could be au if you want to see it that way...i'm not sure myself


okay so @all-you-see-is-nightmare-eyes and i have been talking about an au where connor, evan, jeremy and michael met and it got shippy. very detailed /cries/ headcannons below.

- The main reason the four of them met was because they found each other at the orchard. Evan and Connor were on a date, they had a picnic ready and everything, and Michael wanted to explore the place so Jeremy was forced to come with him.

- Michael had tripped on one of the paths and fell off of it, down the slight slope they were on, right in front of Connor and Evan. Evan nearly had a heart attack when it happened, and when Jeremy came running down, he nearly had one all over again. Connor was just confused.

- Well, after Jeremy made sure Michael was okay, the four of them talked a little. And, with the awkward introductions thrown aside, they immediately hit it off. Evan and Connor thought the two of them were cool and full of funny stories, and Jeremy and Michael thought that they were pretty chill and nice.

- Somehow, an hour had passed and the boyf riends had somehow edged their way into the tree bros date - and they didn’t mind at all.

- Eventually, Connor and Evan decided that they had to go and gathered their things with the help of Jeremy and Michael. Jeremy kept apologising for barging in on their date, so much so that Evan of all people had to calm him down.

- They walked to their seperate cars, but before any of them could get in and drive away, Connor ran over and asked for their numbers. The boyf riends gave him their numbers, and he texted both of them Evan’s number. After that, they all left.

- And just like that, a group chat was made and they were all texting day and night.

- Turns out Michael and Jeremy lived the next town over - an hour away from Evan and Connor.

- Evan and Connor visited one time during the weekend, expecting to hang out for a couple of hours and then head back home - they ended up staying the entire weekend.

- Eventually, the tree bros came over to visit every weekend, sometimes during the weekdays for the hell of it.

- They all torture Jeremy’s dad for fun tbh.

- “wow you actually wear pants - i really wanted to see the ducky underwear you own”

- “thanks mr. ducky - i mean mr. heere.”

- Eventually Michael and Jeremy visit Evan and Connor for the first time, and they all end up going to Evan’s house because Connor’s house is a “no-go”, as he says.


- None of them have spoken about the Squips or the suicide attempts. They feel like they should just hide it and act like normal kids.

- One day Evan is just kind of watching the boyf riends play video games as Connor draws. He notices how Jeremy sticks the tip of his tongue out when he’s concentrated, how Michael’s eyes sparkle every time he beats a level, how they loudly shriek in sync when something bad happens and he. just. realizes how much he loves them.

- Evan gets all awkward and blushy around the three of them and every time they try to touch him or ask what’s wrong he just says he’s fine and pulls away.

- “did we do something wrong?” “I - I - I’M F - FINE”

- Since they’re have their regular “sleepover all weekend” things, Jeremy decides that they should camp outside because Evan likes nature, right? The rest of them agree.

- When they all go outside, they find a fireplace and decide to gather sticks and stuff for firewood.

- Michael and Connor totally fight each other with the sticks. it’s a fact.

- Eventually they all calm down and Jeremy gets a fire lit, and they’re just talking about things. Heavy things, the things they usually try not to talk about.

- Somehow, none of them slip up about the suicide attempts or the Squips, but when Evan speaks up he talks about how he feels like he’s a burden and that he’ll never be good enough for anything.

- The boys immediately jump to action, saying that they all like Evan so much, so god damn much and that they would probably die for him.

- Evan is so overwhelmed by the response - here are these beautiful men, all looking at him, worry and affection displayed on their dimly lit faces and. Evan just. explodes.

- “I think I’m in love with all of you?” And they boys are shocked, but Evan continues. “I don’t know how - I didn’t even think it was humanly possible but here we are?? And like it’s scary because I can’t even handle having a crush on one person, so why three? Why now? Why -”

- And Michael just cuts him off and says “I love you too.”

- And Jeremy and Connor just share a look and sigh in relief and they’re both like “yeah we kind of talked to eachother about our feelings already we were just waiting for you two..”

- So now there’s four blushing boys sitting in a backyard at 2 am, having spilled their feelings out for each other, unaware of what to do next.

- And then Michael asks Evan if he can kiss him and Evan is like “!!!!!!!!” and nods, and they share a small kiss.

- Jeremy speaks up, his face flushed as he talks. “Are we all.. dating now?”

- Connor and Evan share a look and smile.

- “Yeah, we are.”


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can you recommend some korrasami fics?

Of course I can! Man, I don’t even know where to start, but these are some of the ones that come to mind:

Place in the World by paxbanana

Korra struggles to find her place in the world. Continuation-fic. Related to One on One.

~ Honestly, I think this may be my favourite korrasami fic so far. The author alternates between Korra and Asami’s perspective in the story and brings about brilliant characterization/introspection as well as culture (we get to experience a lot in regards to the Southern Water Tribe). Seriously… just read it when you have the time.

March of Progress by @threehoursfromtroy

The Avatar must protect nature, foster peace, and keep the world safe.
The CEO of Future Industries must expand, innovate, and, at the end of the day, turn a profit.

Korra and Asami have fallen in love, and fallen hard. But when their duties come between them, their world convulses around them, and their pasts still haunt them both, can the world’s most powerful couple survive?

~ I’ve recommended this many times and still stand by this fic (and the whole Comes Marching Home series). We get to see the development of Korra and Asami in terms of their relationship, their characterization and their hardships. Also, the author is an absolute sweetheart!

The Everthere by @guileheroine

Korra and Asami on the steady, special road to life partnership. A post-reunion, post(ish)-college roommate AU.

~ So, I’m not usually a fan of AU stories, but this one has left me stunned on multiple occasions. The characterization of Korra and Asami is divine, their relationship progression is so pure and beautiful and the story is captivating. It’s a slow burn story that is definitely worth your time!

(The characterization in this story reminds me of Nightmares and Daydreams by SorbetLaitier - another sort of slow burn  story that I would highly recommend –>

Absence of Light by @sniperct

Ten years ago, Avatar Korra opened a spirit portal in the center of Republic City. In the decade since, Korra has overseen a new era of peace. But there are dangers old and new, creeping shadows threatening to strangle and choke out the light and throw the world back out of balance. In the absence of light, what hope remains?

~ I’ve recommended this to some people because it’s honestly one of the best stories that I’ve ever read (this too, has its own series called The Avatar and the Inventor). Here, we have a badass married Korrasami couple and a very interesting/dangerous villain. We also get to see some good ol’ characters from ATLA!

All These Broken Hearts on That Pole by Gummy

Korra knew this was insane. Absolutely utterly mad. The first time she ever stepped foot in a strip club and of course she had to fall for one of the strippers. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. But cliche or not, something was happening and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers.

~ This is another AU involving a strip club - need I say more? I haven’t read this one in a while, but I would definitely say that it’s worth the read!

