nice post for all you lovely kin dealing with some species dysphoria.


-Try making your room, or at least an area in your room, look like your habitat!

Forest dwellers could try painting trees on their walls or making hangable paper trees, get lots of potted plants, lots of leaf decorations, forest themed stuff, etc! You could also paint your walls brown, green, or grey to make it appear like a den. I suggest brown or green sheets and blankets!

Ocean dwellers could try painting their room blue, adding ocean themed decorations and things like that. Blue, purple, brown,  green, and sheets should work nicely!

For all you space dwellers i suggest painting your room a dark shade of purple or blue, and getting a space projector! Black, blue, purple, pink, orange, and grey sheets are good, and lucky for you, there’s also plenty of galaxy themed bed sets!

Cave dwellers can paint their walls grey or brown, and grey, brown, green,  or black sheets should work well! You could also try sewing pillows to look like big rocks! Potted mushrooms are a nice touch!

If you can’t paint or get new sheets, you should try making a den! Basically making a pillow fort in your room and decorating it appropriately helps a lot!

Nesting is also fantastic i sleep in a blanket nest and it’s very comfy.

-Now that you have a comfortable area:

-Try doing makeup that resembles your kintype (there are loads of tutorials on youtube)

-Try wearing clothes that resemble your kintype (orange shirts and black boots for foxes, big sweaters for bears, eye masks for raccoons, etc.)


-You can try not talking, or if you’re alone, making noises your kintype makes

-Make your kintype’s favorite food! (Meat and berries is fantastic coming from a bear therian, and most animal treats are edible to humans- things like birdseed, homemade dog treats, catnip, rodent yogurt drops, etc.)

-If your kintype eats insects go for it, just make sure they’re safe- i recommend store bought

-Watching videos of your kintype helps a bunch

okay, that’s about all i can think of, hope this helps!


pairing: Jungkook | reader I Yooongi
genre: angst (Soulmate!au meets Hanahaki!au)
word count: 3.327
warnings: none
author’s note: Hellooo, Toombler! This is the first instaallment of the Saudade series (Whoot Whoot) I’m warning you guys now, i have no plot, idk where i’m going with this. Let me know if you guys want another part to this! xxx

Series: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3


Saudade;                                                                                                           ↪ The feeling of intense longing for a person or place you love but is now lost

The sky was a painting tonight.

You marveled at the beautiful twilight hues. Shades of violet bled into the indigo sky, creating bridges of colours you could only describe with the paintbrush in your hand, and the canvas in front of you. You mixed and created shades of pink, purple and blue you could not name. You paid no attention to that, art did not need a language; it was the expression of what words fail to communicate.

Art is an entity of its own.

Like you.

Many described you as wild – you were as wild as the winds that blew the curled red leaf in the air.

You watched the sun in front of you dip below the horizon like a candle being extinguished. You dipped your own brush into the paint and brushed it across the canvas, now adding the finishing strokes of cerise and amber.

You gave your painting a final look before setting down your paintbrush.

You huffed. In front of you was no match to what you saw a few minutes ago. You could never paint the splashes of colours you formed in the sky. The true and raw beauty of the sunset could never be captured. That is by you – a self-proclaimed artist.

It was rumoured that everyone has a different sky that is shared with their soulmate – except all celestial objects stay in the same position for everybody, so weather is not affected. Everyone has the ability to draw on the sky, making splash of colours or little notes for only them and their soulmate to see.

You shivered from the chilly winds as they ran across your skin. It was exhilarating as it was terrifying. You were currently situated at the rooftop of your art institution. Every evening, you came here and tried to create a somewhat decent painting of the evening sky. And every evening, you failed.

You mastered the skill of painting fruit baskets and fields of flowers. You could recreate the face of a person you had met for the first time with deadly precision. So why could you not paint something as simple as the sunset? Children could paint it. Hell, Kindergarteners could finger-paint the sunset, yet you couldn’t. Why?

Walking to the edge, you gripped the thin metal railing. It always amazed you at how fast the night changes. Now, as you looked at the early night sky, all traces of the colours had bled into one – a magnificent shade of midnight blue. The cold winds of nightfall pierced the thin layer of your shirt. You wrapped your hands around your body as you attempted to warm yourself. In vain, you rubbed your hands up and down each other until you felt a hint of warmth spread across your body.

The night held so many mysteries.

You turned around to wipe off the wet paint on your palette and you put it, along with your brush, into your bag. Slinging the back on your shoulder, you picked up your easel and walked to the room across from you. The room was small and mainly used for storage. Sometimes, you would find couples inside it. Those encounters never ended well.

You made a silent prayer in your head as you turned the brass door knob to the room. To your surprise, the light was already on. You could’ve sworn that you turned them off when you came to get the equipment. Hesitantly stepping inside, you put down the easel at the back of the room.

Whoosh, the door closed. The sound made you jump and you heard a deep chuckle come from beside you.

You let out a shriek as you made eye contact with none other than Jeon Jungkook.

“Jungkook!” you shoved the boy in front of you, “you scared the shit out of me.”

“Oh Y/N! Y-you s-should’ve seen y-your face,” Jungkook tried to imitate your reaction before he doubled over with laughter once again. “Oh man, y-you looked s-so terrified,” he spluttered.

You felt a smile of your own forming before you crossed your arms together and bit your lip. You tried your best to stay mad at him. You never could, but you tried. Every time.

Jungkook’s  amber orbs blazed with the golden light of a summer evening. His eyes reminded you of a sunset – no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t manage to look away.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N,” Jungkook waved his hand in front of your face. You snapped out of your trance and shifted your gaze from his face to the ground.

“Hey, Y/N, are you okay? Did I go too far? Do you want to hit me? You can hit me, just don’t hit my face. It’s the only thing I have going for me,” he offered you a comforting smile.

His smile alone was enough to make you feel better.

You shook your head and opened your mouth to speak, “Jungkook, just… don’t scare me like that ever again.”

He nodded and moved across the room. You thought he was going to leave until he walked back to you with a brown bag in his hands. Instantly, the smell of Tteokbokki hit your nostrils and you felt your mouth water a little. You hadn’t eaten since lunch. You reached out to take the bag when it was pulled away from your grasp.

Nuh uh,”Jungkook waggled his finger at you, “first, you have to show me your painting. You never show me your paintings of the sunset.”

“Um, no. There’s a reason why and that’s because they’re all trash. Absolute trash.”

“You’re being way too critical of yourself. Your paintings are never short of amazing.”

