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Naughty Girl

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Imagine: Running away and getting punished by Klaus, while Rebekah, Elijah, and Hayley are in the house, and can hear you.

You stumbled around blindly, collapsing into the house, rolling over and resting at your boyfriend’s feet. You were in wolf form, totally and utterly bored, so you decided to go for a run, like the proud hybrid you were, and didn’t tell Klaus. Your brown ears perked up when you heard Klaus growl. You sighed and struggled to breath as your bones cracked and reformed. Klaus frowned, throwing you a blanket. You gratefully wrapped it around your nude body.

He stood up roughly, ignoring Elijah’s warning stare. “Y/N!” he roared. “Where were you for the past two days!?”

You bit your lip. “I was bored.” you whispered.

His anger turned into a smirk. “Well then you should’ve just told me.”

Elijah coughed, “Niklaus, Rebekah and Hayley are in the house. With supernatural hearing, mind you. Don’t you think you can refrain from… pleasuring Y/N until then?”

Klaus tossed you over his shoulder, making sure the blanket was still securely wrapped around you. “We’ll be quiet.” he grinned, vamp-speeding the two of you to his room. He tossed you on the bed, kicking the door closed his his foot. “You’ve been a bad little hybrid.” he cooed. “Naughty girl.” he hissed.

Your primal urges as half-wolf broke free. “I have. I’ve been a bad girl and you need to teach me a lesson.” you licked your lips.

Klaus grinned, and you resisted the urge to poke his dimples. “Bad hybrids get punished by their alpha’s. Especially ones who run away for two days.”

You were tired of waiting. You climbed on top of him, pushing him into the soft mattress. “Klaus,” you whined for him. You grinded your core against him, smirking when you felt his erection probing at you. He growled loudly, flipping you over and pushing your head into the pillow, so your ass was out to him.

“I’m the alpha, Y/N. Not you!” he snarled, kissing the back of your neck. He rubbed his member against your ass, groaning in pleasure. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the moment. You whimpered, finally switching your body so you were facing him. You captured his lips with yours. You grinned at him and passionately bit at his lower lip, tugging it.

He moaned, tugging the blanket off your shoulder and removing his shirt. Your eyes were alight with arousal as you glanced at the large tent where his manhood was. You tugged off his belt, ripping his pants down the middle. He moaned out, pushing you onto your knees. You licked your lips, pulling off his briefs and taking him into your mouth. He cursed loudly, “Fuck, Y/N! Yeah! Suck your alpha’s cock! Ah, fuck!” he thrusted into the back of your throat, groaning when you gagged around him. You gently sucked, pumping the parts you couldn’t take, and licking what you could.

“Your mouth needs to be fucked.” he moaned. He twirled your hair through his fingers, watching you suck him off. “Y/N, I-I’m coming!” he shouted, releasing long spurts of warm cum into her mouth. She swallowed everything, not missing anything.

Klaus smirked, pulling her back onto the bed and pinning her arms above your head. “You don’t get to move, that’s your punishment, little hybrid.” he grinned.

You whimpered when he lowered his mouth onto your core. He rubbed your clit with his thumb, gently running his tongue along your slit, smirking against you when he heard you moan. He pushed his tongue into you. You resisted the urge to buck your hips. Klaus was holding your hips to move you closer to him, still going in and out with his tongue. You were panting, almost ready for release. He was going slow on purpose.

You squealed as he removed his mouth, shoving two fingers inside your wet core. “You’re so wet for me.” he laughed. “You’re so easy to please.”

You grinded against his fingers, swiveling your hips to create more friction. He sighed, pulling out his fingers. “Bad Y/N. I said not to move.”

Without warning he thrusted into you, going incredibly fast. You choked out when he found your g-spot. You moaned loudly, throwing your head back in ecstasy. He kept thrusting, transferring into the speed of an original. A string of moans flew from your lips. It was all pleasure, at this inhuman speed. “You like my big cock, pounding into you like the naughty girl you are.” he moaned as you clenched your walls around him. “You like when your alpha fucks you like a hybrid king should, fast and hard.”

“Yes! Yes! I love your big cock! Making me cum and filling me up!” you shouted. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

He pulled out so quickly, it left you breathless. “I want to come. Please let me come, Klaus.” you whimpered, thrusting your hips at air, begging for any release.

His eyes glittered, “Okay then.” The next time he hit your g-spot you collapsed under him, screaming as you released. He was soon after, releasing into your infertile body with long, thick ropes. You cuddled into his chest. “I should run away more often.”

He rolled his eyes, pulling the blanket over your sweaty bodies. “Well, then Elijah will be having more hissyfits, complaining about how loud we were.”

