The battle scene in The General

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I know some people find the battle at the end of The General to be a letdown after the great chase which takes up the majority of the picture. I would agree to an extent, but I do think it serves an important function in terms of character. Namely, it shows how Johnny was rather smart in not being all gung-ho about going to war initially.

Johnny is in his predicament mainly because he was not what society and Annabelle wanted him to be: a patriotic soldier. It’s telling that when he hears of the start of the war during his date with Annabelle, he doesn’t rise from the couch in a patriotic fervor or get riled up; he waits patiently for the men to leave so he and his girlfriend can resume their conversation. He only wants to join the service when Annabelle makes it clear it’s what she expects him to do.

So in the battle, Johnny is doing what everyone expected of him in the first place. But the funny part is he sucks at it. While he was competent and clever aboard the engine during the chase, as a soldier he cannot use any of his weapons correctly and seems to bumble about the battlefield. This goes against our expectations. We think the hero would be glorious on the field of battle, that he’ll kick ass to the same degree he did during the chase. The gag at the end of the battle is a parody of the famous moment in Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation where Henry B. Walthall charges through gunfire to raise the Confederate flag. There is nothing glorious in Keaton’s conception of the Civil War. When Johnny gets decorated as a lieutenant at the end, we know he isn’t really qualified for the position. It gives the ending a note of irony: Johnny was best when he was an engineer. That was when he was truly heroic and that is when we admire him most of all.

I’m not sure if the movie really takes any kind of stance on war. It’s certainly not pro-war, but I’m not with certain 1960s viewers who saw it as an anti-war movie. War is presented as something that is as much an impersonal obstacle as the hurricane in Steamboat Bill Jr; nevertheless, it is not glamorized and this may be why Johnny’s promotion is not presented as the ultimate victory of Johnny’s adventure. Rather it is winning the respect and love of Annabelle.

What do my fellow BK fans think of the ending battle? Do you think it’s necessary to the story? Do you find it a bit of a letdown?


Request:  Hi! Could you do an imagine/oneshot where reader is Clint’s daughter and her and Peter go to the school & dating secretly (like they only do couple stuff at school), and the Clint finds out from the school somehow? Like they call home because reader is getting distracted or he picks her up early and Clint sees them kiss?

Having Hawkeye as a dad was a curse and a blessing, all rolled up into one huge package. He was the sort of parent who would let you do dangerous things by his side. In your case, he had let you hold a bow for the first time at the tender age of four. Another advantage of being a Barton was that you got to live in the Avengers Tower, considering that you were an Avenger yourself. Your room there was huge. Plus, Tony always allowed you to tinker around with his suits.

Unfortunately, the one major disadvantage of being the daughter of Clint Barton was that he did not take kindly to your boyfriends and love interests. He would either scare them away, or, if they were brave enough to withstand your dad’s death-stares, he would ‘casually’ drop hints that he could shoot a bulls-eye with an arrow from miles away. That usually sent your boyfriends off and running.

Now, you loved your dad, you really did, but you didn’t appreciate the fact that every time you found a guy you had a possible interest in, Clint would scare them away. That’s why when you met Peter, you knew you had to keep him a secret from Clint. Ever Peter had asked you out about two months ago, you had had to take extra-special caution to make sure your dad didn’t find out about your relationship. You would prefer it if your boyfriend din’t have an arrow sticking out from his arm.

The only time you could actually have some alone time with Peter was during school, and even then, you only got a couple of hours to hang out with your boyfriend.

“This sucks,” you groaned, scooping up the mushy goop that the lunch lady had dumped onto your tray. “Literally the only time I can hug you is when we’re huddling under the bleachers.”

You were currently sitting at the school’s canteen with Peter, eating your lunch. To be completely honest, this year was the only year you had actually gone to a real school. For your entire life, you had been home-schooled by Clint and the Avengers. Being privately tutored by the Black Widow herself every Wednesday wasn’t the worst thing in the world. But ever since you had started dating Peter, you had somehow managed to persuade your dad to let you attend Peter’s high-school; mainly by telling him that you needed to ‘interact with kids your own age’.

“Hey, it’s not too bad,” Peter consoled, resting his chin on his palm. “At least if we keep our heads low, your dad won’t shoot me in the face with an exploding arrow.”

“Yeah, but it’s so annoying,” you grumbled. “Having to plan out simple dates like we’re on a life or death spy mission.”

