#nsv ~ when I bought this cotton on body set in a M last month it didn’t fit me. I could pull them up (sort of) but they constantly slid down and felt super uncomfortably firm. The bra use to make me feel like I was suffocating!

Put them on today and BAM they fit! Both of them. Comfortably! Considering my only other workout pants aside from very short shorts are on the clothes line I’m totally stoked!! Body is getting there! ✌️ #missi #cottononbody

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE🎄🎅 Hope everyone enjoys their day with family/friends or even yourself! Spending this lovely day down at the beach with my bestie linda🌻🌊 🐚The sun is shining and the ocean is crystal clear👌Remember to not feel guilty if you eat something bad, don’t regret anything as tomorrow is a new day! Bikini- @cottononbody #beach #summer #cottononbody (at 🐬🎄🎅🌺✌️🌊☀️🐋)