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Why Questlove’s 201-Song Playlist For Keith Olbermann Is Bigger Than Hip-Hop

When it comes to music history, Questlove is an Afro-pick rocking compendium of knowledge. So when the co-founder of The Roots got wind that Keith Olbermann’s come-lately compliment of Eminem’s Trump smackdown was couched within a tweet that seemed to dismiss the entire genre of rap, he vowed to take the progressive pundit to school. Questlove created a monster playlist that is more than 10 hours long but contains not one solitary rap song.

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Your boyfriend posts the dumbest things and you love annoying him 

(Requested) // word count; 848

Dumbfoundead x Reader - Fluff/Comedy(?)

a/n; I came up with this after seeing his IG story, I just wanted to get to know him a little better I -

It was Monday afternoon and you were bored out of your mind, you did everything you could to entertain yourself but nothing was working, so in the end, you opted for your phone. Retiring on the couch you scrolled through Instagram checking stories and watching any lives.

You refreshed the screen one more time and noticed your boyfriend Dumbfoundead had posted something on his story, he was supposed to come round to yours but cancelled last minute because he had something to do.

You clicked on his story and read what he posted, your eyes widened and a snort left your mouth. Was he serious right now? You tried to hold in your laugh but the kid in you had you laughing for a good 10 minutes.

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Rumor has it

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Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Summary: You’re Jin’s girlfriend and out of nowhere, rumors about him having a girlfriend turn your life upside down. 

 Genre: Angst, Fluff

 Warnings: Attack

 Word Count: 3.1k

  A/N : A kind of little story about Jin having a girlfriend and a series of events that will change Jin and his girlfriend’s life. Actually, I wrote this because when BTS or even other Idols will have girlfriend, I don’t want people to insult them. People have to accept that, so I tried to write something about that. Hope you’ll like it ^-^

Your professional life was blooming. You were working for a fashion model agency as the co-owner of the agency. You created this agency with the help of your best-friend Moon Byulie. You used to be a model, but after a few years of modeling, you wanted to help young girls and boys to become models, so you created your agency. You had to take care of the castings, discuss with the companies, take care of the models’ schedule, prepare their important events, etc. Sometimes, you also did some photo shoots, alone, with your best friend or with other models, depended on your mood. Your company was the best one in modeling and a lot of young people wanted to join it. Times to times, Byulie and you had tight schedules so you let other people tack care of your agency like your vice CEO and other trustworthy people from the management sector.

Your personal life was also doing good. You were dating Kim Seokjin, a singer of Bangtan Sonyeondan. Both of you have been dating for more than ten months now. You were in a serious relationship with him and according to Yoongi and Namjoon, Seokjin was preparing to propose to you. You weren’t supposed to know about it but Namjoon was so loud that you heard him with your headphones, while listening to Fire.

It had been a few weeks since there was a rumour about Jin having a girlfriend. You weren’t surprise when you heard the rumor because you knew that it was what media and some people were looking for. You thought for a moment that Army knew that you were Jin’s girlfriend. Actually, you didn’t want the Armys to know about you dating Jin. Why ? Even thought a good majority of Armys were mature, there still were some of them who couldn’t accept the fact that their bias was dating someone, well… They were not real Armys if they couldn’t accept that. So when people started talking about ‘Jin’s Mysterious Girlfriend’, you started to be careful when you went out with Jin. You were also an active Army on Twitter, so you would read tweets when you had time. You were happy to see that a lot of Armys were happy about that, but you still found some horrible tweets from some people who called themselves ‘Army’.

Bighit Entertainment and Jin wanted to confirm the news but you asked them to stay silent for a few days to see how it would go. You didn’t want to ruin Jin’s image. You even had a fight with Jin because of that, it was the evening after the rumors were spread.

You were tired from your work because today, you had to take care of two models whose managers couldn’t attend to their photo shoot. You went with them and stayed there to watch their shoot. They were very beautiful and did their work seriously. It was so perfect that they finished the photo shoot in less than two hours. After taking care of those two models, you had to fill a report about the activities of this week. You really wanted to finish them tonight, so you won’t have a lot of work tomorrow, so you didn’t stop until all the reports were done. You finished writing and printing the reports around ten thirty in the evening and when you arrived at home, it was almost eleven.

When you entered the living room, you found Jin on the couch, scrolling through his phone. You were surprised that he was at home, he was supposed to stay at the dorm because he had singing and dancing lessons with Jimin. When he saw you, he got up and went to you. He sweetly kissed you before hugging you tightly

“Good evening, babe. How was your day ?” He asked, still keeping you in his arms.