“But you haven’t seen these ones, that’s why you’re saying this.”

“Then show me,” Jungkook said.

You took a hold of both of his hands and looked up at him pleadingly

“Jungkook… please don’t make me.”

He huffed and looked away. You wondered what he was thinking about.

You heard the rustle of the paper bag as he handed it to you. “Thank you, kookie. I owe you one,” you said as you took a bite of the soft rice cake.

“Don’t thank me, I know you hadn’t had dinner so I brought you some food. It’s what friends are for,” he shrugged his shoulders as he reached for a rice cake.

You momentarily stopped chewing. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t help but feel your stomach drop in disappointment every time you heard that word.


The two of you walked out of the room and sat on the cold, concrete floor.

The night sky was a sharp contrast to the once melodic array of warm colours – it was now black as ink, the only light illuminating from the stars.

“Hey, Jungkook.“


“Remember the Twinkie on the bus? The one I gave you in second grade?”

“The one you found on the floor and gave me without telling me? Nice.”

You grinned and gave him a rice cake. “It never really fell on the floor. I made that part up.”

You couldn’t see his face but you could tell that he was smiling.

“Hey, Y/N”


“I-I think that I’m going to tell Hyojin that I love her,” he had mentioned out of the blue.

Your chest tightened, the same way it did when Jungkook first told you about his crush on your sister. You felt a tingling, itchy feeling clawing up your throat and stopping midway. It felt like a hairball that had been stuck, but you managed to swallow it down with some water. You sat still, vision blurring, and in that moment, you heard your heart break. It was a small, clean sound, like the snapping of a flower’s stem.

“Y/N, are you okay? You look like you’re –“

“I’m okay, Jungkook. I just choked a little on the rice cake when I tried to talk at the same time,” you lied, clutching the brown paper bag resting in your lap.

Jungkook raised an eyebrow but did not question further. “Well, what do you think I should do?”

“You should do what you feel is right.”

You couldn’t make out Jungkook’s face. You only saw the highlighted parts of his face as the moonlight shone down upon him.

“What do you think is right?”

“It doesn’t matt—“

What do you think is right?”

You sighed, “you really love her, don’t you?”

“With all my heart.“

“Maybe”, you said gently, “you’re trying too hard to hear it. Don’t say it yet.”

Jungkook’s face fell faster than a corpse in cement boots. You saw his body go rigid, his mouth hung with lips slightly parted and his eyes were slightly widened at your statement. Slowly, the shock wore off of his face and was replaced with a gaze that felt like an act of violence – a glare to stop your heart. You heard him as he scoffed, “…unbelievable.”

You felt your temper rise at Jungkook’s audacity to scoff at you, “what? You asked for my opinion and so I gave you my opinion. Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

Jungkook laughed heartlessly, looking down at you as if you were a complete stranger. “I’m going to tell her,” he said with an air of finality and a tinge of annoyance directed towards you.

Instead of lowering your head you lifted it, a stony glare carved into your dark eyes. Anger blurred your sight but you tightened your jaw and glared at him, “and what am I supposed to do? Sit by while you date other girls and fall in love with someone else and get married?” Your voice tightened, “And meanwhile, I’ll die a little bit more every day, watching.”

Jungkook turned, but too slowly to be normal. When he spook his voice trailed slowly, like his words were unwilling to take flight. There was a sadness in his eyes, the brown too glossy, “Y/N, p-please, stop. Y-you’re just…jealous, just admit it,” you heard the slight hesitance in his words. “You know what, I’ll help you find someo—”

“Yes! I’ll admit, I am jealous. I’m jealous of every minute you spend with her, of every concerned expression you send her way, of every tear shed, of every glance, every touch, and every thought. I want to rip her to pieces and purge her from your mind and from your heart. But I can’t.” before you could register what was happening, your brain made a decision of its own.

“Y/N, please don’t—“

Words flew from your mouth that you never thought you’d even think, let alone say out loud. You knew instantly from the look in his eyes that they’d hit their mark. In that instant, your relationship shattered into glassy shards. Nothing would ever be the same again.

“I love you,” you blurted out. “I-I know you don’t love me, so don’t say it back.”

Jungkook shot up, his tall stature looming over your own. You stood up beside him, with your arms crossed and your eyes locked on him. It takes him a while to realize that you weren’t joking. You got up on your feet, standing a few inches away from him. "J-Jungkook?” you placed your hand on his arm in an effort to comfort him. Jungkook shoved your hand away.

“Don’t touch me.” Just a few words, but they brought tears to your eyes. You never thought this was how it would feel to have your heart broken.

“Jungkook, please. Don’t do this.” You pleaded him as you covered your face with your hands and wiping away your tears.

Oh no! I’m not doing anything here. I told you not to say it and yet you still said it.” Jungkook was now shouting at you.

“I’m sorry,” you sounded like you were choking on your tears. You never could keep your emotions under control; you couldn’t fight away the tears. You stepped forward, trying to reach out to him. Jungkook put his hands in front of him, halting you from taking another step.

“I said don’t touch me,” Jungkook’s voice cracked. Under the moonlight, you could see that his cheeks reflected your own tear-stained ones.

You didn’t try to get closer to him again. You sat down and tucked your knees to your chest, putting your elbows on your knees, and covered your face with your hands, then started to breathe slowly.

Silence gnawed at your insides. It hung in the air like the suspended moment before a falling glass shatters on the ground. You needed to fill the void with sounds, words, anything. The silence was poisonous in its nothingness, cruelly underscoring how vapid your conversation had become – it clung to you two like a poisonous cloud that at any moment could choke the life from them.

You couldn’t stand the deafening silence anymore. “Jungkook,” you whispered, not daring to look at the face in front of you. “I-I love you and I can’t stop loving you. You overtake my affections and leave my heart in shattered disarray of pieces. Every single time you steal a part of me, you make it impossible for me to put myself together. I know you can never love me and yet I always delude myself in the fantasy that maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn to love me back. Why is that? Perhaps I hope that you return what you’ve stolen. You never do. You smile, and it’s intoxicating. Your fingers brush through my hair, and it’s addicting. You laugh, and it’s contagious. You and your flirtatious self. But I know, and you know that you could never — would never return the love I shared with you.”

“You love Hyojin,“ you continued for him. "I know. Y-you’re in love with…her,” the bitter taste of those words lingered on your tongue.

Your eyes met his warm brown ones. “Yes,” he whispered, his lower lip trembling. “It’s her. It’s always been her.”