Parts to Play by @darling-gypsum

Asami Sato has been raised her whole life to distrust benders, but now, she doesn’t know quite what to make of the Avatar. The two girls bond as the Equalist threat looms over Republic City, but the threat could be closer than Korra realizes. Asami’s allegiances are tested. (designed to blend the “Asami Equalist AU” into most of the show canon, so Korrasami, Makorra, and Masami ships are all acknowledged and explored) 

Unseen moments in the last two books, as Korra and Asami fly out of and back into each other’s lives.Sequel to “Parts to Play” Books 1 & 2.

~ This is definitely a must-read story! It takes an alternative path in books 1 & 2 with an equalist!asami narrative. Book 3 & 4 are more of what we are used to in the show. The characters really get fleshed out and we get to see lot of behind-the-scenes moments/interactions. A very beautiful story/series indeed!

Book 5: Light by @asami-snazz

A complete Book 5 story following Korra and Asami from the final and beyond as the couple navigate through their new relationship whilst also dealing with rising anti-spirit tension at home and considerable political instability in the rest of the Four Nations as Korra and Asami are tested more than ever before.

“The canon seemed to be being fired carelessly from the Spirit Wilds. Korra…No…Gut instinct told Asami that the Avatar would be there.”

~ I’ve always had a great liking for this story! Very nice characterization and relationship-building for both Korrasami  with a really neat plot! It starts out fluffy but gets very interesting as the chapter go on! We get to Asami have some amazing moments and we also get to see a bit more about Korra’s mental state. Highly recommend this!

Some other must-reads that are well-known include:

The Seeking Balance series by SimplyKorra (a.k.a weissrose on this site)

Spin the Rails series by @lokgifsandmusings and @progmanx

Venti Sized Crush by ZoeReed

They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me by frenetic_core

…and a whole lotta others that I want to include (but this list is already getting too long :p). I haven’t bothered adding my own commentary to these last few ones due to their well-known status. But seriously, read them all!!! 

Hopefully you can find some nice stories in there that you haven’t read before. They all deserve the chance to be read and loved!!! Feel free to add on some other stories if you think I missed some good ones (which I know I did).

Will You Fake Date Me? (Jimin Fluffy Imagine)
  • Y/N sits on the couch enjoying a delicious bowl of popcorn. Her eyes are glued to the screen where a scary movie plays. Y/N's eyes widen in anticipation, her mouth ajar. She lifts a handful of popcorn to her mouth when-
  • JIMIN: Y/N!
  • Jimin barges through her front door. His small figure is illuminated by the moon of the dark night.
  • Y/N: AHHHHH!
  • By pure reflex, and not a hint of maliciousness, Y/N flings the tin bowl of popcorn at Jimin, showering her living room in kernels and nailing Jimin in the head.
  • JIMIN: OW! Y/N! What the hell?
  • Jimin massages the blow to his head.
  • Y/N: Jimin, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
  • JIMIN: Yeah, I'm fine.
  • After hearing this, Y/N proceeds to smack Jimin upside the head.
  • JIMIN: OW!?
  • Y/N: That was for scaring me. How did you even get in here?
  • Jimin plops himself down on the couch with a sour expression and his hands rubbing the spot on his head that had received yet another blow.
  • JIMIN: The door was unlocked. You know for someone who watches a bunch of thriller movies, you really don't take all the necessary precautions.
  • Y/N sits beside him and pauses the movie.
  • Y/N: Why are you here? Shouldn't you be on a date with 'Super hot as fuck' Irene.
  • Y/N tries to pull off her best imitation of Jimin when she says, "Super hot as fuck" but her voice comes out a lot deeper than his.
  • JIMIN: Why don't we just call her 'Super hot bitch' 'cuz it turns she only asked me to come out to make Taehyung jealous.
  • Y/N: Seriously?
  • JIMIN: Yes seriously. I just can't believe I thought she actually wanted to go out with me. You know to actually date me.
  • Y/N pauses. She doesn't really know what to say in this situation. She's used to always being the one sulking and Jimin cheering her up.
  • JIMIN: Okay you can stop with the pity stares. I'll live.
  • Y/N: You came to the right place Jimin. My shoulders aren't as sturdy as Jin's but they are here for your tears.
  • Jimin bursts out laughing. Y/N flings kernels of popcorn on the couch at him.
  • JIMIN: That was terrible. Thank you.
  • Jimin sighs.
  • JIMIN: As much as I'd like to stop holding back my tears, I came here on strict business.
  • Y/N raises her eyebrow.
  • Y/N: I'm all ears Agent Chim.
  • JIMIN: I want you to fake date me.
  • Y/N pauses.
  • Y/N: If this were a movie, this would be the perfect moment for a spit take.
  • JIMIN: Y/N, I'm serious.
  • Y/N: You're joking.
  • JIMIN: I just said 'I'm serious'
  • Y/N: That's insane. Friends don't just fake date each other.
  • JIMIN: How would we know? To us it wouldn't be fake dating.
  • Y/N: Jimin, shut up. No way, I am not fake dating you.
  • JIMIN: Please, Y/N, I need your help.
  • Jimin grabs Y/N's hand in his. He tilts his head and pouts his lips. Y/N shakes her head at him.
  • Y/N: Why? Why would we even need to do this?
  • JIMIN: I want Irene to want me. I want her to see what she could have had. What we could have been.
  • Y/N frowns and pulls her fingers away from Jimin's
  • Y/N: Why do you like her so much?
  • JIMIN: What do you mean?
  • Y/N: What's so great about her? I mean yeah she's pretty and all but so are lots of girls. What's so different about her?
  • Jimin pauses. You can tell he's thinking pretty hard about this. He slumps back on the couch and stares into his lap.
  • JIMIN: Honestly I have no idea.
  • Y/N: See? You want to do all this for a girl you don't even really like.
  • JIMIN: I do like her. I just don't know what I like about her.
  • Y/N huffs and the two sit awkwardly in silence on the couch for a moment. A few times Jimin starts his sentence to name something he likes about Irene but then falls back into thought. Eventually Y/N breaks the silence and says.
  • Y/N: You know, if you had just asked me to go on a date with you, I would have said yes.
  • JIMIN: You mean like a real date?
  • Y/N: Yeah, a real date. I kinda get how you felt earlier about Irene using you to get to Taehyung now. And its not your fault. I should of told you earlier Jimin. I like you.
  • Jimin's eyes are wide. He stares at Y/N who is looking down into her lap awaiting for his response. Eventually she breaks the silence again.
  • Y/N: You're my best friend Jimin and I would do anything to help you but fake dating you would be so much harder for me than you think because that's probably the closest we would ever get to becoming more than friends.
  • Y/N gets up off the couch and slowly makes her way to the landing of the stairs.
  • Y/N: It's late. I'm going to bed. You can let yourself out. Goodnight Jimin.
  • Y/N reaches the first step of the stairs when Jimin calls-
  • JIMIN: Wait!
  • Y/N stops at the step and turns around to face Jimin.
  • JIMIN: When you asked me what I liked about Irene, I couldn't think of anything. But when you said what you said right now, I asked myself what I liked about you, and there were so so many reasons Y/N. I like everything about you. Even the annoying things aren't that annoying. Y/N, I think I like you too.
  • A/N:
  • Hello! This is my first time writing an imagine in screenplay format. I tried to incorporate both into one and this is what we got. I really hope you guys liked this because this was a lot of fun to write. Also to the Anon who requested this, I'm sure this wasn't what you imagined but I hope you liked it all the same. Thanks for all the support guys! Thanks @limseoyeon
  • ~Armygirl

