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Katie Couch - In The Mountains

Age 9 Contemporary




Bones and the Beast

whelp I saw this in my old file I never finished it and decided not to color it because I got so much shit to do (couch comic pages and a new project couch) but I wanted to atleast finish the sketches and maybe finish some of the scraped ones as wel l later, anyway

I really loved @enne01 disney princessandthefrog au with the Skeleton characters it inspired me  and some time ago I went to Beauty and the Beast Musical with @kamenmango anddd…the rest is history : D 

Basically in this parody Sans is Belle, Underfell Papyrus is Gaston, ( i mean come on this is perfect) Underfell Sans is LeFou because only he can enjoy the beatings of GastonPapyus, I first wanted Gaster as Maurice, but I thought it be more cute if UndertalePapyrus was just Sans’s brother who wanted to enter a cooking contest, and then there is Undeswap Sans and Papyrus as  Cogsworth and  Lumière desinged by @maple-and-pie who also helped me with the parody when we watched the Disney animated version  ; D 

and I couldn’t decide who the beast would be and thanks to @sweetsinnerchild who made the suggestion it should be Underswapfelll Papyrus, (btw guys check out her page she has many many good froncest fanfics!) (I need to design that beast form one day and finish the other desings of Toriel and Frisk as  Mrs. Potts and Chip

and Flowey is Rose cause Maple said so lol

A Messenger’s Risk

by Patrick McShea

“What would happen if the frozen action depicted in the Lion Attacking a Dromedary diorama continued?” 

Before posing that question to school groups, I always ask for evidence-based observations about what has already happened within the 150-year-old display, which was recently restored and moved to the first floor of the museum.

Replies come so quickly that they must be sorted into sequence. The dead female lion attacked first, but she was killed when the man on the camel used a long-barreled gun to fire a bullet behind her left ear. The man dropped the single-shot weapon and unsheathed a long curved knife. Just then, the male lion leapt, clawing its right legs on both the camel and the man in an attempt to gain enough leverage to snap its powerful jaws on the man’s right arm.

Student opinions differ about what happens next, with projections frequently couched by the word “if.” Human and dromedary survival scenarios require the camel to remain both upright and moving forward, the man to have enough arm strength to push the knife deep into the lion’s chest, and the knife blade to be long and flexible enough to reach the heart of the attacking beast.

Most students seem willing to accept an unresolved outcome. Because their imaginations have been stimulated by this point in the discussion, I offer one more exercise—“Look at the leather pouch on the sand below the camel.”

We have been observing a diorama that depicts an attack on a camel-mounted messenger. What message might the pouch contain that would be worth the risk of lion attack? A declaration of war? A proposal for a treaty or alliance? Maps of newly explored territory? Today we can instantly send messages across the world at the click of button. This exhibit is a reminder of how far we have come.

Patrick McShea works in the Education and Visitor Experience department of Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Museum employees are encouraged to blog about their unique experiences and knowledge gained from working at the museum.


Kami Couch - Sanctuary

Age 9 Contemporary




“Who You Are” - Kameron (Kami) Couch, Project 21, mini lyrical solo, Radix Anaheim, December 2016
★ Choreography by Krista Miller
Who You Are ~ Jessie J, cover by Madilyn Bailey


Mackenzie Couch - RIver

Age 10 Contemporary



No one really knows how the game is played

Hey remember this post about this other amazing post?

Well now we have the modern Hamilton dork squad playing mario kart in color! Enjoy :)

🎄 Hot Chocolate 🎄 closed


With the snow falling outside, Magnus was thrilled Alec had come by earlier.  Now he had a perfect excuse for keeping boyfriend in his loft a little while longer. Not that Alec needed much convincing. They were curled on the couch, watching Project Runway and basically dozing in each other’s arms when Magnus had the perfect idea.

“We need hot chocolate.  How do you take yours?”  Magnus thought there was only one proper way to drink it but knew other people had their own (wrong) ideas.  Hopefully, Alec knew better.


We’ve been so quiet! Why? Because we’re updating our living space to have more storage and be more attractive while still being sewing friendly! :) 

Our “entertainment unit” is actually a huge collection of sewing stuff while also going to house our TV (important for binge watching while working) and video game shit.

The shelving unit behind the couch is now our “project” shelf, so we can store ongoing projects in each basket.

More to come as we clean up this hellhole.

- Jenn