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I really wanted to post at least one picture of the gajevy twins so

apparently they got their dad’s fondness for kitties


Is that a yes?
Yeah. Definitely.


a very dramatic saga

the second one is my fav of course


so i saw that one sephiminaj and wanted to join the party. tweaked for his pleasure, though. my pleasure… peace of mind. whatever. /neurotic

really rough. but it’s like a quarter to one and i’d been fucking around this off and on for the last 3 hoursand i am bushed~ vote of hands i refine this later? idk maybe…

good night, tumblweeds.


excuse me but if you haven’t watched this video at leats 1500 times don’t even start a conversation with me

People seemed to like my undertale fanart, so I coloured it!



Freaking Out - Mystery Skulls Animated


I’m not sure how many people have come to this conclusion in regards to the pink tiling in the cave in the new MSA vid “Freaking Out”, but Imma just put my two cents in here:

Some people have speculated that the tiling represents where the mansion used to be after Lewis blew up in an explosion of pink fiery glory. But here’s the thing. When Shiromori went into the cave and used Lewis’ flower, it lead her OUTSIDE the cave into an area with a brick wall where it closely resembles the one that bordered the mansion in “Ghost”. So the cave ISN’T where the mansion used to be.

So why the pink tiling?

If you look at the first two pictures where the pink tiling is seen, and then at the last two pictures where Arthur and Lewis are exploring the cave, notice how the pink tiling leads in the EXACT SAME DIRECTION that Lewis and Arthur went. Not only that, the pink tiling leads ALL THE WAY DOWN the cliff to the stalagmites where Lewis fell to his death.

So what is the pink tiling for? Well, if anything, I believe it’s marking the trail that leads up to where Lewis had died.

Why is it there?

Well, that I’m not entirely sure, but I guess it’s left entirely up to our interpretation as of now! and we’re gonna have to wait find out the truth later on as the videos proceed I suppose. This is just my thought. But I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this or has come to this conclusion. 8U And if you have, I’m probably sounding very repetitive then. ;; But this was just something I felt I needed to say cuz it’s been bugging me for days and I also wanted to know other people’s thoughts on this as well.

So, any thoughts?


Okay then.

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Fluff week prompt by @goodluckdetective: Carolina and Wash, dancing while on patrol because they deserve to have fun.

I couldn’t really make this work in writing, so you get this instead, hope you like it :)

I love videos when dan and phil are sitting on a couch because no matter how much room there is, the two of them are always squished right next to each other every time

No one really knows how the game is played

Hey remember this post about this other amazing post?

Well now we have the modern Hamilton dork squad playing mario kart in color! Enjoy :)

Dan and Phil know when we have tumblr meet ups and they sit at home on their couch looking through to tag, really proud of the inclusive community we have created. They also think we all look cute as hell.

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Rules: answer all questions (that you can), add one question of your own and then tag as many people as there are questions (im going to tag way less lol sorr)

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  1. coke or pepsi: coke 
  2. disney or dreamworks: i  l o v e httyd so probably dreamworks?? 
  3. coffee or tea: coffee !!!!
  4. books or movies: I think it depends on what i’m watching/reading 
  5. windows or mac: both, i’ve had a mac and a windows computer and both has its different advantages and disadvantages
  6. dc or marvel: i don’t rly watch either lmao
  7. x-box or playstation: i want both,, but i have neither
  8. dragon age or mass effect: ive played neither but dragon age has a cool name
  9. night owl or early riser: probably a bit of both
  10. Cards or chess: cards
  11. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate !!
  12. vans or converse: honestly i have no clue
  13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: ?>????what
  14. fluff or angst: fluff !! 
  15. beach or forest: beach!! i love open spaces
  16. dogs or cats: both are amazing,,… but i have to choose cats
  17. clear skies or rain: clear skies !!
  18. cooking or eating out: eating out, m lazy
  19. spicy food or mild food: mild food, i’m a bby when it comes to spicy things
  20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: christmas !!
  21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: a little too hot?? it would drive my nuts when i’m trying to sleep though tbh
  22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: shape shifting
  23. animation or live action: definitely animation, im dying to see a live action of the lion king though
  24. paragon or renegade: w?????
  25. baths or showers: showers !! icarly ruined bath for me
  26. team cap or team ironman: i???
  27. fantasy or sci-fi: both are cool !!
  28. do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so what are they: “no, this is patrick.” -spongebob
  29. youtube or netflix: both
  30. harry potter or percy jackson: percy jackson !!
  31. when you feel accomplished: completing artwork !!
  32. star wars or star trek: ive never seen star trek, so stars wars i guess
  33. paperback books or hardback books: hardback
  34. to live in a world without literature or without music? n       o
  35. who was the last person to make you laugh? this
  36. sour or sweet candy: sweet
  37. do you believe in aliens? uhvuhhuhhhhhh
  38. dawn or dusk dawn 
  39. piercings or tattoos tatoos
  40. girls? HOT????? um?? YES??????
  41. snow or fog snow, i love the fog though
  42. do you sleep facing the wall or the room? wall
  43. TRC or AFTG: wjat are these
  44. horror or drama: 100% DRAMA, i canno t  watch horror
  45. ocarina of time or majora’s mask? i’ve only watched ocarina of time so i cant really choose, i rly want to play both though
  46. would you rather live in an area of more nature or city? city !!
  47. what’s your addiction right now? fmab!! obviously
  48. what languages can you speak? i can only speak english fluently, i know a bit of spanish, but i realllyyy want to learn something like german or japanese
  49. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? somewhere safe and with nice people!! i rly like japan for that reason
  50. sun or moon? sun
  51. potato bread or banana bread? banana bread !! i used to eat banana bread muffins every morning and i miss them sm 
  52. are horses good? im actually a bit scared of horses which sucks because they are s o pretty
  53. Edward or Alphonse? uM??????????????????/
    FMA 03 or FMA Brotherhood? fmab !!