“Good evening, it was good, I think… Jin, is there any problem ?” You asked a little worried.

“No… Just that there is a rumour, about me… well us… An Army saw us. She took a picture and posted it on Twitter, it went viral. But, don’t worry babe, we can’t recognize you. We can just see me, hugging you, your face can’t be seen. Some of your fans might recognize you with your silhouette, but mostly you can’t. When Jungkook saw it, he thought that I was cheating on you, he couldn’t recognize you, so there is no problem. ” He said sensing that you tensed by showing you his phone.

“It happened sooner than what I’ve expected.” You said, sighing and taking his phone before sitting on the couch to read some tweets.

“Most of them are happy. They wish us the best.” He said, preparing two cups of tea in the kitchen.

“But… ?” You asked sensing that something was wrong.

“There are a few mean comments and I tried to report some of them. Those people are not Armys. Armys would always support us, or if we did something wrong, they would try to explain it with wise words.” He said coming back in the living room with two cups of tea.

“So now you’re saying that our relationship is wrong ?” You asked.

“No sweetie, You’re tensed, relax, let me explain it to you.” He said handing me the cup. “It’s just that it may seem wrong to them, but it’s not. How would you react if Jackson had a girlfriend ? Won’t you be mad, since he’s your ‘ultimate bias’ ?” He asked, mocking your voice.

“First, I don’t talk like this. And second, I would be happy ! He has someone he loves and he can feel what I feel when I am with you. Third, stop being jealous of Jackson. He’s one of my favorite rapper, but he’s not as hot as you, or else, I wouldn’t be dating you.” You said with a smile.

“Babe, I am not jealous.” He said. “And I don’t want to justify some people’s actions, but what I am trying to say is that you have to see it with a different point of view. Imagine that you are single and your ‘ultimate bias, baby Jackson’ has a girlfriend, won’t you be jealous ?” He asked, still mocking your voice.

“For God’s sake, why would I be jealous ? I know that he will never date me, so why can’t I just be happy for him, and support him in that way ? I know that I won’t date an idol. Sometimes, even now, dating you seem like a dream to me, I can’t understand what you find lovable in me, okey ? So is it bad to be happy for your bias ? He’s not going to date all his fans, that’s impossible !”

“Well, you are not like them. Most of them dream about dating their idol. So, in a way, we can understand them, they just need time and an official confirmation that we are dating.”

“Wait… You want to release an official statement about us ?” You asked, surprised.

“Y/N, I have always wanted to tell the world about us. We have been dating for more than ten months, almost one year and I can’t bear to not touch you in public, kiss you, hug you… I want us to be a normal couple.” He said, sadly.

“Jin, I understand you, but you have to understand me too. We can’t be a normal couple. I am an active Army, dating you is amazing but sometimes, seeing bad tweets when people are insulting girls who approach you is really hurting. Just because a girl said that Jimin was her ideal type, she got a lot of hate. So imagine what would happen to me ? What if they find me ? What if they stab me ? I just can’t Jin. Understand me, please.”

“I am trying to, but I can’t… Y/N…” He said, a little angry.

“No, you’re not. Please, why can’t it be secret for a few more weeks ?”

“Why are you being like this ? Are you ashamed that you’re dating me ? Am I not as good as Jimin ? Jungkook ? If it was Jungkook, you would have accepted right ? It’s been a long time since I asked you to formalize our relationship to the world but you always refuse ! But when it comes to eat lamb skewers with Jungkook, you go without any second thoughts ! Am I not good enough for you ?” He yelled, getting up.

“Do you really think that low of me, Seokjin ? Did I even tell you that I wanted to date Jimin or Jungkook ? Why are you involving these poor children in our argument ?” You asked raising your voice. You didn’t let him talk, you continued. “I love you, I really do. For the first time in my life, I really love someone, I even imagine my future with you, Seokjin. I am really proud of you, of all the progress you’ve achieved. Don’t let your insecurities come in our argument, please. And why do I refuse ? Because I don’t want to ruin your career. People know me as the childhood friend and best friend of Jungkook. They know that nothing can happen between us. It won’t ruin his career, but our relationship… I am scared that people might hate you because you’re not single anymore.  I am also scared for my security. You might have your manager and your bodyguards, but I don’t have them, Seokjin. I would love to let people know about us, but I am really scared.” You said, starting to cry.

“Babe… I… Okey, let’s do this like you want. Let’s just forget about it for now. Let’s wait until it calms down.” He said, hugging you and kissing your forehead.

“Thanks, Seokjin.” You said, hugging him back.

