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Jealousy Games 01

Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Index: 01, 02, 03

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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BTS Reaction to their s/o sulking

A/N: brace yoursefl because it’s going to be a fluff ride.

He felt frustrated; he needed someone to cook with him, someone to play Mario and someone to cuddle. Seokjin was more than ready to ignore you back the first 3 hours but as time passed; he needed love and if Seokjin wants love, love he gets. 

He wrapped his arms around you and carried you to your shared room. Your boyfriend laid you down and wrapped his arms around you hiding his face on your neck.
You smiled fondly looking down at him; you played with his hair while he hummed softly. “I’m still mad okay?”
“Yes jagi, I know, I will get you food later, do you think that will be enough?” You smiled and kissed his head “Will I get more cuddles?”
“All the cuddles in this universe” You felt him smile while he pecked your neck.

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Yoongi wasn’t a clingy person, he didn’t love skinship, but he really appreciated it when you opened the door and threw yourself into his arms. He would never admit it but it made him feel warm and bubbly on the inside, so when he opened the door and there was no hug or kiss, he got worried. He ran inside, looking for you, but when he saw you on the couch, crossed arms and lip jutted out in a pout, he remembered, sulking session, no cuddles or love. 

Yoongi shook his head, he never thought he would miss the skinship before you did. He made his way to the couch, sitting right next to you, he smiled, amused when he saw your fingers twitch, hand stopping midair before reaching his cheek.

 "You know, we can stop the war for two hours" He smiled moving closer, placing a few strands of hair behind your ear “enough time so we can cuddle and kiss, maybe nap together and when we wake up, we can go back to the sulking, whatcha say?” Yoongi chuckled when you made grabby hands, he didn’t hesitate, he picked you up and walked to the room. He was more than ready to cuddle the shit out of you. 

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He tried a few times to catch your attention; it worked a few times, you would smile fondly when he turned around but go back to your sulking face as soon as he faced you again. He was cracking his third lame joke, followed by some stupid dance moves and you rolled your eyes. 

Hoseok groaned and jumped on top of you “Stop playing hard to get, I saw you laughing the first time, dance studios have mirrors, I can’t believe my girlfriend is stupid” He smiled, peppering your face with kisses, you hissed, trying to push him away but when he looked at you with a fake pout, all your resistance went down without a fight and you hugged your boyfriend, pulling him even closer if possible.

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Namjoon was the stupid one in the relationship, no one could deny that. Sometimes he was stupid enough to trip over himself or break things but sometimes he was smart. He knew how to act and what to do when he wanted things to happen his way. That’s how you got here, laying down, your boyfriend wrapping his arms around you while he kissed your neck. You tried your best to ignore him because how dare he break your favorite mug, but his kisses were so soft, you bit your lip to hold a moan when he moved closer to your ear and whispered “let’s see how long you can go without moaning?”

You turned around offended “You cannot turn my sulking into a make-out session” You frowned when you turned around and came face to face with the cocky smile. Namjoon leaned in, taking your lips into his after whispering against your mouth “who said it will only be a make-out session?”

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Jimin was a needy boyfriend, he proved that every single day, every time he saw you and engulfed you in a tight, warm hug. So, when you walked past his waiting arms, the only thing he could do was frown. Frown and follow you around like a lost puppy, begging for attention and love because “jagi, you can’t do this, you’re breaking my heart, do you want me to die?” You groaned 

“Jimin, I’m the one who is sulking, you’re supposed to comfort me, not the other way around” “I’m the mochi here jagi, come give me all your love or I will break” If you thought Jimin with a pout was something you couldn’t resist, a pouting Jimin with puppy eyes, was something that killed. He slowly raised his head, opening his arms, inviting you. You rolled your eyes, at least this way you were getting the attention you wanted.

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You were sitting on your couch, engrossed on your drama, you didn’t realize your boyfriend had walked in until you felt his arms and legs wrap around you. 

“Two hours is more than enough, please take me back into your world of kisses and cuddles” You felt Taehyung press his head against your back as he kissed every single place he could reach “Pretty please, people in Taeland are complaining, they are saying they will kick out their king if he doesn’t stop moping around” You chuckled, shaking your head 

“And why is this king moping?" 

"Because his queen refuses to give him a much-needed dose of love” Taehyung paused for a second, kissing all the way up to your ear “I heard he is really sorry for forgetting the date, he really wants to apologize but he doesn’t know what will make her forgive him” You could hear the pout on his voice and you sighed, you loved him too much, it wasn’t healthy 

“Did he try kissing the queen? If he is as good as you, I’m sure she will forgive him” You smiled, turning around when you felt Taehyung smile against your neck 

“Maybe we should try that theory first, if it works, I will tell the king to try it” You rolled your eyes one last time before cupping Taehyung’s cheeks and leaning down to kiss him.

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Jeongguk was exhausted, he tried every single thing to get your attention, but you kept ignoring him, eyes focused on your phone screen while you texted one of your friends. Jeongguk decided he had enough, one day was more than enough. He grabbed your phone and hid it in his back pocket. You hissed and tried to take your phone back but Jeongguk grabbed your hand interlocking your fingers. 

“No phone, only Jeongguk” He smiled proudly. 

“I don’t want Jeongguk, I want my phone” You frowned looking up at him. 

“But Jeongguk will love you, your phone can’t love you” He pouted, taking your interlocked hand to his lips, placing a few kisses there before kissing his way up to your shoulder. “Please don’t make me use my bad side” You raised your eyebrow “bad side, huh? Bring it on asshole." 

You regretted those words as soon as they left your mouth, Jeongguk had the biggest grin on his mouth and his hands ready to tickle you until you begged for forgiveness.

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BTS: dating suga would include

A/N: bc it’s this gummy bear’s birthday 😻😻 

 ▪ having a laid-back, chill, cuddly relationship

 ▪ which you’re totally fine with, bc you know how he feels despite him looking cold and withdrawn in public 

 ▪ both of you being complete sloths sometimes, esp him 

 ▪ absolutely refuses to wake up and get out of bed unless you give him his usual 10 kisses every morning 

▪ will pout and frown when you don’t, claiming that he didn’t want them anyway 

▪ will turn into putty when he sees you in his clothes. Even if it’s just a hat, he’ll probably stare at you nonstop and you’ll be like does he wanna kill me or kiss me idk 

▪ him (trying to) teach you to play the piano 

▪ if you don’t get certain notes, he’ll just smile and say you’ll get it someday and that he won’t stop teaching you

 ▪ actually a pretty cool teacher, never gets frustrated and always rewards you with kisses when you get the melody right

 ▪ won’t show his jealous side often

 ▪ but when he does, hooo boy 

▪ first something would have to really tick him off for him to get aggressive or just overprotective in general 

 ▪ like he’ll see someone eyeing you at a restaurant or a party, and he’ll just grab you and kiss you really hard while grabbing your hair

 ▪ ofc not before looking intensely into the eyes of the person staring at you 

▪ it’s better not to argue with him, trust me 

 ▪ as I’ve said in another post, he probably will say some things that he can’t take back and will always regret it 

 ▪ but ofc he’ll try his best to make it up to you and reassure you it will never happen again 

 ▪ cuddles with him are the best bc you know neither of you are gonna be moving for the next 4 hours, until kookie shoves you both off the couch to watch a drama probably 

 ▪ sometimes he talks in his sleep and it’s the cutest thing ever…like he’s always moaning your name and ughhh you just wanna know what he’s dreaming about 

▪ not to get too nsfw here but like-

 ▪ sex with him is probably out of this world and he’ll make sure you forget your own name by the end of it 


 ▪ will probably shove jin aside whenever he’s trying to feed you something he made 

▪ “Sorry, hyung, it was an accident" 

▪ loves kissing your forehead and both your cheeks before going and placing a kiss on your lips, just to tease you

 ▪ neck kisses are dangerous. It’s almost like he’s daring your to moan his name while others are near 

 ▪ leaves hickies in *ahem* a lot of your private areas and will trace his fingers over them to admire his work

 ▪ you doing the same bc he loves the feeling of your lips all over him

 ▪ ugh just please treasure this boy and never let him go 🎀

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Momo x Reader



Word Count: 1169

Written by Admin LJ

(Author’s Note: protect timid bb Momo please)

Momo didn’t seem like a shy person. On stage, she was the dancing machine- fierce, sexy and confident, shining bright as she nailed every performance with her stellar skills, but off stage, she was just Momo, the cute girl who was too timid to make many friends. She had Twice, sure, who were closer to her than anything else in the world (except maybe her family, but Twice might as well have been a part of her family as well), but her bashful demeanor kept most other people from getting too close to her.

