Letting Go - 2 Heated Glances

For @tpthvegebulsmutfest

Vegeta trained and trained and trained, as much for self-improvement as for sanctuary.

From her.

If she had evoked unsettling emotions in him before, he was not prepared for the onslaught of feelings that now awoke inside him every time their eyes met. Some switch in his brain had been turned on against his will, and where before carnal interests had been low — if not nonexistent — on his list of priorities, now they waged war for first place with his need to surpass Kakarot.

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you parked and i cried

THIS is not my usual kind of story. no neon, no smoke, no puke. believe it or not. no sex, no tears, no love. something about this world really hurts on monday afternoons when the sky’s gray and all i can do is listen to sad indie tunes and think about jumping back into the sewer.

you parked the car by the side of the road, it was too bright for us to call this planet Earth. i was on the verge of tears. i wanted to rip my heart out of my chest so it’d shut up for a minute. i wanted to lean over and kiss you. i wanted to die. it was too bright. but i didn’t cry. my eyes didn’t even water.

you talked but someone (was it God?) stuck cotton balls into my ears and i just sat there watching your lips move. i wanted to be a little fly eating dust on one of the buttons on a typewriter. maybe the d.

for doom.

for demise.

for destruction.

see how it escalates inside my head? inside my heart? i don’t need my brain and i am tired of my heart. you finished talking and i nodded, turning down your radio. you tried to look into my eyes but i was making love to the window. it was cold and nobody came. i used to love our house.

THIS is where it ends. you drop me off at the nearest gas station and drive off southward. the sun follows your rear bumper. my eyes stalk the dirt on the ground and when they reach my shoes i fall down to all fours and bleed from my nose. might be the mountains. might be my heart. my stupid little heart.

13 Minutes Before Halloween

Character(s): SEVENTEEN

Genre: Fluff? Maybe?

Word Count: 545

Summary: It’s nearing Halloween, and you’ve been invited to a party by the building around the corner. A bunch of your friends and colleagues will be attending the party. It would be really nice to get to know them better and see their true colors.

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Nobody else on the block were having a party as big as this one. Not even close. In fact, that probably weren’t even having a party at all because this one would just outdo a measly attempt at strung out cotton balls and fake tombstones in the front yard. Movie night plans were foiled because everyone decided to go. Even you. A grumbling, shivering in your costume since it provided no protection against the wind you.

Something told you that you would regret ever going, and that something bad was going to happen.  Yet you were going anyways.

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Viktor Nikiforov is ABSOLUTELY the kind of person to wake up from anesthesia after dental work and remember the exact base score value of a quadruple toe loop, but not his own husband’s name.

“How are you feeling, Vitya?”

“WHO ARE YOU?” Viktor’s mouth is, of course, full of cotton balls, so it comes out as “WOO ROOO???” but Yuuri’s been married to him for three years. He gets the gist.

“I’m Yuuri.” 


“No, I’m your husband.”

“NO WAAAAAAY.” Viktor smiles so wide that a cotton ball and some spit come out of his mouth.

“Gross, Vitya.” Yuuri leans over to wipe his chin. “You’re worse than Makkachin.”


“Your dog.”

“I HAVE A DOG?!” Viktor tries to put his hands on his heart–he ends up just grabbing one pec in each hand, effectively groping himself. “THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.”


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#한주먹 영어로는 #onepunch 👊

Merry Chuseok 🐶
On vacation with 주먹 (Punch his sisters dog)
#한주먹 (Hanjumok) in English #OnePunch 👊

Face Masks To Try


1. To Tighten Pores:

-1 egg white

-½ teaspoon of honey

-¼ teaspoon of lemon juice (for oily skin)

Dip facial tissues/toilet paper into the mixture and place onto your face for 10-15 as a sheet mask.

2. For Blackheads:

-1 tablespoon of honey

-1 teaspoon of milk

Dip cotton ball in mixture and apply to affected area. Rinse thoroughly after 15-20 minutes.

3. For Acne:

-2 tablespoons of mashed banana

-1 tablespoon of baking soda

-½ tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

Mix and apply to face for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

4. For Dark Spots and Acne Scars:

-1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon

-3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

-½ tablespoon of pure almond oil

Mix and apply to face. Rinse thoroughly after 10-15 minutes.

5. For Wrinkles:

-1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon

-3 tablespoons of tomato puree

-1 tablespoon of turmeric powder

Mix and apply to face. Rinse thoroughly after 15-20 minutes.