“So much for being quiet.”

it’s amazing when you listen to a song you relate to when you’re having a rough time and you know that whoever wrote that song felt the EXACT same way as you, and that person felt it so strongly that they wrote an entire song about it. it makes you feel like you’re not alone and like you can get through whatever you’re dealing with too.

a disturbing trend I noticed on tumblr is famous female celebrities who announce they are feminist are always scrutinized (*coughs* Taylor swift and Hayley Williams) and people pull out dirt from like 10 years ago and go “you can’t possibly be a feminist bc your teen self said this once! !!” but whenever a MALE celebrity says they’re a feminist or respects women like patrick stump, everyone is just like “yaaaas patrick is the best omg such a good person”. I’m side eyeing y'all reaaaal hard rn

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 21

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A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 21

I must have dozed off at some stage after Harry left. I find myself on my bed, cold, and alone. I look over at the clock, 1:21am. I take in a deep breath as I feel some pain. A sudden sense of loneliness happen to come across me.
“mum?” I softly call trying to sit up but pain hits me hard. “shit” I mumble laying back down. “Mum?” I call trying to be loud, “for crying out loud. Dad?” I call, but get nothing but the sound of silence. I lay in bed unable to get up, the pain just tugging at me. Warm tears start to pour down my face, pain added with a period is going to always cause tears. “Dad? Mum? Somebody?” I whine, trying to reach for my phone but I can’t get it. I groan, before taking a breath. “Mum? Mother? Help? Pain? Shit. Ow” I call turning into a whine. “Mum? Oh f*ck” I groan again before my door opens, “language” my mum scolds, “pain” I comment, giving a perfectly good reasoning for my use of language. “Take your meds”
“I can’t get up” I whine, mentally flipping her off, I’m not in a good mood right now.
“I’ll get them, why are you crying?” she asks me,
“I’m in pain, I want Harry.”
“he’s probably asleep sweetheart, I’ll be back.”
“call Harry”
“Hayley he is asleep”
“Fine don’t worry” I mutter pulling the covers over my head, acting like a brat. After a few minutes my my pulls the covers away from me, “Sit up”
“I bloody can’t, again, pain” I mutter,
“Language young lady, and here” she sighs, carefully helping me sit up. I take the pills before laying back down. “Are you okay?”
“no I want Harry”
“Hayley you are being too needy”
“Just call him, please” I beg, wishing I could reach my own phone to call him.

Harry’s p.o.v

I tuck my arm under my pillow as my phone goes off, it rings a few times before I groan, I roll over and grab it. “What?” I answer unhappily,
“Harry, Hayley wants you” Hayleys mum tiredly says,
“it’s like 2am” I moan, sinking my lead further into my pillow.
“I will tell her you can’t come”
“wait, why is she up?” I sigh, sitting myself up,
“she’s in pain, don’t worry I’ll settle her, sorry to wake you” her mum says before hanging up. I roll my eyes, before rubbing the sleep from them. I get up, and realize I fell asleep in my clothes. I grab my phone and keys before sliding my feet into my shoes. I quietly walk out of my room, and down the quiet hall. I step out the front door, and hurry out of the cold. I knock on the front door, and hear some shuffling before it opens. Her mum greets me tiredly, she is in nothing by pajamas. “I didn’t think you would come” she comments, letting me in.
“you already woke me, figured may as well come” I yawn before I walk to Hayleys room. I hear a few whines, and groans before I walk in. Hayley isn’t in her bed. “Hayley?” I call,
“Harry” Hayley whimpers, and I look around the room unable to see her. “Where are you?” I ask,
“the floor” she sighs, I walk around the bed and find her on her stomach and on the floor. “What are you doing down here?” I question bending down to her level. “Having a bloody tea party”
“really? Can I have some tea?” I sarcastically comment,
“I was reaching for my phone, and got a pain and fell.” Hayley confesses, I shake my head before picking her up. “Ow ow ow ow” she kicks my shin as I pick her up. I groan before placing her on the bed, where she slaps my hands away. She closes her eyes, taking deep breaths. “Sorry” I apologize realizing I may have hurt her, but I didn’t mean it. She doesn’t reply she just opens her eyes back up. “You know, whenever you say I’m a dickhead or an arse, or heartless or whatever remember the fact, I got up at f*cken 2am to come to you. Remember that.”
“Remember the fact I am still in pain, and would care for you if you were the one in pain.” hayley comments,
“Harry… Why are you being nice to me?” she then adds, catching me off guard.
“Hayley, why do you ask bloody questions when you know I hate answering questions?” I try to twist the subject, and she looks at me. “C-Can you keep still?” Hayley asks squinting her eyes a bit. “I’m not moving.”
“yeah you are, hey help me up” she insists, I carefully sit her up, she moves and swings her legs over the sides of the bed. “I can do it from here” she mumbles, looking down, she seems different, not her normal self. She didn’t want to do it herself at the hospital. I put my hands up and take a step away. She stands to her feet, before she sways, “Hayley? .. Hayley?” I question as she sways and seems a bit weird. Her eyes look at me before they look down, “Hayley are you-” I go to ask before she takes a step and falls into my arms. “So much for you can do it” I mumble steadying her and placing her on the bed. “I-I can” she sighs, “What are you trying to do?” I ask as she tries to stand again and I hold her up. Hayley doesn’t answer, she just let’s me hold her up. Her body trying to sway. “I think you should lay back down” I comment, “bathroom” she mumbles, before I walk her to the bathroom. “Are you okay?” I ask and she nods before stepping into the bathroom alone. She sways a bit but closes the door. I wait by the door, making sure she’s okay. I hear the flush before some stumbling. “Hayley?” I knock on the door, before it opens. Hayley looks at me, her eyes dull, her face pale. “You’re not okay. You look worse than when you left the hospital” I comment and she ends up being held up by me. Hayleys mum walks into the room, just as I help Hayley onto the bed. “Everything okay?”
“erm, she keeps swaying”
“Keep her laying down.” her mum instructs, I nod before she leaves the room. I pull the covers over Hayley, before turning the lights off. “don’t leave me” Hayley coughs, “I will ask to stay” I sigh, hating the fact I am about to ask permission like a f*cken child to stay the night with my girlfriend. I see Hayleys mum about to walk into her room. I clear my throat and she looks to me. “Hayley wants me to stay, is it alright?” I awkwardly ask, I’m not the type to ask for parents permission. But I have to considering I want her parents to somewhat approve of us, even though they already kinda do. “Yes but no funny business.” she nods, and I roll my eyes. “Pretty hard when your girlfriend is swaying and can’t hold herself up” I mutter, and her mum pretends to ignore my comment. “goodnight,” her mum clears her own throat before I walk away. I walk into Hayleys room and lay beside her. Hayley finds her way into my arms, completely asleep. Her soft breathing escapes, her hair falls around her face, before her body cuddles closer into me. “So many things I should tell you, but I can’t. I don’t know why you’re dating me” I whisper tiredly, not really thinking, just saying. “I would never say this if you were awake” I add before closing my own eyes and falling asleep.