You had been an exception, but only over time. When Chaeyoung had introduced you two, Momo had been nearly silent, saying nothing more than a mousy greeting before keeping her distance, too shy to start a conversation with you. You approached her at some point again and tried to make small talk, which had been short and awkward before Momo wandered off to find Jihyo.

You hadn’t planned to get close to Momo, but with the amount of time you spent hanging out with Chaeyoung, getting to know not just Momo, but all of Twice, was inevitable. Time after time, you’d say hi to Momo, which she’d respond to with the same squeak of a greeting before going off to do her own thing.

Perhaps it was because she was a foreigner and not confident in her language skills, or maybe it was because she was just timid by nature, but regardless of the reason, you never blamed her for being on the shy side. It was who she was, and you thought it was adorable.

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BTS reaction: When Bts tells you they’re a virgin.

Request from sarcasm-olala Hi! If it’s okay I’d like to request a bts reaction where they tell you that they are in fact still a virgin and get all shy and uncomfortable and y/n comforts them, just all the fluff lol. I honestly think it’s not quite unrealistic for some of them to still have their v card and there are so many vice versas out there, I’d love to read it <3)


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You were making lunch at first, having a normal conversation with Hoseok and then it kinda just slipped. He was very flustered and not expecting something so personal to come out. You assure him saying “it’s not like I’d stop loving you,”  though for the rest of the week he didn’t let it go.

“I can’t believe I said that.” 


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He was already thinking about it for the past week, after contemplating for so long he gained courage to tell you. You weren’t expecting a call so late, but it was Jimin so you shrugged it off and picked up. 

“Hey what’s up-”

“I-I’m still-a v-virgin…” He went silent clearly being sheepish. After a long conversation of telling him that you’d never be the kind of person to judge him over one thing, he hung up and yelled into his pillow out of embarrassment. 


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He’d wait for a moment where you look distracted and would run up to your ear and say it so fast you don’t process it until later. 

“OOOH. That’s what he said.” Quickly you’d find him and tell him how he shouldn’t be shy or afraid- also that you love him no matter what. Jin would be surprised you even understood and start acting like a shy school girl who confessed to their upperclassmen. For the rest the next few days he’s more affection seeking than usual despite that you shrug it off. 


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Jungkook walked up to you and tried starting a regular conversation- despite him trying to maintain a casual face you knew that something was up. He was being more shy than usual. Finally getting him to spit it out instead of stalling he sorta just smiled. 

“I’m. . I never had sex before…?” His questionable tone made you laugh and hug him. After that he never brought it up again and every time you would he’d laugh and act like it never happened. 


He knew that you probably wouldn’t mind if he was a virgin. However his problem was how he was going to tell you. Namjoon took the funny route in the heat of the moment. You were already there- and he felt preasured.

“You know I may not look like it. But y’know I’m save myself for the right person- someone real special y’know.” He sheepishly chuckled at the end. His remark made you laugh- relief showed on his face. You felt every urge to cup his face in your hands. 

“I still love you.”


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When you two were cuddling on the couch watching a drama, doing the regular late Friday night routine. A scene where the male lead confesses his feelings to the female lead. He starts, “What if I told you that I was- am s-still a v-virgin?” already knowing what he’s trying to say you told him as if he already confessed. “Well- you know things like that don’t bother me. Nor do I judge someone for one little experience they’ve never done before.” A not so awkward silence falls where-as you end up falling asleep in his arms.


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The past week you’ve noticed how much more Taehyung wanted to be around you or simply be in your presence. It was just a normal dinner with him where you bring up the topic. After saying you’d love him no matter what he says unless he cheated on you He let out a long sigh and admitted it. 

You sensed the disappointment he had in himself. To make him feel better you embraced him tightly and admit you were in deed a virgin as well. Surely your bond became stronger afterwards.  

A/N: Hey hope this was what you were expecting <3 Feel free to message my inbox for any requests. I got really into this while writing the top part of my custard bun was burnt cause I left it in for so long. 😅

I see your sex chair and raise you a sex couch

It was the drama departments couch and we couldn’t put it with all the other props so it just stayed on the stage in the auditorium, which was never locked. There were so many stains and nobody wanted to be one of the people who had to sit on it for a show. During practice one time one of the guys found a condom. I’m pretty sure teachers knew about it but they didn’t do anything.

Exo Reaction: they're in the mood but you're on your period

Chanyeol: The two of you would be sitting on the couch watching a new drama when his hands would start to roam. 

“Not today Chan.”

“Why not?” he’d whine.

“I’m bleeding everywhere. Not today Chan.” 

Throughout the week he would cuddle with you in attempts to make you feel better. He’d be very excited once your period stopped. 

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Sehun: This little brat would have his hands all over you, whining that he needed you. When you pushed him off of you, he’d pout saying “You’re no fun jagi.” 

“Sehun, I am not playing games. Either cuddle with me or leave me alone.” 

He’d probably do very small things in an attempt to make you feel better and when your period stopped he would say “well don’t I get a reward for making you feel better?” 

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Baekhyun: You would have made him buy you chocolates on the way home from practice and him being the little perv he is would assume you wanted to try something new. However, when you thanked him and asked him if he’d also bought you the pain killers you’d asked for, his face would go blank.

“Pain killers? What pain killers?”

“The pain killers that help with my cramps. I specifically asked for them.”

His expression would turn sheepish and you’d roll your eyes, smacking him and mumbling “perv”. 

He’d return to the store and buy you pain killers and would receive cuddles in return. 

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Kyungsoo: You two would be cuddling in bed, him trying to help you forget about the cramps. You’d be moving too much, however, attempting to get comfortable and he’d have to gently push you off of him mumbling, “Sorry jagi” and blushing. 

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Yixing: He wouldn’t understand at first. He’d come home from practice to see you in underwear and his baggy t-shirt on the couch. 

“Not today. I don’t feel well,” you mumbled.

“I can make you feel better.”

No, Lay. I don’t feel well.”

He’d eventually get the hint and would probably do everything in his power to make you feel better, even making a one am trip to the store to get you some of your favorite ice cream. 

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Jongin: Kai would wake you up in the morning, kissing you passionately, his hands roaming around. You’d turn and mumble sadly, “sorry, not this week.”

He’d understand and would immediately try to make you feel better. He’d make breakfast and have a movie marathon day with you. 

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Suho: The second you told him you were on your period, his hands would stop and he would pull you in for a hug. 

“I’m sorry, jagi. What can I do to help?”

Suho would be the sweetest boyfriend. But as soon as your period stopped, he would release all of the energy he’d been storing throughout the week. 

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Minseok: He would be disappointed that you were on your period and would be very impatient, waiting for the week to be up. 

“How are you feeling today jagi?’

You’d sigh. “Xiumin, I still have another two days to go.”


However, he would comply to your every need and make you coffee and be all around loving.

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Jongdae: Chen would immediately pout when you stopped his hands, thinking maybe you were in a bad mood. When you told him you were on your period, he would understand. All week he’d crack jokes and cuddle with you. When the week was up, he’d make you feel good in other ways. 

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Tao: He would be super impatient. He would be in the mood and need you and you would have pushed him off.

“Can’t you make it stop?” he’d whine.

“Tao, I have had blood coming out of my body and the feeling of my uterus being twisted. Don’t you think I would stop it if I could?”

After your little outburst, he would stop complaining, uttering a small “is it really that bad?” and when you nodded he’d cuddle with you until you felt better. 

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Luhan: His hands would be all over you until you hissed, “for the third time, Luhan, I do not feel well. I cannot have sex with you this week.”

“Why not jagi?” he’d whine, missing the hint. 

“I’ll be too busy bleeding. So sorry to inconvenience you.” 

His eyes would go wide and he’d walk out of the room only to return with blankets and ice cream, two spoons clutched in his hand. 

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Yifan: Kris would be so awkward. You’d tell him you were on your period when he’d started whispering that he needed you in your ear. 

Pulling back and clearing his throat he would stare straight ahead, asking, “Is there anything I could get you that would make you feel better?” 

He’d do little things that would make you feel better, little things that wouldn’t go unnoticed. 

