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Warren Kole in Cougar Club.

 I am laughing so hard right now

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TAR014 Spider Kitten - Cougar Club

Coming out of the excellent and ever-expanding South Wales scene, Spider Kitten are a truly monstrous proposition, both in name and on record. While the band has gone through several incarnations to reach this current line-up, core member Chi Lameo has been a constant driving force behind the band, his musical whims and diverse tastes resulting in albums of drone, noise and – with Cougar Club - unadulterated sludge, doom and sleaze. 

“It’s a quality album that is absolutely full of personality, and in the current scene where many new bands consider songwriting secondary to riffing-for-riffing’s-sake, what more can you ask for?” - Sleeping Shaman 

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Cougar Club (2007)

Oh Ron, why do you do this to yourself?

Well. A couple of business school grads working for mildly amusing arsehole bosses and end up having sex with their wives and generally running amok.

It’s my own fault, it was on Netflix, I didn’t want anything challenging so i won’t neg on this too much. Suffice to say it’s cringey hammy acting, far fetched antics, nudity, boner gags and gross out stuff.

Third, fourth or maybe even fifth rate American Pie type-stuff, And I mean American Pie the naked Mile not the main stuff.

Utter crap.

#BigRonFilmReviews - watching terrible films so you don’t have too (apparently)

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Jason Jurman
Joe Mantegna
Jeremy Rowley
Jon Polito
Kaley Cuoco
Izabella Scorupco
Warren Kole
Loretta Devine

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The best band name I’ve come across this year has to be Spider Kitten. They’re a British metal group that released this album a few days ago. It channels long-form, spacey/sludgey influences like Earthless and Earth, so I think it’d pair well with a good space opera or sci-fi novel. This is the 14-minute title track, Cougar Club.

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Titles taken:

Harry’s Cougar

Niall’s Cougar

Louis’ Cougar

Zayn’s Cougar

Liam’s Cougar.

Also Liam is off the table. So no titles with Liam. Sorry.