A few days later, it didn’t seem to calm down. Since BTS gained an international popularity with the media, mostly American media, it was taken to another level. The media couldn’t stop from spreading stupid rumors about your couple : such as you getting married secretly, you being pregnant, having children and stuff like this. You just started to live together, so how could they think that you were married ? This was why you hated media. They had the ability to come up with stupid ideas. Thankfully, for the moment, they didn’t know that you were Jin’s girlfriend. Well, not yet.

Jin and Bighit Ent were still waiting for you permission to release the news about the two of you.  You were sure that they’ve already written the statement, they were only waiting for you to agree. Jin wanted to do a live on Vapp to tell this to the fans, that way, if they had a few questions he would answer them. But he wasn’t sure, he was scared to say things he shouldn’t be saying. He was so concerned and kind with his fans, it was so cute. You really loved how he loved his fans and did everything to make them happy. He really cared about them.

Today, you had an important diner with a magazine to talk about a photo shoot they wanted to do with some of your models. Then, you had to join Jin because the two of you were going on a trip, to Jeju Island. You were so excited for the trip that you weren’t nervous for the diner.

You were at the restaurant with your best-friend Byulie. You ordered a glass of water and were waiting for the CEO of the magazine, Mr Ahn. When he arrived, he shook your hands and sat next to Byulie.

“It’s nice to meet you, ladies. You’re even more beautiful in person.” He said, flashing a smile, mostly to Byulie.

“Thank you, it’s very nice to meet you too.” You said smiling to him and your best-friend. There was something between these two, and they didn’t try to hide it. “Let’s order our diner, shall we ?” You asked still trying to understand what was happening between Byulie and Mr Ahn.

They agreed and together, you ordered the diner. Everything was perfect. Mr Ahn was very pleased with the models of your company. You didn’t want your models to be really skinny that they starved or things like this, you really wanted them to be healthy which really pleased a lot of local and international magazines.

“Miss Y/N, do you still do photo shoots ?” He asked, before drinking his wine.

“Well, it depends on how I feel it.” You said.

“What about a sexy concept ? You’re a very beautiful lady and you would be perfect for the shoot.”

“Well, I am not single anymore, I have to think about my image and how my boyfriend will feel about it…” You said, feeling heat in your cheeks.

“I understand, you have to keep a good image. But, I didn’t mean to say that it was sexy in a negative way. It’s a kind of sensual concept : like a femme fatale. You will be perfect for it. I already looked for the man who will perfectly suit this photo shoot, and I also told him that I really wanted you to be the female model for the photo shoot. He was very pleased with that. He’s from a boys-band. They are really famous these days. If you want to know, it’s none other than Jackson, from GOT7.”

God, you were now sure that your entire face was red. He proposed you to do a photo shoot, with your UB, a sensual one. A little part of you wanted it to be Jin. You’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot with him, but you couldn’t because of your scariness for sasaeng fans’ reactions. But you were also aware that Jin was possessive. You didn’t want to hurt him, even if you really liked the idea of doing a photo shoot with your UB. You didn’t think about it twice, you’ve already decided.

“That’s really kind of you to propose this project to me. He’s one of my favorite rapper and there was a time when I would have done anything to do a photo shoot with him. But now, I have someone else and I prefer doing this photo shoot with him than anybody else. I can’t accept this project, even if it’s nothing more than professional. I am sorry.” You said.

“I understand, don’t worry. But, if you change your mind, here’s the card of my friend who takes care of this project.” He said, giving you the card.

You accepted it and put it in your bag. The rest of the diner was incredibly perfect. You talked about other things and finished the diner. Mr Ahn insisted to pay the addition. Once he paid, he gave you some documents for the photo shoot and promised to call you next week to set up a meeting to finalize the details of the photo shoot.

As you guessed it, your best-friend decided to go back home with Mr Ahn. She knew that she had a lot of things to tell you when she would meet you, next week in your office, when you will be back from your trip with Jin. You called the cab company and were now waiting for the driver to come near the restaurant. The area wasn’t safe. It was dark and some lamps weren’t working. You just hoped that he will be quick. You tried to call Jin, so you could talk to him while waiting for the cab, but he didn’t answer. He might be finishing the preparations for your trip ?  Then you tried to call Jungkook, he answered immediately.

“Hey Noona, can’t wait for hyung ?” He asked with a chuckle.

“Hi, Kookie, he wasn’t answering his phone, and I am kind of afraid of this area, you know in front of the gym we went one day, that’s why I called you. And stop teasing me, you moron.” You said, amused.