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Request something! 

husband! Mingyu

anon requested: “Can you do a husband mingyu? Love your blog!”

admin seri: this is really late ack school and other things just got me

  • can you say perfect housewife husband material
  • the guy cooks
  • cleans
  • changes light bulbs
  • he can do it all
  • probably wakes up earlier than you in the morning to make eggs, bacon, pancakes, anything you want or can imagine for breakfast
  • and brews coffee amazingly too
  • and sits there with his cup of coffee at the dinner table sipping the brew, wearing a large cardigan
  • and when you wake up to the blissful scent of food and coffee
  • and walk out to the dining room
  • he gets up still wearing pajamas, his cardigan, and fluffy bunny slippers
  • towering tall but still hecka cute dad look
  • and gives you a hug and a kiss on the forehead with a “Morning, beautiful”
  • lots of playing with your hair
  • you’ll both be sitting on the couch watching a drama or movie
  • and he’ll braid your hair without even looking
  • and it’ll turn out amazing
  • but he was staring at the tv screen the whole time
  • never have to ask him to clean anything
  • does laundry and cleans dishes
  • always leaves the toilet seat down because you asked him to
  • if he has the time,
  • he’ll pack you your lunch for work everyday
  • healthy and nutritious meal always
  • getting you this cute arse lunchbag and leaving a note in there like, 
  • “make sure you eat every last bite wifey <3″
  • oml and you’re pretty much his taste tester
  • he’ll come up with all sorts of things, random doing weird food combinations
  • sitting at the table, you’ll sit and wait for mingyu to bring out the food
  • “Mingyu what is this”
  • “sshh that doesn’t matter just try it!!” he says sitting next to you
  • looks at you with wide puppy eyes as you put the spoon in your mouth
  • “its alright,” you say casually, even though in your mind it was mother effing delicious 
  • like how does he do it
  • “just alright?” he asks his eyes getting a tiny bit sad, “i swear i tried it and it was so good!”
  • you hide the smile coming out quickly and lean over to press a kiss to his cheek
  • “just kidding~” you say leaning back and grinning 
  • “YAYAYAY’ 
  • he’ll grab a spoon and give you a giant spoonful
  • “too much” you try to say through the food
  • “what? you want more?” he was teasing you
  • and gets hit with a pair of chopsticks
  • he’s really playful when it’s time to be playful
  • like you’ll be standing in your shared bathroom brushing your teeth and he’ll come in and start doing some weird dances looking at you through the mirror
  • and like the smooth person you are, you choke on your toothpaste for a minute
  • and he’ll be laughing and just patting your back
  • “i hate you” you say with foam around your mouth
  • he wraps his arms around your waist snuggling his head into your hair
  • “why are you mean to me like this,” he pouts
  • “okay baby i’m sorry do you need me too tuck you in?” you tease 
  • as soon as you look at his facial expression, you knew you should’ve thought about your words a little better
  • “you could do something else besides tucking me in,” his smirk slowly getting more prominent
  • “kim mingyu go away” you swat at him
  • “i’ll be waiting for you Mrs. Kim~” 
  • he’s serious when it’s time to be serious
  • one day you’ll come home like really stressed our from work
  • and just drop your purse or bag on the ground let yourself sink into the couch
  • while just staring at the ceiling,
  • you can see and feel Mingyu settle next to you, wrapping his arms around you
  • “tell me about your day?” he asks softly, almost whisper like
  • everything just spills out letting all the stress and anger out
  • with Mingyu listening, comforting, and giving his own advice
  • and he’ll cook you dinner after, or order your favorite take out
  • just whatever you want
  • totally just cuddling on the couch and stuffing your faces
  • and oh my god
  • there’s not enough words to describe the boys
  • you guys still get calls from the boys who are staying at the dorm 
  • because the dorm is like a place all the guys can rest at after practice
  • meaning they want food
  • and Mingyu for sure rather cook for you 
  • not because of the number difference or anything
  • “noona we want our housewife Mingyu back”
  • you’ll just look at Mingyu, who’s sitting next to you, and start cracking up with him
  • “Seungkwan, me and MIngyu both work so no housewives here”
  • “FINE. OKAY. then how much you want for us to get you to come over because I won’t live through any more Hansol ramen.”
  • you guys are just like, to be lazy or to not be lazy
  • Mingyu still as sweet as always so he caves sometimes
  • and you guys go over and the first thing that happens in Chan shoving bags of ramen in front of you guys like
  • “hyung if you don’t do this you’ll have to pay your part in the fire fees okay”
  • pretty much you guys are just dancing in the kitchen together
  • unwrapping ramyun packages
  • he tells you to sit down and just wait until he’s done
  • so you sit at the counter and watch him cook with your head resting on your hand
  • which he knows because you’re pretty much staring blatantly
  • so he does little things to try to ‘impress you’ 
  • even though he obviously doesn’t need too because you guys are married
  • but whatever gotta keep it interesting ;)
  • and when Mingyu’s serving the ramyun he’ll give you the most
  • which gets all the boys triggered lol
  • and Mingyu just shrugs like, “I gotta keep my baby healthy” 
  • everyone’s just like …
  • you’re like ‘wait’
  • “YOU’RE HAVING A KID?” Seokmin screams
  • and then it’s chaos from there
  • Mingyu’s just like ????
  • “HEY STOP NO WE ARE NOT HAVING A KID” you yell over them, shaking your head
  • “you gotta be careful with what you say Ming,” you laugh 
  • he scratches his head sheepishly, “whoops”
  • yup just as clumsy as always
  • ooh and he always makes sure there’s date nights
  • they’re not spontaneous or anything because Mingyu likes too plan
  • except he also doesn’t really like to tell you anything either
  • but you read him really well so when you get some texts at work, even more than normal,
  • ‘how’s your day going bb?’ and ‘i love you have a nice day <3′
  • you know something’s up
  • as soon as you walk through the door he’s there, ready and grinning
  • “get ready we’re going on a date!!” 
  • you break out into a smile and laugh, “dress attire?”
  • “hmm fancy” he says wiggling his eyebrows
  • he’ll walk you out and open the door like the gentleman he is, setting the vibe
  • and you’ll giggle at this Mingyu, date MIngyu that you haven’t seen in a minute
  • Mingyu’s a romantic so he’ll take you guys out to your favorite restaurant, maybe watch a film or musical, whatever you’re into
  • and then drive out to a park or river maybe, and just enjoy some fresh air and have talks
  • unlike the fun and exciting dates you guys had while dating, married dates are more relaxed and comfortable
  • but of course there’s still the fun and exciting moments too ;)

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~ admin seri & jess

Anniversary // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: can you possibly do a Taeyong scenario in which you had promised to make dinner to him but you thought you were running late and hurried and cut your hand and everything went wrong and he was running REALLY late and when he came he saw you sleeping weirdly on the couch and idk about the rest.

words: 1269

category: fluff

author note: this is a lot calmer than the Jaehyun one, so please enjoy.

- destinee

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things i have seen during my time in the american education system

  • a kid in a batman cape running through the halls, yelling incoherently
  • some kids dealing drugs in the back of class… health class… during the unit on drug abuse …
  • three feet of snow and yep we’re still going to school 
  • the ballroom dance team performing the entirety of ‘Thriller’ in the lunch room on the day before Halloween
  • the fire alarm being pulled not one, not two, but three times during one class period
  • the teachers making the entire 5th/6th grade go out to recess, even though it was around 30 degrees F, snowing, and some kids didn’t have their coats
  • a group of kids climbing onto the school roof…for no apparent reason….
  • like five-ish seniors sitting on a couch in the middle of a hallway..also for no apparent reason (no one is sure where they got the couch)
  • the drama kids all holding wooden boards and smashing them into the ground????
  • a kid riding around the halls on his scooter. you go kid.
  • kids duct taping their teacher to the wall???
  • someone handing out tissue boxes during end of year testing
  • SBO EleCTioN WEeeeEeK!.!>!
  • a kid getting up on the lunchroom table and yelling that it was his friend’s b-day so the whole lunchroom sang to the poor embarrassed guy
  • some kid doing freaking parkour to get from the second floor to the first floor
  • many fight. too many.
  • on that note, there was this guy and this other guy and they just kind of looked at each other??and said something like ‘do you wanna fight’ and so thy did???during lunch???for no reason???
  • a girl showing up to school in full hogwarts uniform(from the movies)(wand included)
  • the woodshop teacher just letting his class have full reign of the dangerous!!!!workshop while he scrolled through stuff on his computer??

things i have not seen during my time in the american education system

  • whatever the male equivalent of a lunch lady is
connect [rich g. x fem!reader x jake d.]

