Prologue 4

Fifteen years ago the Loyalist Conspiracy asked me to kidnap Anton Sokolov, and I did. I took him from his home to the pub we were hiding in and looked him in a cage meant for dogs. And you know what? He laughed at us. He told dirty stories, taught Emily more then her governess in six months. He seemed immortal. His mind shaped our ages. That’s changed. The old man I rescued doesn’t talk much. He eats what we give him, groans in his sleep, cough out blood. I’m not even sure he knows where he is.


Sweet Honey

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The Creature | Frankenstein AU | REDWINTERSLYRA


Jack Frost was a scientist. He travelled all around to learn and greater his understanding of the world.
One night in Spring while he was at home with his family, his mother by the fire and his siblings fast asleep, the terrible occurred.
His mother began to cough. And cough. And cough. She couldn’t stop.
Between staggered breaths, he tried to assure her son she was fine, but it was all in vein. The more she coughed, the more blood surfaced, and the more she tried to speak, the more it began too pool.

Eventually, jacks mother had collapsed, unable to get oxygen into her lungs. She died

That was traumatic for Jack. He never wanted to let go of his father. And as his mother was left to rest in his grave, a new interest sparked within Jack.

Could science revive someone? Could science bring a person back to life.
Whether or not playing god was a good idea, Jack did not know. But he soon found himself studying under a Doctor Pitch Black about the revival of small animals.

*claims to the top of the nearest mountain and screams* FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST HAS THE MOST RACIALLY DIVERSE CHARACTER LIST OUT OF ANY SERIES IVE EVER SEEN!!!! * inhales* THE AMOUNT OF STRONG WOMAN CHARTERS IS PHENOMENAL!!!!! *screeches at the top of my lungs*
THE MAIN CHARACTERS ARE PRETTY SERIOUSLY DISABLED AND STILL KICK ASS!!!! AND THERE ARE MANY MORE AWESOME DISABLED CHARTERS!!! *coughs up blood* I didn’t cover everything amazing about Fullmetal but you get the gist *wheezes* I love Fullmetal Alchemist and the anime adaptation Brotherhood more then I love life it’s self.

i think there are parts of me that will always think i love you, no matter how much i tell them that i don’t. my heart will still crawl its way up my throat when someone mentions your name next to hers.

maybe crawl isn’t the right word.

when i am pretending to be happy for you, my heart grows limbs and grips the top of my windpipe to pull itself up. i choke on the muscle expanding and contracting rapidly in my throat. it takes everything in me not to cough up blood.

—  i’ve gotten used to the taste of copper in my mouth | sept. 4, 2016