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You wanna hold her?

No matter what happened is season 4, I personally liked it (despite the mistakes it undoubtedly had) and I wish we could get more episodes, even though after that reaction, which I’m frankly ashamed of, I don’t think we deserve any more. All the personal attacks to the creators are totally inexcusable and have made me extremely uncomfortable. Anyway, these two boys will always be my “Baker Street Boys” and even if Johnlock didn’t exactly happen, I’m satisfied with the ending. As for this “secret fourth episode” I don’t think it’s real, but of course I’d be absolutely thrilled if it happened!

[09.03.16] MBC Show Champion in Manila: BTS - FUN BOYS (Suga’s reaction to Kookie’s dance)

— I nearly melted when I saw this fancam, ‘cause I didn’t know SugaKookie transpired during MBC Show Champ in Manila T^T (I was at the back of this 2nd stage so all I could see technically were BTS’ butts hahaha).

I love Suga’s reaction to Jungkook’s steps; he was like mouthing 'what is this’ and smiles. XD

P.S. Video source is not mine; I just wanted to gif this so much (credit as tagged for the video/do not crop her logo)