“Harry…Harry. Harry” I feel an annoying nudge to my side. I open my eye and notice Hayley. “Is this an emergency?” I ask her,
“no” she shakes her head,
“than Shh” I mumble, closing my eyes, Hayley sighs before I try to get back to sleep, but I can’t. I roll onto my back, letting myself wake up. I stretch out my legs and arms, “Harry?”
“Can you take me to the Zoo?”
“I am not going to a f*cken Zoo to watch animals.” I roll my eyes,
“no you’re recovering from surgery still, and I hate the Zoo”
“please? I really want to go”
“I really want to sleep” I comment,
“Fine I will go with someone else.”
“no” I instantly get protective,
“no?” she questions,
“I’ll bloody take you. You’re not going with someone else. You just got out of hospital, do you think it’s a good idea to go?” I ask trying to somehow persuade her not to go.
“I want to get out of here. I am not laying in bed one more day.”
“aren’t you in pain?”
“I’ll be fine. Let’s go” she chimes trying to sit herself up. “You can’t get up on your own” I push the covers off me, getting out of bed. “Yea I can” Hayley defends sitting herself up,
“mmhhm” I nod my head, walking to her side of the bed, secretly keeping a closer eye on her.
“I can” she crosses her arms before standing up, she looks at me for a minute, giving me a small smile. The smile fades and she looks down, her body starting to sway again. “Okay sit down, take your meds and we will go from there.” I instruct placing my hands on her shoulders helping her sit. “I really want to go though” Hayley looks down sadly, a bit disappointed, the look in her eyes saddens me. I bite my lip before exhaling deeply. “Okay okay I’ll take you. The things I do for you” I mumble under my breath towards the end. “Thank you” Hayley smiles at me. “First take your meds, and we aren’t staying for long. I’m not looking at animals all day.” I firmly say, hating the fact I’m going to a Zoo. This girl has me doing stupid shit, buying teddy bears, looking after her, taking her to the zoo. What is wrong with me? Maybe they need to stick me on some meds because I have no clue what’s wrong with me. Hayley leans over and grabs her meds, before having them. “Okay can we go now?” she smiles,
“well I need to go and change and you need to change too.” I comment looking at her in pajamas bottoms,
“do you mind grabbing my clothes?” She yawns before eyeing her wardrobe. “Do I look like a maid?” I cross my arms, “Please? Don’t make me use all my energy now” she pouts, battering her eyes. I roll my eyes before walking to her wardrobe. I grab a pair of her jeans and throw then at her, before looking for a top. I grab one of her black sweaters with an arrow in it, and throw it towards her. “Anything else?” I ask, looking directly at her. She looks down quietly and bites her lip. “What is it?” I ask, knowing there is something else. “Can you get my mum to help me get dressed?” she asks a bit embarrassed. “Do you want me to help?” I offer and she shakes her head. “Why? If it makes you feel better I will close my eyes.” I suggest,
“I am not a perv if you want me to close my eyes I will.” I nod, Hayley looks at me, and gives me a small nod. I help her to her feet, she places her hands on my broad shoulders. I place my hands on her waist making sure she doesn’t fall. Between the meds and the small amount if pain, she’s not going to be steady on her legs. “Close your eyes” Hayley instructs and I nod. Hayley lets go of my shoulders, but I keep my hands on her waist, “this won’t work, get my mum” Hayley sighs, and I open my eyes back up. “Alright” I sigh,
“Help me and I’ll wake her” Hayley instructs and I wrap an arm around her waste before we walk to her parents room. Hayley knocks on the door, and it opens, “is mum here?” she asks her dad, who looks at me weirdly. “did you stay the night?” he asks me looking at his watch. “Yes” I nod my head,
“oh and no she left an hour ago. Why?” her dad asks,
“oh okay”
“why what’s wrong Hayley?” her dad asks her seeming concerned.
“nothing it’s fine” she shakes her head. We walk back to Hayleys room and she sits on the bed. “This is sad”
“what is?”
“that I need help getting dressed. Screw it I’m doing it myself” Hayley softly says before getting up on her own. “Hayley you’re going to hurt yourself” I comment grabbing her waste. “I’ll be fine” she says, “let go of me” she adds, and I obey. I sit on the bed, and she eyes me. I roll my eyes before laying on the bed and closing my eyes. “Don’t peak”
“oh please, last night you wanted sex from me, but now you can’t change in font of me” I laugh,
“not funny, don’t bring that up again. I wasn’t talking it was the meds.” Hayley defends before she groans. “Want help?” I ask, “no” she snaps. I don’t say another word I just keep my eyes closed. “ow Harry?” I hear Hayley whine, “can I open my eyes?” I ask, “Yes” Hayley whines. My eyes open and take a look at her facial expression. I sigh getting up and sitting her on the bed. She looks away from me, embarrassed, before I pull her jeans up her legs. I look at her eyes, refusing to let my eyes see parts of her body. “Hold onto my shoulders” I instruct, her small hands take their place on my shoulders before I carefully left her so her jeans can be pulled up to rest at her waste. My eyes didn’t leave hers and I notice her smile a bit. “Thank you”