“You’re the moron who have to buy me lamb skewers, remember our bet ? And also Yoongi hyung wants to join us.”

“No problem for me. He can join us whenever he wants to.” You said smiling.

“I’ll tell him. Wait, weren’t you supposed to go back home with Byulie Noona ?” He asked, concerned.

“Well, looks like Mr Ahn and her already know each other, so she went home with him. I don’t mind, I am happy that she finally has someone in her life. I am just a little mad that she didn’t tell me anything. I can’t wait to come back from the trip with Jin, I want to know how she met him and if it’s serious.” You said with a chuckle. “Gosh, why is it taking so much time ? It’s been ten minutes since I called the cab company. The secretary said that a driver will be there in a few minutes.” You said, starting to worry.

“Well, that’s very strange… Did you call the number the right number ?”

“Dummy, why would I wait for him if the secretary told me that he would come ? It was the right number.” You said with a chuckle.

“Ah yeah, you’re right.” He said, laughing, realizing how stupid his question was.

You continued to talk to each other, mostly about their future comeback and hard dancing lessons. Suddenly, you heard a strange noise behind you. You were about to turn around when felt a sharp pain in your back. Someone just stabbed you. You painfully moaned and tried to move but your aggressor didn’t let you do so.

“Noona, What happened ?” You heard Jungkook’s alarmed voice. “Noona ! Answer me ! Noona ?! Hyung, something happened to Noona ! Call the cops and Jin hyung ! Where the fuck is he ?!” Jungkook was yelling to his hyung, you never thought that it would happen in this kind of situation.

That person took out the knife and came in front of you. She pulled your hair and brought you to the ground. She took you by the neck, slapped you and tried to block your breathing before pushed you back in the ground. You cough, trying to catch your breath. She kicked you a few times in your stomach before stopping.  

“Don’t try to go near Seokjin, or next time, I will kill you.” You heard this from the girl who attacked you. You heard her walk away. You tried to look for your phone that you dropped when she attacked you. With difficulty and blurry vision because of tears, you found it and tried to talk to Jungkook.

“Jungkook… Please, help me…”

“Noona, Please, stay awake ! Please, don’t try to move, we are coming !”


Bitty taking a selfie with Jack’s former teammate, Kent Parson at the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team’s #EpiKegster.

(That’s Ransom’s hand in the corner. He just finished getting a pic with Kent too. (There was probably a line.) AND I ALMOST FORGOT the Most important THING: They’re leaning on the back of the disease-ridden green couch.)

Flashed - Part 2
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Hey lovelies! You all seemed to enjoy the first part of Flashed, which is amazing! Thank you so much! Also many many thanks to cat-winchester-mikaelson-curtis is for the lovely message and for the patience. I got home yesterday and have a massive Jetlag, but I somehow managed to write this. I'm not really happy with it, but I hope you at least like it a bit? Excuse any mistakes, I will re-read this tomorrow and hope to see more of my mistakes. Thank you!

Read Part 1 here

Summary: Part 2 of the lovely request about the Reader being a regular on the show since she was 14 (now 24) and about Reader dating Grant Gustin / The Flash
Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader
Warning: None I believe
Words: 1'403

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Yesterday I met up with the cast and crew of Green Gables Fables, and let me just say, these are the sweetest, most genuine people in literary webseries history (actually, I have no idea if that’s true. But that’s how it felt).

Here are a few highlights, impressions, and a few spoilers (of what I can tell) :

About Season 2

Season 2 will have more than one channel. We won’t just be getting Anne’s pov.

Season 2 new characters include Fred, Roy, Philippa, Priscilla, Stella, Blake Jonas (gender-swapped from Jonas Blake), and Christine.

University majors for the chars (doing this from memory, please correct me if I made an error):

  • Anne: English and Creative Writing
  • Gilbert: Life Science
  • Diana: Accounting
  • Priscilla: Political science
  • Stella: History
  • Phil: Actuarial science? I think?
  • Roy: Engineering
  • Fred: Engineering

I can’t remember for Christine and Blake - someone help me out? It had to do with sciences, because Marie, Lucy and Alicia said they wanted to make sure there were lots of women in STEM.

They’ve filmed about 200 hours of material, and they will have eight months of videos.

Anne’s videos will still come out on Wednesdays, other videos may come out the same week.

About the Cast & Crew - some impressions

Marie is obviously the most organized person ever - she was so good at being the leader of the crew, and she talked a lot about how she and Lucy would do the transmedia in real time (they would sometimes be sitting on a couch together and tweet-flirt as the characters at each other).

