October – CouchDB

Here’s a link dump from this month’s meeting. I hope you’re all super exicted about building CouchApps!

It was mentioned that it might be helpful to show a walkthrough of setting up a CouchApp. I’ll try to work on that and post something here.

And don’t forget about #couchdb on freenode! Relax!
What Are the Benefits of Building CouchApps?

Bradley Holt[1]:

Streamlining of your codebase (no middle tier), replication, the ability to deploy/replicate an application along with its data, and the side benefits that come with going “with the grain” of how the web works are some of the benefits of building CouchApps.

The interview mentions also the potential of using CouchDB on Android and iOS platforms. CouchOne released back in September CouchDB for Android and then 6 months later—and after the merger with Membase—iOS Mobile Couchbase.

  1. Bradley Holt is author of 2 CouchDB Books: Scaling CouchDB and Writing and Querying MapReduce Views in CouchDB.  

Original title and link: What Are the Benefits of Building CouchApps? (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)
Reupholster: A CouchApps Development Tool

There are some advanced CouchApp frameworks already. What reupholster does is allows you to experience writing a CouchApp as fast as possible, with very little learning curve. It just feels like you are editing a normal web project.

The other advantage is you get to pick frameworks that you want for your application. Pick from Microjs, SproutCore, JavaScriptMVC, jquery, or just bare bones javascript. No lock-in.

Admirable idea.

Original title and link: Reupholster: A CouchApps Development Tool (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)