1. Garlic
The garlic softens the skin, kills bacteria and fungus, because it contains natural antiseptic! Crush 3 to 4 garlic cloves, mix them with 1 tbsp olive oil and apply on the corn. This is best done at night for 7 - 10 days. After applying garlic paste tightly wrap problem place.

2. Bow
RUB fresh onion or onion juice on the corn, wrap the leg. In 10 days of such daily treatments corn will be very easy to remove rough skin will become thinner and more pliable.

3. Vinegar
Soak it in vinegar with a cotton swab and apply it to the affected area of the skin. Top stick a band-aid. After 3 hours, you can repeat the procedure. Vinegar disinfects the skin, has anti-fungal effect and helps to remove calluses. If a callus is not too thick, vinegar will cope with it for a couple of days such manipulations!

4. Lemon + aspirin
6 tablets of aspirin RUB with a small amount of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on corn or corns, wrap the leg with plastic wrap or wrap it in a black plastic bag. On top put a hot compress - a cloth or gauze soaked in hot water. Just 15 minutes to be effective. Take off the wrap, wash away the paste, RUB the corn with a pumice stone. A small corn removed from the first times with this supercrete! For more blisters will need repetition: it is possible to carry out these manipulations at least every day until complete disappearance of the coarse skin.

5. Castor oil
Rubs calluses or corns with castor oil morning and night, and they disappear after two weeks. Castor oil is a wonderful preventative tool, it is good to use to prevent blisters.

6. Daisy
To soften hard skin, relaxing foot and relieving pain in injured areas is recommended to do bath with a decoction of medicinal plants. Make hot infusion of 4 tablespoons of dried chamomile and a liter of water. Warm bath for 30 minutes, make the feet a real miracle, skin will be noticeably softer. If you are not lazy and do this trick every night, no corns you will be not terrible.

7. Tomato wrap
The slurry from the tomatoes also helps to soften the skin and gradual removal of corns. Apply the pulp of tomato on a hard spot, wrap in foil. Top can apply hot compress, but you can do without it. After an hour wash the tomato mask and RUB skin with a pumice stone.

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All in great condition no flaws or stains and minimal piling if any. Sweater is 55% cotton 20% viscose 15% acrylic 10% rabbit. Tee is 97% cotton 4% spandex. Button down shirt and skirt are 100% cotton.

Made with Poshmark

Great layering piece! ¾ length sleeves with hook and eye clasp. Great used condition, minimal pilling is any. Underarm to underarm is approx 15.5" across the front. Length is approx 21". 100% cotton

Made with Poshmark

about colour :: 2017

In my newest body of work „about colour“ I use a range of colours derived from my personal life and surroundings which are applied in different ways to various materials.
For the woollen brooches I focus on creating colourful collages of hand-dyed wool with different textures ranging from vivid to subtle. The flat and flexible brooches can be easily applied all over your clothes and their cosy texture invites to touch them.

dyed wool and cotton, printed muslin, canvas, stainless steel - brooches

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Ryan shifted closer, gently asking. He was wearing a pair of cotton girl boxers, that had a little snowflake print all over, vaguely festive themed.

Lukas rested his warm palm on the small of Ryan’s back, letting the other slide down the curve of his backside.
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Clothing Length:Regular
Material:Cotton Blend
Sleeve Style:Regular
Pattern Type:Print
Sleeve Length:Full
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