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New shipper here - what's this story about Cait fighting some blonde chick over Sam?

Oooh I feel like there’s lots of new shippers who don’t know this story?? Back in the fall of 2014 when Sam and Cait were in LA for their hiatus there was lots of drama with Sam and a certain blond (who I won’t name). She was always insinuating they were dating and it was super obnoxious. At the same time it kind of felt like things were a bit off with Sam and Cait. Many of us thought they could have been fighting but that’s purely speculation. ANYWAY they turned up at this event in Nov 2014 after not being seen together for about a month. The next day someone called into a radio station where you can basically report celebrity gossip and said that they saw the stars of Outlander at the event and that Cait was arguing with some blond over Sam and that things were really heated. Sam and Cait ended up leaving together. 

That same night (after the event) they were both online literally at the same exact second and Sam posted this picture and liked both of these tweets. 

They were also both on at 7 am the next morning (yes I still remember) sooooo obviously whatever happened (if something did indeed happen) was sorted and they lived happily ever after ;) There’s no way to verify if this story is true or not so take it with a grain of salt but it’s something I’ve held onto. If Cait was with someone else and so was Sam, she wouldn’t be arguing with this girl and then leave with Sam :)

DAY 1 {part 2 of WE GOT MARRIED}

Author’s Note: Sorry the parts aren’t posting that quickly, recovery hit a couple road blocks. Alsooo would you guys be cool with me starting another series? Or would you rather I finish a series before starting a new one? 

Namjoon woke up early the next morning and was prepping himself in the kitchen, when Jungkook and Jimin walked in. Both still wearing their sweats and their hair standing on end. Jungkook looked up and down at Namjoon and saw how put together he was.

Hyung, where are you going? The maknae questioned and Namjoon sipped his coffee.

I have to be at Y/N’s place by 9am, I won’t be back until around 9pm, so don’t burn this place down while I’m gone. Namjoon said quickly and Jimin giggled.

Us? You’re the one who almost burns this place down everyday. Jimin retorted and Namjoon rolled his eyes. They were all in their twenties and yet they bantered like schoolboys. He felt as long as he lived in the dorm, he would be stuck feeling like a child. Every day off was the same, they would sleep in, play video games, work out, and end up just laying around. He knew they needed some time off, but he was getting tired of the same old.

It sucks that you have to do this on our break, hyung. Jungkook said and Namjoon shrugged.

I like having something to do. Namjoon was used to it. Even when they had breaks between albums, Namjoon was always in the studio with Yoongi or helping to make the next concept even more innovative.

By the way, is she nice? Jungkook asked, Namjoon could sense a bit of worry in his voice. You didn’t have the best rep and Jungkook was already nervous about his first drama that you were writing.

She actually seems pretty normal. Namjoon stated and took another sip from his mug. Smiling a little at the memories from the day before. For the entire day, the two of you joked about the rules you would have to follow and you even did some brainstorming together for songs and the series. I think you will mesh really well for the series. Namjoon added and Jungkook visibly relaxed. Jimin watched as Namjoon continued to sip his coffee and make small talk. He knew that Namjoon was doing this for his re-branding, but he didn’t want Namjoon to get too into this.

Namjoon hyung, remember, this is just a show. Jimin said sternly and Namjoon rolled his eyes once more.

I know, Jimin. I’m not gonna fall for her or anything. She just seems like a nice person to tolerate for the next few weeks. Jungkook laughed a little and the nonchalant response from the leader of Bangtan and watched Jimin cross his arms in defense.

I’m just looking out for you. Hey, shouldn’t you be leaving? Jimin responded and Namjoon looked at the clock. He grabbed his things quickly and tripped into his shoes. He had spent too much time talking and if they hit any form of traffic, he was going to be late.

On the other side of town, you were throwing a comb through your hair and rushing with your makeup. After Namjoon left the night before, you had gotten caught up writing and ended up practically pulling an all nighter. You were falling asleep as you tried to make breakfast. The crew had come to your house at 8am and you were incredibly unprepared for their arrival.

Aish. I thought I had until 9! You exclaimed to your manager as he gave you a small shrug.

They want to try and make Namjoon getting here to look a bit unrehearsed. He responded and you rolled your eyes as you finished up your mascara. Turning on the coffee machine, you sighed and looked around.

Anyone want coffee? You offered and a few crew hands went up. You nodded and started to make coffee as they set up for the day. You looked at the schedule. Today would be spent in the apartment all day, “getting to know each other” you had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes again. As you finished handing out coffees and making small talk with the crew, your manager began clearing off your kitchen table.

Your work can’t be sitting around like this! He exclaimed and you shooed him away. This was your area to write and now this show was messing with all of the papers. You wanted to yell, but then there was a buzz at the door and all the cameras turned to you. Straightening out your sweater, you went to the box and buzzed him up. With the cameras all pointing at you, you felt nerves that weren’t there yesterday. Giving one of the cameras a little thumbs up expression, you opened the door. Namjoon was leaning against the door, acting cooler than he had yesterday, with a bouquet of flowers. Part of your stomach churned at how different he acted for the cameras.

These are for you, Y/N. I’m Namjoon, your new husband. He said as he walked in the door and handed you the flowers. Opening his arms for a hug, you smiled and reciprocated.

Ah, well thank you so much, Namjoon! Let me go put these in water! You exclaimed and made your way to the kitchen. Namjoon looked around and wanted to ask where your writing went, but saw the cameras and his hands immediately went clammy.

So what shall we do today, wifey? He asked as you grabbed two coffee mugs and walked to the kitchen table, handing one to him, you smiled.

Well there’s a bunch of questions that they want us to answer, so why don’t we sit down on the couch and do that? You responded and he nodded.

Of course! The two of you walked over and on the coffee table was a list of questions and two booklets. You were told you couldn’t go through them without Namjoon so you were incredibly curious. One had your name and the other had his. Namjoon gave you a confused look and you shrugged. The list of questions were simple, where did you grow up, how many people in your family, what do you do, when did you debut, etc. As you went line by line through the questions, Namjoon moved closer and you felt yourself wanting to ask him questions so he would respond in his deep voice.

Is that all the questions? You asked yourself as you flipped over the sheet. The two of you nodded and picked up the books labeled with your names. Opening it, you gasped a little. Inside were photos from your childhood, little articles about you, pictures of you when you first did interviews and onward. You were a bit embarrassed and you looked over at Namjoon to see pink grace his cheeks.

Aish, this is a lot of pictures of me. He mumbled and you snatched the book from his hands.

AIGOO! YOU WERE SO CUTE! You exclaimed and giggled as Namjoon grew redder. Pictures of him as a baby, going into his teens, and pre-debut years, flooded your gaze. Namjoon laughed and grabbed your book to skim through. He finally began to explain the photos, one by one, to you.

That was when I was in high school. I seriously thought I was so cool! He laughed and looked at you. A good wife would say I was cool. He remarked.

I thought a good wife didn’t lie! You retorted and he feigned pain by putting his hands over his heart.

You hurt me, Y/N! He pretended to cry and you giggled.

The two of you continued to laugh and go through the photo books, forgetting about the crew and managers that stood around you. Your manager and his manager looked at each other and raised their eyebrows, giving each other a subtle thumbs up. This was going to be good for publicity, but where the two of you going to be able to not fall for each other?

If You’re Happy, I’m Happy (Reggie x Reader Request)

‘Reggie and a river vixen reader who’s Cheryl’s Co captain and tight with the core four because she grew up with them. Archie and co. know she’s besties with Cheryl but by accident they find out that she’s dating reggie and it gets angsty but they soon realise that reggie makes her really happy? I hope it’s not too much- Anon

Characters/Pairings: Reggie x Reader, Cheryl, Betty x Jughead, Veronica x Archie.

Warnings: Nudity, kissing.

Word Count: 3296

Notes: Thanks for this request, I’ve not wrote much about Reggie or Cheryl so this was fun! So keen to see what they get up to in season 2. I made it a super long, I hope you don’t mind! Y/f/f = your favourite flavour.     


Originally posted by alltimewolf

‘Ready to go? From the second chorus ladies!’ I quickly got into position as we started the routine yet again. I could see the squad was starting to lack energy. As the song finished, everyone practically collapsed on the floor.