“for what?”
“being helpful and not looking” she blushes, “you’re welcome.” I reply before I help her with her top, forcing myself not to even take a peak at her boobs.
Hayley stands up and slips on a pair of ballet flats before getting her bag. “Your meds” I remind her, grabbing them so she can place them in her bag. My arm slithers around her waste before we slowly walk out of the room. I hate having to walk slow, but she can’t exactly walk very fast. We get to the living room, before her dad looks at us, drinking his coffee. “We are going out.”
“is that a good idea? You just had surgery”
“I don’t want to be bored here. We are just going to the zoo”
“you’re mother wouldn’t approve” he sighs,
“I’ll be fine, it isn’t like I can stay cooped to forever” hayley sighs,
“Harry, will you look after her?”
“no I am just going to feed her to the lions and be done with it.” I joke shrugging my shoulders,
“good to know my daughter is in safe hands”
“I couldn’t agree more” I smirk before her dad gives an approving nod.
“seriously though keep an eye on her.” her dad instructs,
“I will, let’s go and get this day over with” I comment before we make the long walk to the door.
“Hayley can we go another day? This will drive me bloody bonkers.” I groan,
“I didn’t think the niceness would last long.” Hayley mutters, causing me to roll my eyes a bit annoyed. I walk with Hayley to my house, thankful there are no fans or paparazzi waiting. I step inside, “sit on the couch don’t move.” I instruct helping her sit.
“You’re not my father and I am not a child.” Hayley crosses her arms with an attitude. I turn on my feet and walk to my room, quickly changing. I walk out into the living room, I look at Hayley. “Ready?”
“I don’t know, am I allowed to get up?” Hayley asks,
“If you’re going to be a pain in my arse and have an attitude I won’t take you.” I cross my arms, and she looks at me.
“Get up” I instruct,
“am I allowed?” Hayley asks making me roll my eyes. She’s getting on my nerves at the moment. “Yes” I mutter a little angrily before helping her up. I place my arm around her, and we start walking. “You might want to change your attitude by the way” I comment,
“whatever” she shrugs,
“oh this is going to be on long f*cken day” I groan,
“I heard that” Hayley mumbles,
“you were meant to, now keep walking” I instruct gently pushing her along. It’s bad enough I’m going to a zoo, and she walks slowly, I don’t want to deal with her grumpy attitude. I help Hayley into my car before closing the door. I walk around the hood of the car, before I jump in. The drive to the Zoo was quiet. Hayley didn’t say a word, neither did I. I wasn’t going to say anything and have her annoy me. I park my car before getting out. I help Hayley out, before once again draping an arm around her. We walk to the entrance of the zoo, and I roll my eyes, at the obnoxious sign ‘welcome to the wonderful Zoo’
I pull my wallet out and pay to get in, I hope this counts as a few romantic dates. Hayley grabs a map, before we walk through the gates. “Where too first?” Hayley chimes seeking happier than what she was before. “Home?” I suggest, and she sighs. “The monkeys are right up here, according to the map” Hayley comments pointing to the left where there’s a pathway. We make our way up the pathway. Annoying children running past us, overly excited about the zoo. We come to a monkey enclosure, Hayley looks with awe, completely interested in the monkeys. To me they look like ugly rats, and are uninteresting, but I have to at least pretend to be interested. “Aw look” Hayley coos, looking at one of the ugly monkeys. “Aw look it’s ugly” I coo, earning me an eye roll from Hayley. “Can we go now?” I whine, the monkeys unable to amuse me in any way. Hayley huffs before allowing me to go elsewhere. “There’s the oh, uh.. Hmm. If we go to the right, I think there’s Baboons” Hayley instructs making me follow her instructions. I hate the fact that I have to obey and keep my arm around her. Hayley holds the railing as she looks over at the large area of Baboons. I huff before my eyes wonder to a little kid watching me. She gives me a weird look before smiling. “oh hey let’s go” I instruct not wanting to deal with little kids that could potentially know me. I take Hayley to the glass area down below where she can see the Baboons at a closer level. I pull out my phone and check the time, already wanting to get out of here. “How can you stand here and be fascinated by red arsed ugly things?” I question, Hayley doesn’t answer me, she just decides we can leave. She follows the map and I just tune her out, she’s not the best with maps. We arrive at the Gorillas and I’m starting to think she has an obsession with monkeys. I haven’t seen any other animal yet. People pass us, and take up the wooden benches to sit on as they watch the Gorillas. Hayley leans into me, her eyes on the animals. I look around and see a kid eating a banana. I feel like eating a banana now. I rub the back of my neck, bored and annoyed. “Moving along” I chime taking control and moving Hayley away from the Gorillas. “Hey” she whines, before she looks at the map. “hmm” she sounds before we have to a 4 way pathway. I roll my eyes, “give me that” I mutter taking the map from her hands. “We are done with monkeys, and shit. Do you want to see the lions, or the elephants?” I ask, “The lions” Hayley sighs before we walk in the direction. “You could pretended to enjoy this you know” Hayley comments walking even slower now. “Hayley I am not amused by watching animals walk around, it’s stupid and boring.” I comment, before we arrive at the lions. “pretend to be happy at least” Hayley instructs,