( Can you do a Poly Rich x Fem Reader x Jake fic? Preferably where the reader is a big geek and likes to cosplay. (Probably met when reader was doing the costumes for the play)  )

ok but i love this

ok this also went from ‘big geek who likes to cosplay’ to ‘geek, likes to cosplay, does costumes for drama dept. and knows shit about theatre’ because i couldnt resist tbh

this is 10,000 words. brb gonna go die

pls dont expect this from me since this was just something that i got rly rly into writing and got rly carried away

warnings: uhhh none that i can think of other than general language but let me know if im forgetting stuff

        Alright. You could do this. All you had to do was come up with costumes, take measurements, make everything by yourself, and have everything ready in time for dress rehearsal to begin - along with keeping up with schoolwork, going to Hobby Lobby (which, thank fuck you were getting a huge discount for, because otherwise you’d basically be destroying your own shit in order to make anything) to get everything you needed,  and basically do everything your average person needs to survive. So basically, you were ready to die a bit more inside and start multitasking - and lose sleep, but that was normal. What wasn’t normal was the show you were doing costumes for. When Mr.Reyes mentioned doing Midsummer, you imagined you’d be spending your nights sewing costumes for fairies - not… zombies. But you forced a grin and told him you’d do your best, and clutched your sketchbook to your chest, the paper with the cast list and roles jammed in, and the script for the play sandwiched between binders in your bag.

        This was fine. You’d go and watch one of their rehearsals to get an idea of how long everyone would have between costume changes, and Mr.Reyes would be speaking his vision to you as you would hastily scribble notes down, basically becoming a bobble-head as you tried to take into account everything. You’d start doing homework during classes, read online for whatever book and bullshit your way through any quizzes. Maybe you could copy some (or almost all) answers off of Christine if she’d let you. Then eventually you’d start spending your last class taking a nap with Christine in the drama room while the rest of the class did whatever - or working on whatever schoolwork you could if you weren’t tired.

        The things you did for costume design.

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Summary: Exactly 2 years after Hoseok’s debut with BTS, you found out you were pregnant. Your excitement turned into tears when your boyfriend of 4 years wasn’t ready for such a big responsibility. And through the next months, the guilt was eating him alive.


Word Count: 3047

Originally posted by hobiga

Impatient. That’s the word to describe for yourself right in this moment. Hoseok was returning from practice at any minute now. Usually you wouldn’t mind, you would be happy to see him, but it’s not always you had big news to share with him.

You heard the door opening, and your head quickly turned to see Hoseok kicking off his shoes, and closing the door.

“Hey.” He said in quiet and cold voice. Must have been a rough day of practice. You got up from the couch and walked over to him, wrapping your arms around him and placing your head into his chest. He patted your back twice, and slipped out of your embrace. “I’m gonna go shower Y/N.”

Be confident, is what you told yourself. You’ve been dating for 4 years, of course he would be happy. He would also be scared, and nervous, and every other emotion you were feeling because you were both so young still, but there is no one else who you would want to be by your side through this journey.

“Hobi.” He was almost down the hallway when he stopped and turned around to look at you. Now he was getting impatient with you, he wanted to shower, and relax. He didn’t have time to talk, it was a long day. “I have something important to tell you.”

“Can’t it wait Y/N?” You weren’t expecting that. Your smile faded, and excitement level went down.

“Uhm.” You stumbled on your words, and Hoseok started walking towards the bathroom. You had to tell him now, you had to get it off your chest. It was now or never. “Hobi, I’m pregnant.” You said it so calmly, in such a soft voice that Hoseok barely heard it. But it stopped him in his tracks, and he turned around. He felt all the blood leave his face, and his stomach drop to his feet.

“Come again?” He had to hear it again to make sure he heard it correctly. Maybe it was some sick joke that you were playing on him, maybe you trying to tell him that someone else was pregnant.

“I’m pregnant.” You said it with a smile on your face. “I went to the doctors this morning, and I’m 2 months along.” You squealed. You couldn’t contain your excitement, but Hoseok sure could. He wasn’t moving, he wasn’t saying anything, he was in shock. He couldn’t believe it, it was true. You were pregnant, with his child.

“No.” He said it softly but you stop yourself from smiling and stared at him.


“No Y/N no! This can’t be happening!” You weren’t expecting this reaction out him. You were expecting a happy Hobi, not a Hobi that was disappointed. “I’m an idol Y/N! We just debuted two years ago! We’re finally getting big! You getting pregnant can’t happen right now, I don’t have time!” You felt sick, you could hear your heart break, you were holding back tears, and your throat was burning from the sobs that wanted to escape.

“So what do you want me to do then?” A fragile voice, for someone who was going to break at any time but had to stay strong.

“I don’t know Y/N.” He ran his hands through his hair and sighed. “I don’t know. It’s a responsibility that I don’t want on my shoulders right now.” That’s when you broke. A tear escaped your left eye, and you scoffed and looked to the side.

“A responsibility? Hoseok it takes two people to make a baby!” You raised your voice, trying to hide your sadness with anger.

“I know that Y/N! I don’t have time for a child right now! I can’t deal with it!” Well if he couldn’t deal with the child, then he can’t deal with you. He doesn’t want you and your baby doesn’t deserve him.

“If you’re suggesting that I abort OUR baby, it isn’t happening.”

“Well then I don’t know what you wanna do then Y/N.” He threw his hands up in the air and walked into the bathroom, trying to leave this conversation. You followed him with tears starting to fall down your face.

“What I wanna do? Hoseok! It’s what we wanna do! It’s OUR baby dammit!”

“NO! IT ISN’T Y/N!” His voice rattled the the mirror, and the whole apartment seem to go silent, more silent than you have ever heard it. “I don’t want it okay. I don’t have time.” You nodded your head, and wiped away the tears that were cascading down your cheeks.

“Okay.” You left the bathroom, and walked down the hallway to head to the front door. You slipped on your shoes, grabbed your purse and car keys, and slammed the door shut. This is what it feels like to have your heart broken huh? After all this time he promised to never break your heart, but here you are, in one of the most toughest situations all alone. And knowing that, you took a deep breath, and drove away from your shared apartment complex. Indicating the end between you and Hoseok.


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A Perfect Day / Jinyoung

Summary : Anon requested a Drabble where Jinyoung gets home from practice and all he wants to do is cuddle and talk about his day

Genre : Fluff

Word count : 444


“5, 6, 7, 8, & pose, 2, 3, 4. Alright boys, great job! No one’s gonna be ready for what we got prepared for this comeback!” Jaebum clapped his hands twice, signaling that the boys could move from their ending poses. All of the boys collapsed on the floor, nodding and high giving in agreement.

“Jaebum-hyung! Are we going to run it anymore times?” Jinyoung asked. The rest of the boys stared at Jaebum with high hopes of finally heading home.

Jaebum looked at each of the boys’ hopeful faces before speaking, “Ah! What the hell,” he exclaimed while throwing his hands up, “let’s go ho-”

Before Jaebum had the chance to finish his sentence, the rest of the boys were already rushing towards the door. Jaebum laughed to himself as he gathered his thins and followed in the footsteps of his members.


You say in the couch, your favorite drama on the tv and your favorite snack on your lap. The door clicked softly, you couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face. Jinyoung was finally home from practice. The opened and you heard Jinyoung step inside and remove his shoes. You say patiently as you waited for your prince to join you on the couch.

Suddenly, you felt a weight on your body. As you looked down at the extra pounds, you couldn’t help but giggle. “Well, hello to you too!” Jinyoung shifted your body to where you were laying down on the couch. He huffed as he plopped back on top of you.

“Baby, I love you, but you need to shower.” You poked Jinyoung’s cheek softly.

“No, I need cuddles.”Jinyoung finally spoke up as he snuggled closer to you. If that were even possible.

You couldn’t help but be a little worried. He’s usually this clingy when he’s had a really bad day. You poked his cheeks once more. “Baby is everything alright? Did you have a bad day?”

“Nope.” He said while popping the ‘p’ loudly. “My day was perfect, I just want to cuddle you.”

You smiled lovingly at him before speaking again, “Well okay, my love. Do you want to tell me about your perfect day?”

Jinyoung gazed up at you, silently memorizing your features. “I would love to.”

He then launched into the events of his day, not missing one detail. You sat, running your hands through his hair. Your eyes never tore away from his as you listened intently to everything he had to say.