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jimin wriggles when jungkook is lifting him, but did you also see where jungkook is keeping his hand? extremely close to jimin's butt, nearly between his thighs. but also how jimin hooked his arm around jungkook when he tried to 'escape' (i.e. run into his man's arms) and how he didn't even try to close his legs but was almost able to wrap them around jungkook. and how small his hand was on jungkook's body? there's so much going on and I'm not processing any of it (: ◉ ∧ ◉ : )!!

and please think about the scenarios where jimin would’ve been handcuffed, or handcuffed to jungkook (of course losing the key, classic!). or if jungkook had carried jimin all the way to the chair (or desk) and sat him there? or how about jimin going ALL out on flirting his way out of jailtime, getting up in jungkook’s space (straddling his legs if he dares). and one last thing, did you see how jimin went all gooey and giggly when the roles were switched and jungkook immediately went BAD BOY!?

I said the same on twitter. I don’t know much about running away from the cops, but holding onto your persecutor it’s not how it’s done….I’m sure. Jimin practically threw himself to Jungkook’s arms (HIS HAND ON HIS SHOULDER/BICEP LOOKED SO SMOL COMPARED TO KOOK’S BROAD BUILT BYE), tho if im honest with you i think he didn’t expect  at all jungkook would to simply lift him up like no big deal AND SMACK THAT BOOTEH LIKE A BOSS (he looked kinda flustered later but obviously wanted more heheheh). The hand you said he left under his ass was the one practically holding Jimin’s weight. I repeat, JUNGKOOK WAS PRACTICALLY HOLDING HIM WITH A SINGLE HAND/ARM.

EDIT; btw this is the face of a man who has just slapped his boyfriend’s ass in front of everyone, pure happiness I tell you

I’m giving you a couple of seconds to process that. I know, same….

I don’t really know what to say, I’ve watched the same scene like….two thousand times? and every time leaves me speechless andsioasdja There’s something I’ve been wondering to myself, tho. What did the others say? how did they react when jikook did that in front of their faces? and also, was Jikook embarrassed after when the episode was out and they watched it or were they proud they have left us all shook with their super gay asses? Questions that won’t let me sleep at night….

pup, this moment has awakened something within us, my senses are tingling and I’M SURE there are authors already writing about this with non AUs, officersAus, CriminalJimin with CopJungkook…………………I know they are coming and I’m so ready for it. There is so much to play with and i just anodinsaidansdadaisdj [SCREAMS]. Gosh, i don’t even dare to imagine such a scene, i don’t think my weak hort could handle it….

also, yes yes yes. this little moment confirmed me they are into roleplay (besides manhandling and spanking), these kinky little shits I would like to thank mother nature for creating this world and doting Jikook of so much love to profuse each other

we don’t fight anymore [Stanchez, 800 words]

I asked myself: if they were dating, why did Rick never help Stanley fix the portal? And then I wrote this drabble :V

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Hi! Could you rec me some Larry royalty AU's? I'm sure you have a post somewhere but I'm on mobile and I can't find it. :( I've read Wear it like a Crown and The Stars in Your Eyes Light up the Sky. And those are 2 of my favorites. Preferably more than 60k words. Please and thank you so much :)

Hi! You are the first person to ask me about fic recs, so thank you for that! It was a lovely surprise :)

I actually haven’t made any rec lists solely based on one theme so this is a first for that one too. And you picked a hard one! 

You mentioned Wear It Like A Crown by zarah5 (141k) and The Stars In Your Eyes Light Up The Sky by andthensusays (60k) and those might actually be the only royalty fics that I’ve read and enjoyed too, so far. But I did a little research and found some that sound pretty promising and fit in under the 60k+ words. 

Feel The Chemicals Burn In My Bloodstream by togetherwecouldbealright (123k) CHAPTERED 

“Alright, alright. No need to bite,” Harry says, holding his hands above his head in a general gesture of surrender.

Louis quirks an eyebrow and his foot nudges Harry’s as he moves to sit straight. “If that’s what you think biting is, you’ve got another thing coming, Styles.”

Harry blinks at him before he feels his face flush and inside the marrows of his bones there’s pulses of heat, pulses of fire spreading through him. “Is that a threat, your Highness?”

“That’s a promise,” Louis answers just as the car halts to a stop. “One I intend to keep.”

Harry is a journalist with a lot of secrets and Louis is the future king of the United Kingdom; they live together for 60 days.

It’s The Magic Between Us by thoughtlessblogger (90k) CHAPTERED

The man’s head shoots up, his eyes meeting Louis’s and Louis can’t fucking breathe. He knows those eyes. They’re so familiar and so so green. They’re wide and Louis can see fear and maybe shame in them. The same hair, same eyes, same face, same bad posture. He doesn’t understand.

Taking a step forward, Louis gives a slight bow.

“Prince Harry, is it?” he says, more venomously than he’d wanted. “I’d say it’s a pleasure, but that’d be a lie.”

Or, Louis’ a Prince in a kingdom that needs help and Harry’s a Prince with a secret.

Like A Bullet In The Dark by Vurdoc (99k) CHAPTERED

Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway.

With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about.

Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own.

A Will & Kate Au- with a twist.

Also, you might want to consider reading this one, even though it’s not necessarily Royalty fic, but still in the same sort of category and it’s a really good fic. 

Can I Lay By Your SIde? by Star_Henderson (59k) CHAPTERED 

“Harry, tell me what you are going to do when you leave here.”

“I’m going to drive to a hotel, drink some of that vodka, enough to give me dutch courage.“ Harry looks down at his feet, colour blooming in his cheeks. “I’m going to find a bar, find a man who wants to sleep with me, find some weed and lose myself for a few days.”

“Look, do you even know your way around Manchester, do you know anyone here?”

He shakes his head.

“So you are just going to pick up a random man and sleep with him?” Louis huffs out incredulously.

“There’s a first time for everything.”

Or, Fate brings Louis to Harry. Alone, Harry’s buying vodka in Louis’ local shop. He takes him home, this beautiful stranger, giving him his undivided attention and the weekend of his life. Together they tick off Harry’s ‘to do’ list and fall in love at the same time. Harry has secrets and despairingly, on Monday morning, he has to go back to his old life. Louis and Harry meet up six months later by accident in quite different circumstances.

