could a monkey do your job

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I often work alone w/ my supervisor (no witnesses) & she'll bully me harshly by negating everything I do & implying I'm not doing a good enough job. She's cunning & manipulative in the way that she knows if I repeat it to anyone else she can say she's looking out for the best interest of our program. Last time I spoke to HR they took her side. She does it b/c she wants me to quit but I don't want to. A monkey could do my job. What can I do? Record convos? Sorry for this question.

In many places it is a crime to secretly record conversations. So be careful about that. Here is what you do, and I know you aren’t going to like this advice but you need to step back and ignore her. That’s right. The way things are now she holds all cards and push come to shove and it is your job on the line. So, avoid open confrontation. Ignore her unprofessional comments. Accept any legitimate advice (she is your supervisor after all) and kill her with kindness. 

This how you deal with a bad manager if you want to keep your job. If you don’t want to keep your job then quit on your own terms after you first find another position.

New Job

Summary: You are a new employee at BigHit, but it doesn’t seem like Yoongi likes you.
Member: Yoongi x Reader (with other members)
Type: Angst/ fluff (?)
Length: 1,672 Words

I don’t know why, but this scenario took me a while to write. I hope it is good. This would be my absolute dream job LOL. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this scenario

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“No, I think that it will be a good day. Trust me, I have been looking forward to this for who knows how long.” You told your sister over the phone. You struggled to carry the cases of coffee and bubble tea while keeping the phone between your shoulder and ear. Your sister was telling you to not get too excited about your new job. “You never know what could happen. You know how these type of companies can be. They are going to just see you as a monkey to have run around and do errands.” She told you in an exasperated tone. You rolled your eyes. This was just like her. She was always bringing you down and pointing out the flaws in your dreams.

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