Alicia is definitely the writer of the team, she and Marie talked about how after the Christmas party episode, they immediately thought up an entire backstory for Tristan, including his pretentious name (Alicia said she was actually googling “pretentious rich kid names”) because he goes to private school, and the fact that his parents are busy and often ignore him.

Mandy is the sweetest. She is fun (when she laughs, she really LAUGHS), adorable, and somehow got the reputation for liking rap (even though she hasn’t listened to Kendrick Lamar - MANDY!!!). The cast & crew talked about how she’s a lot like Anne in that she’s passionate and adventurous, but that she is also very grounded and practical.

Ravyn is, as I expected, way funnier and more sarcastic than Diana, but seems to be just as emotional as she is. She’s very thoughtful, and (is this weird to say?), way more beautiful in real life. Ravyn and Mandy are two of the most articulate, smart, passionate, and real 18-year olds I’ve met.

Tanner seems a lot like Gilbert. Mandy said he’s 90 percent Gilbert and 10 percent Musical Theatre Dork. He’s really, really nice and funny.

Lucy is hilarious. I’m so glad she’s doing a lot more writing because I think her episodes are going to be just as funny as she is.

Mia is so sweet and she’s obviously crazy passionate about GG Fables. We talked a bit about how she’s really glad that this year she has all the footage early (she would sometimes have to edit same day, eek!)

Solange is just cool - she’s definitely very professional and I’m really looking forward to seeing her camera work on the show.

Two new actors showed up to the meetup: Marium, who plays Priscilla and Vanessa, who plays Stella. Both of them were really nice and seemed so excited to be part of the cast, and I can’t wait to see their stories come to life.

Set Anecdotes

Some of us fans (maybe me?) said that our favourite episode was the library one, and Ravyn told us that they got kicked out of a library for being too loud and filming there, so they had to move to another library.

They would kick Alicia out of the season 2 set sometimes because she wouldn’t be able to contain her giggles.

Ravyn adores the guy who plays Fred and she’s super excited about her character’s arc this season.

They’re all really, really proud of season 2 - Ravyn actually said she cringes a bit at season 1, but season 2 is something she can be proud of.

There might have been 17 takes of a kissing scene.

Overall, I had such an amazing time meeting this cast and crew and they were so lovely and gracious to us fans. It’s definitely an afternoon I won’t soon forget. Thank you so much for hosting it, officialggf!

Questions? Happy to answer them from a fan perspective! (I did get a prop and a signed postcard, which I will show you soon!)

Haters - Michael Clifford Imagine

Rating: G

Pairing: Michael Clifford

Word Count: 


The tweet was quite simple, though it was vague and easy to take it the wrong way.

“sick of all your bullshit” was all it said. There was no people tagged, nor a name involved. Just five words that drove very fan absolutely mad. And they were certainly the ones who took it the wrong way.

Things like: “ooo y/n’s in trouble”, “we all kno who this is about am i rite”, and “bitchy y/n is back, back again, bitch is back, tell a friend” were all over every social media 5 Seconds of Summer had ever been even slightly involved with. Everyone assumed that it was about Michael Clifford’s girlfriend, Y/N, because he had been the one who tweeted it. For some reason he thought it would help remedy things but all it really did was cause more confusion and false accusations.

No one stopped to think that the tweet wasn’t actually about a single person, but about the many in the 5SOS fanbase that somehow got off being cruel to Y/N. It was Bryana all over again, but almost worse.

“Michael!” Y/N called from the living room, eyes staring down at the bright phone screen held in her hand. She stood in front of the couch, looking at the tweet Michael had sent out a little less than twenty minutes ago. Taking in a deep breath, she squeezed the bridge of her nose between two fingertips. “What the hell is this?” She called again, waiting for a response. Y/N sighed before starting to walk up the stairs, figuring that his headphones were turned up a little too loud jamming to another band he was checking out.

When she approached the bedroom there was no noise coming within, so she lightly pushed the door opened. Stepping in and closing the door behind her, she stopping her phone from falling asleep before looking up to find Michael sitting with his back against the headboard, eyes closed with headphones stuffed into his ears. A small smile graced her lips at the look of pure bliss on his beautiful face, thoughts softening slightly.

The girl slowly crawled onto the bed, Michael’s eyes fluttering opening to meet hers. He smiled gently, reaching down to pause the music that blared in his ears. When he removed the headphones, Y/N had settled beside him, back also pressed against the headboard.

“I want to ask you something…” She trailed off. He instantly moved his arm over to her lap, grabbing her hand and intertwining his fingers with her own.

