If you truly cared about our safety, you’d expel those guys who put the cotton balls in front of our building.
The laws on this campus don’t govern everyone fairly. Black and white students are treated differently.

I understand your frustration, but their punishment had nothing to do with race.

Three days...

Before the skies open up sending fiery balls of cotton candy ice cream down from the heavens aka my birthday.

If you want to make it a special day (I’m sitting home alone on my birthday because I literally have no friends) you could amazingly get me some yarn from my Amazon Wishlist

If you do, message me please and let me know. I may have some surprises for you ;)


Regrowing Cotton from a Store-Bought Bouquet

These past few years, I’ve been noticing decorative bouquets of cotton appearing at floral shops/nurseries during the holiday season, at least around my region in Northeastern US. Still attached to their original stalks, the tufts are sometimes gilded with gold paint or dusted with glitter. What I realized this year was that the cotton bolls are stilled filled with seeds, but they were damn tricky to pluck out. Aaaaaaand they are aliiiiive!!!! Your guess is as good as mine as to the genetic makeup. It’s highly likely these are GMOed, but I’ll be growing these indoors for curiosity. Given my climate, I don’t hold much hope on growing this into maturity, but who knows…


Twilight: W-wow! They all came out to greet us on our way back from the hospital!

anonymous asked:

Danny irl is like scary skinny. I saw him at mag fest last year and like I knew he was a skinny dude from pictures but it was slightly unnerving to see a cotton ball on a toothpick dancing around. I'm so in love with him tho his hips when he dances 😍😍😍😍😍

I started reading this and I got scared for a second (the man can’t really gain weight okay), but then I REALIZED. 

Trick or Sweets

Trick or Sweets, the Netherworld candy company based in Peyroux, has been busy conjuring up a new variety of flavors. Released just in time for Halloween, the slime-based sweets line has been an instant hit with the taste testing terrors.

Black Bunch Crunch: A caramel and ooze ball rolled in dirt, piled high with stinkweed, and wrapped in a magical scroll.

Pumpkin Slime: The inner string guts of a pumpkin mixed with spider webs and cotton candy. The ball is then rolled in seeds and foxglove petals before being stuck to a chocolate-dipped finger bone.

Underwater Sludge Surprise: A salty treat developed by sea sirens! Sailor bones and coral mashed into a nougat and candied. Octopus ink is drizzled in skull shapes on top.

Ecto Bones: A modern take on a classic recipe. A spoonful of graveyard dirt and bone shards are boiled in a copper cauldron, hexed with blue- violet magic under a full moon, and then enrobed in witch chocolate.

All Trick or Sweets candy and packaging are enchanted to be enjoyed by the living, undead (corporeal and non-), and monstrous alike.