Hope these help a little! And thanks again for asking :) If anyone knows any royalty fics and wants to share, please feel free to add to this post!

SO, I reached 300+ followers a time ago and I was shook ( did you all come through my mirror when I wasn’t looking or? ).  I can’t believe it but to be honest, this is not about how many followers I have but about saying “THANK YOU”  to some people that make writing here one of the most amazing experiences ever and are basically the reason why I am here, my true motivation besides my everlasting love for this Soprano that conquered my life completely and this story that breaks my heart in the best way possible. Great blogs that I simply love having on my dash, people that are so talented that make me speechless every time I read anything they write, and those who I consider now my friends, some all of those things combined because you are all so amazing that I can’t put into words. People that I love talking to and annoying the hell out ( sorry not sorry ). So yes, this is a thank you. A very sappy thank you by the way but it is not my fault that you all make me so damn emotional. I wish I could tag and write about every single one of you, but that would be the longest (ye boi) crying text ever.

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Sometimes you choose what to write about; sometimes it chooses you. A recent issue of Sports Illustrated featured a fascinating article by Susanna Schrobsdorff about the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc, an all-female, off-road rally that’s held every year in the Moroccan desert. Women compete in teams of two, driving 4x4s, trucks, crossovers, quad bikes, or motorbikes. It’s not about speed: they have to get from checkpoint to checkpoint using only a map and a compass, and the winners are those who travel the fewest kilometers—that is, those who navigate best. So I was thinking about why someone might want to do this… and then I noticed that Schrobsdorff had written that the mechanics who travel along as part of the rally’s huge retinue of support personnel are all men. And I thought, Well, this certainly won’t do. My disclaimer here is that I did a lot of reading about the rally, but I’m sure I’ve got tons of details wrong. Also my French is about as bad as my other non-English languages. Anyway, this piece is proceeding kind of like Pilot, in that something seems to want to be said, but I’m not quite managing to say it.


Myka drinks from her late-afternoon-lukewarm water bottle and wishes she were asleep. Being the only woman among a fraternity of men who think they know more than she does is always exhausting. Being the only woman on a forty-person team of mechanics that’s supporting a nine-day, all-woman off-road rally in the Moroccan desert? There’s probably a word for how much heavier that is, but Myka doesn’t know it. It’s only three days in, and she’s slipping into a very familiar trough of wondering why she ever said she’d do this again, the parched back of her mind cursing the name of the Army buddy who first got her this gig six years ago.

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neutral chaotic is my favorite alignment and this villain!Izuku au you did make me so happy!! and I'm wondering if you've any plan for Shinsou in this?

no plan, except for izuku to be inexplicably fond of shinsou. no one gets it, not even shinsou, but yuuei staff take advantage of this by using shinsou to corral izuku sometimes. 

a scruffy and slightly burnt kaminari pokes his head sheepishly into the gen ed classroom. the teacher heaves a sigh. “deku again?” he mutters. “go on then, shinsou. make sure to get notes from one of your classmates.” 

shinsou nods diligently, like he hasn’t been nodding off in his seat this entire time, and follows kaminari out the door. 

“i’m so sorry we keep pulling you out of class like this,” kaminari says mournfully. 

“it’s fine,” says shinsou. “what’s happening this time?” 

kaminari winces. “well…today we were supposed to be practicing rescue maneuvers and coordinated raids, but as soon as we got to the replica city district, it, uh…became a giant minefield of traps? deku’s just laughing maniacally in the center somewhere. aizawa and iida sacrificed themselves to get me out so i could get you.” 

“sacrificed themselves,” shinsou repeats. 

“uh, aizawa got himself caught in a net, and iida fell into a pit.” 

despite his best efforts, shinsou can’t help but snicker. 

“hey, this isn’t a laughing matter! lives are on the line!” kaminari says indignantly. “shinsou, seriously, we’re really counting on you!” 

“right, right,” says shinsou, smiling faintly. 

“hey, seriously, don’t laugh!” 

shinsou tunes him out, but he feels a bit lighter as they walk across the grounds. 


deku really is odd. he’s a nuisance and a disturbance, and shinsou doesn’t trust him as far as he can throw him – but he likes him all the same. it’s just that deku is fearless. he’d just thrown himself into a seat next to shinsou during lunch once, declared him an ‘interesting guy,’ and asked him how he styled his hair in the mornings. then he asked shinsou what his quirk was. then he said, ‘that’s really cool! but you know what’s cooler?’ and showed shinsou a small helicopter he was building out of toothpicks. the detail was really impressive. 

deku has never shied away from talking to shinsou – seems to seek him out, even – but he has also shown no interest in shinsou’s quirk aside from that first conversation. and despite deku’s insistent habit of rewriting reality to suit his own vision, he seems to – well, he seems to see shinsou for shinsou, and not his quirk. 

in some odd way, he even seems to see shinsou as a friend. he drops in to chat with shinsou (albeit in the middle of class), he talks to shinsou about things he gets excited about (shinsou always has advance warning of his shenanigans), and he actually calls shinsou by name (an honor he has not extended to anyone else, not even bakugou). 

it’s thawed others’ attitudes towards shinsou. deku’s entire being has somehow become a greater worry than shinsou’s quirk. and even this, with how deku doesn’t ever really seem to back down for anyone except shinsou – people seek shinsou out. they forget about his quirk. they talk to him. when deku is involved, people forget to treat shinsou like a terrible stigma. 

shinsou has started to learn that there is a terrifying and crafty methodology behind deku’s madness, and he’s beginning to suspect that deku does this on purpose. 

he doesn’t know what to think of that. but it – means something, whatever it is, and shinsou is – pathetically grateful. 


the replica city district is alive with chaos. it is incredible how much one person can stir the pot. kaminari slows, and shinsou slows with him. “do you want to stay back?” shinsou asks. 

“no, i’m fine,” kaminari says, and takes a deep breath. “i just gotta – brace myself – oh god. okay, i’m fine. let’s go.” 

they open the gates and immediately have to duck a water balloon. it explodes behind them with a strange rustling sound. shinsou really doesn’t want to know. 

kaminari runs into the fray, yowling as he tackles kirishima out of the way of another trap. shinsou hesitates, and then starts to run after him.

“hey, watch out!” someone says, and a moment later, deku has hoisted shinsou up and flipped out of the way of a couple of knives. real, actual knives. shinsou stares. “up you go!” deku says, and he shoots a grappling hook gun and pulls them to the top of a nearby building. smoke rises in the distance. deku smiles cheerily. 

“i thought we had a talk about non-lethal weaponry,” shinsou manages. 

“knives are non-lethal!” deku protests. “if you use them wrong.” 

sometimes shinsou forgets that deku is an actual villain and not just the human version of a large, overly affectionate, excitable dog. thank god deku always manages to correct him of that notion. 

he must have made a face, because deku pouts a little bit and says, “aw, come on, shinsou, you don’t think i’m that careless, do you?” 