Jungkook’s words fell out of his mouth like vapour but landed in your guts as shrapnel. You felt your insides tear, and the blood drain from your face. You would have laughed but he was dead serious. His eyes were cold like you’d never seen and his features immobile. He handed back the painting you gave him just yesterday and you let it fall as soon as its weight had hit your palm. There was the mute sound of paper on cement but neither of you moved to pick it up. You were trying to understand the words he told you but you couldn’t. Then he turned to go, shoulders sunken and his hands in his pockets. Before you knew what you were doing you were standing in his way and locked eyes, the perfect distance for a kiss, but he shook his head. You could see your pain mirrored in his dark eyes.

“I’m sorry that I love you, Jungkook,” you said through your tears.

“Y/N, please. Let me go.”

“I can’t – not like this. Let’s talk about this. Please.”

There isn’t anything to talk about.”

Jungkook’s eyes were trained on some invisible specter behind you. His heavy eyelids took a fraction too slow to blink, his irises too stationary. It was as if his brain was suffering a massive short circuit and was struggling to compute. You moved into his line of sight, touching his cheek with the side of your thumb, your lips forming a pensive grin. Jungkook’s head tilted upward to your face, his eyes sliding into focus. Your voice came out in a breathy whisper, “can I just have one kiss?”

Jungkook made no motion to move and so, you leaned in. all of your senses were screaming at you to pull back, to step away from Jungkook – your sister’s boyfriend. And yet, you couldn’t. You knew he didn’t love him back, but you couldn’t resist. You leaned in a little closer, your foreheads touching. Dear god, you couldn’t fight against the thoughts that were going through you. His very smell was flooding his senses now.

“No!” he seemed to snap out from whatever trance he was previously in. “No, I thought you were my friend,” Jungkook yelled. He pulled himself away from you as if he touched a hot coal. Jungkook turned around and made a mad dash towards the exit.

“Wait! Jungkook,” you called after him. “Please,” you closed your eyes, pleading.

He didn’t.

Dibs (MET x FemReader) drabble

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(A/n): you voted for this story

Request:  Hi!! Me again. (I’ll probably send you 80000 requests) I was wondering if I could get a story where femreader lives with Ethan, Tyler, and Mark and is a youtube gamer. She dyes her hair (purple or pink probably), and the boys fangirl over her. There can be romance, if ya want. Thank you so much!! <3

Warnings: I don’t even know guys


Finally- god, finally you got it done.

The colour you have seriously wanted for so many months finally became a reality and fuck were you bloody happy about it. It wasn’t for a stream- or a bet. It was because you could.

You fucking loved purple.

Couldn’t have looked better, if you were blunt. It complimented everything about you to a T.

In fact, you had just left the salon that made it possible. A smile bannered across your face and your hands ruffling non-stop through your hair.

The drive home almost became impossible with how much you checked yourself out in the mirror. You really couldn’t get over the flattering style. Even more so, you were fidgeting with anticipation for the boys to see it.

That was something to look forward to.

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Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part One

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Pairing: Gaston x OC

Warnings: None

A/N: I know I say this every single time I write someone new, but he was hard to pin down! I definitely went off the live action version, as I felt he had this vulnerable, sweet side to him that appeared once in a while. IDK. Part two isn’t written yet, but I’ll get there. In the meantime, enjoy


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Part Two

There was a place near the western end of the village where you could see the sunset perfectly. A place where the houses and shops petered off and there was nothing but a deep, green valley with purple, snow capped mountains in the distance. From there, I could watch as the sky turned a miraculous shade of dusty pink and the sun sank lower and lower beneath the horizon. Stars would then slowly emerge to replace its light. I never got tired of watching. Some people would scoff and say, ‘once you’ve seen one sunset, you’ve seen them all’. But that wasn’t true at all. Each one was different. Maybe only subtly so, but still. The colors were never quite the same. Which maybe explained why I was having such a hard time capturing it in paint or chalk.

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Today I went with my Mam into the Black Mountains, which are a real life mountain chain in Wales and not a fantasy novel setting. She needed to double check which mountain is which colour, because that’s what happens with Welsh mountains and she’s doing a painting at the minute. (Turns out, she had the purple mountain and the lobster pink/orange mountain the wrong way around. Good job we caught it. That would have been embarrassing. She had the greens in the right places, though.)

Anyway, this involved climbing halfway up the mountain above Llanthony and then stopping for a while so she could do a preliminary watercolour, so she said I could do what I wanted in the meantime. So naturally I climbed all the way up the damn mountain I mean honestly Tumblrs what would you have done. It’s lush up there. You can see England one way and Wales the other. England is hella flat. I always forget. Wales is just mountains from there. That’s all it is. Mostly purple.

Also there were interesting plants since it was an upland peat bog and anyway I took longer than I meant to before reflecting that I should probably go back down and return to my mother. But I miss-judged? A bit? So she immediately thought I’d probably fallen off the mountain and broken my other leg.

And thus it was, Tumblrs, that as I started vaguely ambling back towards the path down, I suddenly heard my name.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have spent time in mountains? But the acoustics are weird, so you can’t tell where sounds are coming from, and that’s why it took about half a minute of looking around as someone shouted “"Elanor!” repeatedly, until they shouted “Look up!”

In my defence, when on top of a mountain, looking up is not that intuitive. But, in this case, it was the right answer. There was a hang glider above me.

“"Your Mam wants to know if you’re okay?” the hang glider asked.

“"Um,” I called back. “Yes?”

“"Okay,” the hang glider called, and it wheeled away over the mountain side.

“"She’s fine!” I heard distantly.

I have no clue how my mother managed to flag down a passing hang glider, but there we are.

Soulmate au where you can see the colors of your soulmate’s emotions

Fair warning this is about to become a Check Please post

-For most of the first year all Bitty saw of Jack’s emotion was ice blue. Bitty was sure that Jack hated him, but it was just hockey-hyper-focus shoving all the other emotions to the side. Later on Bitty learned that when the ice blue cracked with yellow and black, that was when Jack needed him most.

-Bitty had always been just a little too much for Jack. His pinks and yellows and oranges spread everywhere, over everyone on the team and everything he touched. Jack could swear he could pick one of Bittle’s pies out of a lineup just by the little lingering cloud of love around it. Jack could never imagine being so free with his emotions, and it scared him a little. It took him so long to let himself reach for Bitty, but once he did, Bitty could never think Jack hated him again, not with the way everything turned purple when Jack smiled at him. (I’m not saying that they spent most of the time on the Fourth of July watching each other instead of the fireworks, except I definitely am).

