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Naughty Girl

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Imagine: Running away and getting punished by Klaus, while Rebekah, Elijah, and Hayley are in the house, and can hear you.

You stumbled around blindly, collapsing into the house, rolling over and resting at your boyfriend’s feet. You were in wolf form, totally and utterly bored, so you decided to go for a run, like the proud hybrid you were, and didn’t tell Klaus. Your brown ears perked up when you heard Klaus growl. You sighed and struggled to breath as your bones cracked and reformed. Klaus frowned, throwing you a blanket. You gratefully wrapped it around your nude body.

He stood up roughly, ignoring Elijah’s warning stare. “Y/N!” he roared. “Where were you for the past two days!?”

You bit your lip. “I was bored.” you whispered.

His anger turned into a smirk. “Well then you should’ve just told me.”

Elijah coughed, “Niklaus, Rebekah and Hayley are in the house. With supernatural hearing, mind you. Don’t you think you can refrain from… pleasuring Y/N until then?”

Klaus tossed you over his shoulder, making sure the blanket was still securely wrapped around you. “We’ll be quiet.” he grinned, vamp-speeding the two of you to his room. He tossed you on the bed, kicking the door closed his his foot. “You’ve been a bad little hybrid.” he cooed. “Naughty girl.” he hissed.

Your primal urges as half-wolf broke free. “I have. I’ve been a bad girl and you need to teach me a lesson.” you licked your lips.

Klaus grinned, and you resisted the urge to poke his dimples. “Bad hybrids get punished by their alpha’s. Especially ones who run away for two days.”

You were tired of waiting. You climbed on top of him, pushing him into the soft mattress. “Klaus,” you whined for him. You grinded your core against him, smirking when you felt his erection probing at you. He growled loudly, flipping you over and pushing your head into the pillow, so your ass was out to him.

“I’m the alpha, Y/N. Not you!” he snarled, kissing the back of your neck. He rubbed his member against your ass, groaning in pleasure. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the moment. You whimpered, finally switching your body so you were facing him. You captured his lips with yours. You grinned at him and passionately bit at his lower lip, tugging it.

He moaned, tugging the blanket off your shoulder and removing his shirt. Your eyes were alight with arousal as you glanced at the large tent where his manhood was. You tugged off his belt, ripping his pants down the middle. He moaned out, pushing you onto your knees. You licked your lips, pulling off his briefs and taking him into your mouth. He cursed loudly, “Fuck, Y/N! Yeah! Suck your alpha’s cock! Ah, fuck!” he thrusted into the back of your throat, groaning when you gagged around him. You gently sucked, pumping the parts you couldn’t take, and licking what you could.

“Your mouth needs to be fucked.” he moaned. He twirled your hair through his fingers, watching you suck him off. “Y/N, I-I’m coming!” he shouted, releasing long spurts of warm cum into her mouth. She swallowed everything, not missing anything.

Klaus smirked, pulling her back onto the bed and pinning her arms above your head. “You don’t get to move, that’s your punishment, little hybrid.” he grinned.

You whimpered when he lowered his mouth onto your core. He rubbed your clit with his thumb, gently running his tongue along your slit, smirking against you when he heard you moan. He pushed his tongue into you. You resisted the urge to buck your hips. Klaus was holding your hips to move you closer to him, still going in and out with his tongue. You were panting, almost ready for release. He was going slow on purpose.

You squealed as he removed his mouth, shoving two fingers inside your wet core. “You’re so wet for me.” he laughed. “You’re so easy to please.”

You grinded against his fingers, swiveling your hips to create more friction. He sighed, pulling out his fingers. “Bad Y/N. I said not to move.”

Without warning he thrusted into you, going incredibly fast. You choked out when he found your g-spot. You moaned loudly, throwing your head back in ecstasy. He kept thrusting, transferring into the speed of an original. A string of moans flew from your lips. It was all pleasure, at this inhuman speed. “You like my big cock, pounding into you like the naughty girl you are.” he moaned as you clenched your walls around him. “You like when your alpha fucks you like a hybrid king should, fast and hard.”

“Yes! Yes! I love your big cock! Making me cum and filling me up!” you shouted. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

He pulled out so quickly, it left you breathless. “I want to come. Please let me come, Klaus.” you whimpered, thrusting your hips at air, begging for any release.

His eyes glittered, “Okay then.” The next time he hit your g-spot you collapsed under him, screaming as you released. He was soon after, releasing into your infertile body with long, thick ropes. You cuddled into his chest. “I should run away more often.”

He rolled his eyes, pulling the blanket over your sweaty bodies. “Well, then Elijah will be having more hissyfits, complaining about how loud we were.”

“So much for being quiet.”

a disturbing trend I noticed on tumblr is famous female celebrities who announce they are feminist are always scrutinized (*coughs* Taylor swift and Hayley Williams) and people pull out dirt from like 10 years ago and go “you can’t possibly be a feminist bc your teen self said this once! !!” but whenever a MALE celebrity says they’re a feminist or respects women like patrick stump, everyone is just like “yaaaas patrick is the best omg such a good person”. I’m side eyeing y'all reaaaal hard rn