“i don’t want to imagine the other option is true,” shinsou says flatly. “are you ever going to set me down?” 

“sure,” says deku, and then he flops backwards onto the roof, still hugging shinsou though. well. 

“kaminari asked me to stop you,” he says. 

“stop me from what?” 

“terrorizing their training exercise.” 

“they’re practicing traps and situational awareness! i’m doing them a huge favor.” 

shinsou has no words. no wait. he does. “they look harassed and run off their feet. haven’t you done enough? you even used real blades?” 

“they’re dulled,” deku mutters sulkily. “mouse man didn’t stop me, so they don’t have any right to complain.” 

the mouse man–? oh, right. principal nedzu. shinsou has to question what goes on in his head to allow this sort of thing. “did you tell aizawa-sensei?” 

“no, i thought he could use a surprise,” deku says. “now he doesn’t have to teach a lesson at all!” 

“…and what lesson is that?” 

“working together in teams in a hostile environment,” deku says, and grins proudly. 

shinsou pinches the bridge of his nose. “i think it says something that i’m actually seeing your logic here.” 

deku looks surprised, and then he beams. “in that case–” 

“i’m not helping you,” shinsou cuts him off. “but maybe we can wait here a little longer.” 

deku laughs. “no, i don’t need your help. i was gonna ask if you wanted to see how the rest of 1-a is doing! todoroki and yaomomo have teamed up to save aizawa, and bakugou’s gone off to try and steal the key. it’s going to be fun. so? wanna come?” he props himself up on his elbows on shinsou’s chest and grins down at him. 

“…yeah,” says shinsou. “that sounds nice.” 

“next time, you can join them,” deku tells him, “but this time i’ll let you see the backstage production.” he winks and pulls shinsou to his feet before he can process the implications of this statement. “let’s go!” 

Fuck me but do I love werewolf AUs. Werewolf!McCree is still a thing that people like and do, right? Right.

He wakes with a head full of cotton fuzz, wrapped around a dull pounding behind his eyes – like one might have after a night of heavy drinking. McCree wishes it was just that; it would be far preferable to what had actually transpired. He blearily forces himself into wakefulness, tongue dry, stuck to the roof of his mouth. It makes him grimace with distaste. His entire body is sore, and eyes still closed and aching, he forces himself into a sitting position and attempts to take inventory of where he is and what could have happened under this most recent full moon.

The second of three nights has passed, and it makes him thankful to already be halfway through his monthly transformations with little issue. He’s even more thankful for your presence, since admitting to his… condition, and you’ve spent the last several cycles with him (despite his insistence to the contrary), keeping him company, keeping him calm. He doesn’t often like to admit it, but he wishes he had better control of his lupine side. He’s often jumpy and irritable during the days of the waxing phases, transformations aside, and it irks him to have his moods yanked around by the moon.

You keep him calm. You keep him controlled.

…You aren’t there.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, Mira. I hope you're doing okay. If this request can maybe make you feel a little bit better, maybe nalu, college au? I've always thought it's a bad time. I don't know what you've been through, so I can't do much to help. I'm sorry. Take care

A/N: *hugs you* It’s all right; your well-wishes mean more to me than you know. I don’t want to bore people with my life too much anyway, heh, so don’t worry about it. So I might as well get to your request I am just the best procrastinator since I’m now only a couple semesters away from graduation! So things are getting better for me for sure, slowly but surely ;u; I hope you enjoy this; thanks for the request!

I’m sorry for the lateness (and possible rustiness ‘cause wow am I out of practice)! Baby steps. :’3


Natsu’s heart just about leapt right out of his chest when his phone suddenly buzzed out of nowhere in his back pocket. He did his best to calm his heart as he sat up and fished out his phone to check what it was—this shady spot under the trees in the campus park was just too easy to doze off at.

The first thing that caught his eye was the time—and he immediately blanched. Had it already been this long? He’d been so sure he had another half hour at the least…

He sighed and ruffled his matted salmon-pink hair, brushing out the bits of leaves and twigs that had gotten tangled in them when he’d laid down and fallen asleep there…again, before finally checking to see what notification he’d received.

It was a text from Lucy.

Hey, Natsu; I just finished class for the day! Where are you?

Natsu bit back a groan as his heart sunk a bit lower—he really had slept for way too long if Lucy had already finished her classes. What sort of excuse could he give her now? He had nothing!

He waited for another minute or so before he texted her back:

Eh, just at the usual spot, you know the one
I’ll wait for you

And he sat back and stared up at the tree branches while letting the light breeze tickle his cheeks until she arrived—which wasn’t long; he could hear her calling his name from a distance after only a couple more minutes.

“Hey, Natsu! I’m here!” Natsu raised his head and turned in the direction of her voice—the slender blonde was holding her schoolbooks under one arm and had slung her purse over her opposite shoulder, smiling and waving at him as she jogged over to meet him.

Natsu couldn’t help but smile to himself as she approached even in spite of the storm of tirades he knew would eventually come his way.

Damn it; she’s beautiful…

“Hey, Lucy,” he greeted her in return as she reached him, finally standing up and dusting himself off. “Doing good today?”

“Oh, yeah; today was good! I finished off the rest of my homework, and I’m free over the weekend!” She then smiled at him expectantly. “What about you? How did that presentation of yours go?”

Damn it; she just jumped straight for it without giving him any time to come up with a legitimate excuse. He exhaled sharply before rubbing the back of his neck, not meeting her gaze.

“I didn’t go,” he answered at last.

Lucy’s warm brown eyes widened. “You…didn’t go? W-wait a minute; you mean you skipped?

He stared down at his worn shoes now as he lowered his hand, still not looking up. “…Yeah.”

“But…Natsu, that presentation was worth thirty percent of your grade! Now you’re pretty much guaranteed to fail it!”

“I know.”

“Then why didn’t you—?”

I don’t know!” he finally snapped—he didn’t even need to look up to realize that she’d flinched back at his sharp retort. He sighed heavily, covering his face with his hands. “I just…I don’t know. I know it was an important assignment; I know passing this class was hinging on whether or not I aced that presentation. I know. I just…” His hands fell away from his face and he returned to staring up at the tree branches above them, the regret gnawing away at his chest. “I don’t know why I didn’t do it. I didn’t even have anything prepared, not even an ad-lib or an outline or even a fucking notecard. I honestly tried, but I couldn’t make myself care.” 

Natsu still wouldn’t look at her face, but he could hear the tender concern in Lucy’s tone as she murmured, “Natsu…”

And for some reason, that only aggravated him even more.

“I know I probably should care, but I just don’t. I don’t even get the point of this class; what does it even have to do with my major? At all? What even is the point when I’m not going to apply this in my daily life ever?” He paused and drew in a deep breath. “Fuck college. Fuck all of it and its stress-inducing and greedy money-grabbing ways. I wish I never applied. I never even wanted to.”