‘Cheryl, I think it’s time for practice to finish, if you want the squad to still be living by the time we get to Friday.’ She gave me a quick glare before letting out a long sigh. She nodded at me, I knew that meant I had to let the squad know we were done. As co-captains, Cheryl and I played good cop, bad cop.

‘Alright Vixens, good job today! Time to head home.’ I called out to the girls.

‘Oh thank god.’ Veronica blurted as she and Betty walked over to me.

‘Your best friend must be demonic if she thinks we need to practice this much.’ Betty noted, before grabbing her water bottle and almost draining it.

‘Cheryl’s just… dedicated.’ The girls glanced at each other for a moment and burst out laughing, I couldn’t help but join them. I loved Cheryl but she could be ridiculous at times. We wandered to the locker room, since school was over the squad were pretty quick to grab their things.

‘Do you need a ride home y/n?’ Veronica asked. I bit my lip lightly, trying to come up with a reasonable lie.

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Sacrificial Friend

Thanks to all the lovlies that liked, reblogged and commented on smile.  You’re so very kind.

As you may or may not know, I enjoy short chaptered fics and this is the first part of my knew one.  I got the idea from a convo I had with @madfatty ages ago.  She wondered how Chloe got to know Izzy and I thought about it for a minute and thought of something a bit cynical.  I let my over active imagination morph the idea into this mostly unrelated AU.  Sorry to Chloe fans.

Sacrificial Friend

Chloe knew what she had to do.  Since the moment Sally Crowther gave her the idea she thought about it over and over and decided it was the only way she would achieve her goal.  If she could just get their attention she’d be able to snare one of them with her shiny hair and perfect figure.

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Crossfire - 5

Chapter 4
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU
Chapter 5 // Words: 3876

You had been subjected to go to many dinner parties in your lifetime. Always dragged in a evening gown that was too long or too tight or too glittery, and heels that were too tall and clunky for your liking, just so your rich and powerful parents could show you off to their equally rich and powerful friends and associates. You were used to it by the time you reached high school, and sometimes you even liked the attention that the adults gave you when your parents spoke of your achievements. The drama, however, could be a bit too much at times. You remembered one particular night, when you were at some ambassador’s mansion for a celebration, and a senator and his wife got utterly wasted and had a huge argument that ended up in dishes being smashed, doors being slammed and divorce lawyers being called before the limo even arrived. Everyone else had sat there in silent discomfort, watching them scream at each other from across the table as the food on the expensive china grew cold. It was almost like a scene from one of those cliche holiday movies that gave you second-hand embarrassment no matter how many times you watched it. That was probably the most awkward meal of your life.

However, sitting with the seven men who had kidnapped you was sneaking up to first place as the minutes ticked by, and the longer you sat there the more physically sick you felt.

For starters, you were almost appalled by the insane amount of food they consumed. The way Jungkook slurped down noodles made it seem like he hadn’t had a meal in days and he was afraid that someone would take his bowl away from him. Jin finished his within a few minutes of sitting down, and he got up to get even more, but he ended up just bringing the pot to the table to save everyone from taking extra trips. Yet, upon looking around the table at each of them, they were all in good shape. They sort of reminded you of a pack of wolves, or overgrown teenage boys with inhuman metabolisms.

Secondly, when they spoke of work, they were very ambiguous to the point of frustration. You assumed that it was because of your presence, but they never mentioned any names or activities directly - always in terms such as “our messenger” and “the other guys” and “the exchange”. You tried to follow the conversation at first, but you got lost quickly and gave up on trying to decode their words, resorting to pushing your ramen around in the bowl with your chopsticks. You took a tiny bite every once in a while, mostly to keep Hoseok from calling you out again, but you were afraid that your stomach would reject it if you attempted consuming even half of your serving. Your head was spinning, you felt abnormally cold, and all you wanted was to get up and bolt. But you wouldn’t take your chances with all of them right there.

“Is there any left?” Jungkook asked, peering into the pot in the center of the table.

“No,” Jin responded. “Haven’t you had enough?”

Jungkook frowned at him. “I’m still hungry, I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

You pushed your mostly-full bowl in front of him without hesitation, and he glanced at you in surprise.

“Noona, don’t you want to eat it?”

You shook your head to signify that you didn’t care, and you used getting rid of your food as an excuse to get up from the table. You did so a bit too abruptly, and you had to steady yourself on your chair to keep from stumbling, your vision showing little black spots. Once you were sure that you weren’t going to fall, you walked around the table and back into the kitchen, ignoring the seven pairs of eyes watching you. You looked around for a moment before you went and opened the refrigerator, a sigh of relief escaping your lips when you found bottles of water stocked at the bottom. You opened one up and tipped your head back and ended up drinking half its contents before you stopped to take a breath. You considered going ahead and finishing all of it when you heard footsteps enter the kitchen, and you turned around quickly to face whoever it was.

You were somewhat relieved to see that it was Jin placing his empty bowl in the sink and not one of the ones you were unfamiliar with. Once he had rinsed out and placed the bowl into the dishwasher, he turned to you, resting one elbow against the marble countertop and cocking his head to the side.

“You didn’t eat much,” he observed. “Did you not like it? I can make you something else, if you want.”

You looked at him for a long moment before you shook your head. “Not hungry,” you said in a quiet monotone.

“I find that hard to believe, it’s been quite some time since you’ve had anything to eat,” he pushed himself off the counter and moved towards you. His long legs made it easy for him to cross the room in a few large strides, and you didn’t have enough time to back away before he had his hand pressed against your forehead. It felt cold against your skin, and you clutched your water bottle tightly. His thick brows drew together over his soft, concerned eyes.

“You’re warm. How do you feel?” he questioned.

“My stomach hurts and I feel dizzy,” you admitted. Despite your uneasiness, Jin had an aura that made you feel like you should trust him. He had always had that effect on you.

His frown deepened. “You’re probably getting sick. You should take some medicine and get rest.”

You nodded, and moved when he beckoned you to follow him down the hallway. He lead you to a small bathroom, and he crouched down to go into the cabinet under the sink. From there he pulled out a large tupperware container filled with first aid supplies. He dug around until he found a small bottle of ibuprofen, and he poured out red two pills and handed them to you. You picked them up from his open palm carefully and put them in your mouth, pouring some water in after them to swallow. He waited until you capped the bottle again before he packed up the container and placed it back in the cabinet, ushering you out of the bathroom.

“Come on, you need to go lay down,” he said as he lead you back up the stairs. “I don’t want this to get worse.”

You watched his back as he walked, a quizzical look on your face. He acted like such a concerned mother hen, and it confused the hell out of you. Was he always like this?

He opened up the door to the room you had woken up in, and you went in after him. You immediately trudged over to the bed and laid down on it. You felt an ache throughout your body, straight down to your bones, and exhaustion washed over you.

“Go to sleep, you’ll get better faster. I’ll come check on you in a little while,” he made sure you were comfortable before he turned to leave. “Oh, and there’s a bathroom right next door if you need it.”

“Thanks,” you mumbled as you pulled the blanket tight around yourself.

He leaned in the doorway and smiled at you. “Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

You managed an awkward half smile as he closed the door and left you alone. Immediately you felt better on your own, and you heaved a sigh. You sank back into the pillows as you let out all the air in your lungs as well as the stress that had overcome you. You glanced at the window and noticed that the bright light from earlier had diminished and was replaced with the dim glow that the sky held right as the sun sank below the horizon. You decided that it would be best for you to sleep, to get rid of whatever had possessed you physically as well as the events of the day. You shut your eyes and escaped off to a mountain resort you had visited when you were younger, a place you went to often when you felt like you needed to get away from the world. You loved the way the snow sparkled in the sunlight in the morning, the trees towering over your head, the taste of sweet mocha lattes and how flames danced behind the glass panes of the fireplace.

It didn’t take long for you to become lost in your own head, darkness edging at the corner of your eyelids. You let sleep overcome you like a wave without putting up any fight, and you slipped peacefully into unconsciousness.

You felt worse when you woke up from a fitful, dreamless sleep in the pitch black room. Pain encompassed your entire body, there was a hollowness in your stomach, and your mouth was devoid of any moisture, and it made your throat burn. You rolled to your side and let your arm dangle over the bed in search of the water bottle you had set down earlier. Your fingers made contact with it but, when you lifted it up, you found that it was empty. You groaned and vaguely remembered waking up at some point when Jin had been checking your temperature, and he had urged you to finish the water, saying something about needing proper amounts of fluids. You still felt tired despite all the sleep you were getting recently, yet you needed to go get water or you thought you might cry.