“Yes?” His voice was quite gruff, though soft to the ears.

“What was the tweet about?” Her voice was small, almost scared of his response.

“Which one?” He giggled, thumb tracing small circles across the back of her small hand. Y/N quickly pulled out her phone, unlocking it to reveal the tweet. “Oh.” Was all he said when she showed it to him.


“Yeah… that wasn’t referencing you by the way.” She instantly felt relieved by his words, every message and hateful sentence that was sent her that day didn’t seem to matter anymore, because it was all based on false facts. “I’ll never be sick of your bullshit.” He pressed a small kiss to the side of her head, bright pink lips curling up in an adorable smile.

“Good.” Y/N turned her head to the side in order to kiss the blonde boy, his chapped lips meeting her soft ones.

“I love you, baby.” He spoke, his tone breathy and sincere.

“I love you more.” She smiled.


“So who is it about?” The girl couldn’t help but wonder, for she couldn’t remember Michael mentioning anything too frustrating or annoying lately. He sighed to himself before responding.

“It was honestly… it was towards the fans.” She couldn’t help but be taken aback by his words, for he loved the fans with all his heart and it was very rare that he ever got truly upset with them. Responding to the confusion on her face, he continued on. “I’m just so done with all the shit they say about you, they think we don’t see it just because there are so many posts out there and they think it’s okay because they don’t say it to our face. As if that makes it okay, or makes it hurt any less.”

“You don’t have to be angry at them, I understand why they’re sending it.”

“But that doesn’t make it right, I mean I understand why people steal things but it doesn’t make it okay. They shouldn’t think it’s okay to just go around saying shit about the girl I love. And I love you with all my heart, you make me happy. I thought that they said that was what mattered.” Michael closed his eyes for a second. “But I guess it’s not.”

“To be honest with you, I don’t think subtweeting your entire fan base really helps. They think it’s towards me, which is the only reason I even asked you about it. They say shit about me because they think you’re frustrated with them. But if you need to say something to them, just say it. They can’t read your mind, baby.” The tall blonde nodded along at my words, understanding that he needed to be more clear with his actions.

“Okay, yeah, you’re right.” He leaned away for a second to grab his phone that he had placed on the night stand, unlocking it with his thumb and opening the Twitter app. Michael tapped away for a while, grinning sometimes and sighing at others, but she just closed her eyes and rested her head upon his broad shoulder. “Alright, done.” He said after a while, handing the phone to her. She tiredly took it, scrolling through the multiple tweets he had sent out in the past few minutes.

“guys we need to talk. it’s about y/n”

“im not okay with the way youve been treating her”

“she’s the love of my life but you treat her like scum and thats not okay”

“im done with all this bullshit about her, about how she’s not good enough for me, but she is”

“im not good enough for her she’s the best thing thats ever happened to me besides the band”

“i love her so much and i hope one day you will too”

“but until then keep your mean comments to yourself”

“thanks i love you all”

When Y/N was finished, she smiled gratefully to herself before handing her boyfriend his phone back.

“Thank you, baby.” She whispered. “You’re the love of my life, too.” His lips softly connected with hers, moving in a way he couldn’t express with words. The pure love he tried to channel into the kiss was better than any song he could write, or any ballad he’d ever heard.

“C’mere, princess.” He mumbled roughly against her lips, pulling her closer to his chest so that he could hold her tight. Michael never wanted to let go; and he never would.


"He's just jealous" - Nash & Hayes Grier Imagine

boy/character: hayes & nash grier 

request: yessssssss, anonymous

warnings/rate: C for cuddlinggggg

authors notes: sorry this is kinda short:(

“Gross,” Nash groans and he spots Hayes and I tangled together on the couch, “what don’t you two ever lay in your room?”

“Maybe because it’s better out here.” Hayes says cocking an eyebrow.

“Plus we can gross you out.” I say winking at him earning a chuckle from Hayes. The TV continues to play Fast And Furious as our conversation drifts off to another topic.

“Did you guys see all the tweets about #20DaysOfDallas?“ Nash says plopping down next to us with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles in hand. We shake our heads and Hayes runs his hand up and down my arm as I lay my head on his chest. "I think the videos are gonna be hilarious. Considering I’m in them.” Nash declares with a mouthful of cereal. He takes his phone from his pocket and scrolls through Twitter. “Alright I’m sick of your couple-y-ness.” He moans standing up from the couch and up the stairs. My phone buzzes on the table and I lean off of Hayes to grab it. “@Nashgrier: Just saw @(Y/T/N) and @HayesGrier cuddling on the couch #NOTcouplegoals” the tweet reads and I laugh lightly turning the phone to Hayes. He rolls his bright blue eyes huffing. I open the app and reply to him sarcastically, “@(Y/T/N): @Nashgrier aw thanks bby! We love our supporters!” I send the tweet out watching as fans anxiously wait for Nash or Hayes to respond. I turn my phone to Hayes who quickly looks at it before letting out a deep chuckle. “Is it possible to love you more?” Hayes says kissing me on the lips, smiling as he pulls away.