“… And now I’m finally home.. I’m feeling a little sore as I lay on the love of my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You both smile at one another, leaning in slowly. A perfect ending to a perfect day

Imagine: After Peter finally, finally builds the courage to tell him, Erik needs time to get over the world shaking truth that he still has blood family, that he has a son. Peter, having prepared for the worst but not daring to hope for the best, completely gets it and totally gives Erik his space. Of course he does, he had years to come to terms with this, and to Peter that felt like loooonggerr years, so yes, he totally gets that Erik needs his space and time to wrap his tragic mind around Peter being his awesome offspring. To distract himself from impatience and terrible not-awesome thoughts, Peter spends a lot of his time with others. 

Erik notices and observes (he wouldn’t say stalking because that would be weird and he doesn’t need to stalk his own son(!)). Erik notices how Peter interacts with other people in the Mansion/School and how he behaves on his own.

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dating Rapmonster (BTS) would include:

  • it is known that there is always a good chance he will smother you in your sleep and you will wake up like you’ve been thrown in an oven with the way he’s crushing you and his body temperature is hot as hell
  • first thing in the morning and he doesn’t have to be to work for a while and he’s already making pitiful moves on you even though you gave him more than enough rounds the night before
  • him not showing you any affection when he’s in the zone, either practicing choreos or working on the new album, but when he gets home and shuts that part of his brain off he will tackle you to the couch
  • waking up at all hours in the night hearing him working on verses because he gets inspired at the weirdest times
  • and you’re listening to the shit he’s spitting and thinking if the two of you ever got in a massive fight he would roast and destroy you
  • but then you remember all you would have to do is lie that you faked an orgasm and you would win hands down
  • occasionally gets sentimental, like he’ll be at a store and sees something that reminds him of you and will buy it and you’re looking at this stuffed animal squirrel like why did this make you think of me?
  • but when he’s on tour or promotions your bed is covered in all of these stuffed animals that are frayed because you end up spooning them in your sleep you’re so lonely without him suffocating you
  • then on anniversaries and holidays he literally buys you a necklace or bracelet that could potentially cost the same as a hyundai elantra and you’re like namjoon what the hell
  • him being the crankiest, meanest butt head in the universe when you deny him sex whether because you’re exhausted or angry with him it doesn’t matter he’s literally dying inside
  • and when you’re angry at him, he will make no attempts at fixing things because he’s stubborn and may pick arguments with you just to get you to speak to him
  • on days off the two of you will stay in bed all day and wear oversized sweaters and you’ve copied his habit of pulling the sleeves over your hands, the two of you sit across each other on a messy bed and just discuss life in general its so relaxing
  • the members are literally terrified to do anything with you because if they get in your bubble just to whisper something to you namjoon look like he gonna rip their tongues out and shove them down their throats
  • which is why every now and then yoongi personally enjoys snuggling up next to you just so he can hear the rant of profanity namjoon will send his way
  • on the couch watching movies or dramas, those pretty hands are permanently attached to your hip or booty that’s just how it is and he won’t even squeeze it he just gotta touch it whenever he can, you enjoy this a lot
  • when you compliment him he gets really shy and cute like he doesn’t know what to do and when you kiss his neck he literally melts and his brain shuts down
  • says the dorkiest and most profound things when you least expect, like he sees the moon coming out before it’s completely night time yet and he thinks it’s an omen that applies to all human existence
  • then in bed he says the raunchiest, most shameless nasty shit and it works so well you want to smack yourself on the forehead while he’s taking you from behind but he’s holding your arms back anyway so you can’t
  • and the relationship feels like it’s endless and neverending, you can’t remember a time you weren’t dating namjoon and when you think about life without him you get so sad because he makes you smile until your cheeks hurt
  • and every once and a while he holds your face and stares into your eyes and makes sure you know exactly how he feels about you and how you are his strength when he thinks he may fall apart

For more imagines, click here for the masterlist.

Girlfriend Yuri

Originally posted by gingerfany

  • yuri’s the kinda gf who does that cute thing that girls do, when they squirt out too much moisturizer then wipe the excess on your hands
  • so cute
  • brings you warm drinks on cold days or when you’re having trouble sleeping
  • yet is so taken aback and resistant when you return the favour
  • “you don’t have to do this! I can get my own drink” she’ll insist
  • outdoor dates where you go on hikes or long walks or discover new cafes and restaurants together. then other, chill dates, where you cuddle up on the couch and watch dramas. particulary dramas her members have had a role in
  • “hahaha, look at Sooyoung’s stupid face!” she’ll tease, sending Sooyoung pics of you both watching the drama to drive the girl crazy. but in actual fact yuri is so proud and supportive of the girls omg she loves watching them shine
  • wears white often to bring out her tan which drives you insane
  • “baby, you look so good in that white sundress”
  • *coy look* “wouldn’t I look better without it?”
  • likes to sit on your lap, in almost every situtation. watching tv, while bored, while reading a book … etc. she just likes the warm, safe feeling of being surrounded by your arms and resting her head back on your shoulder
  • she smells so good
  • like, really really good
  • between her shampoo, moisturizer and perfume, her scent lingers on her pillow, the clothes of yours she steals and hangs in the air when she leaves
  • when the scent disappears is when you know she’s been on tour too long
  • so she leaves her perfume behind before going on long tours, so you can spritz the couch cushions and her pillow every so often and feel less lonely
  • smacks your butt while passing
  • melting everytime she interacts with kids. although she’s not the smoothest with them, she is pretty great and most kids fall for her charms easily. and the more you watch her play and make them smile, the more you wonder ‘What would a family with Yuri be like?’
  • she makes you eat healthy
  • so sorry if you’re not into sweet potato chips, kale and all that good stuff
  • judges so hard if you’re caught gobbling up something greasy
  • “you know those foods lead to cancer, right?! don’t you want to spend a long, healthy life with me?”
  • you imagine her as the mom who gives her kids fruits for snacks then maybe some chocolate once in a blue moon
  • you already have plans to sneak your future children sweets under the cover of darkness, hiding a stash from their super healthy mom and slipping a bar or two into their lunch box
  • but kids are far, far in the future
  • yuri’s still trying to get recognized for all her hard work. despite her all-rounded talent (singing,dancing, acting, mc'ing, etc) she’s not recognized enough for it imo :/ so she’s busy with that, leaving little time to think about kids
  • also, you already own dogs which are your children … for now
  • you even act like they’re your kids
  • “no, no, do you want to be put on time out? DO YOU? bold, bold boy!”
  • the kinda girl to bite your lip while pulling away from a kiss
  • gets rough and passionate and can leave your lips swollen and neck covered in bruises
  • she’s a super cool person, that’s not going to be overly jealous or domineering. while she can speak for herself and will speak up if she feels the need to, she knows that a relationship is build on trust between 2 ppl. cares so much for you, always going out of her way to show this. but expects nothing in return. which means you need to show this beautiful, dedicated woman just how much she’s worth, how special and amazing she is
  • while the relationship isn’t one of those fiery passionate ones, there’s an undeniable love and bond that will overcome the test of time
Bad Liar- Chapter Two

Hello! Here is chapter two finally. I’m also going to quickly adress a question I got, which was “why don’t you say any korean words like Hyung, Maknae, etc. in your story?” The answer is because i’m not skilled enough, and far too lazy. I really would rather keep my writing in english because I don’t want to miss-use words, or just screw something up. I’m also not the best with Korean culture, and may make a few mistakes. So please be gentle, i’m soft and fragile. I hope you enjoy my story regardless. I also suck a tumblr so I’m not sure how to attach a link to the first chapter. Please send help. Though if you search Bad Liar GOT7, it will come up. Thanks Xx

Genre: Fluff, Angst, and a little suggestive.

Jaebum/JB (GOT7) X Orginal Character

Collage/University AU

Warrnings: May cause slight heart break, and rage towards characters.

May contain: Brief mentions of BTS members.

Maybe I’m in over my head, or maybe I was just trying to be a good friend, a wing woman. Though all I know now is that I’m sat on the floor of my room surrounded by half emptied boxes, drowning myself in hard lemonade at 10:30pm. I’m not a drinker, and most alcohol repulses me, but since the vodka was so weak tasting, it felt as if I was just drinking lemonade with a buzz. It was the stress of moving, of reconnecting with an old friend, and some off-putting feelings about how I totally volunteered to set up my two best friends, one of them being my ex. In all honesty, I don’t know why I even did that. I just wanted Amie not to feel repressed around me. I mean, JB and I aren’t together anymore. We haven’t been for 2 years… We don’t even have feelings like that for each other. He did date that one girl a few months ago? Whatever. The past is the past. Now it’s my job to make sure he finds someone who will make him happy, since that’s what best friends do.