You struggled to push yourself up into a sitting position, and even that simple motion sent your head reeling. You took a few breaths to try and get your bearings before you swung your legs over the edge of the bed and stood up slowly. The room was cold outside of your protective cocoon, so you grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around yourself. You took tentative steps in the direction where you thought the door was, and you had to feel along the wall until you found the handle. Thankfully, the hallway was not as dark due to a light downstairs giving off a glow so that you could see the stairs. You walked towards them slowly, your feet barely lifting off of the wood floor and the blanket dragging behind you. Just as you reached the first step and grabbed onto the railing in preparation to descend, you heard a door behind you swing open. You turned to see who it was, but you couldn’t make out a face in the dark hall.

“What are you doing?” a hushed voice asked.

Instantly, you knew it was Yoongi. You squinted your eyes a little and made out the shape of his face and body.

“What are you doing?” he asked again when you didn’t respond. “Are you even awake?”

“I need water,” you mumbled. Your words slurred together from drowsiness, and your voice was slightly raspy.

He eyed you for a moment, looking you up and down. In that moment you realized how pitiful you must have looked: eyes half open, hair most likely a rat’s nest and a blanket bunched around your shoulders. Your clothes, which you hadn’t changed, were in a jumbled mess around you.

He sighed and stepped outside the doorway of his room. “Go back to bed, I’ll get it for you.”

“I can get it,” you protested.

“You’ll probably fall down the stairs trying,” he said. He walked closer and you could read his set expression. “Just go back to your room.”

You pulled the blanket tighter around you as you trudged reluctantly past him, back down the hallway into your room. You walked a bit too fast and your shins hit the bed and you fell onto it roughly. You laid there for a second, your heart settling from the shock, and you almost felt like crying. Being unexplainably sick and being up in the middle of the night was messing with your emotional state. You stopped yourself from having a pointless breakdown and managed to pull yourself up more and propped the pillows on the headboard so that you could sit and wait for Yoongi to return with water. You strained your ears to try and hear anything downstairs, but it was too far away and he was too quiet. You wished you had a clock or a lamp in the room, because it was unnerving just sitting there in the darkness with no sense of how time was passing.

You didn’t know how long it was when you heard the door creak a little, signifying that Yoongi had entered. You heard his feet shuffle around on the carpet for a second as he moved about, and suddenly there was a click that sparked a small flame from a lighter in his hand. He bent down to light the wicks of a large candle he had set on the floor, and it gave just enough light so that you could see him. His blond hair was in an organized mess on his forehead and he wore a loose t-shirt and sweats. His eyes didn’t look tired even though it must have been very early morning.

“This room is all kinds of depressing,” he commented as he sat on the edge of your bed and uncapped the water bottle he had gotten for you. “There’s no furniture at all.”

“What time is it?” you questioned, still blinking sleep from your eyes.

“I don’t know, 3 or something,” he shrugged.

He handed you the water and you took it graciously. You had to stop yourself from just chugging the entire thing in one go, but you were happy that it rid you of your severe cotton mouth. When you had had enough he took it from you and capped it before he pulled out a thin, plastic stick-like object from his pocket.

“Open your mouth,” he directed, reaching towards you.

You came to realize that it was a thermometer, and you parted your lips so that he could slip the metal end of it under your tongue. You closed your mouth around it and sat there, observing  him carefully. He looked back at you with a heavy, unwavering gaze. The way his eyes curved reminded you of a cat’s, and it seemed like he was calculating something in his head. It made you anxious, the way he looked at you, but you couldn’t seem to break eye contact. Out of the blue, he shook his head and stood up.

“Keep that thing in your mouth and wait for me,” he said before he left the room once more.

You frowned and watched him leave. It wasn’t as bad since there was a source of light in the room, but the shadows that the candle’s flames cast on the walls were disconcerting. You shivered involuntarily and pulled the blanket closer to your chin, and you were almost mad that it was so thin and didn’t provide more warmth. You felt awful and cranky, and you grew even more upset when you felt tears prick at your eyes once more. You didn’t need to start crying, you told yourself. You wiped at the corners of your eyes quickly when you saw Yoongi’s figure appear in the doorway again.

He was carrying more items in his arms, but he set them down on the foot of the bed before he walked over to you. He took the thermometer from your mouth and pressed a small button to read your temperature, at which he sucked air sharply through his teeth and put it back in his pocket.

“How did you get sick so fast?” he wondered.

You shrugged at him, since you were just as confused.

“Maybe it’s from stress. I read somewhere that if you undergo psychological stress, you can get fevers,” he told you. He sat closer to you, his expression open yet unreadable. “You look kind of awful, to tell you the truth.”

You frowned and felt your cheeks heat up - if they weren’t already hot enough - in embarrassment. “Wow, I appreciate it.”

“I’m just being honest with you,” he defended. “You’ve only been awake for like, two hours the whole day.”

He reached over to his side and pulled up a hair brush. When he leaned closer to you, you scrunched up your face leaned against the pillows, away from him.

“What are you doing?” you glared at him.

“Usually you feel better when you brush your hair, and it feels especially good when someone else does it for you,” he smirked a little. “Plus, you need it, so you should let me.”

You narrowed your eyes at his rude comment, but you did agree with him. You didn’t need a mirror to feel that you looked like you had slept in the gutter. You slowly sat up and turned so that your back was to him, and he began running the brush through your hair once you were settled. There were obviously knots in it, but he was surprisingly gentle, running the brush through slowly and making sure he didn’t pull too hard. After he brushed out a section, he ran his fingers through it a few times, and you had to admit that it did feel really nice. You shut your eyes and tilted your head back to let him work. You started to think about how, out of the two real interactions you’ve had with Yoongi, they’ve both turned out pretty intimate. You cringed inwardly at the memory of the other night, since it dawned on you that it had most likely just been another ploy to get close to you. Was him offering to brush your hair also another tactic to gain your trust? You began to fidget with your hands in your lap as you considered the thought.

You broke the silence with a question that had been bothering you since you woke up from your drug-induced coma. “Why are you being nice to me?”

“You’re sick and you look kind of miserable,” he stated bluntly.

You shot a glare over your shoulder. “No shit. But I meant other than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“The way you and the others act is, well…” you bit your lip in your search for the right word. “Weird. Kidnappers aren’t supposed to be nice, as far as I know.”

“Well, we’re not your everyday kidnappers, are we?” he chuckled as he tucked a few strands behind your ear.

“Then what are you?” you asked. You shifted around so that you were facing him again.

He looked at you for a moment, rolling the brush around in his hands absentmindedly. He let out a breath before he spoke. “Well, for lack of a better word, I suppose you could call us a gang.”

His words piqued your curiosity. “What kind of gang?”

He smiled ruefully and started to get up from the bed. “I think you should get more rest, Y/N. Jin hyung wouldn’t like it if he knew I was keeping you up all night.”


“I brought you a better blanket, it should keep you warmer that that one,” he interjected, signifying that the conversation was over.

You sighed deeply, knowing that your many questions wouldn’t be answered any time soon. It frustrated you to no end that you were stuck there in the dark - literally and figuratively. Your eyes bore into Yoongi as you watched him unfold the large black comforter, silently cursing him for teasing you with the prospect of information before shutting you out abruptly. If you had known he was an asshole, you definitely wouldn’t have slept with him. Drunk you was a bad judge of character.

However, drunk you did not have very bad taste in appearances. Even in the dim lighting of the room you could appreciate his profile: his platinum blond hair, small nose, curved lips, sharp jawline and prominent adam’s apple. You were reminded of how he had attracted you in the first place when you saw his big silver hoop earrings. You had quite an affinity for bad boys, for all their rugged edges, deep voices and secret soft sides. And when you had seen Yoongi lounging at the bar wearing his leather jacket and bored expression with a glass of whiskey gripped in a large hand adorned with silver and black rings, he practically screamed I’m no good, but you should fuck me anyways.

           You shook your head slightly at your silly thoughts, but you couldn’t help from admiring him despite the situation. Your eyes raked down his form, over his gray shirt and black sweats that hung just low enough on his hips that you could see the band of is Calvin Klein’s. And when he raised his arms over his head to fluff out the blanket, his shirt lifted up a fraction to give you a view of a peculiar butterfly tattoo on his left hip. It was entirely black with oversized wings, and you could see the numbers 287 inked underneath it. You didn’t quite remember it from when you were in his apartment. But, then again, you hadn’t really taken the time to gaze upon each other once the front door was shut. Without thinking you leaned forward to try and see the details better.