1. Tree Hut Hydrating Overnight Masks ($14.99, available at Ulta)

2. Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off ($11.50, available at Ulta)

3. I Dew Care Pure to the Pore Mask ($19.00, available at Ulta)

4. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Mask *comes in charcoal or peel-off cucumber* ($3.99, available at Rite Aid)

5. Biore Deep Charcoal Cleanser ($5.99, available at Target)

6. Biore Pore Strips ($6.49, available at Walgreens)

As some of my followers have helpfully pointed out, lemon juice and baking soda CAN be harmful to your skin if used excessively or on the wrong skin type. Please be cautious using these ingredients. I personally have TRIED all of these masks myself, I’m never gonna post stuff like this without guaranteeing it works. I had no problems with either ingredient, my skin looked and felt fine, but that is not a guarantee that the same will pertain to you. Please be careful, test any dicey products or ingredients on your hand or arm and make sure that they are not abrasive before applying to your skin, and perhaps lessen the concentration of these ingredients when making these masks if you still choose to make them. Thank you to everyone for reblogging with the reminder that some ingredients can be harmful, I completely forgot to add that disclaimer. Stay safe hoes💖


Sea Magick Charging and Diffusion Box

1) Get a clear box. A pretty one from an antique store or second hand store is best
2) Collect items associated with your intent such as: seashells, shark teeth, sea glass, coral, crystals, dried herbs or flowers, driftwood, or lava rock
3) Fill the bottom of the box with sand or sea salt and place your collected items inside
4) Find a shell which has a hole that can be filled and essential oils of your choice. I chose jasmine, rosemary, and eucalyptus for awareness and truth in a relationship
5) You can use a piece of tissue rolled up, fabric scraps, or cotton balls as your diffuser. Drop your essential oil combination (you only need 1 drop per oil, or 2 for a lighter scent) onto your diffuser padding. Then stuff this inside the shell. Be careful not you get the oils on your hands because it could cause an allergic reaction. You could use a stick or pencil to push it inside. Don’t push the padding too far into the shell or you wont be able to remove it.

Leave the lid to your diffuser box open to scent your space or keep it closed to charge the items inside. You can place a stone, charm, sigil, or other object you wish to charge with you intent inside the box.

An alternative is to use sage essential oil and use sea salt instead of sand. The items inside the box will be cleansed



★you’re the cutest thing in the world to him  

★swoons over you all the time  

★you’re brushing your teeth and he’s squealing while watching you  

★makes coffee for you   

★baking dates

★that always end up with you giggling on the floor while covered in flour

★while he stresses over how messy the kitchen is   


★softest boyf 

★always has his arm around your waist 

★calls you ‘darling’ 

★sends you the jokes he finds funny 

★gets upset if you don’t answer his call after one ring

★loves when you let him vent to you

★always brings you flowers


★lil cotton ball  

★v soft 

★v loving 

★10/10 do recommend  

★matching promise rings 

★texts you to let you know he loves you

★’my little sheep’


★his lips are on some part of you at all times 

★you don’t shower alone 


★calls you whining when he can’t sleep with you 

★has your entire future planned out already


★if you fall over he ain’t helping you up 

★he’ll be next to you laughing  

★ready to fight you at all times 

★sings to you all the time   

★always squishing your cheeks

★gets mad if you buy another member’s album


★little spoon 

★is the one stealing your clothes  

★writes songs for you but is too shy to sing for you

★dates in his studio 

★heart eyes @ u forever

★ditches everyone else for you


★watches your fave movies even if he hates them

★could listen to you talk forever 

★uses your shampoo when he stays over 

★couples cooking classes are your fave thing to go to 

★blushes when you praise him 

★rests his hand on your thigh

★can’t help but smile when you’re in the same room as him


★late night dates after work 

★’i got the dogs lets go’

★already has clothes at your place 

★so he can come after work and just settle down you for the night 

★becomes mush when you cook for him 

★enjoys bathing with you



★will whine if you deny him cuddles 

★gets upset when other members talk to you 

★you’re his 

★sends you picture of himself every hour

★takes 2343234980 pictures of you when you’re cuddling with vivi


Plants of the desert

Story and photos by Alec Bryan, BLM Tumblr blogger

Deserts are often depicted as barren, windblown, rolling hills of interminable grains of sand, devoid of all life and bereft of changes in color but for the shadows of its waves. Many of the deserts of the Western United States; however, play host to a variety of vibrant plant life.

Some of the plants exhibit beautiful symmetry and color like the sego lily. Others, like the wholeleaf Indian paintbrush, get color and nutrients by feeding on nearby plants. The desert trumpet changes colors in the fall and often is found mistakenly when it pops under someone’s footfall.

Monsoon season in the Southwest is an opportune time to see the blooming cholla cactus, Galisteo sand verbena and numerous other plants that have remained dormant until the swelling skies begin to burst. Some plants exhibit strange growth patterns, like the desert cabbage, which looks like it has been taken straight from the sea floor. Apache plume catches light as it dances across its pink, silky feathers.

If visited at the right time of year, many of the deserts of the Western United States are a canvas of color abounding with vibrant life.