I got to my feet, slipping some baggy sweat pants over my spandex shorts. I was a little tipsy, but sober enough to hide the fact that I had been drinking. I finished unpacking a few more boxes before walking into the living-room. Amie sat on the couch watching some K-Drama which I really had no interest in. We hadn’t talked to each other much because we both needed to settle in, and she was busy calling her parents who still were living somewhere in Europe.

“Hey Micah” she smiled, pausing the TV.

“Hi, what’s up?”

“Not much, just tired. I order some food from some noodle place a few blocks away. I wasn’t sure what you’d like but they said their Toyko glaze udon was good, so I got that for you.”

“Oh shit, thanks. How much was it? I think I have some spare cash in my room.”

“No, it’s my treat. I mean, you moved into a dorm with me, even though your family home isn’t very far from here,” she smiled. Her hair was braided long down her back, with still a full face of makeup. She sported a pair of black booty shorts, and a red sweater. She looked like a model who just finally put on some comfy clothes; while I stood in the open kitchen wearing baggy sweat pants, and an old baggy white V-neck, makeup free, and wearing my “frameless” round glasses. I never wore my glasses out in public, and most of the time wore contacts.

“Are you okay?” She asked, pulling my attention back to reality. “Yeah I’m just fine.”

“Come sit with me, we haven’t talked in a long time!”

I grabbed my takeout box, and plunked myself beside her, digging my chopsticks in the box while crossing my legs.

“So, tell me, how is your family doing?” She smiled.

“My parents are fine. My dad works as a pharmacist, and my mom still works as a dental assistant. Gee doesn’t want me to call him Gee anymore now that he’s 15, but I’m never calling him by his first name. He thinks it makes him uncool having a nickname like that, but I’m turning 23 in just over month and I’m still addressed by my nickname. That’s mainly because it’s easier for people to call my Micah, instead of Michaela… No one knows how to pronounce it since it’s more of a foreign name, though how hard is it to say ‘ME-KY-LA’ or 'ME-KAH’?”

“Yeah, I’m going to stick with Micah…You have to admit though, saying it as 'ME-KAH’ is defiantly easier” Amie laughed.

“Ha-ha, it’s okay. Anyways so…” That’s when I was interrupted by a knock at the door. Amie covered up her lap with a blanket, and the both of us just stared at each other.

“We’re you expecting someone?” I asked getting up and walking to the door. I looked through the little peephole to see JB standing with his hands in his black pants pockets.

“Uh hey? What are you doing here?” I said after opening the door to a nervous half smile on his face as he pushed his way in.

“Just in the neighborhood, wanted to come say hi and see how you two lovely ladies were doing?” JB took off his shoes and crossed to the couch sitting down directly beside Amie. She slid the blanket off her lap, and tucked it beside her.

“You’re always in the neighborhood. You live like 3 blocks away” I replied walking over to the couch as well. Our couch was only a two-seater, because there are only two roommates and the school doesn’t have to supply anything bigger than what was needed for two people. Awkwardly sitting on the floor in front of the couch, I began to sulk a little. Still feeling the effects of 3 cans of alcohol, but less intense as time went on.

“Well I thought if we’re going to be hanging out more together, since I’m Micah’s best friend, I should probably get to know her other best friend so it isn’t awkward when the three of us hang out.”

Amie blushed a little, turning her body to face JB a little more. He took off his black bomber jacket and placed it on my head, not even turning his attention away from Amie’s face. I blew the hair out of my face in frustration, and rolled my eyes. I love that at one point I thought “maybe she isn’t his type, maybe he doesn’t like her” but holy crap, was I wrong. This asshole showed up at my dorm, unannounced, to totally hit on my roommate.

I felt a little hint of anger burning in my cheeks, going a little red from all the weird feelings. I know I said I would “set them up” but they seem to be doing a good job hitting on each other all by themselves. JB was quick to chat her up, trying to find all the information I had already known a million times over, “I’m an only child, I lived all over Europe, blah-blah-blah.” It was already getting late; I was tired, and I just wanted to be alone. I was just tired of hearing them giggling with each other, and leaving me in the dust to sit and just listen to them Yet not even a consideration for the fact that I was sitting on the floor, somehow getting a cramp in my left butt cheek.

“Fuck it, I’m going to sleep. Night” I said coming off a little angrier than I intended. I really tried my best to hide the fact that I was annoyed, but after a long day, it really didn’t work. Amie was a little stunned, and JB got to his feet following me into my room before stumbling out an apology.

“She’s just tired, don’t mind her. I’ll be right back.”

“No, take all the time you need. I’m getting tired myself, just let yourself out when you leave. Goodnight JB! Night Micah!” Amie half smiled, picking herself off the couch and walking to her room. JB closed the door behind him, as I flopped onto my bed with a loud groan.

“Hey what’s wrong with you? Why are you being so aggressive.”

“I’m not being aggressive, I’m just tired” I muttered rolling my eyes. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up into a sitting position.

“You’re usually grumpy when you are tired, not rude to others, besides me.”

“She’s my friend too, I can be a little rude to her.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t seen her in forever, you wouldn’t be rude to her on your first day.” He glanced over at the trash can in the corner of the room before glancing back at her. With a more aggressive tug he pulled me up to my feet, a hand sneaking around my waist, and pushing my mouth towards his. His eyes lingered over my lips before he placed his other hand on my chin. His thumb pulled at the side of my mouth, parting my lips a little before closing his face to mine… and taking a whiff of my breath. “You’ve been drinking.”

“No, I haven’t” I said defensively, pushing him away by his chest. “Then why are there 3 empty cans of vodka lemonade by your trash can, and why do you smell like it?”

“There is no way you can still smell that, I ate food!”

“Your breath doesn’t but your shirt does, miss 'I can’t even drink from a can without wearing it somehow,” JB huffed, letting me go and flopping back onto the bed.

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t, you’re just saying that because you become stubborn and a little angry when you drink.”

“Go away.”

“I’ll go soon, but first let’s get you into bed. I’m not letting you go all hulk in the dorm hallways. I’ll leave when you go to sleep” he smiled, moving the bed sheets and taking the glasses off my face.

“You know I’m just tipsy, not drunk, right? I can function perfectly fine on my own.”

“Yeah, but then I wouldn’t get to spend this wonderful alone time with you. Now take off your sweat pants or you’re going to die of heat in these bed sheets.” I gave him an angry glare, and crossed my arms.

“I know you wear shorts all the time under your sweatpants you weirdo, and either way, I’ve seen you naked like 1000 times, why are you being stubborn now?” He winked as I slid my sweatpants off and threw them across the room.

“Wow, sexy” he mocked. I gave him a light slap on the arm, as he just laughed and threw the covers over me. “Just go to sleep, I’ll lock up on my way out.”

JB wrapped me in a tight hug, squeezing my arms to my side so I couldn’t resist. I felt my body relax a little as he sat himself on the edge of the bed and let go of me. “JB?”


“I’m glad we’re friends, I don’t think I could function without you.”

“Yeah, you’re quite a mess, what would you do without me?” He smirked.

“I’m fine on my own, I’m going to have to find a way when you find a girlfriend. Then you can’t always be with me acting like this.”

“Acting like what?”

“Well first of all, you’re tucking me into bed, even though I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself,” I laughed.

JB just rolled his eyes, shaking his head in response. “You’re my best friend in the entire world, besides the guys. Even if I have a girlfriend, I’ll still love you a lot. Nothing would change, even if I had a girlfriend.”

“Well in that case… Amie likes you.”

JB pulled his hand away from me, sitting up straight and tilting his head. “Wait, she likes me? How do you know?”

“You can totally tell, plus she kind of admitted it earlier after you left” I said shrugging.

“Oh… okay.”

“Do you like her?”

“I mean she’s beautiful, and she seems like a really nice person. I wouldn’t say "like” yet, but I really don’t know her well.“ There was a little pit in my stomach that slightly dissolved at his answer. He wasn’t one of the guys who just instantly falls for her looks. "You’re sure she likes me though, right? I’m sure she could like any guy, but like me? Are you joking with me, because if so that’s not funny…”

Okay, well I spoke a little too soon. He’s definitely interested in her…

“Whatever, just forget it.”

“Yeah, we can talk about this another time, just get some sleep,” JB replied as I closed my eyes. I could still feel his presence in my room, sitting not even a full foot away from me. I knew that once I was snoring away he would get in his car, and drive home. Though a little part of me screamed, “Don’t go; please just stay with me a little longer…”

#9 Betrayed, Part Two (Tyler)

Hiya pals, sorry I’m the worst and I never update but… Here I am to fill a request I got from like a dozen of you for part two of the cheating fic. 