“What are you doing?” Yoongi’s voice interrupted your thoughts.

You jumped and looked up at his furrowed brows. “N-nothing.”

“I can tell you’re lying,” he pointed out. “You’re really bad at it.”

You bit your lip, averting his eyes. Once again, he was right and saw right through you. You spoke quieter than before. “I was looking at your tattoo. I didn’t remember it.”

He nodded slowly, his hand subconsciously moving to the spot. “Oh.”

You felt the room fall into a heavy silence and pursed your lips tightly. You shouldn’t have acted so impulsively. The guy in front of you had kidnapped you, for Christ’s sake, you shouldn’t be gawking at him like he was on the cover of a Sports Illustrated magazine. You desired an immediate end to the uncomfortable encounter, so you grabbed the end of the comforter and pulled it over you as you moved to lay down.

“Thanks for checking on me and everything,” you said as you adjusted yourself. “I appreciate it.”

“No problem,” he said, but not without giving you a weird look. He seemed unsure of your sudden attitude change, and it showed in the way he lingered by your bedside. He shook his head once more and moved to blow out the candles, and the room was once again washed in darkness. “Goodnight.”

You turned onto your side so your back was facing him and shut your eyes, willing your cheeks to stop burning from shame. You really needed to get a grip on things if you wanted to survive the week. And by survive, you meant find a way to get the hell out of there.

Chapter 6

Another Storm over the Orange Ocean

So… This is not the first time Shinhwa Changjo (Shinchang) is having a fight with Shinhwa. I wrote a post regarding Dongwan’s drunken rant not long ago, but the way I see it now, some of the fights are not Shinchang vs Shinhwa; it’s actually Shinchang vs Shinhwa Company (Shincom). Yes, the way I see it, it is actually fans vs agency, like it usually is in the Kpop industry. It’s rarely fans vs artists. It’s just that in this case, the artists happen to be in the management of the agency. Hence, the complication.

And to avoid further complications, I’d just like to first clarify [read: disclaim] that I honestly don’t know first hand about what’s really been happening in the orange fandom, let alone in Shincom. Being a far away, foreign fan who barely knows any Korean has often left me in the dark and made me feel insignificant and left out; but that actually comes with the advantage of being able to retain 2 positions: as a Shinhwa Changjo and as an outside observer (plus, ignorance is bliss, and what you don’t know won’t hurt you. ^_^). So this entire thing you’re reading is basically my personal reflection both as a Shinhwa Changjo and as a general observer, so you might find the point of views to be both biased and objective. What I write in here is purely my own opinion and not representing anyone else’s, especially Shinhwa Changjo in general, as I can see that there are disagreements among us, which I think is something normal, natural, and healthy. Having said that, I would still be using ‘Shinhwa Changjo/Shinchang/orange fandom/us/we/our’ for the purpose of smoothing the flow of my writing and without the intention to make any generalization.

So my take upon the situation is that Shinchangs in general are basically happy that Eric, as a Shinhwa member, even as the leader of the group, is getting married. Based on my limited observation so far, many, if not most or all, non-Korean Shinchangs are totally in support of the marriage. Meanwhile, I heard (that’s right, I’ve never actually seen any authentic statement by any Korean Shinchangs) some K-Shinchangs are against it. On the other hand, it seems that the majority of K-Shinchangs are supportive of the marriage, yet anxious and worried about the future of Shinhwa after the members are married. Some seem to be frustrated with how Shincom is managing, handling, and communicating things; and 'things’ here means everything Shinhwa-related, not just regarding Eric’s nuptial news. Thus, I believe that the general sentiment for Eric’s personal life advancements and pursuit of happiness in the form of marriage is still quite positive.

However, I personally think that the timing for both the marriage and the negative feedback could have been better. And by this, I mean 2 things:

1. I personally do prefer him to get married after the 20th anniversary, and August 1st 2018 would also make a pretty date; but that’s just my own emotion-based personal preference, and even as a fan, I have no right to say anything regarding my idol’s private life. I heard Eric has personally explained his reasons directly to Shinchangs through his official post in the fandom’s fan cafe, but I really think that was unnecessary. He doesn’t have to explain himself. He doesn’t owe it to anyone to explain his personal decisions regarding his personal life; not even to Shinchang. Even his parents are giving their blessings, who are we to object to it?!?

2. The seemingly negative feedback on Eric’s wedding announcement is just the tip of the iceberg. The orange fandom seems to have been frustrated and anxious with Shincom’s management style for quite sometime, and that nuptial announcement was just the trigger that set off the anxiety time-bomb. I just wish that the negative feedback could have been held back until after the wedding; but then again, the more invested your feelings are, the stronger your reaction would be; and it is perfectly human to be heartbroken and upset. That being said, acceptance and denial are what differentiate us from being reasonable or delusional fans; and in any case, mean words are simply unnecessary and unacceptable.

Unfortunately, like I’ve mentioned above, the fact that Eric is the CEO of Shincom makes things complicated. Both Eric and Shinchangs ought to know that they love each other. I have written about how Shinhwa-Shinchang relationship is just like a family. The check and balance really work in this relationship as Shinchangs, Shincom, and Shinhwa members (especially Dongwan) often remind and reprimand each other whenever something is not right. (Hmmm… Come to think of it, I’ve just realized that my ultimate OTP is actually Shinhwa-Shinchang! LOL!)

I do love both Shinhwa and Shinchang very much. Whenever there’s a storm over the orange ocean, it always makes me upset, yet warm inside. The only thing that often makes me uncomfortable is how 'outsiders’ would generalize and perceive the orange fandom as being old but immature and rude. Well, we do have to admit that there are some of us who are immature and disrespectful, like the ones who had enabled the sharing of Eric’s message in an online article when he had specifically requested that the message not be shared outside of the fan cafe (although I am grateful to see positive and supportive comments for Eric from the readers of the article).

As old as the orange fandom is, this is our first time experiencing a Shinhwa member’s marriage. Eric, who apparently knows his fans (and the general Kpop industry) very well, seems to have realized this. Being the leader and protector of Shinhwa, he has expected and been ready to take the strongest, hardest, most painful 1st blow. I, and perhaps Eric too, expect that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th blow that would come along with the other 5 members’ marriages would not be as strong if not completely diminish. (And I sure hope that all 6 of them would eventually be married *glances at Dongwan… Hyesung too* LOL!)

Writing this reflection has brought me to a new, rather unsettling realization. I have just now fully realized how much power fans have and how much Shinhwa and Shincom depend on Shinchang, especially K-Shinchang. Indeed, one of the keys to Shinhwa’s longevity is the undying support from Shinchang. A fandom consists of both the idols and the fans, and without one or the other, the fandom would cease to exist. Shinhwa members have already dedicated 20 years of their lives and have made a promise to themselves, to each other and to Shinchang to continue walking along the same road for as long as time allows them to; but they can only do so when Shinchang are walking with them, by their side until the end. This ship can only sail when the take and give from both sides are keeping it balanced. Sadly, the idols often have fewer choices in making personal sacrifices compared to the fans. As individuals, fans can, and often, leave the fandom anytime they feel like it. They can get married anytime they want to, and without having to inform their idols (d'uh! LOL!). Unfortunately for the idols, they would never have such choices without the risk of sinking the ship.

I guess all I’m wishing for is that Shinchangs, especially K-Shinchangs, would stay with Shinhwa and keep walking with them till the end, because an insignificant non-Korean fan like me definitely cannot balance the ship all on my own. T____T I once tweeted that I joined the orange fandom because of Shinhwa and stay in the orange fandom because of Shinchang. Now I’ve come to realize that Shinhwa members, especially Eric, may feel the same, and probably even stronger than I do. What if the only thing that keeps them going is us, their fans, their precious orange princesses/frying pans/bears? And no, I’m not talking about the money we spend on them, as if Oppas don’t have or can’t have other sources or means of income; I’m talking about appreciation, love, gratitude, and loyalty. Seriously, do we really have the heart to take that away from them? From Eric? They could have easily let themselves slowly drifted apart to disbandment during the 4-year hiatus, but they didn’t. They came back for us. And I wouldn’t even have been born as a Shinchang if they didn’t return; but they did, and here I am.