“hey look it’s a f*cken Tiger how f*cken amusing, I’m jumping with joy.” I sarcastically comment, “Langauge there are children.”
“I don’t care, they can get over it” I shrug, and Hayley rolls her eyes.
“Can we sit?” Hayley asks looking over at the wooden bench. I nod taking her over. We both sit down. “I don’t get why you aren’t enjoying this.” Hayley softly says, pushing a piece of hair behind her ear. “Hayley there is nothing amusing about watching these bloody animals.”
“But it isn’t every day you get to see a tiger or a lion, or even an elephant”
“it isn’t every day I make my girlfriend happy and take her to a zoo” I reply,
“lighten up a bit” Hayley nudges me,
“no, can we move on?” I question, already sick of the 4 legged animal. “Can you let me rest for another 5 minutes?” she sighs,
“you don’t want to be here do you?” she asks me and I shake my head. I don’t want to be here, I am out in public helping my girlfriend walk, I don’t want to be pictures at a Zoo, that will make me look weak, as if I like looking at animals. I can think of other places I would rather be. “no I don’t really.” I reply, “Why can’t you be the boyfriend who wants to do things? It feels like you are ashamed to be with m.” Hayley sighs and I look at her. “That’s not f*cken true, I’m not ashamed. That’s far from the truth.” I reply not getting angry for her stupid and a bit hurtful comment. I lean over and kiss her cheek quickly, “If I was ashamed I would never go out with you” I comment, hayley doesn’t reply she just sighs. We stand up and walk away. Hayley goes quiet while I lean the way. “Look Ostriches” I chime pretending to be excited. “Yeah” Hayley unenthusiastically comments, “Now look who needs to lighten up” I state, “They are pretty cool” Hayley adds, before she starts talking about them. “They are weird and creepy looking, they are evil too”
“no they aren’t.”
“Yeah they are. Look at their eyes, they are just waiting to attack” I comment, watching as one comes close to us. “Oh are you scared of Ostriches?” Hayley asks, looking at me.
“No, I’m a man, I’m not scared of a dumb animal.” I shake my head. I look at the Ostrich, it has a twinkle in its eye, it’s evil, I’m sure of it. I take a step away along with Hayley. “You’re scared” she chuckles,
“am not”
“are too”
“am not” I shake my head refusing to let her think I’m scared.
“Yea you are, you backed away from it”
“So? That means nothing, I just don’t need to stand so close to an ugly animal that isn’t at all interesting” I state firmly, and Hayley rolls her eyes. “Can we sit again?”
“Hayley are you okay?” I ask quietly, making sure nobody around me hears. “I’m a bit tired” she replies before we go find a seat. “I told you it wasn’t a good idea to come. See you are tired.”
“oh shut up, you just want to go home already.”
“yes I do” I nod. We continue walking around a little longer before Hayley wanted to leave. She was tired, and I am thankful for it. Hayley gets in the car before I start to drive. I don’t feel like taking Hayley home, I kinda want to stay with her, and spend time with her. She’s keeping me calm, and away from wanting to party and get drunk. I don’t understand why I feel this way around her, or why I want to spend time with her. Usually I get bored of girls and have to distance myself, but with Hayley it isn’t like that. “Hayley?”
“hmm?” she tiredly sounds,
“do you want to hang out” I blurt, I wasn’t meant to say that, I was meant to ask if she wants to go home.
“What?” she asks looking over at me confused.
“Do you want to go home?” I clear my throat.
“Yeah, why?”
“I was thinking do you want to maybe hang out?” I ask out of nowhere, I sound clingy. “I have to study but if you want you can stay over?” Hayley suggests and I nod, spending time with her seems better than not. I pull into my driveway before getting out. Hayley slowly makes her way to me on her own, before I put my arm around her. We walk over to her house, before she unlocks the door, pushing it open. “Hayley is that you?” her mum instantly calls, “yes” she calls back, as we walk down the hallway. Hayley sits down on one of the stools at the bench, “Oh hi Harry”
“hello” I greet,
“where did you two go?”
“the zoo” Hayley answers,
“What something to eat?” her mum offers, Hayley shakes her head. “Do you have bananas?” I question randomly, I still want a banana. “Yes” she nods weirdly before she Hands me a banana. “I have a weird boyfriend” Hayley mumbles and I can’t help but chuckle. I place my hand on her back. “Maybe so but not half as weird as you” I joke, before I peel the banana. “Want some?” I offer but Hayley declines. Hayley gets off the stool and looks at me. “I’m going to go study. You coming?” she asks, looking at me. I nod, helping her to her room, while enjoying my banana. She grabs her books before sitting on the bed. Hayley opens up her books and starts to read. I aimlessly walk around her room, a little bored. I look at her things and try to keep myself entertained. I jump on the bed, looking at Hayley. “Having fun?”
