cough crew

Just a quick morning warm up doodle of my cleaning crew from that one fightclub prompt fic. C-382 that uniform is not up to proper practice standards. 

but where is my sheith tarzan au………. 

anonymous asked:

tell me about the space pirate au I know nothing how did lance and shiro meet

Well the main jist of the story is here:

Redesigns of the au are here:

and then some cute shance stuff is here:

So basically Lance and Shiro meet while breaking Shiro out of a high security galra prison. Shiro was captured while being drawn to the black lion and was then labeled as the most dangerous criminal to the galran empire. The voltron crew, -cough- keith -cough-, thought it would be a good idea to break him out as a way to show the empire has no control over then and should feel threatened. First words out of Lances mouth when he sees shiro would be something along the lines of “You didn’t tell me he was hot keith!”