Crying on cue, working with bffs, and Cam. 

Today we chat with Olivia Scriven on Straight Talk with Adamo Ruggiero.

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Hello All, I’ here to share with you all my two new poses sets:

  • Lazy Day Couch Pose Sets
  • Genie Couple Pose Sets - requested by neverlandsims4

Important Notes (please read):

  • You must have a 3 seats sofa
  • Lazy Day Couch Poses - (ingame - nap)
    • The couch I used for guidance is the one by EA, as the male sim -(Jeff) presented above.
    • There are two poses I does not present in this post. (all about tumblr 10 pics limitation)
    • Don’t panic if your sim starts napping and the time goes hella fast. Just pause and go on normal speed
  • Genie Couple Poses - (ingame - Ask Massage)
    • I include a “how to” pic in the download link, please check in out. It will help you with the set up.
    • Second pose is a few sec animation.
    • Reference here: 1 / 2
  • Click pics to see them clearly

So, here is the DOWNLOAD:

Thanks to all the CCs creators. :) Sorry I’m not doing the CCs lists here, cuz it’s too much. lol. >///< But, feel free to ask individual CC through Fan mail or Ask Me Anything.

Hope you all love it, Brighten Day!