“than do something else” I smile poking her arm,
“I need to study” she shakes her head, her eyes not moving from the book. “Study later” I whine,
“Shh” Hayley sounds before starting to write a few things down. I move closer to her, not wanting her to study, I want her to be close to me. For some reason I feel the need and want to cuddle her. I try get Hayleys attention but she shrugs me away. I don’t understand why I am so caught up on her, why I want to spend time and have her attention. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t explain it either. Usually I am out with friends having fun but lately I haven’t even thought about my friends. I want Hayley, I want her attention, and I seem to want it now, but she won’t give it to me.
I get annoyed and stand up. “Fine bye” I snap, getting off the bed, I get to the door and go to walk out. I walk down the hallway annoyed that Hayley wasn’t paying attention, I get to the front door before I stop. I turn back around and walk back to Hayleys room. I walk into her room, and walk over to her. I kiss her cheek, “hey don’t leave” Hayley grabs my hand. “No you’re busy studying” I shake my head, “No stay please” she pleads, “Okay” I agree, before sitting by her. “Can you help me?” Hayley yawns,
“Okay, let me read” I take over taking the book and reading, Hayley rubs her temples while I read. “Okay look, if you just take the first paragraph and the third, and fifth it explains everything, and is easier than reading all 8 paragraphs at once” I instruct and hayley nods. Hayley takes the book and starts reading and taking notes, I turn the TV on a bit bored before flicking though the channels. I stop on E News, before Hayley closes her books, “can I cuddle you?” Hayley cutely asks,
“Hm give mean good reason why I should?” I ask,
“your my boyfriend” she simply answers before she’s in my arms. “Hayley dinner, Harry do you want to stay for dinner?” Hayleys mum walks in asking, “Uhm, yeah okay” I nod,
“Mum can I eat in here? I don’t want to get up” Hayley asks,
“Alright, have you taken your meds?”
“yes” Hayley nods before her mum brings us food. Hayley and I both start to eat, while we watch ENews. “Oh hey she’s from Modern Family” Hayley points out, and I nod. We keep watching before I end up on the news. “Great” I mutter, “we can change it” Hayley comments reaching for the remote. “No I want to know what they say” I shake my head. “Harry Styles, member of One Direction has been spotted recently with an unknown girl. They went to dinner the other night, and we’re swarmed with paparazzi. Is this a little love romance going on? Or is this just another one of Harrys mess around girls. He’s been said to be quite the charmer and a womanizer, is this another chance for the charmer to mess around with a girl? To have rumors of him cheating? Nobody knows for sure yet but we will find out.” the reporter smiles at the camera, and I feel myself tense up. “I wouldn’t cheat on you, I’m not a womanizer, I’m not that bad.” I defend myself, turning and looking at Hayley. “I know”
“I wouldn’t cheat, there’s no need to cheat on you” I then add, and Hayley looks down biting her lip. “I hate how they think I’ll cheat” I scoff,
“yeah it’s annoying”
“it is, like I’m not that bad” I cross my arms, Hayley agreeing with me.
“Harry… There’s something I need to tell you” Hayley softly says, playing with the food she hasn’t eaten. “What is it?”
“will you promise not to get mad?” she asks,
“I don’t make promises.” I shake my head,
“well spit it out tell me” I press, wanting to know. She looks down before she looks at me watery eyes. Is she going to break up with me? I don’t know what she could possibly need to tell me. “I uh.. I”
“you what? Come on I don’t have all night” I continue, wanting her to continue.
“I kissed another guy”
“What?” my eyes widen, I wasn’t expecting this.
“I got tipsy and I ended up kissing someone”
“well it was just one kiss right?” I ask, stopping myself from getting angry, only because it’s Hayley.
“Uh no, it wasn’t just a kiss.” she shakes her head, I bite down on my lip before getting off the bed. “How far?.. Tell me how f*cken far it went then” I snap, unable to control it. “Just making out I swear.”
“who was it?”
“I can’t say” Hayley says, starting to cry.
“wow and here you are thinking I was going to hurt you, but you’re the one who ended up kissing other guys.”
“no, don’t” I shake my head before walking out. I walk out of her house without looking back. She kissed another guy, like I wasn’t good enough for her. After my efforts of trying she managed to kiss another guy, make out with him too. The girl I am falling for clearly doesn’t care for me. Maybe we aren’t meant to be together, we are complete opposites, who don’t attract, we are a dead end relationship. A relationship that needs to end.

