These plastic tubes with strings on top are basically ready-made sachets, all you need is cut them into a smaller, more practical size. Sure, it’s plastic, not black velvet, but it’s water-resistant, you can see what’s inside, and you’re turning trash into something useful.

The photo shows one glued with scotch tape, but using a stapler is generally better. I just couldn’t find mine. And yes, I know the two packs don’t match, because I did it first, from an old pack that ran out, and only thought about taking pics for you guys later.

Hey guys, I’ve mentioned a few times that I use reusable cloth pads instead of disposable pads, which I’ve been using for just over a year now. They don’t create the waste that disposable pads do, and even though they are an investment to buy at the start, they have definitely saved me money on having to buy more and more pads every month. Also, they’re way more comfortable to wear than disposable pads since they’re made of fabric, and although they’re not ‘ultra thin’ or anything, they’re still less noticeable than regular pads, which I find itchy and irritating regardless of how 'thin’ they are. Cleaning them is the hardest part of owning them, and if you’re squeamish they’re probably not for you, but since I’ve woken up to more than enough 'surprises’ in my life and I’m used to having to wash blood out of my clothes, it’s no big deal for me. It only takes a minute or two to rinse them out, then I let them hang dry until I’m ready to throw them in the wash, and that’s it. They’re not nearly as inconvenient as they seem, and honestly it’s such a relief not having to worry about going out and buying pads each month, to the point where I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using disposable pads again.

Anyway, above is the etsy where I’ve purchased all of my pads. They’re not too pricey, and they’re really well made and last for years, not to mention they come in some hella cute designs! The store owner is also super nice, and usually has your stuff shipped out within a couple of days at the most. I highly recommend them if you’re interested. :>

"Out, Damned Spot, Out I Say!" The better way to remove nail polish

I’m so glad you caught the reference made in the title! The chuckle is greatly appreciated. In fact, it’s what I’ve found myself yelling at my nails one too many times when removing nail polish, especially dark colors.  If you’re like me, you’ve gone through countless cotton pads and balls trying to remove the ‘damned spot’ staining your otherwise perfect nails! 

Instead of using cotton balls or pads, use a panty liner.  This is a much better alternative for a few reasons:

1. There are no fibers left behind on the nail.

2. It removes a great deal of color, with little to no stain left behind.

3. You can use an entire liner for the whole hand once you get the hang of it. 

4. No leaking nail polish remover if you squeeze too tight / apply pressure.

As you can see, there are benefits to using a panty liner over a cotton pad. It cuts down in manicure time, cuts down on waste and removes stains from dark colors a lot better!

So you’re probably wondering how I learned this, well read on:

One day, I decided to remove, out of pure boredom, my polish color, NYC Big Apple Red (seen in first picture). Reaching in my bag of cotton pads, I accidentally grabbed a panty liner. I know, you’re wondering, “why are her panty liners in the same bag as her cotton pads?" and I could answer that question, but I wont.  Moving on.  So that’s how this BETTER way of removing nail polish came to be. Where was I, for act 5 scene 1?

Now what will you use, the cotton pad or the panty liner?

fluffy puffs

cosmetic cotton - 150 cotton puffs from daiso japan.

the first time i walked into daiso i was amazed. it wasnt even such a big store, but there was just so. much. stuff. i always manage to tell myself that i wont ever use the stuff that i want to buy, so i’ve only bought necessities like lollies (yes, these are VERY NECESSARY!!), a craft set (cause yolo) and these cotton puffs.

for $2.80, the quality you get from these puffs is really great. theyre very soft and fluffy, and dont drag across your skin, plus the packaging is pretty ^^ they also dont have any fallout in the sense that cotton strands dont easily detach from the puff, which scores a point in my books.

theyre also highly versatile; i use them for makeup remover, nail polish remover, ‘masks’ (i dip them in the leftover serum in the sheet mask packaging) and sometimes to even out my foundation.

rating: 5/5

such a simple but great product for a really low cost. i highly recommend these :)

Ideen fürs Osterbrunch/Geschenke aus der Küche: Jetzt Kresse aussäen!!!

#Food #Rezept #Ostern #Osterbrunch #Kresse

External image

External image

Hier kommt noch eine schnelle Idee für’s Osterbrunch! Wer auf seinem Osterbuffet leckere Vitamine in Form von frischer Kresse auf seinem Ostertisch haben möchte, sollte noch heute welche aussäen. Kressesamen bekommt man derzeit nicht nur im Gartenmarkt, sondern auch in vielen Supermärkten.
Die Anzucht ist einfach und man braucht nicht einmal spezielle Töpfe oder Erde dazu. Als Boden dient…

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Holiday Empties

Back from holiday with a load of #empties too! #bbloggers #ukbloggers

External image

Not a massive pile of empties from my holiday, but ones which I certainly didn’t want to bring a load of empty rubbish home with me in my luggage for the end of my monthly empties! (more…)

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Supply Sunday - Cotton Pads/Balls

Nothing gets a cutie mark or eye paint off faster than a cotton pad or ball soaked in pure acetone.  These are another basic supply like cotton swabs, but they really are incredibly useful.  I don’t know what else I’d use to wipe cutie marks off - old rags?  Paper towel?  I feel like I’d waste so much acetone that way.