-Jack can always tell when something is bothering Bitty, because a small, thick cloud of red nerves will gather right over his heart. At this point Jack doesn’t even need to see Bitty to know, he can hear it in his voice over the phone.

-Ransom and Holster have a System. Their emotions are so in sync that when one of them’s sparking off gold happiness, the other one is too, before they even hear the good news. Part of the reason they’re so perfect together on the ice is because they wrote their own language with twists of emotions to mean anything as complicated as “Coming up on your right, pass to me, I’ll pass back and you shoot”.

-Shitty and Lardo are usually purple and yellow together, with red thrown in when Shitty’s on a rant. They don’t need to throw around a lot of emotion to get each other. Except when Shitty’s stoned. When Shitty’s stoned, Lardo refuses to use him as her beer pong partner because “Brah, your waves of admiration for my skills and general existence are way too distracting.”

-Chowder shoots off so many colors that Farmer is practically certain she’s not the only one who can see them. All you really need is to see his face. Sometimes this is hard for Farmer because there are too many colors covering Chowder’s face.

-Nursey has always had problems with his depression. He’s convinced himself that Dex can’t see his colors because he’s shoved them down so deep. Nursey sometimes pisses Dex off just so he can have some kind of emotion thrown his way.

-Dex really wishes Nursey would knock it off with the whole fake chill thing. Like maybe if Nursey would let one of his emotions out once in a while then they would STOP SPINNING TOO FAST FOR DEX TO INTERPRET THEM.

-Tango’s emotions usually show up in little bubbles. Mostly confusion. He’s almost always got at least six tiny pink bubbles of confusion surrounding him at any time. Whiskey thinks it’s pretty cute.

The Princess with a Dozen Hooves

There was a shadow in the far-left corner of her eye. He’d been there for as long as she could remember. She’d been trying not to look at him for just as long. She didn’t know what would happen if she looked. She only knew that whenever she came close, she was overwhelmed with a sense of all-consuming dread. The shadow wanted her to look at him, but that only increased her certainty that she shouldn’t.

She knew that he wanted her to look at him because he’d told her. He hadn’t started talking to her until she was twelve.

“I don’t know why you won’t look at me, Princess,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ve been waiting, haven’t I?”

The Princess did not reply. She did not even deign to acknowledge that she’d heard him. She thought that acknowledging him set a bad precedent, and started down a slippery slope toward looking at him. Setting firm boundaries was important.

He was quiet, most of the time. Maybe he thought that if he didn’t say anything, she would forget he was there, and look.

“If I was going to do something bad, wouldn’t I have done it by now?”

When she needed to look to the left, she closed her eyes first, and turned her whole head. The Court thought that it was charming, and looked demure.

“I didn’t need to tell you about that loose step, you know. I could have let you fall. Wouldn’t I have, if I was bad?”

Her sleep was dreamless, and so there could be no shadows.

“You’d be lonely without me. You’ll never know how terrible it is, to be alone.”

She didn’t speak much in crowds, for fear that she’d lose track of whose voice was whose. The Court thought that she was shy.

“You really don’t have anything to cry about. You’re a Princess. Everyone loves you. Doesn’t that make you feel better?”

When she was sixteen, a man who wanted her to marry his son gave her a fairy pony. It could stand in the palm of her hand, with a coat made of moonlight and a mane of sunbeams. Its eyes were all-seeing, and it spoke only truth. She waited until she was alone to try talking to it.

“Is there something in my eye?” she asked.

“No,” it said.

“Are you asking it about me?”

“Do you think there’s something in your eye?” the pony asked.

“I thought there was,” the Princess said, “but it must be in my head.”

“Most important things are,” the pony said, “including your eyes. I’m not actually all-seeing, anyway. I’m just very observant. I’m not sure why he told you that, when it was never going to hold up. You’d think the moonbeams would be enough.”

“So there might be something in my eye, still?” she asked.

“Could be,” the pony said. “You’d be better off asking a witch. I’m just a pony.”

“You’re a very nice pony,” she said.

“Thank you,” it said. “I’m very handsome.”

“You are,” she agreed. “Is his son nice?”

“No,” the pony said. “He says you look like a chipmunk. I think he said it in front of me on purpose. I think he was hoping I’d tell you.”

“I would never say something like that,” the shadow whispered. “I think you’re perfect just the way you are.”

“I know I have buckteeth,” the Princess told the pony, “but I think they add character.”

“They do,” the pony agreed.

“You’re really very pretty,” the shadow whispered.

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Mona did not kill Charlotte!

Take a look at the flowers!

The flower that Charlotte is holding in her hand is pink. However the flowers Mona is holding is a darker purple shade. Charlotte’s flower is smaller, it hasn’t fully bloomed yet. Mona’s are fully bloomed.

They aren’t the same flowers!

Mona told Charlotte she wouldn’t let her hurt her friends anymore. First just because Charlotte is dead doesn’t mean she can’t still hurt the liars. Second killing Charlotte isn’t the only way she can protect the liars.

Mona could know who the true killer is and is protecting them. The killer could be someone she cares deeply for, such as Hanna. Maybe she is taking the blame so Hanna doesn’t go to jail. Or Mona could be protecting Caleb, the man who Hanna loves. If Hanna found out that Caleb is the killer she would be heart broken. In order to protect her dearest friend she is taking the blame for killing Charlotte.

Also when Mona was grabbing on to Hanna thinking she was Charlotte she said “you won’t fool me this time”. This time? Did Charlotte fool her the last time? Caleb also ran in and broke the two girls apart before anything could happen. Maybe that’s what happened the night Charlotte died, someone came and broke them apart. Finally the show is believed to be making a full circle. But what’s more of a full circle then Mona thinking she killed someone? She thought she killed Allison but really it was Melissa who was the one to kill what was later discovered to be Bethany. Mona also ends back up in a mental institution (if you watched the final episode preview). That’s a full circle too. A.D visiting her in the hospital just as Cece visited her. Maybe Mona even planed it to smoke A.D out, she wanted the person to come visit her so she can discover who it is.
Not Over You pt. 5

Prompt: “I was getting over you, why did you have to come back?” or it’s been a year since you and Steve broke up. He’s moved on, you haven’t.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,822

Warnings: language, alcohol


A/N: another absolutely heartbreaking part. why do i do this. more to come!