An uncomfortable silence hung in the air between the two as Natsu finished his rant, only being interrupted by the gentle rustling of the leaves above and the distant chatter of the campus students scattered about as they went about their business. It was a moment before either of them spoke.

“…Natsu?” Lucy said at last.

Natsu sighed, bracing himself for the incoming lecture. “Yeah; what?”

“Do you…want to grab some coffee before we go back to the dorms?”

He felt his eyebrows arch in surprise as he finally turned to look at her in full. She wasn’t going to yell at him?

“Wait…you’re not upset?”

“Well, of course I’m upset…upset that you didn’t tell me about any of this sooner.” She crossed her arms with a huff, puffing out her cheeks somewhat to make that oddly adorable indignant expression. “Aren’t we best friends? Best friends that agreed on the whole never keep secrets from each other thing? Seriously; what’s with you?”

Natsu was at a loss for words. His mouth just hung open in his astonishment. “Uh…I was…I just thought that you, um—”

Lucy stared at him for a moment before laughing and taking his hand. “C’mon, you idiot. You really need a dose of caffeine right about now.”

“Ah—hey, wait a minute—!” Natsu couldn’t get anything else out past that before Lucy began pulling him along toward the parking lot.

“We’re going to talk later—once we’re back at our dorm with our coffee!”

But I don’t even like coffee!!

the-chibster  asked:

Hello I'm here for the Sheith Royalty + Knight AU

(This was really fun to write. It probably could’ve ended in smut, but I kinda paused it, because you didn’t explicitly ask for it. I can probably finish writing that if you want it. Anyways, thanks for being patient. It takes longer to write these now because my goal is no longer to just finish it, but to end it well. This was 4109 words btw.)

As the youngest of three Princes, Keith could do practically anything that he wanted. It was practically guaranteed that he would never get the crown, so what would it matter if Keith got himself killed in battle, in the name of their country, or in the streets like a beggar, fighting over something as stupid as pride? His father did, apparently. His mother had died in childbirth with him, making him the last royal child that would ever come from his line.

The boy smirks, brown hair falling into his blue eyes. His brown skin is shining with sweat, and his chest heaves with every breath. He’s getting tired, Keith realizes. It’s not like Keith isn’t getting tired too; but for him, this ache in his bones is as familiar as it is welcome. It lets him know that he’s still living, that he still has every reason to finish this.

The boy swings again, his knife creating an arc through the air that completely misses Keith. Keith swings with his left hand, the one holding his knife. The boy dodges it, only to be hit on his pretty face with Keith’s right fist. The boy falls to the ground, and doesn’t get up. He’s won.

The bar watches him warily, smiles displayed wantonly on their faces. Keith stops to grab a mug of beer from one of the observers, and that’s when the boy makes his move. He charges at him, knocking both Keith and the customer to the ground. The customer quickly scurries back and out of the way of their squabble. The boy grabs Keith’s hair and slams his head into the ground, once, twice, before Keith elbows him hard enough to make him let go. He had planned to punch his stomach, but his balance is unsteady, and he ends up toppling them both back to the ground.

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obiyuki; you're the hot neighbor who jogs by my house right when I'm watering plants AU

Shirayuki bit back a curse as she shuffled through the dry grass to her finicky rose plants. Her nose scrunched up and she reached out to stroke the leaves, wondering if it was the heat, or the lack of water, or poor soil… or maybe it was just a combination over everything.

Probably everything, honestly.

[more under the cut]

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Say Something/// BTS Fic

Originally posted by glow-lovely

Word Count: 1,580 of pure trash

Genre: Angst /Fluff/ Slightly mature themes (implied smut)/ Possible TW (Please use your discretion with this, there are mentions of cheating and other family related-issues)

“Don’t touch me!” I felt the bitterness swelling in my chest. His hands falling helplessly to his side as he surrenders my own from his grasp. We both stood opposing each other, his living room, potting soil and flower petals littering the floor, in shambles from the plant I had thrown. The storm brewing inside of me was a consummate duplicate of the impending storm outside; the storm we both thought we had escaped. “It’s not what you think,” he implored, as I waved his phone in front of his face. I felt my hands shake as I gathered my breath. His mahogany colored eyes shone with desperation as I gazed up into his face. The guilt I saw his eyes laden with was obvious and undeniable. As I considered the eyes of the man who had promised me the world, I felt myself harden. I launched his phone towards the ground and watched as it satisfyingly shattered into pieces. My steps had begun to create distance between him and I as I slowly backed away. This wasn’t the grand romance I had dreamed up in my head as a child.

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The Only Proof

The name on his arm read Jack, which irritated Eric quite a bit, because how many Jacks had he met in his life? Why couldn’t he have a soulmate with a less common name, like Francisco or Axel or Bernard? And it didn’t help that his own name was ridiculously common, too. Jack and Eric. Eric had to admit, though, that he did like the sound of that.


A Zimbits soulmate AU.

Cross-posted to AO3 

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oneirodidae-dreamers  asked:

I saw you make a comment on a Danny phantom post mentioning the Phan wars and why people don't support Hartman, could you elaborate on that more, I haven't been in the phandom long and I'm curious

Oh sure! I love to explain things. Firstly, welcome to the phandom! Please leave your sanity at the door, and I hope you enjoy the puns, fun, and so much angst. Nice to meet you! (I apologize beforehand for the long post). 

For those of you who are wondering, this is the post the OP was talking about (x). 

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t around during the phan wars. I’ve only been writing for DP since 2015 and actively on Tumblr since April 2016, when the wars themselves occurred in 2007, 2008. Around that time. 

This post (x) goes into the specifics of the phandom wars. Basically Hartman said he didn’t like m|m or f|f ships and didn’t approve of them. So on Devianart there was this whole ficasco of  truephans (supporters of Hartman’s words directly) vs antiphans ( m|m or f|f shippers). Long story short, lots of hate was thrown around, people couldn’t ship anything without being attacked for it, and no one was happy. 

All because Hartman said he didn’t like certain ships. 

(Though, this lack of shipping is one of the reasons why the phandom is what it is today. Without shipping be turned to angst. Go figure). 

Then there was also the trans!Danny headcanon vs canon vs AU fight. The idea of trans!Danny became a popular, but some phans took it too far and insisted that the headcanon was actually canon. Eventually this got to Hartman and he put down that theory directly with no uncertainty. 

A lot of the dislike also stems from the background of the show itself. Most phans agree that Hartman is not a good writer. Terrible in some ways, and his lack of skill in this area is shown blatantly in season 3. On the third season of DP, many of the writers were fired/had left/had ‘creative disagreements’/ were just not there, including one of the main creators of the show, Steve Marmel. In season three, the characterization is degraded to an almost childish state, the pacing is terrible, and just overall the quality of the show went down.

We don’t like him as a writer to say the least, even if he is a decent comedian. 