ICYMI, Part One

Warnings: aftermath of cheating, swears


Your heels click definitively on the wood of the stairs as you climb the two flights to your apartment. You slide your key into the lock and push open the door to be greeted by your grey cat mewing at your feet. 

You bend down to briefly scratch behind her ears, then turn to slip your shoes off your aching feet and set down your bag on the side table by the door. You notice your phone begin to buzz from within your bag and you sigh because you’d think he would have gotten the point by now. 

It had been over two months since you took that early flight away from tour, away from the band, away from Tyler. 

Nine weeks to the day since you last saw Tyler, sleeping on the cold asphalt, waiting to see your face. 

Eight weeks since you had your first tear-free day. Your body seemed too exhausted to produce any more tears, and finally had to stop, numb to the hurt and the anger and the pain within. 

Seven weeks since you picked yourself up out of the hotel room you occupied temporarily, dragged yourself to your shared apartment, packed your things, and found a new apartment to live in. 

Six weeks since you stopped feeling angry. The pain of his actions would never dull completely, but the red hot, burn-every-bridge, fiery anger ignited that night finally dimmed to the flicker of a candle that illuminated the gaping, cavernous hole of him in your chest. 

Five weeks since you last spoke to Josh. It had been all hushed phone calls and brief text conversations; quick updates that were more painful than soothing and had to come to a stop. 

Four weeks since you had your first night of decent sleep. It hasn’t been the same without him there next to you, but you had to accept that sleep wasn’t something you could abandon on tour. 

Three weeks since you started a new job in a stuffy, dead end office that you not-so-secretly resented. You missed the freedom of a life on tour, but you had to keep it in the past. 

Two weeks since you made yourself a home cooked meal that wasn’t a microwave bowl of ramen. You washed your sheets, opened the windows and watched the light pour in. You read a book for the first time in weeks. Looked at the messages sitting in your voicemail and deleted them without torturing yourself with the sound of his voice. You called your mom and she tried to set you up with a new guy, and, though you weren’t ready quite yet, for the first time, the idea didn’t make your stomach churn. The first truly good day. 

One week since the day he hadn’t called at all. The calls had been getting more sparse, but you’d grown to expect at least one per day. It seemed to have been an isolated incident as his calls picked right back up the next day, but he did miss one day. One day where he thought better than to waste his time listening to your recorded voicemail message. Or better yet, one day where he didn’t think of you at all. 

And today, for the first time, you hadn’t thought of him once. Not until the phone buzzed with his contact name for the 524th time in the last nine weeks (but it’s not like you were counting). 

You no longer felt guilty about ignoring them. The calls and texts were as common and dull as the static of a car radio and you didn’t care because it was his fault. You knew that much. He forced you out of your relationship, and you weren’t interested in hearing him out, no matter what promises you made to his band mate on the night it happened. You’d spent too much time and energy rebuilding the life he’d forced you to tear apart to waste any more time on his excuses. 

If he loved you at all, he never would have done it. 

You finally grab your phone out of your bag and hit “ignore” on the phone call for what feels like the billionth time. And he leaves a message for what feels like the billionth time. And you delete the message immediately, without listening, for what feels like the billionth time.

You’d thought extensively about blocking his number or changing yours, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. As much as you hate to admit it, as much as you want to be done with it all, it’s comforting to know that he still cares. You only want what’s best for him, but there’s a malicious part of you that’s glad he’s still hurting, that he still misses you. You want him to hurt the way you did.

The larger part of you, still, felt an immense amount of guilt building with every call. It was as if each one twisted the knife deeper into your stomach, tearing away at your will power, bit by bit. It was having exactly the effect he wanted it to. You’d come so close to picking up so many times. It’s only a matter of time before your guilt or annoyance gets the best of you and you pick up. Whether to take him back or tell him off, however, all depends on the mood of the day. 

But that’s neither here nor there. Now, the only thing on your mind is dinner, getting into some sweatpants, and curling up on the couch with your cat and the newest episode of your favorite TV show. 

You were just trying to decide between leftover pizza or Chinese, when your phone breaks through your thoughts again. You sigh, roll your eyes, and glance at the screen, fully expecting to see Tyler’s name once again, but you furrow your brow when you see “Josh” instead. He used to call fairly frequently, but not so much lately. You think better than to answer, and let it go to voicemail, but the call sticks in the back of your mind all through the evening, even as you’re drifting off the sleep. 


The next morning is a Saturday, and you usually wouldn’t wake until your cat gets tired of waiting for breakfast, but this morning, you wake to a rather unpleasant pounding on your front door. 

Your first instinct is to panic. You nearly jump out of your skin when you finally wake up, and your mind is immediately running over all the possible scenarios. 

Have I paid all my bills on time? Yes.

Have I thrown any loud parties to piss of the neighbors? No. 

Could I have messed up so badly at work that my boss is pounding on my door on the weekend to fire me? Probably not. 

Have I given anyone on the street a mean look, prompting them to stalk and murder me? God, I hope not.

The pounding brings you out of your thoughts and you creep to the door as slowly and discretely as possible. You work up the courage to glance through the peep hole and your heart nearly drops out of your ass when you see a head of bright yellow hair. 

You jump back and trip over your cat, causing you to fall on your butt and blow all hope of quietly returning to bed and pretending not be home. 

“How the fuck did he find me?" is the only thought running through your head. 

"Y/N?” Josh calls through the door as the pounding comes to an end. “Is that you?”

You don’t reply. 

“Come on, I heard someone moving around in there,” he presses. 

Well, it is only Josh, you think, as you contemplate opening the door. 

“Tyler isn’t here. It’s just me,” he continues. 

You creep back to the door and put your hand on the handle, hesitating. You take a deep breath, and open it. 

“What do you want?” you say quickly, before he can speak. 

“Well, hello to you, too,” he says with a grin. 

“You woke me up at 8 in the morning on a Saturday by nearly pounding down my door,” you say, crossing your arms over your chest. “Not exactly the way to get on someone’s good side." 

"Can I come in?”

You ignore his question without missing a beat. 

“How did you find my apartment?”

“Your friends weren’t very eager to protect your address when you blatantly ignored their advice on Tyler,” Josh says. 

You think back to nights spent on your couch, discussing relationship drama over red wine. All your friends had urged you to at least hear what Tyler has to say. You disagreed and ignored them. 

“Assholes,” you mutter under your breath. 

“Hey, they just want what’s best for you,” Josh pauses. “Can I come in?”

You reluctantly open the door fully, stepping out of the way for him to enter and closing the door behind him. 

“Nice place you got here,” Josh comments. You don’t reply. 

“What do you want, Josh?”

“Do you remember what you told me that night I bought you a plane ticket and got you home safe?”

You bite your lip and say nothing. You both know that you are fully aware of the promises that were made.

“You told me that you’d hear him out. I got you out of the tour because I knew that you both needed time to cool off, think it over, and that you both needed to do it alone,” Josh says. His tone is serious and unwavering, but it’s clear that he’s still treading lightly. He thinks you’re fragile.

“And I appreciate that, Josh. I have told you how much I appreciate it,” you remind him, because it’s true. You have not for one second forgotten the kindness and friendship he has always shown you, especially that night. 

“But you’re making Tyler miserable-”

“I’M making HIM miserable?” your voice rises more than you mean for it to. “HE’S the one who CHEATED on ME.”

“I know. Obviously, I know-”

“Then act like it,” you bite back. 

“I’m not trying to start a fight with you. Just hear me out, please,” his eyes lock with yours and you take a deep breath. 


“I don’t mean to imply that Tyler didn’t mess all this up. Obviously, he did. But you aren’t exactly being fair to him either,” Josh says and you hold back the urge to defend yourself. “You’ve been dodging his calls for weeks. He hasn’t had a chance to explain himself and it’s not fair to him. What he did… it’s eating him up inside. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of this online, but he hasn’t been the same since you’ve left. He can’t pull off a decent performance on stage, isn’t eating enough, hardly sleeps. I mean, all he does anymore is write songs, and even those aren’t up to his usual standard. It’s killing him.”


“Oh, come on, Y/N. You’re forgetting we have mutual friends, and I’ve been talking with them. You’re no better-”

“That’s not true, I’m doing just fine without-”

Josh snaps. 