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You woke up from the night feeling more tired than ever. There was a dull aching in your head from the whiskey you’d consumed earlier. But other than that, it had felt like it had been a dream.  Much to your surprise Steve stayed after the unexpected, and frankly unplanned, kiss. There was conversation. But not as much as there had been hugging and apologizing, on both ends. There had been kissing and the clashing of hips and moaning and heavy breathing. It felt like your heart had mended overnight, something you never thought was possible.

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could you please make cs icons from 6x20?

They’re all from A Happy Beginning, and they are all blue/purple/pink because I apparently don’t know about other colours, sorry.

Please, like/reblog if you save/use them, and don’t claim as your own.

Not Again (Part 2)

So this has turned into three parts… That was not my intention but here we are. The italics are flashbacks. I will start on the third part as soon as I can, but until then I hope you all enjoy!

He was here.

You thought your heart was about to beat out of your chest. He was here. He had gotten into your house. You were about to go back to your room when the front door swung open. You grabbed the first thing your hand reached and spun around.

“Whoa, little girl, it’s me.” Happy held his hands up showing you it was him. Then he noticed the frying pan in your hand. “Are you okay?” You started shaking as you brought the pan down.

“Where’s Jax?” You needed to know where he was, now.

“He’s at the clubhouse, why?” You started breathing hard.

“He’s here. He’s here, Happy and he was in my house.” You dropped the pan to the floor as the reality of the situation hit you. He knew where you were. Andrew was in your house, while you were asleep. You almost hit the floor but Happy caught you before you could. He held you against him as he slid with you to the floor.

“Who was here? What happened?” You couldn’t speak, you just sat there on the floor with Happy shaking. “I’m gonna call your old man, okay?” All you could do was nod as Happy grabbed his phone and called Jax.


You didn’t know how long you were on the floor with Happy, it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes, but to you it felt like hours. The next thing you knew Jax was there picking you up and taking you to the couch. He sat with you in his lap and held you until you calmed down enough to talk.

“Are you okay, darlin’?” You nodded, “can you tell me what happened?” You took a deep breath before you spoke.

“I woke up and walked through the house. I was in the kitchen when I saw the lily on the counter. He was here, Jax. He was in the house.” You looked to him with wide eyes. Jax didn’t know what to do. You were his badass old lady and to see you this scared made him want to put the bastard who is doing this to you six feet under.

“We’ll find him. We’ll find him, darlin’.” Jax wouldn’t let this guy get this close to you again. Not if he could help it.


“A restraining order? Are you serious right now?” Andrew bellowed. You shrunk back as he stalked towards you. His frame towering over you. “What have I done to you? Why?”

“You – you scared me, Andrew. I didn’t know what else to do.” Your voice shook as you spoke. He had backed you into the wall.

“How did I scare you?” He was so quiet about it, he almost sounded heartbroken.

“You hurt me. You kept hurting me, Andrew.” He hit the wall beside your head. You covered your head as he brought his fist back.

“You know I didn’t mean to. You know that.” He sounded pained when he said it.

“No I don’t know that!” You screamed. You were done.

“I didn’t! I would never hurt you on purpose, either of you.” Your heart dropped. How did he know? You eyed him as you moved to the side to try and get away from him.

“How do you know about that?”

“I know everything about you, baby.” His pet name for you made you cringe. You hated the way it rolled off his tongue. “Let’s go home, we can be a family there.”


“I’m sorry, what?”

“I said, no. I’m not going with you, we can’t be a family.” He started towards you again. You were now backed into the kitchen. He was once again towering over you as you ran into the counter.

“Of course we can, the three of us.” He reached out to touch you but you moved just enough to where he couldn’t get you. You started shaking your head. “Yes, we can. You, me, and the baby.”

“There is no baby,” you whispered. You thought he might not have heard you, but then you saw his fists clench.

“There is, your pregnant.” You shook your head again when you saw it click in his eyes. “You killed our baby?” You just kept shaking your head. You had to get out of here. You had to. You darted around him trying to get away but he grabbed you and you felt a burning pain start at your shoulder and make its way down to your hip. He pushed you face down on the floor. “You’re going to pay for that.”


You woke with a jolt and say up in bed. You looked and saw your old man asleep beside you. You tried to even and quiet your breathing so you wouldn’t wake him up. Ever since you found the lily a week ago you couldn’t stop having nightmares about that night. No matter what you did you couldn’t shake it. You sighed and got out of bed. You walked to the bathroom to splash some cold water on your face. You looked at your reflection. Looking down at your shoulder you could see the tip of your scar right at the top of it.

You turned around and lifted your tank over your head. You turned so you could look at the scar he left on you that night. It wasn’t thin but it wasn’t thick either. It was mostly pink but still purple in some places because it was so deep. You traced the outline with your eyes. You looked at the length of it, how it started at your left shoulder, down across your back and ended just above your right hip. You sighed and slipped your tank top back on.

“What are you doing up, darlin’?” Jax asked from the door way. You jumped a bit not expecting him to be there. You stayed facing the mirror.

“I couldn’t sleep.” He nodded and walked over to you. He wrapped his hands around your waist and kissed the top of your scar. You never told him how you got it but he had an idea. You leaned back against his chest.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?” He knew you hadn’t been coping well with the face your ex was back, but he didn’t want to push you. You gave him a small smile but it didn’t reach your eyes. He gave you a small squeeze knowing you could tell him. You put your hands over his hands on your waist.

“I keep thinking about that night he showed up,” you started quietly as you looked at the sink. He didn’t push you, he let you take your time. “He was convinced we could go be a family, the three of us.” You had to stop for a second. You had never told anyone about it, not even when you testified in court. “He didn’t understand what he did was wrong. He didn’t understand what he was doing hurt me and I think that’s what scared me the most. He didn’t get it. I couldn’t take that chance, Jax. I couldn’t take that chance that he might hurt my baby.”

You didn’t realize it but you had started crying. Jax turned you around and hugged you to his chest. He couldn’t stand to see you upset. It was rare when you cried and this bastard has made you cry this much in such a short span of time. Jax would make him pay. You steadied yourself before you leaned back to look at him.

“He’s the reason I have this scar on my back. He cornered me in the kitchen and after I told him there wasn’t a baby, he got angry. I tried to leave but he grabbed a knife and cut my back while I tried to get away.” Tears were slowly making their way down your face. Jax reached up and wiped them away with his thumbs.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” You shook your head at him. You placed your hands over his as he cupped your face.