“So you know it is 1:27 maybe we should get up and have breakfast?” I giggle and Hayes rolls his eyes.

“But we’re cuddling,” he groans burying his face into my hair pulling me into his chest, “I wanna spend time with my girlfriend.” My heart flutters even after months of dating when he calls me his.

“Fine, I’ll put waffles in the toaster and come back?” I say my stomach grumbling. His eyes light up and I pull myself away from him, kissing his lips before I walk into the kitchen. Opening the freezer and take out the box of buttermilk pancakes and put four of them in the toaster. “God so now you’re making him food? Like cuddling for three hours wasn’t enough?” Nash groans dumping his left over milk down the drain. I push past him and grab the whip cream from the side of the fridge. Placing it down next to our empty plates I turn to Nash, “You’re just jealous,” I state leaning against the counter crossing my arms as I look at him.

“No I’m not,” he defends grabbing a water from the fridge, “I think you two are repulsive.” He says taking a drink from the water bottle.

“Yeah sure,” the toaster goes off and I take the four waffles and put them on to separate plates, “Nash, just give it up. You. Are. Jealous.” I poke his chest between the words, he shrugs and I walk out of the kitchen and back to my spot next to Hayes. I hand him his plate and shake the can of whip cream before spraying a smiley face on my waffle. “Hey,” Hayes pokes my cheek opening his mouth wide, “where’s my whip cream?”

“Oh my gosh,” I spray the can into his mouth, he smiles the whipped cream coming out of the sides of his mouth, “you are such a child.” I hear Nash groan as the steps squeak on his way up the stairs.

“You love birds disgust me.“ He calls shutting his door and leaving us alone again. Hayes furrows his eyebrows and I smile at him.

"He’s just jealous,” I kiss Hayes’ soft lips, “don’t worry. He’ll come around…eventually.”

“NO I WONT!” He calls before slamming the bedroom door again. “Shut up,” Hayes and I yell back in unison. We laugh at one another before I grab my phone on the table. “@Nashgrier: fine maybe I am a little jealous……” I see a tweet from Nash at the top of my dash. I turn the phone turns Hayes with a smirk on my face, “told you.” Hayes smiles widely before grabbing my waist and pulling me close.

“I love you.” He says into my ear. Before kissing my cheek. 

I love you more, Hayes.“

"GOD IM GONNA THROW UP!” Nash screams from his room.

“SHUT UP!” We say together and begin to eat our breakfast tangled together on the couch not caring what Nash has to say.


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5sos preferences #3: 5sos bsm, you have a crush on another boy part 2

Ashton is your brother and you like Michael, age 5-7:

You finally arrived at Michael’s about 10 minutes later. “Mikey!” you yelled as you saw him. “(y/n)!” he yelled back, as he engulfed you in a hug. “She likes you,” Ashton mouthed to Michael, as you had your back to him. Michael looked surprised, but it quickly changed into a smirk. “So, tell me (y/n), who do you like the most, me or Ashton?” You thought for a while, before answering “Mikey,” Ashton faked being hurt. “I thought you loved me!” Ashton fake cried. “I do Ash, i do, don’t cry please, i just like, like Mikey, and you’re my brother, so i like you too,” you said as you hugged him. Ashton chuckled, as you used ‘like, like’. “It’s okay sweetie, i like you too,” Ashton smiled. “Mikey do you think i’m pretty?”  you asked Michael. “Of course! You’re one of the most beautiful people in the whooole universe!” Michael said. “Look (y/n), he thinks you’re pretty even without blue hair,” Ashton said. “Maybe when you’re a little older, we can get matching hair colours,” Michael said winking at you. “I love you Mikey!” you squealed. “If i say i love you too, does that make you my girlfriend?” Michael asked you. “Cause then i love you too,” Michael smiled at you. You squealed again, grabbing Michael’s hand and walking away with your new 'boyfriend’. 

