UH spirit

Not too long ago, I went to University of Houston’s orientation. They spent a shitload of time making us “GOOOO COUGS”. I didn’t cheer one bit, thinking it was stupid. I’m not really a cheerful spirited person. Either way, not too long after I left, I’ve been in the habit of saying “WHO’S HOUSE!? COUGS HOUSE!”

I am wack now.

Characters who wet when sick

-character has a fever dream and is so caught out by it that they wet the bed

-character has a sneezing/couging fit and it causes them to lose control of their bladder

-character is too achy and feverish to move and they wait slightly too long and lose control

- character is vomiting and they lose it in the process and dont even realise till their stomach is empty

just… characters who wet when sick

feel free to add more!

(if you use any of these in art/writing pls send me it! i’d love to see! im weak for illness wetting)

Love in the Time of the Gods: Chapter 13/17

SummaryKillian Jones is the lonely God of the Underworld in search of a companion. He is watching the goddess Emma, and suddenly has hope that his loneliness can be cured. She agrees to spend two weeks with him in the Underworld. Will that be enough to convince her to stay and rule by his side? (rating for later chaps; mention of sexual assault in one chap and not between Emma and Killian).

Rating: E (for future chapters)

Word Count: ~2K

Catch Up: / AO3

Author’s Note: FINALLY THE MUSE HAS SAW FIT TO ALLOW ME TO UPDATE MY BABY! Not only that, but Brenda (my muse…yes I named her) has saw fit to give me a final chapter count. So three more full chapters and an epilogue are left in my baby. If wanted, I can still revisit this universe. Thanks, as always, to @shipsxahoy, my beloved beta, banner maker, and Mulan to my Ruby. And to the official artist of LITTOTG and co-head cheerleader (other than Bianca, of course) @cocohook38. I’m telling you, Bianca and Julie are the brains of the operation; I just write the words. 

Now, without further ado…

“I have never seen him so angry…” Pestilence acknowledged, leading the horses towards the cavern entrance.

“I’m just glad it’s not directed at us for a change,” Panic quipped, Pain nodding heavily in agreement. The three of them, while being his closest confidants for many a century, also took the brunt of his anger when he saw fit to lash out.

“How can you think like that when Emma has been taken? Need I remind you what happens when a soul-bonded goddess is away from her mate?!”

Both of their smiles disappeared. Pestilence filled them in on the information she had read in that book Killian had left lying around on his bed that day. She was so worried for her friend; she was taking this news as well as Killian was.

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