There’s also simply just bitterness. If you’ve seen what the phandom done, there is so much beauty and potential to this wondrous concept. It’s crazy. The phandom is still alive even after nearly 10 years after it stopped airing and until very recently without new canon content! It’s insane! I’ll leave this post (x) to elaborate even more, but DP had so much going for it.

And we just feel as if this is all just….wasted. On bad writing. Bad concepts. Bad decisions. DP could have been so much more, and it’s just not met its potential.

Overall, we sort of just feel betrayed by the creator of the show. Both by how he treats us and his creation with lack of respect or care. 

Now, I’m going to more opinions on this last point, but I want to point it out. Whenever Hartman talks to the phanbase… it feels like he’s talking down on us. There’s this fakeness and superiority whenever he speaks that’s a bit unsettling. I don’t know if it’s actually there, but there’s just something not to like. 

All this being said, I don’t actively hate Hartman. I don’t really like the guy, but at the end of the day, if it weren’t for him, DP wouldn’t have been created in the first place. I have respect for him in a sense that he’s a creator and because he’s a human being.  I would talk to him politely, but very critically.  As a said in my post, he’s the weird uncle  that we acknowledge but don’t necessarily listen to.  

However, I don’t respect him  in some ways. As a writer, on a few of his views, and especially on how he treats his fans (not just DP phans).

So yes. We dislike Butch Hartman. I don’t particularly like him as a person to be perfectly honest, and there are several other people who feel the same. However, there are many who see Butch Hartman and see their childhood shows, something to get through hard times, to inspire them, and to simply enjoy. And that’s perfectly fine. 

Just… there’s also lots to criticize as well, and for a phandom like DP who have faced the worst effects of Hartman’s… I’m going to say, carelessness…well, can you blame us for not liking him? 

Sorry for the long post. Hope I answered your question!

(If anyone wants to add information, please feel free to do so. As I said, some of what I’ve said is second-hand knowledge or cues I’ve picked up on myself. Opinions?)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your writings it always makes my day especially if I'm stressed out from school, I was wonder if you could do an au one shot where Indra is cousins with sasuke and is smitten with Sakura when sasuke introduces him to her but he can't do anything about it because he sees the love between the two young couple??

INDRAAAAAAAAAA ♥ i’m sorry it took me awhile to get around to this and it makes me happy to hear that my writing makes your day (but i’m sorry that school stresses you out). if you ever need to talk or vent about your day, anon, shoot me a message. :)

It didn’t take much more than a gentle smile, and simple blink of her emerald eyes, that the older of the three can see it.

Indra’s eyes watch as Sakura – as beautiful and free spirited as she is – watches Sasuke with adorning eyes and a gentle smile revealing pearl white teeth.

The way they walk casually next to each other is nothing more than the utmost considerable level of comfort between the two of them as they stop in front of him, their bodies hovering closely to one another.

“Hello,” Sakura chirps first, holding her hand out firmly with that adorable smile of hers.

This wasn’t the first time Indra had seen Sakura, nor would it be the last. Sasuke, being the younger cousin of Indra, smirked a lopsided smirk as he watched Indra take the girl’s hand in his own and shake gently, yet firm.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, and not only see you around with Sasuke,” Indra retorted, flashing a dangerous smirk of his own towards Sasuke. The eye contact between the two of them was nothing more than electricity hovering in the atmosphere as Sakura grinned.

“I’m Sakura, by the way. I’m sure you already knew my name, but it’s polite to introduce myself.”

Indra inhaled deeply, along with it, the sweet scent of spring that rode in on Sakura.

“Indra,” he replied with a smile of his own.

Sasuke watched their introductions with an emotionless expression painted on his face now, any traces of his smirk long gone. The three of them stood aimlessly near the park, the relatives dark eyes remained on one another.

“So, did you guys have any plans, or did we just want to meet up?” Sakura was always the first to break any sort of awkward silence, her voice filled with a sing song tone.

“I actually have something to go to, but I figured since I was still in town, I’d get a chance to catch up with the two of you,” Indra’s smirk never left, his eyes averting to Sakura’s lively smile and flowing pink hair.

His mind raced with thoughts of Sakura, acknowledging just how lovely of a person she was, and the personality she obtained. He wouldn’t be fooled by her looks, though. If there was one thing about Indra, he could easily break down a person with a single glance. He’d studied her the few times he’d seen Sakura, and while she was a beautiful flower on the outside, she was anything but on the inside.

Strong willed with a physical appearance unlike any he’d seen before. She was a smart girl, quick wits and an absolutely down to Earth girl, Indra couldn’t help but fathom that his cousin was the one to end up with her.

“Will you be long?” Sasuke finally asked, his smirk returning with a dangerous look of his own.

Indra couldn’t help but notice the challenging tone in his voice, and instead of rising to the challenge, he simply shook his head.

“Yeah, I’ll be awhile. I’ll catch up with you kids another time.”

Sakura’s eyebrow raised from the corner of his eye, and while she was like eye candy, Indra refused to glance her way once more. As much as he fought to refrain from looking at her, he couldn’t fight the urge.

“It was nice meeting you.”

“And you as well,” Sakura nodded her head, before lacing her fingers through Sasuke’s.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Indra’s eyes, the way their bodies became one with a single touch. While it bothered the older of the three, he shook off the annoying struggle in his chest and began his walk the other way.

“I’ll catch ya later.”

anonymous asked:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh absolutely no pressure but please write a part 2!!!!!!! The priest AU is killing meeeeee I love it

HELLO ANON, turns out this got WAY longer than I meant, and there is now a part 3,which is going to be the NSFW part. uh, pretty much a lot. sorry in advance, again. So, here is: The Gang Gets Exorcised, Part 2

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Perhaps a look was all it took for Matthew to become completely smitten.
He wasn’t completely sure when he’d fallen for Stephanie, but he could sure as hell recall the exact moment he’d realized it.

It was over coffee in the dark. The clouds of winter had hidden the sun, darkening the city significantly. It had left the frigid breeze to overtake what little warmth was left.

The cold was mind-bogglingly numb. And yet there he was, walking along the streets of Paris as he tried to escape his father and his expectations.

He’d come across her family’s bakery during his sulking, its warm glow reflected on the snow directly outside the doors. The inside had seemed so kind and cozy that he had to take a break from his misery and loneliness.

Inside, he found mouthwatering pastries of all sorts, as well as Stephanie Cordato herself. She had been making warm tea with a plate of macaroons already set on a table next to a window. The young man hadn’t exactly been keen on disturbing her, but as he made plans to back away without his classmate noticing him, she turned around.

Her chocolate colored eyes widened comically as they always did when she saw him, and she nearly fell onto the counter in front of her. “Hi!” Steph exclaimed, and Matthew wondered if the remark was out of fear or excitement. “Come in on – I mean, come on in! What are you doing here?”

He had to smile at her stumbling, truly finding it incredibly adorable. “I was just walking outside, and I figured I’d come in to escape the cold,” he explained, gesturing to the heavy snowfall that had just begun. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all!” the brunette nearly shouted. “That is, I’m glad you came.”