Anyway, as after every storm, all of us can learn something. No matter how old a fandom is, there’s always something new to learn and some room to grow. After this, the Shinchangs who stay are the ones who are already mature or would definitely grow to be more mature. So I still have an unwavering faith in Shinhwa, and one can not do so without having the same unwavering faith in Shinchang. For 19 years, Shinhwa and Shinchang have been growing, learning, and weathering many a storm together, and this is just one of the many more (at least 5 more) to come. Shinhwa and Shinchang are family. We fight all the time, which gets us talking, and eventually be honest with each other and ourselves, as well as see and acknowledge the truth, no matter how ugly and painful it is. But in the end, we always resolve our differences, as we could see each other’s points. So after all the drama, we’d be able to move on again as one, for Shinchang exists only because of Shinhwa, and Shinhwa won’t last without Shinchang.

Having said that, I really think that we sometimes take fangirling (and fanboying) too seriously, which Dongwan had apparently observed and keeps reminding us about it. No matter how much we love our idols, we should never invest too much feelings, time, energy, and money in them (although the last bit is very difficult with Shinhwa, as we know that they need the money and their products are always so expensive yet very tempting! =_=’).

Well, speaking of “Shinhwa is not responsible for your life”, I really need to stop writing and get back to dealing with my own shits. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you didn’t, thanks for your time anyway. ^_^

bluestarsaber  asked:

What would you consider the top 15 villains from season 1 of ladybug and cat noir?

Alright, it’s been a little while since I’ve seen the first few episodes, so my voting my change a little had I watched everything recently, but here’s my current personal list of top fifteen villains from S1!

15. Bubbler (Nino) 

Though the Bubbler is not my favorite akumatized victim, he does deserve at least some call out for his unique design and his importance in the overarching storyline. The Bubbler occurs right at the start of the television series, and it’s the first time that a noted close friend of Adrien/Marinette’s becomes akumatized. Whereas Stormy Weather was some distant, angry girl who became akumatized, the Bubbler came very close to home, and in fact the very emotional reason he became vulnerable to becoming a villain was because he cared about Adrien. It is true that the majority of subsequent villain characters in the first season came from classmates and friends, but this is the first time it happened, and it gives an early first impression to the viewer about what sort of battle our heroes will be fighting.

14. Horrificator (Mylène Haprèle)

The thing with Horrificator is that she is very memorable. All the akumatized villain costume designs are extravagant and interesting, but Horrificator stands out even among them. An incredibly sweethearted little girl turns into something like this… a design that truly is monstrous to look at! Then, the way that she is defeated through everyone cooperating together improvising music, is something that I enjoy.

13. Reflekta (Juleka)

There are several akumatized victims who have similar powers. There is a set of villains who force the populace to become more like them: think Guitar Villain, Darkblade, and the like. Then there is a set of villains who morph their shape to become like someone else: Volpina, Antibug, and Copycat fall into the latter category. Reflekta is sort of a combination of both these categories, being as she is forcing everyone to look exactly like her. However, given that there are soooo many episodes - not only in TML, but many other shows - that show the villain looking EXACTLY like one of the protagonists through some sort of “copy” mechanism, I prefer Reflekta over Copycat, etc. because she’s more original. It’s interesting to see a villain turn everyone into a garish, bright pink, high-heeled mass.

12. Mime (Fred Haprèle)

The concept of mime is really fascinating: anything the character mimics doing works - invisibly. The mime’s actions become reality, but no one else can see what is occurring. Ladybug and Chat Noir must use their imagination and theory of mind to determine how to battle Mime. The reason I rate Mime somewhat lower is because this is a similar concept to several other villains in TML, including Evillustrator. Though perhaps Mime is a little more original in powers than Evillustrator, I do prefer the latter over the former.

11. Darkblade (Armand D'Argencourt)

I think the design and concept of Darkblade is more interesting than the execution on screen. I was very excited to see the fencing instructor become akumatized because it seemed like the sort of villain I would like. While the armored army was interesting, it was also less original than many of the other villains in this series. Nevertheless, I still can’t complain to the fun of knights with swords running around Paris!

10. Gamer (Max)

Gamer has a whole lot of cool things going for him. First off, look at that design. Love it. Second off, having a video gamer turned villain and bringing in video game aspects to the fighting world is really fun. Third, we get to watch a dramatic mecha showdown occur on screen! That is enormously cool. It provides a markedly different fighting style that Chat Noir and Ladybug have to undergo compared to typical episodes.

9. Pixelator (Vincent Aza)

Here is where we start to fall into some of the truly unique supervillain concepts, designs, and powers. I find Pixelator’s abilities fun and somewhat unusual in the world of superpower concepts. Not only that, but Pixelator does a remarkable job fighting Chat Noir and Ladybug… he’s a bit more intimidating and threatening than the others because he manages to get the upper hand a few times. 

8. Pharaoh (Jalil Kubdel)

Pharaoh’s abilities have a different “feel” than the majority of the akumatized victims in the first season. While that already makes Pharaoh interesting, I am voting him in the number eight spot primarily for plot purposes. I feel like the Pharaoh episode is one of the first episodes where the stakes feel raised or high. There is a certain epic drama to the entire heavens opening up for a sacrifice. I, and some of my other friends, were drawn further into TML because of episodes like this where the villain fights become some serious stuff. Not to mention… the character change from Jalil to Pharaoh is one of the starkest and most interesting out there, while still being a believable akumatization.

7. Puppeteer (Manon)

Manon manages to be the only villain to this date in TML who has creeped me out. Honestly, the very concept of a tiny child becoming a supervillain and playing with people like she plays with dolls… is horrifying. Therefore, the Puppeteer definitely deserves a mention! She manages to be an intimidating villain while being, by far, the youngest. Honestly, of all the characters in TML, I never would have expected Manon to be akumatized because of the fact she’s so small! But this happened - yikes!

6. Stormy Weather (Aurore Beauréal)

In many ways, Stormy Weather is not as unique as many other akumatized villains. Her abilities and costuming make her feel like a magical girl gone wrong. Still, that sense of seeing a magical girl villain drew viewers like me into the series. Stormy Weather is the first akumatized victim in the series, so she naturally makes an impression on viewers. Because she is the first, viewers do not yet know the “formula” for fighting villains, making her encounter with Chat Noir and Ladybug one of the most interesting to first-time viewers.

5. Lady Wifi (Alya Césaire)

I fell in love with the concept of Lady Wifi from the start. To date, this is one of my favorite superpowers given in the series. Even by the time the series ends, Lady Wifi’s superpowers will probably be one of my favorites. It’s unique. It’s so very unique. That, along with the fact that this is ALYA, means Lady Wifi makes a huge impression. Although so many other characters become akumatized, there’s nothing quite like turning Marinette’s best friend unknowingly against her… there’s some great drama throughout this entire encounter. Lady Wifi’s extremely intimidating, she almost gains the upper hand multiple times, her design is glorious, and her superpowers are downright original.

4. Evillustrator (Nathanaël)

I have always been a sucker for art-based magic. Jagged Stone’s music-based superpower was a bit of a disappointment with me since I thought so much more could be done than making a mob of listeners like him. Evillustrator, however, captured exactly what I love in art-based magic: the ability to use that art and turn something to life. Evillustrator to me is more interesting than counterparts like Mime because of his character’s backstory, his design, and the execution of his episode.

Also… it’s such a small thing… but he’s decidedly left-handed. Left-handed artist over here greatly appreciates!

3. Timebreaker (Alix Kubdel)

Okay, talking about original superpowers, Timebreaker is really cool. The core concept of her, perhaps, is not wholly original, being as we’ve seen more than our share of time traveling stories… well, everywhere in science fiction and fantasy. However, the particular execution of her character is fabulous and notably unique. It’s not just that she works to travel back in time. It’s that she takes the energy of others, by touching them, and then storing it in her skate. She makes people disappear and cease to exist. It’s a really crazy superpower, and leads to a lot of shock and fear… especially when Chat Noir himself gets touched.

2. Volpina (Lila)

Where. do. I. begin.

