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Cotton Candy Explosion

Even before her parents sold her as a slave, they never treated her warmly. She never remembers them even hugging her once in her life, and they often times hit her if they got annoyed by her or wanted to vent their frustrations out on her. She never had an adult lovingly hug her until she was adopted by her foster mother, Delile. 

Seventeen as Ice Creams

S.Coups: Neapolitan. He has a little something for everyone.

Jeonghan: French Vanilla. Something about it just feels fancy.

Joshua: Chocolate Chip. Soft with crunchy surprises.

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I've been excited for No Man's Sky for about 3 years and honestly? I think I'm already done playing it. There's just about nothing to do. I didn't want a linear game, so I ignored atlas and did what I wanted to do. The thing is, I've already got multiple million units, a huge ship and everything else I need. I don't want to go to the center so... I'm done? That's the whole game? I'm massively disappointed and pretty sad honestly. Oh also we don't know each other hello

hello hi!

mannnn tho, that’s such a damn shame D: i decided to follow atlas but like, as i grumbled about in the other ask, my starting planet is a damn nightmare?? and i can’t even scrape together the stuff to repair my ship enough to get off the ground, let alone upgrade it.

that’s so disheartening to hear tho, damn. like i was hoping there’d be so much more if i could just stick with it long enough to get off the damn ground, but… maybe not? D:

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sorry SORRY I'm just excited and I wanted to tell someone re: more (possible) proof Pearl was once White Diamond's: Pearl is the only gem we see that has any real contrast between hair and skin color. her skin is white, but her hair is pink-ish. and we know that gems aren't able to change their skin color but they ARE able to change their hair color, like Garnet did, going from cotton candy pink-blue explosion to a singular dark red tone 😁

*sits down*

*sits down a lot*