“I’m not. It made me who I am and it lead me to you.” You gave him a small smile again, but this time it reached your eyes. He gave you one in return.

“Yeah it did, darlin’.” He kissed your forehead and brought you in for another hug. “Let’s go to back to bed, baby.” You nodded as he took your hand and headed back to the bedroom. He laid down with you next to him. He rubbed your back and whispered sweet nothings in your ear while you slowly fell asleep.


It was a week after you told Jax about that night and two weeks since anyone heard anything about your ex. You knew he was still here, you didn’t have proof but you knew he wouldn’t give up like that. You knew better. You were walking around the store with Happy when you felt it. You felt eyes on you. Looking around you tried to see if you saw anyone but there was no one around except Happy.

“What is it?” He asked when he noticed you stopped and started to look around.

“I feel like someone is watching me, but I don’t see anyone.” He looked around not seeing anyone either.

“I’ll go check everything out if you want me to. I won’t leave you alone.” You almost said no but you wanted to make sure.

“Could you? I normally wouldn’t ask, but he scares me, Hap.” You looked him square in the eye and he knew you were serious.

“Yeah, stay here and I’ll be back as quick as I can.” You nodded as he squeezed your shoulder. You watched as he left the isle you were in. Something bad was going to happen, you could feel it. You took out your phone and pressed the number to call Jax when you felt someone come up behind you and press something to your back. You froze feeling something sharp.

“Scream and I’ll end you right here.”

“How did you find me, Andrew?” You heard him chuckle.

“It wasn’t that hard. I just followed the bikers that were following you. Now, you’re coming with me.” He grabbed your arm as he started for the door keeping the knife pressed to your back. You slipped your phone into you back pocket unaware that Jax had picked up.

“Why are you doing this to me?” You tried not to sound scared but your words came out in a whisper.

“You know why.” He yanked you towards the doors of the store and shoved you outside. No one turned toward the two of you as you made your way to his car. He opened the passenger’s seat and shoved you inside. After shutting the door, he walked around to the driver’s seat and slipped in. He started the car without a word and sped out of the parking lot.


Jax just got back to the clubhouse when he heard his phone going off. He smiled when he saw your name pop up on the screen. He put the phone to his ear to answer.

“Hey darlin’.” He smiled into the phone.

“How did you find me, Andrew?” His heart dropped when he heard that name leave your mouth. The bastard had found you and he wasn’t there to help you. Jax heard you keep talking unaware that he was on the other end. He made his way outside to where he saw Juice right before he came in.

“Juice!” He could hear the urgency in his own voice. Jax saw him look up from what he was doing. He made a beeline to his pres.

“What’s up?”

“He’s got her. That bastard has her, I need you to track her phone. Now.” Jax didn’t leave room for argument, not when it came to his old lady.

“Yeah, of course.” They made their way to the club house. Jax would find you and end this son of a bitch that took you.


There are ten beer bottles sitting on his kitchen counter.

All of them are empty, lined up in rows of three with the odd man out lying on its side. He spins this one around, the label blurring as he leans his hip against the granite countertop.

The countertop they picked out together, not so long ago. Dark grey, modern and stylish, just like she wanted.

Around and around the green bottle spins until his eyes can’t take it anymore. He throws the bottle in the garbage can instead of the recycle bin. Partly because he’s almost a full case of beer deep and wasn’t really paying attention but also because she always insisted that they recycle as much as they could.

“It’s better for the environment,” he muses out loud to himself, his words slurring as he starts chucking the remaining beer bottles into the garbage, one by one.

She’s not here to yell at him anyways, so why the fuck should he care.


There are voicemails waiting for him when he wakes up the next morning.

“Bellamy, it’s your sister. What in the hell are you doing not answering your phone for days? Call me back!!”

“Bell? It’s Jasper. Just wanted to check up on you, man. Let me know how you’re doing.”

“Yo, It’s Murphy. Fuck that girl, let’s get drunk.”

“Hey, it’s Monty. I’m sure everyone is calling you but…we’re worried about you. Please let someone know if you’re okay.”

“Bell, honey? It’s mom. Please call me when you get this, your sister and I are worried about you. Love you.”

“Blake, it’s Miller. Octavia is freaking out man, hasn’t stopped calling me since yesterday. I know you’re hurting but…just please call someone back. Later.”

“Mr. Blake, it’s Professor Stanley. I just wanted to let you know that I received your email and am sorry to hear you won’t be able to speak in my class this week. Hope we can schedule something again soon.”

“God damn it, Bellamy Blake! If you don’t call me back, I’m going to tell mom about all the stupid shit you did in high school. And we both know you don’t want that hellfire to rain down upon you. Call. Me. Back!”

“Hey….Bell. It’s me. Look, I know we said we weren’t going to call each other but…I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for the way that we ended things. I know it was for the best but…I just…please don’t pull away from everyone. They all love you so much. And so do I. I’m sorry.”

He deletes all of them but the last one, sets his phone on that fucking grey countertop and hits the speaker button.

“….They all love you so much. And so do I.”

Her voice is broken but so is his heart so he listens to it a few more times until he feels like breaking his phone.

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dear evan hansen
evan hansen/jared kleinman


tw panic attacks, described in at most three to five sentences
post-canon, canon divergent
this is evan hansen’s pov in second person C: thought it was better that way hahaha
jared’s hands smell/taste like bath bombs


“You work at a flower shop.” You use your foot to open the trash bin and dump the pot in, turn to sweep up the soil and put it in the back for later use. Very funny.

“You work at Lush.”

“Ouch. Okay, fine. This place looks cool. I just didn’t expect to see you here.” Well, you didn’t either. Who’s he buying flowers for, anyways?

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Prompt: Phil has a kink got fem boys, asks Danny to wear a skirt. You take it from there?

//Descriptive dirty talk?
//Over stim hc ohmygod please


Warning!! Smut; Over stim, Dirty talk, rough sex, descriptive ass dirty talk though, grinding, teasing, dan in a skirt sorry not sorry, Daddy! Phil, slutty! Dan, Dan in thigh highs, etc etc.


~Phil liked feminine boys, which led him off impulse to buy something’s for dan. He wouldn’t ever force Dan to do something he didn’t want to do, but he did want to at the very least, request it. Because Dan was a pretty guy, feminine in face, body, structure, physique in general, in every general regard. All while still maintaining a masculine representation as well.

~Dan wasn’t afraid to do anything really. He was a good sub, and the list of things he wouldn’t do to please his daddy was very, very short. He had done so many things for him..public sex, humiliation, Skype sex, showing himself to strangers (that was a good night), etcetera etcetera.

