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How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick

So, you’ve moved out (or at the very least, gone away to college) and you’re sick and no one’s around to take care of you. Some of you were smart enough to pay attention when your parent(s) pampered you in the illnesses of your childhood. Some of you…eh, not so much. So how do you take care of yourself?

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Avengers Headcanon

Ok, yes, but imagine the Avengers having a water gun fight…

  • Steve’s the one who starts it 
  • It’s a really hot day in the middle of summer and they’re all looking for something to do to cool off
  • So Steve’s rifling through some old boxes in one of the many closets in the tower and finds these weird multicolored plastic guns
  • Naturally, he’s really confused 
  • So he goes to Natasha, because he knows that she’ll know and won’t judge him too harshly, like the others in the tower… (*coughs* Stark *coughs*)
  • she explains what a water gun is and Steve is COMPLETELY intrigued by this 
  • Suddenly the two just look at each other and grin evilly - they have a plan
  • After filling up a few, they sprint to find Tony, their first unsuspecting victim  
  • Steve doesn’t even hesitate when he finds Tony lounging in the kitchen - he just lets a full stream of water straight at him 
  • Natasha’s crying with laughter, and Tony’s staring at them. Then he grins wickedly and just says “I see you’ve found the old water guns”
  • all chaos breaks loose after that
  • Natasha and Clint take it waaaay too seriously, being assassins and all, and they’re running around and sniping their team mates left and right
  • Clint’s hiding out in air vents and ceiling rafters squirting everyone’s head and leaving before they can retaliate 
  • Thor eventually gives up with the guns and just fills up buckets of water and throws them at people 
  • Even Bruce gets involved, sneaking up on Natasha, which leaves everyone shocked (and slightly afraid) 
  • Steve and Tony have this ultimate rivalry thing going on, just going back and forth with each other, trying to establish dominance 
  • In the end, the tower and its occupants are sopping wet
  • but hey, at least they’re no longer hot 

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how about kurotsuki?

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*kisses you* THIS! I adore KuroTsukki and strangely, this is the first time someone requests this ship, thank you so much!! Oh boy, am I pumped up or what, I hope you see this post! (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older : TSUKISHIMA

He’s a little bit conscious of how he’s all lanky, especially when he stands next to Kuroo, who has a well toned body. 

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s : KUROO

He likes Tsukishima’s half amazed half sulky face when he finds a really good album that Tsukki hasn’t discovered yet, Kuroo feels so accomplished!

Clings to the other during scary movies : TSUKISHIMA

That stern face takes a big hit when scary movies are involved. Every time, he says it’s fine, ends up on Kuroo’s lap, hugging Kuroo for his dear life.

Gets into the shower with the other randomly : KUROO

Even though scaring Tsukki earns him a splash of water to his face and every time they end up having a “shampoo fight” and make a mess out of bathroom, they feel content and happy in the end. Well… After Tsukki forces him to clean the bathroom.

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone : KUROO

“Are you purposely flashing your body so that I can feel bad about myself? You jerk.”

“Maybe yes, maybe nah… That huuuge blush on your face says you appreciate my hard work, though.” 

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving : TSUKISHIMA

He enjoys the feeling of Kuroo’s long and bony fingers tangled to his own. He sometimes extends his hand to Kuroo’s nape, fiddling with his hair.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events : TSUKISHIMA

Secretly touching and making the other blush (or *coughs* hard *coughs) screams Tsukishima. With that sly smirk on his face, he gropes Kuroo’s ass when he passes by in the kitchen during a family get together or runs his hand inside Kuroo’s thigh while drinking coffee with friends. 

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night : BOTH

They have long talks every night, wrapped in blankets during winter or out at the balcony when it’s hot. During those talks, most of the time the topic’s something serious but occasionally they get so stupid around each other one cannot believe they are the same people talking about politics.

“Do you ever wonder how jam would go together with wasabi?”

“Care to try?”

Asks “what are you thinking about?” : KUROO

He has to admire the beauty of Tsukishima’s face before he interrupts his lover’s train of thought.

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do) : TSUKISHIMA

Kuroo cannot even compare to Tsukki in this area. xD

Thanks so much for asking, I hope you enjoyed them!

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