She hesitated for a moment before turning back to the now finished tea. “I was just about to sit,” Stephanie said, gesturing to the window table and paused again. “Would you like a cup? A-and would you like to join me?”

Matthew looked at her, his lips curving upwards happily. “I’d love to,” he accepted, taking the mug she offered him. He waited for her to fetch a cup of her own, and after she finished, they took a seat together in a comfortable silence.

The pair remained that way for a bit, the sipping of their respective drinks or the clinking of the plate as one of them picked up a macaroon being the only sound. Matt spoke up after a couple of minutes.

“You know, these are really good,” he commented, referring to the macaroon in his hand. “I’d love to learn how to make one myself.”

“I-I could teach you if you’d like,” the young woman offered, a pink tinge rising to her cheeks. “It would be fun.”

“That would be pretty clawsome,” Matthew winked, his own pun making him laugh. Stephanie groaned, kicking his shin under the table. The overachiever yelped, his brown eyes scrunching up in pain. “Hey, my pun wasn’t that bad!”

“Right,” she rolled her eyes.

“You could say – ” he continued, his expression being taken over by one of mischief.

“Matthew Patrick, don’t you dare,” she cut him off, invoking his full name. He knew that Steph thought his puns were far too cheesy, especially the cat ones he occasionally sprung on her.

“– that it was quite purrfect,” he spoke over her protest, a smirk playing on his lips. Your move, he seemed to say. But she did not reply, simply choosing to roll her eyes and laugh it off.

And in that moment, Matthew was sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman.

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post/153095503595/okay-but-pls-if-you-want-elaborate-on-the more more more more please if u want idk please i love this what are the tattoes does andrew know how to do it before maybe kevin also gives neil a little tattoo please i'm trash for this

hey ho this my favorite au that i’ve dabbled in and i’m always willing to add more to it. 

more here (x) (x) (x)

ends of the world | ao3

It isn’t the first time Andrew has held a tattoo needle in his hand, but it is the first time he’s holding it over the skin of someone he marginally cares about. Neil is underneath his hands, head resting on his arms, eyes closed and breathing slow. He doesn’t seem to notice the pricking of the needle as Andrew continues to tattoo him.

For someone who has many tattoos covering his body, Neil’s back is surprisingly clean. Andrew had chosen his shoulder blade to place the tattoo that the two of them had agreed on. Kevin was the only one who didn’t know what Andrew was doing. He was instead watching from the corner of the shop, his eyes tracing over Andrew’s steady hands as he continues to work on Neil.

Every time Kevin gets up to try and get a peek at Neil’s shoulder blade, Andrew shoots him a glare, making Kevin slowly sink back into his chair. There’s always a pout on Kevin’s face as he sulks in his seat.

The tattoo shop is empty, the three of them the only ones in the store. Neil had asked Matt if they could be the only ones in the store today for a couple of hours and he had readily agreed.

Andrew and Kevin have already had their tattoos done by Neil. Their ribs were bandaged hiding the new ink etched into their skin from sight. They had both only gotten a slight glimpse of orange and wispy tails before Neil had covered them from their view.

“Are you going to be done anytime soon?”

Andrew doesn’t answer Kevin. Instead he continues to focus on tracing Neil’s skin with the needle. Kevin huffs loudly, crossing his arms as he slouches further into his seat. His side was hurting and by now all he wanted to do was head back home and take a nap while watching some exy.

Neil laughs softly at Kevin’s petulance. Andrew scowls before swatting at his back lightly to get him to stop moving. Neil shifts slightly before settling back down with a muttered, “Sorry, sorry.”

Andrew just twists his lips, before getting back to work. Kevin gets up, being sure to show Andrew that he wasn’t going anywhere near him. He instead makes his way over to the front of the table to where Neil was resting his head. Kevin’s fingers work their way into Neil’s curls, as he absentmindedly starts to stroke Neil’s head.

Neil shifts upwards into the touch, a soft smile curling on his lips. Kevin bends down pressing a kiss to his head before he continues to run his fingers through Neil’s hair. The clicking of the tattoo needle is the only sound in the shop as the three men sit in silence waiting for Andrew to finish.

“Andrew, when the fuck are you gonna be done? Neil didn’t take this long.”

“Well Neil does this every day for a living. I haven’t picked up a needle since juvie.”

Andrew’s words shock Kevin into silence. He looks down at Neil to see if he was surprised by Andrew’s past experience with tattooing, but Neil’s eyes are still closed and he doesn’t seem to be wondering at all what Andrew had gotten up to in that detention center.

Kevin keeps his mouth shut for approximately twenty more minutes before he asks, “Who else have you tattooed?”

Andrew’s hand still, his fingers clenched around the needle. His knuckles turn white from the amount of force he’s placing on the instrument. Neil’s eyes shoot open, his voice quiet as he says, “Kevin, not now and certainly not here.”

Kevin looks between his two boyfriends, and he’s about to protest when he takes a look at Neil’s pleading eyes and quietly concedes.

“Alright. I won’t ask anything more.”

“It’s done.”

Andrew’s voice is hard as he steps back, letting Kevin come closer to see the two intertwining cats inked on Neil’s skin.

“What the fuck? You seriously let Andrew tattoo Sir and King on your shoulder?”

Neil’s laugh is light and completely lights up his face. Andrew is still stoic, arms crossed over his chest, but there’s a slight relaxedness to him that wasn’t there before. Kevin is still incredulous, staring at the tattoo with something akin to wonder.

“You’re both fucking crazy.”

Andrew snorts while Neil just continues laughing. “And yet for some reason you’re still with our crazy asses.”

“Can I finally see what you gave me?”

Neil nods and Kevin makes his way over to the full length mirror. He lifts his shirt up and takes in the bright orange color of a watercolor fox on his skin. He starts as Andrew comes up next to him and pulls his shirt up as well.

They both stare at the matching tattoos, incomprehensible looks on their faces. Kevin is slightly overwhelmed by the beauty of the simplistic art. He knew Neil was talented; he just didn’t know exactly how much.

“Do you like it? I know how much Palmetto meant to all of us, even though we were never there at the same time.”

Kevin is at a loss for words. All he can do is stare at the ethereal fox inked onto his skin forever. Neil comes behind them both, lifting his shirt as well as he says, “Matt did it for me last week since there was no way I could do it myself.”  

There’s a matching tattoo on Neil’s skin. Kevin reaches out his fingers tracing the edge of the playful fox. He turns his face towards Neil, eyes slightly glassy as he whispers, “It’s beautiful.”

Neil just smiles, tipping up to press a kiss to Kevin’s lips before he faces Andrew who is staring at the both of them with something akin to love in his eyes. Andrew would never say I love you to either Neil or Kevin. No instead he would say something infinitely better.

‘I would go to the end of the world to protect you.’

And to Neil that was the most beautiful thing he could think of.