Michael is your brother and you like Luke, age 17:

As soon as Michael was out the door, you ran over to Luke, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissed him. After a while Luke deepened the kiss. “Really? I’m gone for 5 minutes, and you’re already sucking each others faces of,” Michael said sounding annoyed. “Sorry,” you said smiling sheepishly at him. “What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were gonna get food,” you said. “Forgot my wallet,” Michael shrugged. Calum and Ashton will be here in around 10 minutes, so don’t do anything!“ Michael warned… again. You and Luke decided to listen to Michael, and you just cuddled on the couch. As Michael said, Calum and Ashton walked trough the door around ten minutes later. "Woah, woah, woah… what’s happening here?” Calum asked, as he saw you and Luke. “We’re kind of together,” you said looking up at Luke, to see him already staring at you. “Aaaw,” Ashton said as he sat down beside you. “I’m back, and i’ve got food with me!” Michael yelled from the kitchen. All the boys cheered, and you were glad the attention wasn’t on you and Luke anymore.

Luke is your brother and you like Calum, age 17-18:

You quickly texted (y/f/n) where you were, and she was there within 15 minutes. You quickly got into the car and (y/f/n) started to drive without saying anything. When you stopped at a red light, (y/f/n) turned around in her seat slightly, so she could look at you. “So what happened?” You started to explain everything, from seeing Calum with a girl, to her being so nice, and about how you had told Luke you felt sick. She listened while she was driving to her flat. That’s the thing you loved about her, you could talk about anything and just listen to each other. When you got to (y/f/n)’s flat, you just crashed on the couch and watched movies, until you fell asleep. You woke up the next morning to the smell of pancakes. “How’re you feeling?” (y/f/n) asked as, you walked into the kitchen. “I’m okay, i guess,” you said. “I’d really like to spend the dau with you, but i have a job that ruins it,” she said as she pouted. “It’s fine, thanks for helping me,” you said. “I’ll always be here if you need me,” she said as she handed you a plate of pancakes. When you were done, you said goodbye and went home. You opened the door to hear familiar voices coming from the livingroom. “I just don’t know what to do Luke, i really like her, but she probably doesn’t like me”… was that Calum? He was probably talking about Lauren, you thought. You didn’t want to hear anymore about it, so you walked into he living room. “Hey guys,” you said faking a smile. “Hi (y/n), feeling any better?” Luke asked. “A little,” you answered. “Did you have fun yesterday?” “Yeah, i’m actually going on a date with Lauren later,” Luke said. Wait a second… Luke is going on a date with Lauren. “With Lauren? isn’t Lauren Calum’s girlfriend?” you asked confused. Calum just started to laugh. “Lauren and i are only friends. She saw the she looks so perfect video, and she thought Luke was goodlooking, so i brought her along,” Calum said. “Oh…” you said, feeling stupid for not noticing the way she looked at Luke. “I love another person anyway,” Calum said. “I’m gonna go so you can figure this out,” Luke said. “(y/n), i just really, really love you, but you probably don’t like me, and i just had to say how i felt, cause you deserved to kn-” you cut him of with a kiss. “Shut up Calum, i love you too,” you said when you broke apart. “Really? Will you please be my girlfriend,” Calum asked sounding hopeful. “Of course,” you said as you kissed him again. 

Calum is your brother and you like Ashton, age 18-19:

Fuck. fuck, fuck, what have i done?You thought, as you were lying on your bed. After 10 minutes, you heard a knock on your door. It’s him. You heard another knock, and before you could do anything, the door opened and Ashton walked in. God dammit, i forgot to lock the door. “(y/n), can we talk?” Ashton asked. “I don’t have much of a choice do i?” you asked. “Not really.” You sighed but patted the space next to you. Ashton sat down, and he was just staring at you. “Look Ashton, the thing that happened wasn’t meant to happen. I’m sorry, okay?” You looked at Ashton and he looked quite sad. Why? “Look, if the kiss didn’t mean anything to you, i will leave. But before i go i just think that you should know, i really like you, and the only reason i haven’t asked you out yet is because of your brother. When you kissed me, i thought that we could be something more than what the hell we are now, but i guess i was wrong,” Ashton said as he started to get up and leave. “Ashton, wait!” He turned around and looked hopefully at you. “Yeah?” “Please stay, i fucking love you, i have for the longest time, but i didn’t think you felt the same way, and i ju-” Ashton cut you of with a kiss. “i don’t care what Calum says, please be my girlfriend.” “Of course,” you said as you kissed him again. Later that night you were just laying in your bed, with Ashton asleep beside you. You decided to check Twitter, and saw that when you were sitting on the couch earlier, he had tweeted 'sitting with the most beautiful girl beside me!’ Everyhing just felt perfect in that moment.

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