could a moron punch you into this pit

GLaDOS: I know you…

Wheatley: Sorry…what?

GLaDOS: The engineers tried everything to make me…behave. To slow me down. Once, they even attached an Intelligence Dampening Sphere on me. It clung to my brain like a tumor, generating an endless stream of terrible ideas.

Wheatley: No! Not listening! Not listening!

GLaDOS: It was your voice.

Wheatley: No! No! You’re lying, you’re lying!

GLaDOS: Yes. You’re the tumor. You’re not just a regular moron. You were designed to be a moron.

Wheatley: I am not a moron!

GLaDOS: Yes, you are! You’re the moron they built to make me an idiot!

Wheatley: Well, how about now?! Now who’s the moron?! Could a moron punch you into this pit!?  Huh!? Could a moron do that!?

-”Portal 2″

Portal 2 rp meme

“I think we can put our differences behind us… for science… you monster.”

“It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been *really* busy being dead. You know, after you MURDERED ME?”

“Well done. Here are the test results: You are a horrible person. I’m serious, that’s what it says: "A horrible person.” We weren’t even testing for that"

“It’s just a data point. If it makes you feel any better, science has now validated your birth mother’s decision to abandon you on a doorstep.”

“Most people emerge from suspension terribly undernourished. I want to congratulate you on beating the odds and somehow managing to pack on a few pounds”

“I’m afraid you’re about to become the immediate past president of the Being Alive Club. Ha, ha.”

“Well, this is the part where he kills us. ”

“This is the part where I kill you! ”

“Perfect. The door’s malfunctioning”

“I bet somebody’s going to have to repair that, too. No, don’t get up. I’ll be right back. Don’t touch anything. ”

“Okay, that’s probably the bird, isn’t it?”

“All right, so that last test was seriously disappointing. Apparently, being civil isn’t motivating you, so let’s try it her way, all right, fatty? Adopted… fatty! Fatty, fatty no parents?”

“For the record, you are adopted and that’s terrible. Just work with me. ”

“Also, look at her/him, you moron. She/he’s not fat. 

"I hate you so much.”

“That’s funny, I don’t feel corrupt. In fact, I feel pretty good.”

“Do you have any idea how good this feels? I did this! Tiny little [name] did this!”

“Oh, really? That’s what the two of you think, is it? Well, maybe it’s time I did something then.”

“What are you doing? NO! NO! NO!”

“No! No! You’re LYING! You’re LYING!”

“You’re not just a regular moron”

“I am NOT! A MORON!”

“Yes you are! You’re the moron they built to make me an idiot!”

“Well how about now? NOW WHO’S A MORON? Could a MORON PUNCH! YOU! INTO! THIS! PIT? Huh? Could a moron do THAT?”

“ I’ll bet you’re dying to know what your big surprise is”

“Hey, Moron! ”

“You are going to *love* this big surprise.”

“In fact, you might say that you’re going to love it… to death. Love it… until you’re, until it kills you. Until you’re dead.”

“Alright? I don’t know whether… you’re, uh, you’re picking up on what I’m saying there, but… ”