Reviewing the Madden 16 Ratings
Alas, the long wait is over. Digital athletes have been graded.Let me preface this by saying I play Madden at a competitive level. I’ve won over 50 tournaments, and routinely place at the top of the online leader boards. I’ve been playing Madden since I was seven years old. The game has made me a lot of money, and I’m very happy and grateful for that. Multiple “Madden Tips” sites have asked me for information, tips, thoughts, work, etc. No, I don’t want to sell what I know; I want to share it.
Anime Revolution: Day 2

recouping from day two of convention involved a giant Slurpee and two hours vegging on the couch watching, Patriot Games; because Harrison Ford makes everybody feel better <3 And there was lots to recoup from…

when i arrived early again today i was greeted by an even more lively, swarming, crowd of con goers than yesterday! It was great! It really get’s you in the mood to FUN. (O ____O) MAXIMUM FUN. Maximum fun which the heel of my shoe apparently wanted no part of, because it tried to emancipate itself from the rest of my sandal after just a few hours. WTF heel. Really?!

once the shoe crisis was over it was time for the panel which has now moved into the number one spot on my list of “most fun stuff at AR 2015″: Cosplay Life Drawing. Day one had been really disappointing in terms of content for artists, but this more than made up for it! The people from Van Life Cosplay put on a two and a half hour session with three different cosplay models doing assorted poses for anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. The models did a great job and it was so much fun. Plus - added bonus - apparently their group puts on cosplay life drawing classes every month, not just at cons! for more info if you’re from the greater vancouver area. I can’t wait to work it into my schedule.

(a few of my favourites from the longer poses)

after drawing more sketches in two hours than i have since university, my friends and i headed across the street for lunch. There were a lot of cosplayers gathered in the courtyard enjoying the nice temperature and suddenly a group of bridesmaids and groomsmen - headed either to or from a wedding - passed through. They all looked very sharp in their outfits but i couldn’t help feeling like i missed an opportunity… (-o wo-)

the rest of the day kind of devolved from there into a wandering affair. We milled about taking photos and chatting with people while waiting in lines for things. Somehow even the most boring stuff becomes an unforgettable time when you’re at a con! It’s weird and wonderful (^ w^). It was also interesting to watch (while we waited in a reasonably sized line on the second floor) the epic line for the cosplay contest forming downstairs. My photos can’t even do it justice because that’s only the end that trailed out into the entry hall and out the door. The line really started waaaayyy down the hall in the designated “line-up room”. So this was really just the line for the line. impressive (O _O);

early in the day i really enjoyed shopping; because in my mind i bought about 2000$ worth of merch. Sadly, however, i’m at that point in my life where i just can’t justify hoarding much more stuff (because i’ve already spent the last 29 years hoarding everything possible up to this point). Still, i picked up some really beautiful artwork today. Though, as i’m posting this i am realizing that i don’t have business cards for these artists, so i can’t link them - a must-do job for tomorrow! Gotta spread the artsy love! If i had it my way our house would be plastered in art from wall-to-wall; even more than it already is. I even found a pixel pigeon button today! gotta get dem pigeons! <3

(UPDATE: the artist of the beautiful luna moth and blue bumble bee pieces is, Missy Pena, and you can see her work at The artist of the amazingly dynamic, Samus Aran, poster is, JimboBox, who you can find at The other artists i couldn’t get contact info for, except for the creator of  that Land Fish button - his name is Sam Kalensky and he is exactly as quirky and amazing as his style, i really loved seeing him in person! You can follow him at

so day two is behind us now, and all that’s left is the generally chill and relaxing last day. I’ll be sad when it’s over, but also ready to recoup until the next show. That’s always how it goes. Lets have fun right to the bitter end everybody!