Claude Monet, Impression, soleil levant, 1872
René Magritte, Le banquet, 1958
Claude Monet, Étretat, soleil couchant, 1883
René Magritte, Le soir qui tombe, 1964
Claude Monet, Soleil d'hiver à Lavacourt, 1879-1880
René Magritte, Le Monde des Images, 1961
Claude Monet, Soleil couchant sur la Seine à Lavacourt, effet d’hiver, 1880
René Magritte, Le banquet, 1957

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Honesty hour: pure uncensored thoughts/feelings about Dazai, Chuuya, Lovecraft, and Akutagawa :)

Osamu Dazai - The Liar

The Fool… Hanging upside down on the tarot table with a joker’s grin. Little to no regard for anything other than his own desires. A study in profane motive hidden in “virtuous” action. Giving the illusion that he is less than he is; that he can be affected. Oh how he is cunning. Its absolute genius how he gazes upon the world and projects to his enemies that he can be hurt, the he can be destroyed in ways that either he can’t or has already done to himself. You see him, but you do not see him… his true nature hidden so well by innocent clandestine façade. Butter wouldn’t melt on that silver tongue.

Still, he enthralled me with this…

Not once when he was under my hands… Not once when he was bound so tightly it lacerated his skin…. Not once when he looked up at me did I ever believe he was helpless. No…

That is real power. That is power even I could not purchase…

I would’ve fallen in love with this one had he not been after my throat… missed opportunities.

Chuuya Nakahara - the Queen

The most important piece on the Mafia chessboard and Mori knows it. Unlimited mobility and the ability to destroy everything in his way. Such honor and respect for who he is and what he does despite its nature. So exquisitely deadly and breathtaking – when you reach the event horizon you barely can look back, much less escape before it devours you. It’s a type of danger I have no qualms about getting close to… in fact is an underlying desire.

However, the Queen needs a King to protect, lest it be no more than a pawn. Chuuya needs his King in order to be all that he is and destroy all that opposes him. That is why Soukoku exists isn’t it… he must protect his King… I wonder how much of that is understood between them…

Chuuya… I am strangely protective of our animosity; our spats have created a complex tit-for-tat that I would never let anyone come between. I suppose that is why the word Frenemy is so viable here. I am the only one allowed to abuse you. I wonder how you feel now that you understand why I call you Queen… 

Though to be honest, I would lay you out like silk sheets and give you a real reason to hate me. 

H.P. Lovecraft – the Outlier

Beloved Howard…

I hold your contract in a vice grip to my chest to hold you in this world. My motives unwittingly being to insure that I am forever apart of your life. Odd, eccentric… and strangely kind in your dissonance with humanity. I would often believe that had I not called you from the abyss you would’ve found an excuse to end our pathetic existence just from one ill-timed noise complaint.

Dear Howard is my friend even though he admonishes my verbal admittance of it. His happiness is my business as most of the members of my guild are. However, his happiness is one I would kill others with my own hands to protect. Howard is loved by I and my cousin. Even if the understanding of love came from an outside party for him, it changes my affections not.

I’ve even grown singularly fond of his relationship with his husband and with the man himself. His idiot-megane has irrevocably ingratiated himself to my “softer” feelings and seeing them together is satisfying.

They both seem to have a problem with my sexual attractions to them… I say they simply protest too much in the face of it being an option.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa – the Damned




A singular strike that took me down in the most unexpected ways.

Raised up from the ninth circle of hell he appeared to wreck and destroy everything I had built with the lackadaisical interest and that burning hate displayed in far too intelligent, pellucid gaze threw me from more than just that blimp. He burned brightly like a vengeful specter. Cold, calculating and almost incandescent in his ire and yet… I have him.

He is wanted. That is clear. Wanted for his power. Wanted for his ability. Wanted for his ruthlessness and determinations… oh yes, he as just as evil as his mentor. Yet I have him.

His place in my arms solidified by the near innocent reaction and wonderings that lead to him being handled gentle, carefully, affectionately. In praise of his uniqueness, in his absolute complexity and difference from me, I fell into those small worlds of pain that others thought Ryunosuke didn’t understand. That he blindly was just affected without comprehending their cause. Underestimating his capacity as onlookers often did.

I chose to teach him exactly what it was like to have those things. Because these were things even he was ignorant of despite having chased it his entire life. Denoted vulnerability in the darkness of sheets and moonlit windows as I show him just how gentle it can be, how kind of a hand exists for him, how he deserves to be valued.

The rod was not spared on him… even when it should’ve been.

It matters not. Because I have him.

I can admit it out loud. I love him dearly and he will never say it back. Never verbally. Never out loud for others to understand. And I don’t need him to. Even when my affections whispered against ear fly over his adorable head, I am assured that he is mine.

I knew the moment morning light woke me from one of our trysts and found that his body still lay pressed into mine… I knew he’d never leave, even when he returned to his little Mafia. He stayed. He won’t say it. He doesn’t quite know how. That’s fine. I like it that way.