“They told me it took you weeks to even get out of a hotel and find a new apartment. Don’t pretend this isn’t affecting you. Quit trying to be heartless, it doesn’t suit you.”

Maybe it’s that you just woke up, maybe it’s the guilt, or the annoyance, or the way Josh sounds exactly like your father, or maybe it’s something else entirely. But his words cut deep and you can’t stop the tears from swelling in your eyes.

Josh’s expression softens.  

“Hey, I didn’t mean to make you-”

“No, you’re right,” you admit softly. “I miss him like crazy.”

You wipe the tears away before they can slip down you cheeks. 

“Then talk to him,” Josh pleads.

“I can’t,” your voice is barely a whisper and you can’t meet his eyes.

“Why not? You both know you want to fix this-”

“Maybe I don’t,” you find you voice again. “He really hurt me, and I don’t know if he can fix it… I don’t know if I want to let him fix it… I don’t know if this is something I can forgive.”

“Y/N… You guys were made for each other.”

“That’s what I used to think, too,” tears find your eyes again. “But now… I don’t know.”

There’s a long pause. You realize that you and Josh haven’t moved from the entry way to your apartment, the door still less than a foot away from where you stood. 

“Look, I can’t make this decision for you, and I haven’t told Tyler your address, and I’m not going to. If you want to talk to him, it should be on your terms, but… Y/N, I care about both of you, a lot, and it’s not easy for me to see you guys like this,” you can’t deny the sincerity in his eyes. “I think it would be best for both of you if you just… tried to talk. You guys can’t leave things like this.”

You don’t know how to respond, so you don’t. 

“That’s really all I had to say. We’re in town for the next month or so on break so just… think about it,” he says. 

He doesn’t linger and you don’t say anything else to him as he lets himself out, leaving you alone with your thoughts once again. 


Your foot won’t stop shaking under the table of the morning-rush-hour crowded coffee shop. 

“Y/N!” the cheery barista shouts from behind the counter and your mind is snapped back into reality from the rush of thoughts in your head. 

You clumsily make your way up to the counter and collect your iced coffee. You take one sip of it on your way back to the small table and realize that your stomach isn’t equipped to handle anything at the moment; the nerves are holding your appetite hostage. 

It’s been nearly a week since Josh came to see you. A week of barely holding your hovering thumb over the “call” button next to Tyler’s contact. A week of typing and erasing texts, before finally sending one. You didn’t trust your voice to call him, didn’t know what would happen when you finally heard his voice again. 

You arrived at the coffee shop 45 minutes early. Not to embarrass him, but to give yourself time to adjust. 

You estimated it would take 10 minutes to get your drink and settle on a table, 5 to plot at least 10 different escape routes to the door and/or bathroom (in case you needed out quick), another 10 to get your leg to stop shaking (to no avail), 5 more to panic and text all your friends so they could calm you down, and you could use the extra 5 minutes to fuss over your sundress and your hair. 

You know that that only adds up to 35 minutes of time-wasting, but Tyler is typically 10 minutes early to everything. 

And like clockwork, Tyler walks in 10 minutes before your agreed meeting time. Your heart nearly stops and bursts all at once, and you don’t think any amount of time could have prepared you for this moment. 

He doesn’t see you right away. You’re tucked in an inconspicuous back corner, but, boy, do you see him. 

He doesn’t look the same. He’s lost weight. There are some very concerning dark bags under his eyes. He looks more nervous than you’ve ever seen him. His eyes are frantic and desperate, but excited, and you can’t deny that you’re ecstatic to see him, too. You cherish the five seconds you get to look at him before he notices you. 

His mouth parts slightly, and you give him a microscopic smile as he’s seemingly locked in a trance. He snaps out of it and makes his way to you. It seems to take an eternity. 

“Y/N…” he starts. 

“Hi,” you say and you awkwardly rise from your chair to greet him, his eyes drinking in your appearance. 

You don’t hug him and it seems odd. You know each other so well, but in that moment, you might as well be strangers. You both awkwardly sink into your chairs. 

“Are you gonna get anything?” you say, gesturing vaguely to the coffee counter. 

“Uh, no, I don’t think so. I’m trying to lay off the caffeine,” he says, twisting his hands nervously on the table. 

“Oh, that’s… new,” you say and mentally punch yourself for making this so unnecessarily awkward. 

“Yeah…” he trails off and you fall into an awkward silence you did not expect. 

Suddenly, now that he’s here in front of you, you forget everything you planned on saying. You planned on getting angry. On telling him like it is, telling him off for everything that he did to you. But now… seeing him, looking like a lost puppy, you don’t know if you have the heart. 

“Y/N…” he starts and you panic. 

“No,” the word flies out of your panicked mouth quicker than your brain can stop. 


You don’t know how to respond because you don’t know why you said it. You panicked and are suddenly so terrified to hear what he has to say that you don’t know if this little meeting can even continue. 

“Sorry… I just…” you really don’t know how to recover. “I don’t know… Continue.”

You force yourself to let him speak, no matter how much it scares you.

“Ok… Um…”

The pauses in his words seem to last an eternity as he tries to figure out how to proceed. Your mind wanders and you begin to question why you thought a coffee shop was the right place to do this. You have both never seemed more uncomfortable or far away from each other. 

“I guess I’ve been trying to plan what to say to you for all this time and now that I have the chance… I’m a little lost, I’m sorry,” he says nervously and you breathe a sigh of relief as the tension seems to disperse slightly. 

“I know exactly what you mean,” you say with a breathy laugh and he smiles and it’s small and insignificant but it just feels so good to smile with him again. 

“So, I guess what I want to say is that… I’m sorry. For everything,” the tone shifts back to serious and you try your best to hold eye contact. “What I did is… unforgivable. But, I guess I’m asking for another chance. Y/N, I have never regretted something as much as I regret that night. I would do anything to go back and change it because hurting you…” you can see the tears in his eyes and you force yourself to ignore them, to stay strong. “is the last thing I ever want to do.”


“Wait, let me finish,” he says and you close your mouth. “I know that you are hurt and that I broke the trust that you had in me and that I said I wouldn’t be like guys that hurt you in the past and I broke that promise but… I’m trying to change. I don’t drink anymore. I don’t let myself lose control. I know that you might never let me back into your life, but I’m trying to be better for you. I just… I need you in my life because without you… I just feel so lost and I know it’s not fair of me to ask you to forgive me but-”

“I can’t forgive you,” you say and the look on his face shatters your heart all over again. 


“No, it’s my turn,” you say firmly, despite the tears filling your eyes. “I have spent the last few weeks trying to figure out my life without you because… you hurt me so badly that I didn’t know if I would ever feel OK again. And… I still don’t know if I will ever be back to where I was before, but my life doesn’t revolve around you anymore. I have an apartment and a job and friends and a cat… but the worst part of it all is that I can’t get you out of my head and it’s infuriating,” the tears roll down your cheeks before you can stop them. “Tyler, I loved you, and what you did… I can’t forgive you. I’m sorry-”

“Y/N, you don’t understand, I love you and what I did was a mis-”

“A mistake. I understand, Tyler, I really do,” you say and his eyes show a fleeting desperation and twists your stomach into knots. “If you’d let me finish, please. What I was going to say, is that even though I can’t forgive you, I want us to try to move on from this.”

“What does that mean?” a shred of hope appears on his face. 

“It means that we have to start slow. Back at square one, as friends. It will take time and patience and there’s a lot of broken trust to rebuild but… I’m not ready to cut you out of my life forever.”


“No. I’m not done. We start as friends. I’m not sure if we will ever get to be something more, but for now, we can be friends,” you say, surprising even yourself with the firm finality and determination in your voice. 

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear,” Tyler says and you both smile solemnly. “I won’t let you down.”

“Yeah, you better not,” you say, the joking returning to your voice as the final shards of tension melt away. “I expect to be treated like a goddess if you ever want to call me "baby” again.“

You laugh and he laughs and you know there are many more difficult conversations to come, but for one fleeting moment moment, all seemed right in the world.  


Soooooo part two is done? And just to be clear, there will be no part three (sorry if anyone wanted that) 

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about the ending cause cheating is just so disgusting and unforgivable imo, but I feel like it’s a nice, ambiguous end that will (maybe) make everyone happy??? (lol like I could ever please everyone, who am I kidding)  

Anyway, I thought about it a lot and this was the best solution I could come up with, so take it or leave it, this is what’s up. 

Sorry this took literally an eternity, but at least I finally got it up and I feel like it’s good and long! 

Hope you liked it, thanks for reading!