~Phil was pretty aware of all of this as well. He kept that in mind when debating on how to bring it up to dan. All he particularly wanted was his baby in a skirt, maybe some thigh highs and panties, garters even…the thought alone was enough to cause discomfort in his skinny jeans.

~Phil was normally not shy about things. Blatant, out going, funny, unafraid. But sometimes, anxiety hit like a wave. Like now.

~Phil sat on the couch with dan, his hand on his thigh, thumb moving back and forth as he looked over dan. He was sat up, boxers pushed up to where most of his pale thighs were exposed. Pink and purple marks faded from weeks passed were still slightly visible on his skin.

~Phil bit his lip, his hand gently squeezing Dans thigh as he kept thinking. His shirt was big, about eight sizes too big and making him look adorable. His hair was a mess, day old hair spray and clips stuck in it trying to keep it out of his face. The bags under his eyes deep from sleepless nights of anime, but somehow adding charisma to his facial features. Phil had no idea if dan could get anymore perfect…well. Maybe he could.

~Dan noticed Phil was quiet, not as talkative. He shrugged it off and leaned on him, his head resting on his thigh gently, looking up at him. He nuzzled his thigh, hearing Phil’s breathing change a little. He looked up at him, his eyes gazing across his bulge and smiling small. “Daddy…how’d this happen?” He coped sweetly, his words innocent but his tone deliciously lustful.

~Phil shrugged, looking at him. “Just…woke up with it I guess.” He chewed his lip and dan chuckled gently. “You were gone when I woke up, and I know that wasn’t there when you got home.” Dan purred, going into the first stage of his submissive self; teasing.

~Phil shifted himself gently, looking at dan and kissing his forehead. “Just got turned on my love.” He tried to pass it off as general thoughts, but he was 29, and random erections hadn’t happened for him since he was 12, so naturally? Dan wasn’t buying it.

~Dan grinned and sat up, moving into his lap and looking at Phil, pushing his hair back as he teased and attempted to look as sultry and tempting as possible. He was succeeding.

~Dan kissed his jawline gently, his eyes flicking up at him occasionally as he nipped the porcelain skin of his throat. “I don’t believe you, daddy.” He whispered, his breath hot against Phil’s skin.

~Phil leaned into the kisses, his head lolling along Dan’s gentle touches. “Fuck..” He muttered, low. “I bought you something to try on.” He said, gripping at Dan’s hips loosely, gaining his dominant composure.

~Dan grinned, pulling away and tracing his lips along the side of his jaw as he did, rolling his hips once and letting a soft, whimper of a noise fall from his lips. “What’d you buy me, daddy?” He breathed, the grip on his hips tightening.

~Phil rolled his hips in response, looking his lover in the eyes and watching the mixture of lust, excitement and love flicker through Dan’s eyes. “It’s in a box in your dresser, try it on for me?” He requested. “Take your time..there’s a toy in there I want you fit with too.” He said, keeping his voice low and raw, knowing it turned Dan on.

~Dan nodded and stood up, looking at Phil and going off to the room quickly, not wasting any time.

~Phil leaned back and rested a hand on his own thigh, one hand on his chest as he breathed deeply, recovering from the scene. Dan was always kinky, seductive, teasing, sexy, and more. But today, there was a whole knew feel to it. And something about it turned him on even more.

~A few minutes passed, maybe 10, before Phil heard their bedroom door open.

~Dan came into the living room, tossing a small remote to Phil and smiling innocently.

~Phil was taken aback by the sight, of at all possible, feeling himself grow even harder than before. “Holy fuck..” he mumbled under his breath.

~Dan was stood in dark black thigh highs, ripped lace down the sides and little pink bows on the side, a short, short black skirt with the same fabric and lace, but more sewn and nice, for class. On his upper thigh was a black clasp, holding up the thigh highs from one side, hooking on either side. On his left thigh the hook was held by a silver heart. His stomach was flat, stomach having been getting more toned. From his ribs up was a big cut off sweater, going with the whole ripped theme.

~Dan did a small twirl, his skirt lifting enough to show he wasn’t wearing any form of underwear what so ever underneath his outfit.

~Phil motioned to Dan, showing him he wanted him to come closer and Dan got the hint, walking closer to him slowly and looking at him with wide eyed innocence.

~Phil reached forward, gripping his ass from under the skirt and pulling him onto his lap, kissing him firmly, unable to resist.

~Dan moaned a little loudly, kissing back and desperately trying to keep pace with Phil’s rough, fast kisses. “D-daddy.” He whimpered out, their lips separating for quick breaths every now and again before latching back together for heavy kissing.

~Phil had a firm grip on his ass, the skin soft and plump, perfect for grabbing a handful of. “Gotta grab what’s mine.” He breathed between kisses, trying to speak fluid sentences but refusing to part from his partner for more than a few brief seconds.

~Dan moaned softly, nodding and gasping, resting against his forehead for a moment before Phil had him pulled back in for a warm, open mouth, and sensual kiss.

~Phil pulled away, the remote still in hand as he clicked blindly at the buttons. He listened, Dan gasping for breath loudly, the sudden stimulation shocking him. “Fuck!” He shouted and felt a firm hand strike his ass, his body desperately jolting forward for friction against Phil as the small toy massaged into his spot.

~Phil growled a little at his swear, nipping his cheek gently. “No swearing.” He said and dan nodded, audibly gulping as he tried to keep his composure in the situation.

~Dan was snapping his hips forward, hands firmly planted against Phil’s chest as he tried to get friction from the man overpowering him. “Daddy please..” He whimpered. “Turn it up.”

~Phil smirked, the grinding causing warmth in his stomach, knots in his lower abdomen with need, but he was enjoying the sight and the pain to much to stop it. “Is my baby being a slut again?” He questioned, his eyes rolling to the back of his head from the pleasure he laid back against the couch and gripped Dan’s hip gently, his other arm going behind his head as he started to talk.

~Phil groaned, his voice almost failing him. “Want me to turn it up?” He asked, groaning lowly and looking at Dan, his face desperate and his body moving against him forcefully, trying to get as much pleasure as he good. “Such a fucking whore you know that dan? You’re such a slut.” He growled, knowing how much dan loved this from the loud whine he let out.

~Dan nodded. “Yes daddy. Tell me. Tell me how much of a whore I am.” He practically begged, feeling a hand firmly smack his ass again. “Sorry daddy.” He apologized and continued his movements, gasping and whining needily.