Dauntless Part 1 - Requested (Michael)

This was requested by Anon (Can you do one where you’re in a band like 5sos (but with girls) and you play bass so fans think you and Calum would like each other bc you hang out a lot but you have a crush on Michael and you talk about it in an interview?? Or something like that please?) ENJOY!!!!

‘Wait so your saying that she called room service just to get whoever delivered it to take a picture?’ you asks gob smacked by the story, ‘Yeah, weird right?’ he chuckles as you wonder further into the centre on the town. ‘So what happened?’ you asks, ‘Well I woke up when I hear the knock, I only remembered I had a girl there when I opened my fucking eyes and she was talking really quite, then the guy was like, Your fucking crazy, and he left then she was shouting him down the corridor, it was strange, when I found out I told her to get her shit and go, honestly girls can be so fucking using’ he goes on.

‘Yeah Cal because I’m sure you spent the night with her to fill all her needs’ you tease, making him smirk a little, ‘Shut up’ he mutters, ‘But you know what I mean right? Like I just wanna meet someone that doesn’t care’ he tells you as you step into he coffee shop, you no understanding. You queue, talking about how amazing the concert was last night.

You take your seat ten minutes later opposite Calum, taking a bite from your bun, he raises an eyebrow, you roll your eyes knowing what he wants, you hold it up a and he stretches over a little of the table to take a bite himself, making you laugh when you notice the cream whipped onto his nose, you groans whipping it off again.

‘Do you ever worry that we can’t have what other people have?’ he asks, you frown a little confused by the sudden serious tone in his normal cheery voice. ‘What do you mean?’ you question. ‘It’s just, other people can meet a nice girl, go on a couple dates, hand her their number and really get to know her. But with us we can’t just hand our numbers out, and because of the bands people already know of us and there for already have a judgement on us before getting to know the real us, you know?’ he asks, you take a moment to take what he said in, realising he was right, you have never over thought it before because you’re not at the stage yet but he is right, and this is one of the few times you can say you have seen in concerned, passionate about something other than music.

‘I guess you’re right, I’ve never really thought about it’ you agree softly, Calum chuckles, surprising you again, you look up to him seeing a huge grin tugging his lips, ‘Of course you haven’t thought about it’ he says it almost teasing but you frown not following.

‘Well you and Michael are in the same situation, you have nothing to worry about’ he teases, you glare a little narrowing your eyes, ‘Other than the fact he doesn’t like me’ you mutter, Calum gasps, making you roll your eyes. ‘Why are you acting so surprised, you’re the one who keeps going on about it’ you laugh a little, ‘Yeah but you’ve never admitted it. So you really like him?’ he asks.

