My Candy Love/Eldarya Sin Week 2017!!!!

Guys it’s been half a year and now it returns…bring the sin back from may 8 to may 14!!!

You already know what’s all about: Fanarts, drabbles, contests, headcanons, fanfiction…anything as long as it’s sinful ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Remember to tag everything as nsfw for people who doesn’t like this sexy stuff. Also, tag it as the belonging game; don’t tag an Eldarya fanart to my candy love and vice versa, unless it’s a crossover.

Once again, If you have more ideas or I forgot something important, please add it :3 

Armin Headcanons

In honor of @mcl-pauly​​ bc it doesn’t look like we’ll be going to Armin’s house, also because I felt like it so-

  • Owns a PS3 (this is probably canon tbh)
  • Can’t stand when his controller is sticky, or anything sticky in general
  • Doesn’t like sleeping for too long since he wants to keep up with his game forums
  • Sleeps with multiple pillows
  • Gets night sweats, the boy just gets too hot
  • Actually has good hygiene
  • Doesn’t like combing his hair since it takes too long to do,,
  • Can somewhat cook, like grill cheese is his freaking specialty
  • ALWAYS kicks off his blanket in his sleep
  • will wear shorts and long sleeves in the winter bc he just doesn’t care
  • Has grafitti like writing, sloppy(ish) but pretty cool
  • He gets pouty jealous, acts like a child
  • Likes being tall since he doesn’t have to go on his tippy toes
  • Loves hats, doesn’t have to think about his hair that much
  • Loves hugs from behind
  • Sucks at lying to people
  • Loves when he gets to lay on the couch, with Candy in his arms, while playing video games
  • Will not take a nap, at all - he has to be awake

That’s it!