~Phil smirked and nodded, moving harder against him, rutting his hips hard into him. “Remembered the other night?” He asked and watched dan nod weakly as he turned up the vibrations, hearing his noises increase in volume. “When you played with yourself for an audience? Entertaining everyone like a good little bitch…showing everyone how your pretty hole stretched for almost any size cock, letting everyone there hear your whiny bitch noises, when you moan and scream for someone to fuck you, fuck your mouth, fuck your hole, even two cocks. Such a needy slut. Fucking cunt.” He said and hit him once more. “Showing everyone what I own. Showing everyone my property. Letting other people use you like the good fuck toy you are.”

~Dan was getting needy, knowing Phil was working him up with no release for himself and wondering why. He put it off when the toy was set to the highest setting, almost painful as it buzzed against his prostate. “Please…take it out. I want you so bad.” He cried out and Phil shook his head, biting his lip hard and sliding his hand up and down Dan’s side slowly. “Enjoying the view.”

~Dan whined and looked at him. “But…m'getting all the pleasure…” He managed out, his voice almost dry and gone from the amount of noise he was making.

~Phil shook his head. “Shut up.” He sat. “You don’t get to tell me things like that. I say I’m enjoying the show my toy is putting on. You’re just a fuck toy, to be used and tossed away. I’m letting you have fun. I don’t have to let my toy play.” He said and dan gasped. “No daddy please I wanna keep going!” He cried softly and Phil smirked, moving his hands under his thighs and lifting him up. “Damn right.” He smirked, starting to carry the moaning man towards their room.

~Phil practically threw him on the bed, seeing dan arch his back, his ribs faintly showing, his legs spread, the toy poking out of him and his cock red and raw from the frictionless grinding. “Please..” Dan got out.

~Phil smirked, instantly pulling off his shirt and starting to undo his belt buckle as he dived into the bed, between Dans legs, kissing him roughly once more.

~Phil shuffled out of his jeans quickly, discarding them to the floor and starting to grind into Dan again, his hands moving under the skirt and pulling out the still going toy, turning it off with the remote before tossing it to the side. In a swift movement, he grabbed Dan’s wrists and pinned them above his head.

~Dan whimpered, everything was getting to be so much, the pressure in his stomach building up. He moaned loudly, arching his back and coming untouched, his cock twitching as Phil moved his hips languidly against him and helped him ride out his orgasm.

~Dan whimpered again, looking up at Phil as he choked at the air for breath. “Please…daddy can I break? M so tired…” he painted and Phil smirked, stroking his cheek. “You’re so cute…you know that won’t happen.” He said, leaning down. “You know the safe word.” He whispered, just in case dan was serious.

~Dan smiled to himself, secretly happy Phil was going to use him after he came, nodding and leaning his head to the side as his legs were spread, Phil moving him around against his own actions, looking over him.

~Phil reached over and grabbed the lube, knowing dan was stretched otherwise the toy would have taken longer to get in earlier. He got off his boxers and poured a heavy amount into his palm, stroking over himself and moaning a little, leaning down, his arm by Dan’s head as he jerked himself off for a bit, enjoying the sensation of touch after so long, before remembering he had his toy.

~Phil positioned at Dan’s hole, feeling him clench and unclench out of want as Phil started to push in, moaning low, lustfully at the tight heat.

~Dan whined, sensitive and over stimulated from the pounding against his spot, over and over again without fail, hitting straight on causing him to moan constant streams of obscenities and chants of ‘daddy daddy!’ on loop.

~Phil was going hard, the head board slamming against the wall hard enough the whole floor could hear it. His hips snapped against Dan’s, moving in and out quickly, roughly slamming into his prostate.

~Dan screamed loudly, his length twitching and giving him yet another orgasm, his stomach hot and covered in his own cum. “Daddy..please. It hurts so good.” He whimpered and Phil just grinned, making an effort to go in impossibly harder, listening to Dans moans turn to screams, shouts of pain and pleasure filling their flat as he was roughly fucked into.

~Phil moved his hand under his skirt, stroking him to full length again. “Can’t! Daddy I can’t!” Dan sobbed, tears slipping from his eyes as he was roughly fucked into.

~Phil narrowed his eyes and leaned down, nipping his neck again. “You’re coming again slut. You always ask to, and I say every time toys don’t cum. Well. Today. I’m gonna make you cum until you don’t want to anymore.” He growled and again Dan shouted.

~Phil leaned down, his forehead resting on Dan’s shoulders as he fucked him, the tightness almost uncomfortable, the noises deafening and everything going numb as he drew closer to his orgasm, feeling Dan cum into his fist as he stoked over him, milking him for everything her had as he rode it out.

~Phil felt everything go completely numb except for the burning sensation at the tip of his cock, coming hard and deep inside of his lover, firmly thrusting into him and biting into his shoulder as he did, resisting the urge to shout.

~He rode out his orgasm, slowing down and collapsing all his weight on dan, gasping and panting.

~A few hours passed, Dan snoring on his chest. Phil really was the luckiest man on earth.

A/N: I wrote this on my phone off impulse. It’s 2.4 k. Tbh, I wanna fuck someone now. I listened to Often by The Weeknd for two hours straight writing this. That’s Ashton’s fault.

Celebration (Poly! Jihope)

*First, sorry Anon, I was swamped this week and I was aiming for Wednesday :( also, Happy Belated Birthday!!*

Anon said :  Heyyy, I saw your requests were open and it’s my birthday this Wednesday so could I request a JiHope!Poly scenario with birthday sex (that possibly includes riding their thighs, please?) Thank you in advance, if you accept my request☺️ & Since you called for it. Can I have a Hobi thigh riding smut?

Word Count: 4.4k 

Your resting body, nested in a cove of blankets as you kept yourself warm during the bittersweet winter. The previous week you were sleeping happily in shorts with a thin blanket, oh how the season change. The cold nibbled at your nose, making you tiredly cover your poor nose. You hear a giggle followed by the snap of a camera, your sleepy conscious not completely registering the presence of another being in your bedroom. You feel your bed dip on either side of you and heat associated with the sudden weight. You open one eye, a blurry glimpse of pink hair and rosy cheeks.

Maybe it was the weight of missing your boyfriends, the sadness creating your cute boyfriend on top of you. You felt lips gently against your cheek, the soft texture and delectable plumpness consisting of Jimin himself but you won’t believe this figment of imagination until your door swung open.

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