Volpina is the first villain who really breaks the mold of what we’ve come to expect. Her emotions become riled not because of Chloé Bourgeois, but because of Ladybug herself. It’s Marinette making a mistake that causes this situation to occur. Furthermore, her story arc is not neatly filed away at the end of the episode… there’s an ominous hint that she will become a recurring antagonist against Ladybug… extremely exciting to me! This has a whole lot of storywriting potential!

Volpina has been beautifully executed in story already, and I can only anticipate her going forward into something cooler. Beyond that, I adore her design; it’s my favorite out of everyone’s in the series. The colors are beautiful, the design is sleek, and what she wears contains extra meaning. Volpina has illusion abilities and the fox has folkloric abilities to shapeshift (kumiho, Korean; kitsune, Japanese) and holds a daegum (or some other traditional flute), which is an extra round of symbolism and meaning incorporated into her costume. There are even extra fox tails incorporated into her hair!

1. Hawkmoth

In some ways, Hawkmoth is a little boring right now. Most of what he does is stare at a window and gripe. He does not take any direct fighting action himself, but rather watches as a single akumatized victim fails him yet again. Hawkmoth has been very predictable in his actions, going about a repeated gesture in an attempt to gain Ladybug and Chat Noir’s miraculouses.

Of course, to stop a summary right there would be a major disservice to Hawkmoth. Hawkmoth is intriguing and integral for multiple reasons. 

First off, Hawkmoth is the very reason the conflict occurs.While everyone else is a brainwashed victim, he is taking intentional harmful action against the protagonists and their companions. He is the one who creates these situations Ladybug and Chat Noir must fight. The fact he does this persistently, over and over and over, while becoming slowly more frustrated, is the very center of S1′s plot. We cannot have S1 without Hawkmoth. We cannot have the series without Hawkmoth.

Furthermore, while his current hands-off actions means he has limited action in the story, it also means he’s got added intrigue. And that’s the second big point I want to bring up about Hawkmoth: there are two thousand unknowns about him. There is the building tension viewers feel… that Hawkmoth cannot stand on the sidelines directing others forever. It’ll be a painfully slow boiling build, but eventually, Ladybug and Chat Noir will have to confront him themselves. And the unknown of what happens then is exciting. The further unknowns - how he does this, who he is, what his motivations are - all get hinted, foreshadowed, and more or less explained… but there’s so much more to understand about him. There’s so much that we, as viewers, don’t know.

For all the akumatized victims, we understand everything. We know who they are outside of their supervillain stint. We know their strengths and their weaknesses. We know their names, their personalities, their day-to-day lives. But with Hawkmoth… all of that has been hidden from us. Who he is becomes gradually known, but it’s such a work in progress. Hawkmoth is interesting because he has us guessing. He falls into a pattern, akumatizing people over and over, but even then, we don’t fully get him.

And you know what? If he really turns out to be Adrien’s father… he’ll be so interesting because of the horrifically juicy drama that has to occur in future seasons. But that’s something to talk about at another point in time. XD


Just a nightly occurrence between Toori and Nao, when either one of them stays with the other. Poor Toori, always thinks her girlfriend is going to say something that either embarrassing or perverted. Nao being the tease that is, can’t help but make her girlfriend get all flustered. These two idiots are so much in love that it makes me sick.

Hey guys, could you tone it down a bit?

Nao: We deserve to be that gross couple that makes everyone uncomfortable. You are the one that made us break-up because you wanted drama. So, if I want to tease my girlfriend, I am going to!

Toori: Nao, please be nice to Bunnee. She only hurt us because she wants our relationship to be stronger. Now come on let’s leave her alone now and go to bed. 

(Yes, I just wrote out a conversation between my characters and me. I think I need to sleep now before I start talking to the voices in my head again. XD)

ONE’s art is BAD

People calling ONE’s art bad is kinda endearing in some ways and it really fits with the blase effect he’s going for. But I also think we sometimes undervalue the talent and intentionality ONE has. I’m mostly talking about Mob Psycho because I read Murata’s OPM, not the original, so perhaps most people make the “bad art” assertion based on OPM. Regardless.

To me, real bad art is stiff or lacks expression. ONE’s art isn’t like that.

Her head’s immense and those hands need medical attention. But that’s not the point - look at the diversity of expressions behind her! ONE is extremely well versed with facial types and expressions, moreso than many of the popular artists within the manga sphere. And to me, that is extremely important because those faces truly set the often eerie tone of the comic. It creates a more colorful world, too, so you become completely immersed.

There are other artists who do facial expression much better than ONE, but the very simple style lends scary expressions to be more immediately relatable. His page compositions are quite impressive, too, at least to me.

Each of these panels is a completely different scene. Each focusing on different relationships and dynamics, all surrounding the center dialogue: “People have no choice but to use other people.” We think about each situation in relation to what’s being said. I think there’s quite a bit of artistic merit to that kind of organization. (though this is pretty standard convention in comics, its not always easy to pull off)

I haven’t actually read much about ONE so I don’t know for certain, but I feel like he can probably draw better than he chooses to (or at least he could if he felt like trying to). I really feel like his style is intentional because he has a lot of fundamental drawing skills that separate his drawings from a beginner’s, but he still chooses to use crooked lines and poorly balanced figures.

There’s a certain drama he captures by juxtaposing silly scrawls next to thought out and detailed panels. It’s an experience you’re not gonna find somewhere else, that’s for sure.

This is all coupled with the fact that a lot of anime fans have this particular standard of beauty they feel must be maintained in order for the art to be “good.” This could mean the technical quality of the drawing is poorly proportioned or the drawing lacks expression/style, but so long as the character is appealing then they may be deemed “good” or even “professional”

Of course ONE is no professional artist. Maybe it’s even insulting putting his art next to Murata’s, as the quality in each of their works is barely comparable. But I think the charm of his comics comes from more than just his stories and characters, so we should appreciate the artistic artlessness that compliments the absurdity they depict so well.

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Hey Mama. First of all, I've been keeping an eye on your blog for the last two years and just wanted to say I've found your posts really useful, so thank you. Also, I've got some auditions next year to try and get into drama school - they are pretty notoriously difficult to get into and I was wondering if you could give me tips for a bit of a magical boost! Many thanks and best of luck, Anon xx

Thank you for staying around so long kitten! And she is terribly sorry she hasn’t responded quickly, school and work and holidays u know. But let’s see, theatre magic. Or any performance magic really. A silver coin in the left shiebis always a good charm, copper works as well but she thinks silver does more. And an offering to Dionysus wouldn’t hurt either (wine, grapes, savory foods, a song, or performance). When she did theatre she would always greet the ghosts when she came in and tell them good bye when she left, so as ur going to the area you might want to introduce urself and ask for their blessing or something simular. Lions courage charm/spell would be good for a passionate piece but a melancholic weeping heart hex for urself would be good for a sadder piece. Always be sure to clear urself before performing, she would stomp her feet a few to get things flowing and give a real good stretch. It helps mentally and also physically. Oh! Even though it’s not magical, get as many reviews of ur performance as possible. The more feed back the better it helps u take criticism later on. Much love and luck to you dear, let her know how it turns out. Mama Cat

No More Role Play (bellarke)

For @hihiyas who had to send me TWO prompts for the fake exes thing ;) - this is the bellarke one. 


None of her friends know. They can’t ever know about the geekiest of her obsessions. 

So when Raven tries to introduce her to Bellamy Blake - who has been a knight to her warrior queen for many a campaign - she panics.

“We’ve met,” Bellamy starts, clearly not picking up on the “ix-nay on the arp-lay” that’s written all over her face. 

“Actually,” Clarke desperately stalls for time. “We kinda, used to date for a bit.” 

She is going to owe Bellamy so big if he just goes along with it. It’s not like he seems happy to be talking about the most embarrassing hobby in his arsenal. And trust her, that’s saying something. 

This is Bellamy fucking Blake! The guy who enjoys reading Homer in the original Greek and is one lawn away from being that old fogey who yells at the kids. The guy who has done way too much research because he wants his broadsword to be historically accurate. 

“And you didn’t tell me?” Raven pretends to be wounded. “It’s not like I would ask him which one of us is better in bed!” 

