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“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..” for the 5 sentence thing! (bellarke obvs) <3

“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with.”

Bellamy looks up and has to just blink for a minute. He’d heard Clarke use her key to get in, but he wasn’t expecting to see his best friend is drenched from the thunderstorm outside with a bright blue bra visible in HD through her soaked white shirt and a pitiful look on her face. He lifts an arm immediately and Clarke sniffles before coming over to stand in front of him, still unsure.

“I’ll ruin the couch,” she hedges. Bellamy rolls his eyes and pats the seat next to him, but before Clarke can sit down, his dog Ellie jumps into the vacant position. It at least makes Clarke laugh, a weak noise.

“She’s like a shark. She’s just waiting for the invitation,” he grumbles, standing and guiding Clarke over to his spot with firm hands. “Don’t move. I’m going to get you dry clothes.”

By the time he gets back with a pair of his coziest sweatpants and a towel and some heated up soup and a six pack (so sue him, he’s absolutely the Mom Friend and he rocks it), Clarke is dozing on Ellie, face pressed into fur, the dog arranged protectively around her. He smiles and wedges himself in beside them, stroking Ellie’s nose.

“Good girl,” he whispers.

As he restarts his show, Clarke’s fingers tangle with his. She squeezes once before she drifts all the way to sleep.

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I am so happy he did not die!

I honestly thought he would! Thank you Rick for not being as heartless as me. 

In such a tense dark moody book we need happy and hopeful. We got that in Couch Hedge and Mellie and they’re un born child and I WAS VERY SURPRISED! It felt so good to see goodness. I love angst but goodness is nice too, you know? 

It also shows how freaking awesome the Couch is. And when Jason made that comparison with him and Grover I just

That is the bravery I was missing. The slefless one that doesn’t want attention or gratitude it just wants to be rewarded with being kept alive!

All  the character have it but poiting it out the way he did with Gleeson was beautiful! THANK YOU!

Frank looked at the satyr’s grim expression. Suddenly he had an idea. “Coach, you should stay on board, cover us with the ballistae.”

Hedge frowned. “Stay behind? Me? I’m your best soldier!” “We might need air support,” Frank said. “Like we did in Rome. You saved our braccae.” He didn’t add: Plus, I’d like you to get back to your wife and baby alive.

It’s official, Hedge is beyond doomed. He should start writing his will.