You can use either cotton pads or cotton balls for this, but I prefer the pads because they’re flat.  The definable surface feature is not one I ever thought I’d tout, but it is useful.  It’s a lot easier to handle than cotton balls are for me, and again I feel like I’m not wasting any acetone because I use every surface I can.

As usual, if you have something else that you like better for this, go and use it!  So much of pony customization is finding techniques and supplies that work for you.

Slgiaeroöghjorhuigjaölgf, I keep buying the wrong kind of cotton pads and it’s driving me crazy! @___@

I buy them at Müller - their own brand - because they’re cheap and good quality. There’s always been only one kind, or at least I’ve only ever seen one. Then, some time ago, I snatched a package and, upon using them, found them super weird and thick and only really managed to pinpoint it when I was back at the drugstore with my sister and she pointed out that they even have “super duo” or something like it printed on the outside. So they’re especially soft and thick and not how I like them at all so I bought the “normal” ones right then and there.

Now the last time I was at Müller, I made especially sure I get the right kind. Seriously, I was standing there mulling in front of the cotton pads for at least three minutes before I found out which to take.

And now, upon the old ones running out and having to use the new ones, I REALISE I HAVE AGAIN BOUGHT THE THICK AND WRONG KIND WHY DO I BETRAY MSELF

Thoughts Going Through My Head

1. Its National Lipstick Day and since finding out I now want to wear lipstick even though I have no other reason why I should and a bunch of reasons why I shouldn’t.
2. I need more cotton pads, nail polish remover, and an e.l.f product.
3. I feel like washing my bed sheets. I really should do it.✅
4. I need to check/get the mail.✅
5. I need to put those library books back in my bag to return them tomorrow. ✅
6. I really need to hand write my essay as much as I can since it will be easier to type it all up tomorrow before class.

10 Reasons Every Woman Should Try Reusable Pads

10 Reasons Every Woman Should Try Reusable Pads

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Reusable pads. Yes, I said it. These two words don’t always go hand in hand. Why would anyone want to reuse a pad? Simple. The benefits are endless. Reusable pads are great for your mind and body, not to mention Mother Earth. Glad Rags, a brand of reusable pads, offers an amazing selection for both beginners and the pros alike. The Glad Rag reusables had me hooked after one use! Here are 10…

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Save Your Ear From Dust Using Cotton Buds!

It is always the best way to carry yourself healthy and hygienic in this world. When talking about personal hygiene, it is not something that has to come from external source, but it is a feeling within oneself. If you care about your body, then you care about your health and typically this includes mental and physical. A person who is hygienic is not prone to disease and he lives healthily. He enjoys life and he moves well with people as they would love to be around him for his dynamic nature!

One such hygienic factor that many miss are cleaning their ears! Well, even a person who says, they follow everything to keep themselves hygiene misses to clean their ears. This part is always neglected by many and some people are even unaware of the usage of cotton buds. If you go to an ENT specialist, there are always patients with ear injuries due to improper use of cotton buds! This is because, they surely have missed to buy a quality bud from a good dealer.

When you are planning to shop at Bella, make sure to include the aloe Vera cotton swabs in your shopping cart. The cotton swabs made of aloe Vera is best for your skin type. The ear wax is a very sensitive organ in the body. When using cotton buds, one has to properly use the same. Even a slightest harshness over the skin might damage your ear.

Some of the care you can take are check the type of cotton used in the swabs. It should be of Eco-friendly type and not from any recycled product. They are used for many other purposes not alone for cleaning your ears! They are used by woman in their make-up kit! Swabs are also used in cleaning the make-up in the eyes. Many people make use of cotton swabs to clean their belly button!

Even doctors make use of these cotton sticks to apply medicine in the affected area of the ear. The cotton hence used should be of really good quality. This is the best to buy from the Bella products!


The Face Shop: Mild Cotton Pads

80 cotton pads for only $1; is that a deal or what??

I am no expert when it comes to cotton pads and this is only my second pack of cotton pads, but these are pretty damn good.

Before these ones I used the generic Shoppers Drug Mart ones, Equate, and they were okay; weren’t bad weren’t amazing, but these The Face Shop ones beat the Equate ones by a mile.

The TFS ones don’t stretch as much, don’t absorb as much, and are a whole lot softer. The Equate ones stretch and rip apart right away, and it seemed like I was soaking the pad before I could get any toner off you actually use on my face.

I really like these TFS cotton pads compared to the Equate ones. But then again! This is only my SECOND pack of cotton pads, so I’m not sure what i’m looking for or what’s considered good.

10/10 would recommend