Regrowing Cotton from a Store-Bought Bouquet

These past few years, I’ve been noticing decorative bouquets of cotton appearing at floral shops/nurseries during the holiday season, at least around my region in Northeastern US. Still attached to their original stalks, the tufts are sometimes gilded with gold paint or dusted with glitter. What I realized this year was that the cotton bolls are stilled filled with seeds, but they were damn tricky to pluck out. Aaaaaaand they are aliiiiive!!!! Your guess is as good as mine as to the genetic makeup. It’s highly likely these are GMOed, but I’ll be growing these indoors for curiosity. Given my climate, I don’t hold much hope on growing this into maturity, but who knows…

DIY Nebula Bottle

These bottles are a cross between Nebular Jars, Sand Art, and Calming Bottles. 

What is interesting about these Nebula Bottles, is that there is no paint in them, but there is sand. So all you need is for this DIY is glitter, food coloring, cotton balls and sand.

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