“Well, look on the bright side. At least I don’t have the Avengers hunting me down with their weapons,” Peter said, shuddering at the thought, before the bell rang, signalling the end of lunchtime.


When Clint had gotten a text from Steve, saying that he needed him to pick you up from school for an unexpected mission debriefing, he had been pretty reluctant to go to your school. Firstly, he didn’t want everybody to know that you were the daughter of an Avenger, and secondly, he had been catching up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Steve had called him.

“Steve, can’t you get Nat to do it?” Clint whined, trying to keep his eyes on the TV, where Rob and Chyna were currently yelling at each other. “I’m trying to catch up on season twelve.”

Steve sighed, shaking his head from the other end of the line. “Clint, is a reality show really more important than picking up your daughter from school?”

“No, but she’d probably be more willing to leave school if Nat picked her up,” Clint argued, remembering the last time he had tried to pick you up from school inconspicuously. Long story short, Clint had hid in your locker for about an hour, and had scared the absolute living shit out of you.

“Clint, Fury said he wants the entire team to meet in approximately an hour. Nat’s too busy

“Just do it, Clint. And pick up Peter too, while you’re at it,” Steve said, before hanging up.

Clint groaned, staring at the ceiling for a few minutes, before rolling off the couch. “Stupid patriotic ass-hole,” he mumbled under his breath, before slinging his bow over his shoulder.


“That was the worst english class ever,” you complained, holding your textbooks as you walked down the halls with Peter. “I can’t believe she kept us in, and gave us a crap load of homework.”

“I can help you, if you want,” he offered, as you turned to stop at your locker.  You shoved your books into your locker, turning around to face your boyfriend.

“Thanks, Pete, I’ll see you later,” you said, before pecking him on the lips lightly. You were about to head to you next lesson, when you saw out of the corner of your eye that the bush that sat beside your locker had started moving.

“Y/n, what the hell are you doing with the spider kid?!” the bush suddenly screamed at you, leaves ruffling indignantly.

“Holy fu-”

“No bad words, Y/n!” the bush chided in a shrill voice. You were about to fling your bag at the shrub, when Clint’s head popped out from among the leaves, his face red from anger. “Parker, get the hell away from my daughter, right now.”

Peter backed away from you slowly, eyeing your dad’s bow warily. Clint glared at the both of you, steam literally pouring out of his ears. “Y/n, just wait till I tell your father about this,” he berated, hands on his hips.

You frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “But… you’re my father?”

“Oh, right,” Clint pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing. “My head is just really jumbled right now. Hiding in a bush for an hour isn’t very comfortable.”

You stared at the sight of your dad, hunching in a bush, at your school. It was a wonder that nobody else had spotted this strange scene yet. “Okay, firstly, why are you at my school? And secondly, why are you sitting in a bush?”

Clint stayed silent for a few moments, thoughtfully tapping his chin. “Something about Steve saying he needed you two for a meeting. And I needed a way to find you discreetly, and since hiding in your locker didn’t work last time, I thought disguising as a plant would work. But it seemed like way better idea in my head.”

As your dad continued to ramble on, you tried to signal to Peter to run without Clint noticing. But, of course, Peter being the oblivious idiot he was, didn’t notice your attempts to save his life. You sort of zone out as Clint continued to drone on, as you unsuccessfully tried to get Peter to run the opposite direction  as fast as he could, before your dad could snap back to reality and kill your boyfriend.

“Wait, no, I’m getting off topic,” Clint shook his head, trying to remember why he was hiding in a bush in the first place. “Parker, you’ve got about ten seconds to run, while I try to remember why I’m so mad at you.”

Peter scampered off as fast as he possibly could, as you watched, tensely, for Clint to remember why he wanted to strangle Peter alive. You expected your dad to whip out his bow, sprinting after Peter angrily. What you didn’t expect was for Clint to holler out at the direction Peter had run off, panic written all over his face.

“Hold on, Parker, come back. Steve said I needed to pick you up too!” 

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“You sure you want to do this, Cap?” Tasha asks softly from where she stands just behind his left shoulder. “The last couple times he’s locked eyes on you he’s tried to kill you.” Sam said nothing, but Steve could feel the silent agreement. Still, he knew there was no way that he wouldn’t go in there. Not after everything that had happened these past seventy years.

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