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Milo: I’m never letting you go, Irene. Seeing you lying next to me… it makes me happier than ever.

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I FOUND YOU! but im not gonna ask anything related to klance because i respect you and your job <3 But how nice it is for you to work there and that you already watched season 3 and 4! I can't wait to watch them myself, and leaving ships besides, it is a really great show. I want to know sooo many things

💖🌟✨*~YOU FOUND ME!~*✨🌟💖

haha, but thanks for the respect, fam. I respect the respect.

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But let me tell you if you start sneezing every two seconds people will start to get annoyed. So Lance our boy doesn’t speak up when the allergies starts to effect his lungs, and he feels horrible, because trust me not being able to breath and sneezing every few seconds leaves you with a splitting headache. So if allergies effect your lungs really badly, you can’t breathe without wheezing and can’t talk without starting to cough (2/3)

I’ll Respond to part 3!

lil vent

ok I love Hamilton with all my heart, but I rly dislike the fandom. They kind of ruined the musical for me.

The fandom used to be just a bunch of theatre nerds who just loved the musical. As Hamilton grew bigger, more people got into it. Like people who had little experience with musicals. And I think it’s great that it’s introducing people into theatre.

But it’s rly annoying how disrespectful they are. Like, these people (I’m not saying all people in the fandom but you know who I’m talking about) have gotten into more shows. (When I say more I literally mean 3) cough cough Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill. And they treat these 4 shows as the best things in the entire world.

not to mention how disrespectful some of them are to these actors. like, stagedooring has become wILD. People are treating these actors as props. have some respect please (cough cough the DEH stagedoors recently.

there’s way more I would want to talk about but that would make this post like 100 pages long. but just a reminder, stop ruining these musicals for us


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Domestic OTP story starters:
  • 1. "It's a pillow fort made out of blankets."
  • 2. "Tampons? You want me to buy tampons?"
  • 3. "Cough into your elbow like a civilized human being."
  • 4. *sleepy snuggles when neither one wants to get out of bed in the morning*
  • 5. "It's not burnt. It's slightly toasted."
  • 6. "Get out before I suffocate you with hairspray."
  • 7. "Your dad doesn't like me, and he owns guns..."
  • 8. "Get over yourself. It's connect-four."
  • 9. "What do you mean you cut yourself doing dishes? You never do the dishes?"
  • 10. "I don't care if I'm allergic, I bought him and we're keeping him."
  • 11. "Frozen pizza...why don't you just give me dog food?"

Make sure to read @stardustandrobotlionsfanfic that was inspired by this on AO3!! It’s lovely, I promise. <3

*COUGH*ask her to dance*COUGH*

If there’s anything I want more than a beach episode, it’s an episode where Team Voltron gets to relax and dance at a banquet or something after liberating a planet. Until then, I read all the fanfics where that happens instead. Please recommend some. Pfft. 

I need more of Allura in beautiful gowns. Maybe simultaneously kicking ass in one. I’d die. 

The Suriel won't betray queen fey !!
  • Tamlin: *captures the Suriel*
  • Tamlin: tell me, will Feyre love me again?
  • The Suriel: yes *cough* in ya dreams
  • Tamlin: what was that last part?
  • The suriel: n-nothing..
  • Tamlin: tell me or i won't release you
  • The Suriel: I already answered your question *cough* sorz fboi
  • Tamlin: whatever, i've heard what i needed to reassure myself *releases the Suriel*
  • The Suriel: thaz rite *turns to camera* well i wasn't lying

interesting dragon age party compositions or dynamics

  • (solas | sten): team ‘if you thought fenris and anders were bad’
  • (zevran | isabela | dorian): the we’re queer we’re here but god at what cost party
  • (morrigan | anders | solas): the asshole apostates party party
  • (shale | dorian): team uses snark to hide crippling fears of being controlled and stripped of agency and you thought this was going to be funny yoU THOUGHT THIS WAS A JOKE
  • (alistair | dorian): team it is a joke
  • (isabela | leliana | sera): the *thinks about ladies* nice party
  • (blackwall | anders | alistair): the has very different opinions about grey wardens grey warden party
  • (velanna | solas): team we hate each other so much but at least we have occasional shared moments of elitism to keep us warm
  • (cassandra | isabela | aveline): the talks about selfishness a lot but secretly shares smutty romance novels party
  • (carver | sten): team bit of a tit
  • (cassandra | morrigan | sebastian): the let’s talk about faith… or better yet maybe not party
  • (cole | aveline): team play nice or else
  • (fenris | iron bull | dorian): the fuck the vints and also fuck the vints party
  • (fenris | dorian): team dorian tried to laugh it off but now he’s dead
  • (zevran | anders | morrigan): the playfully irreverent asshole party
  • (cole | anders): team anders has been tortured and abused and hurt and is in so much pain and cole is the only one that cares and he just wants to help and now he’s crying and im crying everyone is crying. also fuck the templars
  • (aveline | wynne): team benevolently judgmental team mom