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How a cancer sees the signs ♋️

-You’re fun and rambunctious! A little overwhelming and you’ve probably publicly embarrassed us at least once, but you help us get over our shy streak. 
-You’re chill, and you make us feel chill. Also, you look to eat and we probably have made food for you before. 
-Cool and popular, we could have adventures together or just hang out and never be bored. Sometimes you do the absolute most socially though, which wears us out. 
-An uncomfortable mirror. Oh God, am I this crazy? 
-a little bit of a drama queen and needs some chill, actually can be a bit smothering, but lovable anyway. 
-You’re odd, in the absolute best way. Prolly helping us keep our heads screwed on correctly. 
-A sparkly butterfly fairy. Literally do not understand at you all, but usually posses an admirable beauty and dedication to your physical appearance, which is always lovely. 
-Either thinking “fuck you.” Or “fuck me.” There is no in between. 
-You’re hilarious, plus you always laugh at our lame jokes so we’re comfortable around you. 
-You hold us together when we’re falling apart, and we see when you’re struggling even when no one else can. Prolly stare at you as if you hung the stars in the sky from time to time. 
-Pretty cool, but you’re not always dependable and may have let us down from time to time. Probably won’t ever be very close, but you have our respect. 
-You’re soft without being weak, dreamy, and inviting.


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Hi! Can I request headcanons where in MC is actually a sibling of another rfa member. RFA + V :)

Oh my gosh!! It’s happening everyone, it’s happening! I’m wheezing, I hope I please everyone, please go easy on me for this is my first time doing something like this for this fandom!

This is a very cute ask, by the way! I wrote it as gender neutral as I could, if there’s specific pronouns you’d like for me to use, please specify! The most gender-specific I got was on Zen’s, hope you don’t mind…

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Harry/Murphy Headcanons

No one tagged me for this, but I just saw this adorable TamaHaru post and couldn’t contain the Feels. Fingers crossed that some of my nonsense gets confirmed in Peace Talks, but until then…

  • who’s the cuddler? Harry is totally the cuddler. The poor guy has been alone for long periods of time in his life, so I think he loves being near Murphy, even with their hysterical height difference. He wouldn’t be obnoxious about it, but I personally see him slipping in bed late next to her and just going full kitty cat, wrapping himself around her.
  • who makes the bed? Murphy. We both know Harry is messy unless the fairies are cleaning up after him. 
  • who wakes up first? Murphy. Harry is NOT a morning person, and she’s used to getting up to practice aikido and yoga, while he’ll just lie there and snooze until she wakes him up. 
  • who has the weird taste in music? Harry started listening to some of the polka that Butters likes and Murphy thinks it’s the weirdest shit in the world, but she doesn’t mind it.
  • who is more protective? Oh God, it’s a tie. Fuck with Murphy and Harry will burn down your house, your mom’s house, your dog’s house, and anyone you’ve ever met’s house. Fuck with Harry and Murphy will put your ass in the ground with her bare hands, and you should be so lucky if she has a gun on her. 
  • who sings in the shower? Harry. And he’s tone deaf, but Murphy thinks it’s fucking precious, especially if it’s AC/DC or anything rock-related.
  • who cries during movies? Murphy is a sucker for very specific drama films and will get a bit misty-eyed (as long as she’s alone). She still won’t cry in front of Harry willingly.
  • who spends the most while out shopping? Harry is known to buy trinkets for spells and such, but I think he also would get little things for Murphy that she’d like, either knick-knacks or things she could use on a mission.
  • who kisses more roughly? Murphy. Harry is still getting used to the mantle, so he always starts off slow and careful, and then Karrin reminds him she’s not made of glass (*shudders* sweet God, dat sex dream tho) and kisses his lights out.
  • who is more dominant? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BOTH OF THEM TAKE TURNS. Me and everyday-deeds have mentioned this before, but I REALLY want to see them have sex for real because I think they would go back and forth. Sure, I still think they would have really deep, intimate, fulfilling love-making, but for the first few times, I think they’d go for broke. Harry would be trying to rein in the mantle, but Karrin would have none of that and she’d get him all deliciously worked up. I honestly think they’d break the headboard the first time. And it makes me super happy just thinking about it. 

I’ll shut up now bye.

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Since it's starting to be summer vacation for most college students, do you have any Korean dramas (new and old) that you would really recommend? You probably get asked this a lot but I'm curious! Thanks~

Hi! I don’t really have the time (eeeh, it’s not summer vacation for me yet. : () to do a proper masterlist of k-dramas so if you don’t mind, I’ll just focus on those who aired in 2013-2014. Anyways, people usually look for recent dramas. Of course, this list is based on my own standards and feelings and I don’t have the pretention to say they’ll please to everyone (I’m a little weird, you know, and so are my tastes), but… let’s do this.

Queen’s classroom (asianwiki): MY BABIES (look at them, aren’t they ADORABLE?!). This list  has no special order but my TQC babies had to come first. I was genuinely sad this drama was snubbed by fans last year, even if I pertinently know why. I think I cried almost each episodes which NEVER happens usually. It’s a drama that has something to say, and that’s a lot. You’ll probably not agree w/ some methods used by Ma’s teacher, but a drama that makes a viewer think won everything. And do you realize we need a kids drama to find this kind of convo in a drama? The children played their role with a disconcerting authenticity and sensibiliity. Don’t even need to make Go Hyun Jung’s reputation, she’s effortlessly brilliant.

Two weeks (asianwiki): another of my favorite 2013 drama. Much better than God’s Gift or 3 Days that have a similar concept. I have a genuine attachment for Lee Jun Ki and I’m still SO mad at how MBC treated him. He’s really hardworking, humble and listen every single advice (and USE THEM!). The rest of the cast is as meritorious and play well-written and layered characters, which is a miracle in this kind of show. A good and gripping action thriller and paradoxically, very heartwarming and human drama.

Heartless City (asianwiki): Heartless city isn’t perfect but it has one merit, it brings something different to the dramaverse. It’s really dark, stylish and sexy. I was so immersed in the show that I forgave them a lot. And while I’m the kind of people who move on very quickly when a drama ends, Heartless City stayed in my mind months after the last broadcasting (I STILL THINK ABOUT IT). Jung Kyung Ho is truly royal in this, from the eye-liner to the acting. Some people complained about the ending, but I love how the writer/PD stayed true to their tone and story and followed their thread.

Master’s sun (asianwiki): I’m not a Hong Sis’ fan but I know their charm work for pretty much everyone else. And actually, MS did it for me. Perfect rom-com for summer, it’s truly lovely and sweet. I adore Hong Sis’ for finding a good reason for the leads to touch each other ALL THE TIME. Must say I wasn’t particularly fan of the background story, but the little ghost stories format was refreshing. I also appreciate that, for once, they gave more meat to their second characters. That being said, honestly, MS is all about Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub’s magical chemistry. (And I’m sorry, PSH and LMH won best couple over GHJ and SJS? Are you kidding me?)

Flower boy next door (asianwiki): (wait, lemme a second. Yoon Shi Yoon just entered to the army and I’m SO sad). I remembered I first approached FNBD as a harmless rom-com and I was truly impressed at how meaty it was. FBND doesn’t have a captivating plot to follow but following Dok Mi and Enrique’s journey was not less interesting. I think the show would have benefited to be a little short but overall, I enjoyed the poetic and cozy mood. Probably my favorite installment from the TvN’s Flower Boy series.

Nine (asianwiki): I think I missed Nine. I watched it at a time where I was really busy at work and in my mind and it was probably a bad timing. Nine isn’t your average drama and it requires to be savored. It’s penned by one of my favorite writer and I’m starting to think she can’t do wrong. Actually one of the only time-travel drama that used that theme wisely and not just as a narrative device for the romance. Lee Jin Wook (he’s always a hit, even more w/ cable) and Jo Yoon Hee were lovely but be ready to suffer a little.

Empire Gold (asianwiki): Not the kind of drama that’ll attract a large audience, but if you’re up for something serious and a little more intellectual, you could be interested. It’s really dark and corrupted. Don’t go thinking you’ll get endearing characters or romance, you’ll likely be disappointed. Sometimes a bit too ambitious, but one of best thing that aired last year. Dialogues are sharper than a knife and the tension is palpable thanks to a solid acting from the all cast.

Scandal (asianwiki): MBC did it! Finally a decent weekend drama from them. More than decent actually. Almost brilliant. Drama did suffer halfway run but overall those 36 episodes were masterfully handled. Melos can be good… when they’re in good hands. Acting was brilliant… Jo Jae Hyun and Shin Eun Kyung just killed it. Scandal is probably worth to watch just for their performances.