‘Calum we are not doing this, I’m not a girly girl that sits and mulls over guys’ you tell him flatly, ‘Good, that’s great because I’m not a girly girl either, we can be not girly girls together, while you tell me about Michael’ he teases.


‘So girls last night was an amazing show, and you girls rocked it’ Scott the interviewer tells you after he has introduced himself, you smile to him, ‘Yeah, last night was surreal for us, I know we have had concerts and things but to be playing alongside other amazing talented artists is mind blowing’ Katie explain.

‘Who were you most looking forward to meeting, I know you know some people from last night, you girls are close with the 5 seconds of summer boys and ed, I also hear your pretty tight with Taylor. But who was your highlight from last night?’ he asks.

‘Oh nooooo’ you gasp playfully, ‘Please take the question back’ Katie joking making you laugh, Hayley noticing Scott’s confusion explain while Gina blushes, ‘So basically, Gina is James Coden’s biggest fan, and I mean she is in love with the guy, any ways she…’ but she doesn’t get to finish before Gina butts in, ‘He was so sweet and I got a picture with him, I saved it as my cover on my phone, as soon as I met him I called my brother and I was screaming down the phone, it was amazing and he told me we should party sometime and I can’t breathe’ she fan girls making you all laugh.

‘Wow okay, well Gina take a minute, I don’t want one fourth of the Dauntless girls passing out on me’ Scott laughs, ‘What about the rest of you he asks, the three of you taking it in turns to answer, to which you say Danny O'Donoghue. ‘Okay, so a question I have is, you girls names yourself dauntless, and I looked it up to get the exact meaning’ he explain, then bending over his seat  and picking up a piece of folded paper he unfolds it winking at you all. ‘And it said, not to be daunted or intimidated; fearless; intrepid; bold. So I first wanna congratulate you girls on getting such a well fitted name’ he cheers, clapping along with the camera crew making you and y=the girls laugh.

‘But my question is, what are the dauntless girls scared of?’ he wriggles an eyebrow and you smile a little, ‘(Y/N) coming to you first, putting the pressure on’ he laughs a little and you nod, thinking for a second, ‘Okay, well mine has to be simple, rejection’ you tell him, he gasps, ‘Really? I couldn’t imagine any of your girls getting rejected by anyone, your ladies are flawless’ he complement, ‘Aww your too sweet’ you tease making him laugh a little but he also goes slightly red making you laugh harder.

‘Shit is the manly Scott blushing?’ you tease getting a laugh from everyone. The interview goes on for a little longer until the dreaded subject comes up. ‘So Gina we know your dating the lovely Luke, nice lad, nice lad’ Scott hits, ‘But there have been a lot of rumours around two other band members’ he edges, ‘(Y/N), your fans and 5 seconds of summer fans have a real thing for you and Calum, what is it you think they see with you two?’ he asks.

‘Erm well we both play the bass, I guess that’s the first thing, and we are really good friends, we are seen about together a lot, which probably gives off the wrong signs but honestly if you heard like how we talk to each other and what we talk about you would realise it’s like brother and sister. No not even that more like I’m his brother, I’m just one of the boys’ you explain, Gina and Katie nodding in agreement.

‘So is this you officially saying nothing is going on romantically with you and Calum?’ Scott ask trying to get the latest scoop, you nod, ‘Yep, nothing at all, I have a thing for guitarists and singers’ you tell him with a smirk tugging your lips, ‘With red hair’ Hayley coughs, you hit her shoulder and she bursts out laughing.


‘HOLY SHIT’ Katie shouts, bouncing up on the sofa, you widen your eyes glancing away from your video game to look at her, ‘What?’ Hayley asks, ‘Michael just posted on twitter’ she tells you, ‘Okaaayyy’ you drag not understanding her excitant.

‘I’m a guitarist and singer, last time I checked my hair was red’ Gina reads, she then ‘aww’ you pause the game and look at the three of them wide eyed, ‘Shut the fuck up, are you messing with me?’ you gasp, looking at them, all three shaking their heads all gathered around Katie’s phone The next second your phone pings in your pocket, you pull it out seeing Michaels name.

‘Fuck its Michael’ you tell them, ‘Ohhhhh read it’ Gina encourages, you hit in your password, un locking your phone and opening the new message.

‘So wanna go out tonight? You know cause of the red hair’ you read out loud, a smile creeping o your lips as the girls tease you a little, you hear a photo click as you type a reply, ‘Sure, I mean, how can I argue with red hair’ you hit send then getting a twitter notification.

‘@GinaOfficial Never seen @(Y/N)Official pause a game before, it must me love’ you read the tweet and then open the image attachment which is of you second ago smiling down at your phone with your games controller on your knee and you notice Michael has already retweeted it. 

Part 2

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