Annnnnnd it’s done!!
I started on this bad boi on Friday and was able to finish knitting the pieces by Sunday and left Monday for the sewing.
I think for my first attempt at making this it went pretty well. The cables are different from the original virgin killer sweater, but I think it still looks nice.

I written down a pattern (wrote chicken scratch on the closes pieces of paper I could find) as I was knitting and so far its for a medium size. I’m thinking about making more of these and messing with the designs and colors just to see what I like best.

These little things are frisbees made of cotton yarn. With no hard plastics or wire, there is no worry about hard cracks or pokes to the fingers or face. They are also easy to fold up and tuck away in your pocket.

Soak them in water on a hot day or take them to the river or a lake for added fun.

As unusual as they are, these frisbees really do fly. However their light weight makes it easier for the wind to blow them off course.

I’m selling them for $5 each plus shipping. Payable through PayPal. Message me about colors and availability.

Don’t like the available colors but want one of these frisbees? Just ask and I can see if I can make one in the color you want.

The Pathways Dishcloth Crochet Pattern and organic cotton yarn -
I created three pattern sizes for the cloth and included a pattern for the matching hand towel. This pattern is available through my profile link. -
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Another view of my new crochet pattern, Flutterby. This pattern set includes instructions for a baby blanket, coasters and these dishcloths.
I used Drops Paris cotton yarn and I love all of the shades of yellow I found when I purchased the yarn from @NordicMart .
I hope everyone is enjoying some outdoor time! Have a great rest of the weekend everyone :-)
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