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Could i pretty please get pidge ( or katie) as my butler?

Pidge: I get around. But according to numbers, I’m about even with Hunk now. 

Katie: O-of course

Lance: In my opinion, Katie is a bit more reserved than Pidge. But less confident and a bit more nervous. You can tell she is really holding back sometimes for the character. But I think that adds to it.

Pidge: Thank’s Lance.

A.N. again. sorry for sketchy… I’m sleepy.

Should I start another podcast?

Lately I’ve been thinking of starting another podcast about going through crazy shit and still having a sense of humor about it. We’d have guests on (anonymous or not) to tell awful yet funny stories from their lives. My dream would be to one day have guests like Tig Notaro, Julia Sweeney, and @chrisgethard. My very dear, hilarious friend Sarah (you may remember her as the friend who was in a ‘wolf cult’) has said she’d be interested in cohosting. Are any of you out there interested in this sort of thing? 

Hey you, happy 23rd birthday. 

Sorry, I’ve been kind of negletting you, lately.
You know, yesterday I read an interview from few years ago, where Baby talked about you. She said how she could so clearly see what a professional, wonderful performer and idol you are, because she saw you practicing in front of the mirror, every glance, every smile, every move, every single thing. It was from the time when you were still in Team A and before her kennin was moved to K. It was the time when your smiles looked fake and weird, and when you looked so… Different from now. And yet, even at that time, even I who kind of hated you, couldn’t deny what an amazing performer and professional figure you were. 

With time I learned that there was much more beneath the surface, that the weird, fake idol actually could be hilarious and pretty genuine, if she wanted to. And you have got no idea how much you inspire me because of that. Because with time, you’ve completely lost that fake, built-up attitude of yours, and right now you look just so… You. Your smile is much more harmonious now, much more real. The way you behave around everyone, the way you talk, the way you just stand on stage. I read on a interview that you’re also trying to change your very demanding attitude toward others… And that’s exactly why you’re so much inspiring to me. We’re so similar, you’ve got no idea. I’ve got so many things I’m trying to change about my attitude, just like you. Such big and bad flaws, which people hate so much. But I’m not doing that for them, I’m doing that for me. Just like I’m sure that you’ve become the person you are today only for yourself and nobody else’s sake. 

So sorry if I’ve been kind of negletting you, lately. But be sure that I’m still supporting you 100%. You’re still The Queen to me. You’re one of those members who can never, ever be replaced. Thank you for these past 10 years in the group, and of these almost 5 years as my oshi. I respect you and I love you more than you’ll ever know. 

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if jyn were a man or a woc she/he would be called 'little lost puppy' or queen and all that shit. she's not your "nurturing selfless female character" either (she's a bitter espresso but i love her all the same). i think she's realistic the way she is, i would follow her into a battle.

100% agreed. She’s bitter and angry and selfish and all the things women aren’t allowed or supposed to be, and that’s why I love her. That plus the fact that she grows and changes over the course of the movie, which is awesome too. I don’t have time for all these Jyn haters


I guess you could say they’re pretty



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Fic prompt: Uliro & 'oh no he's hot'

i am doing a thing

Maybe he’s still a little fucked up from captivity.

Scratch that, he’s definitely still fucked up from captivity.

But still– being attracted to this– well, that’s just a new aspect of it, probably. Ulaz removed his shirt a few minutes ago, and he can see the detail of every muscle rippling under his fine fur. He swallows, watching as Ulaz lifts up another crate with ease, stacking it against the wall. He could probably lift Shiro pretty easily, too. Could definitely manhandle him, press him down against a mattress– But being attracted to Ulaz is some kind of side effect, probably. Definitely.

Lance snorts at his side, and Shiro turns his head to glare at him so quickly that he feels his neck crack. Lance raises his hands in front of him in surrender.

“You know what? You could do a lot worse.” He grins, winking and speedwalking out of earshot so Shiro can’t threaten him with training. Shiro sighs and rolls his eyes before turning back to watch Ulaz.

Ulaz curses softly in Galran as he drops a crate and bends over to retrieve it, and wow, Shiro never noticed how tight those pants are.

He’s not attracted to him, though.

It’s definitely just a side-effect.


okay they’re really gonna have to explain the extent of this new power of his because he can’t just pull random stuff like this out of his ass every episode. like, if he can reprogram bugsters now why is he not reprogramming them to separate from their hosts or to be nonlethal?

it seems like the show could be over pretty quick with this new ability but emu’s just using it to disintegrate bikes