1: Fan’s Pokeball for Pork Channieyeollie.

2: PuppyHyun discovers Pokeball with a letter inside it dedicated to *coughs*hishusband*coughs*

3: PuppyHyun realizes it’s in English.

4: Pouts because baby can’t get a word written in there.

exo in the exam hall


• had three cups of coffee for breakfast

• woke up on the day of his exam with a cold. he sniffles a lot so one of the supervisors put a tissue box on his desk.

• he was unlucky and got the squeaky desk. every time he writes or uses the eraser the desk squeaks

• already coughed loudly 3 times. embarrassed to do it again but his chest really needs this cough to clear the phlegm for him to breathe properly 

• he attempts all the questions

• finishes 15 minutes before the exam ends


• very prepared. has spare pens, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, calculator, a clear water bottle and puts his watch in the corner of his desk to track time

• you can see him smiling when he reads the questions during reading time

• has many brain farts during the exam, the answer does come to him eventually

• asks for additional writing paper for the extended response questions (does he have a lot to write or does he have big handwriting?)

may or may not have a quiet cry halfway through the exam

• finishes 10 minutes before the exam ends


• sat in the wrong assigned desk (”why am I being tested on microbiology?”)

• forgot to write his name and student number before starting

• has random songs stuck in his head

• gazes up at the clock and around the hall a lot

• “why are the others using a ruler?????” “why are they using a calculator???”

• started the last question but time ran out


• arrives at the exam hall 5 minutes late

• his pen stopped working on question 3 and he forgot to bring a spare (luckily another student saw him struggling and passed him a new pen)

• turns over his exam pages loudly

• he’s nervous which means…tapping his feet

• puts his hand up and gets up to go to the toilet multiple times during the exam

• finishes writing his last sentence for the last question when time ran out


• had 2 energy drinks before arriving

• he looks confident (borderline smug)

• once he opens the paper his face drops and you can hear small gasps

• makes stupid faces to a friend of his who is sitting in a few rows in front (he gets his first warning). continues to make faces and mouth stupid words to his friend (second warning). he stopped after that

• clicks his pen repetitively as he thinks

• finishes his last question just as time runs out


• woke up early to cram in some extra revision before heading to the exam hall

• seems pretty chill (or did he already give up on the inside?)

• he turns his pages quicker than the majority of the other students

• mutters to himself quietly

• checks over his answers 3 times before putting his hand up

• leaves an hour early?! (did he give up? wing it? or a genius? who knows)


• nervous (he studied well but he’s still uneasy)

• you can hear him sigh a small breath of relief once he opens the exam paper

• he gets even more nervous when he hears one of the supervisors walk towards him and stops next to him…and then continues to walk off

• becomes annoyed with all the tapping, sniffling and clicking in the room

• holds his tummy after it makes a whale noise. doesn’t help. his face turns red as his stomach continues to growl (too nervous to eat properly that morning)

• finishes the exam on time


• stayed up late last night revising so now he’s tired

• as he reads each question, he remembers studying it but he has difficulty remembering the answer fully

• he looks up at the clock a lot and after each time he writes faster

• kicks his desk lightly as he thinks 

• finished 5 minutes before the exam ended

• closed his eyes and rests his head on his arms as he waits for time to be up. falls asleep


• lost some writing time since he arrived late

• his phone was confiscated because he forgot to turn it off/put it on silent

• he winged 50% of his answers while he genuinely knew the other 50%

• brought in a crunchy plastic drink bottle. makes a loud crinkling sound every time he picks it up to drink

• when one of the supervisors say “5 minutes left” you hear him go into a writing frenzy 

• at the end of the exam you can see him sunk into his chair with a dead defeated look on his face