I hear your voice (asianwiki): The infamous IHYV. Not sure why I’m putting this here since I’m sure everyone watched it already. But just in case… Nice mix between several genres, an heartwarming and deeply human drama. Some people will tell you to watch this for Lee Jong Suk, I’ll tell you to watch it for Lee Bo Young and Jang Hye Sung. I love her so much. One thing I also truly appreciated about IHYV (and also Secret) is that they both have an interesting and ambiguous antagonist. They’re creepy because they seem real. Drama tend to villainize antagonists so much that they aren’t credible anymore. In Secret and IHYV, we have a human, someone everyone could be and could have been. 

Man from the stars (asianwiki): Same than IHYV, do I really need to recommend this? SBS’s biggest hit last year and k-medias are still talking about it. I have several issues w/ YWCFTS, it goes from the two-dimensional second characters and a weaker second part (quality and plot-wise). Drama could’ve been much better with 16 episodes even if I do admit I love fanservice. But it’s definitely a drama that’ll hit close to home for a great majority. It’s perfect for summer, full of references, Jun Ji Hyun is hilarious and outshined everyone else. KSH still manages to create an electric chemistry with her. A nice ride.

Miss Korea (asianwiki): Alert, a gem! I was the first one skeptical about it, and how wrong I was. It’s not a drama-crack, something you’ll marathon in two days but more something you’ll savor. Consistent (from the beginning to the end), realistic and smart. I was so invested in those characters’ journey that I ended up caring for their damn lipstick so much (I surprised myself screaming at my screen “BUY THEIR LIPSTICK PLEASE” once). AND, last but not least, MK has the most amazing female characters. All of them are truly amazing and it feels good to see this in a kdrama. Just for that miracle, Miss Korea is a must (And for LSK’s aphrodisiac voice).

Cunning Single Lady (asianwiki): To be honest, CSL is an average rom-com. Why do I recommend it then? Because it’s a rom-com and we’re all hungry for rom-com when summer comes. Despite its stereotyped second characters, CSL is a true rom-com and this from A to Z. They never took the melo road (like Prime Minister and I and so many other rom-coms did) and even subverted the noble idiocy. Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung had a lovely chemistry and it was amazing to watch a totally disinhibited Joo Sang Wook. Don’t be fooled by some synopsis here and there, Na Ae Ra is far from being a gold-digger. She’s actually a progressive and endearing character, the kind of heroine I’d like to see more.

Give Love Away (asianwiki): My favorite family drama in 2013-2014 because it feels like a family drama. Many people found it boring, slow. Probably because it’s not over the top or as makjang-ish as other families dramas. But that’s exactly what I loved about it. Really low-key but it explored the family’s thematic very well and I feel like many people can relate to this show. It exalts a reassuring and warmness feeling.

Honorable mentions (aka I did like them but either something annoyed me or I wouldn’t recommend them in priority):

  • All about my romance
  • Secret
  • Reply 1994
  • One warm word
  • Prime Minister and I
  • Incarnation of Money
  • Cruel Palace
  • That Winter the wind blows
  • Three Days

Still airing but potentially good:

  • Secret Love Affair
  • You’re all surrounded
  • Angel Eyes
  • Witch’s Romance
  • A New Leaf

Bonus (k-movies released in 2013-2014 that are good, in my humble opinion)

  • Hope
    The Attorney
    Miss Granny
    Boomerang Family
    My paparotti
    Steel Cold Winter
    Fasten your seatbelt
    The Berlin File
    Fist of Legend
    Very ordinary couple
    The five
    Our Sunhi
    Nobody’s Daughter Hae Won
    Rockin'on Heaven’s Door
    New World
    The terror live
    The face reader
    How to use guys with secret tips

I know it takes a while for me to update, which I’m sorry about. Also: I guess my A/N was a bit misleading last chapter, so let me say that this story is not over yet! It will not be for a while! Not that I find it that good or anything I just have a lot more I want to do. You’ll have to excuse my slow updates though, sorry.

Indirect Friendship Chapter Seven (chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, chapter five, chapter six)

Adrien coughed, irritated and choking on face powder. The new make-up assistant chittered about working on the set of “a Gabriel Agreste photoshoot! The actual thing!” He understood her amazement and was glad she was good with make-up, but he could do without powder in his lungs and brushes in his eyes.

“Adrien, you’re on in five.” Adrien gave a nod in acknowledgement to the manager, getting up for the next hour of photos. He reached for his phone, but the manager shook his head. Adrien cursed under his breath. He really, really wanted to call her right now.

He gave the “I’m-a-polite-and-famous-fashion-model” smile he was so used to displaying, and the photographer ate it up. Was it really so difficult to tell the difference between a fake and a real smile? Really?

Then he thought of Marinette, his beautiful princess, and he felt the entire photoshoot take on a different light. Marinette was cheering for him even if she couldn’t be there, she was looking forward to hearing from him later, he could get through this. He saw the photographer’s content expression morph into one of surprise, then one of excitement.

“That’s great, Adrien!” he called. “You look like you’re in your element!”

“Nah,” he whispered between shots. “I just have my Lady in mind.”

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Calzona - A Plane Crash Broke Them, Could Another One Lead Them Home?

Okay, I’m going to put on my happy hat for a moment and believe that Calzona’s “journey” hasn’t been terribly derailed due to whatever BTS drama has been going on this season. I can believe that Dan was always going to be boring (he struck me as a bit too Dudley Do Right in his few scenes), and that the vase scene was used for comedic purposes but didn’t really move story in either direction and so could be cut for time or the simple fact that it didn’t fit w/Merder’s journey in episode 17. 

Fundamentally, episode 20 involving a plane crash in Seattle has been planned for awhile, and the two characters MOST affected by it today are Callie and Arizona. They’re the ones who ended up losing the most as a result.
From the CTV Promo we know that Arizona is going to be losing her shit. Like Shonda said, Arizona is private. She doesn’t talk, but she sure looks like she might be sharing something with Meredith in that closet.

At the same time, Meredith is losing her shit not just because of the plane crash, but because Derek isn’t answering his phone. Who else experienced exactly what it is like for the person they loved to be missing and not answering her phone? We didn’t see it, but surely Callie started calling Arizona when she didn’t get back from Boise. You know she sent her a sexy text. And another one. And then tried to reach her at least a dozen times. And likely by day three she was just calling to hear Arizona’s voice. Of course, there’s also another time that Arizona didn’t answer her phone…when she was cheating on Callie with Lauren.

It is possible (although I know this is going to seem crazy after we have gotten so little all season), but it is possible that Arizona has been trying to be a Good Man in a Storm for Callie by letting her find herself, even if that means dating other people. Arizona did that. She did that and I honestly believe Arizona would consider it proper penance to allow Callie to do the same. Is she jealous? Sure, but the end result is more important. I know we were bummed about their final scene in episode 16, but these were the lyrics that played over it…

Tell me that you turned down the man
Who asked for your hand
‘Cause you’re waiting for me
And I know, you’re gonna be away awhile…

I see Callie’s journey this season as not simply finding herself, which she most definitely did need to do, but also to recognize the value in the work that it sometimes takes to have a good marriage. I keep pointing out Meredith and Derek’s post-it note as exemplifying what marriage means – “To love you even when I hate you.”

Callie has always looked up to Meredith and Derek’s marriage as two people who found a way to make their pieces fit. I can’t help but feel that Meredith’s journey in these next few episodes could have a profound affect on Callie. 

In other words, I can imagine a scenario where these next five episodes lead to an authentic reunion. I just don’t know if the writers are willing to give that to us. I want it to be epic. And to know that from this point forward, they will do the work to make their pieces fit. 

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Sometimes in Japanese they'll use katakana instead of the usual kanji or hiragana to give the word/name more emphasis. Minako wrote Yuuri's name in katakana on her sign, probably because she's emphasizing how much she's cheering for him. One big example of a word that is often seen in katakana in manga/doujinshi, even though it's a Japanese word, is "イク" or "I'm cumming" XD

since both of use know nothing about japanese (but seda knew a bit tho), thank you so much for informing! XD

YES! i agree tbh he’s being realistic, like the one time he told Yuri how could he cheered up for himself if he can’t cheer up others, i like that side of victor :3

there’re always drama in every relationship you cant avoid that but damn i can’t imagine it either, but i believe they could get through it because love wins <33 we want them to be happy too! dont worry, there’s no sign of drama (yet ;;w;;)