cotton wick

Made a candle for Ostara 🐰🌼🐝💐🐝🌻🐰

Made with:
- The metal part of an old tea light
- A wax melter
- Essential oils
- Wax (crayons, old wax, sented wax)
- A cut up sock
- Lavender (ground and whole dried)

Take some wax, could be crayons or left over wax from a candle, those scenty cubes, anything made of wax. Melt it in a wax melter or any other method you have for melting wax. Add in essential oils, I used lemon, it reminds me of cleansing.
While waiting for your wax to melt, take an old sock, cut off the toe and rim so your left with the middle and cut that so its one large piece. Then cut it into approximately ¼th inch stripes. At the end of one of the strips toe a knot. Its recommended that you use cotton thread for a wick instead but i found a sock is more commonto find in your house.
Prepare your old tea light base. Have a cut down one side to release the candle when ready and tape it together til you need it. At this point i took crushed and whole lavender and packed it into the bottom of the tea light base. This can be done by taking a lighter and gently taping the herbs into place, I also previously coated the inside of the tea light base with petrolium jelly to help the herbs stick and the was remove from the metal easier.
Take your fully melted wax and pore it into the tea light base, i used a ladle to transfer the liquid as my wax melter gets rather hot. Wait till a film covers the top and the wax is partially hardened and then insert the sock strip with tweezers pushing the knot the the bottom, this can also be done before adding the wax but it tends to move alot as the was is added causing unnessiccary difficulty.
Use a stick or something long to rest the top of the wick on to keep it up. Add another small layer of wax on the top, this may cause the wick/sock strip to absorb the wax but it will only burn off when lit later.
Wait untill fully hardened, undo the tape and release the wax by carefully pulling the wax from the metal sides. If your wick is long i suggest cutting it shorter. You can reuse the tea light molds or use any other heat proof container and wick to create a candle yourself.

Smithing Witchcraft: Iron Curse Breaker Candle

This spell was crafted specifically to break a curse that has backfired onto the caster, but is also useful when you believe a curse may have been placed on you. It specifically targets the black candle, a common curse ingredient. 

To craft an iron candle, you will need a cotton wick, paraffin wax (both readily available at craft and art stores), and iron filings. Note: the iron filings will not color your candle, only leave small black specs in it. buy whichever color wax you wish your candle to be when finished. 

Melt the wax in a double boiler (available at in kitchen departments and also in craft stores specifically for candle making). Add Iron filings and stir well. Herbs, burnt offerings, and anything else you see fit can also be added at this point. Charge the wax in whatever other ways suit you. 

Now, begin dipping your wick into the wax to start the candle-making process. Dip, raise, cool, repeat until you have a candle roughly the size you deem appropriate. 

Use this candle in any spells to break a hex. It is particularly helpful when used while replicating a curse (altering words and intent to break it), and inserting this candle. As it burns, you will break the strength of the original hex. 

WARNING: Iron filings, when crafted into a candle, do in fact burn. They will create a sparkler effect in your candle. Do not leave this candle unattended, and do not use near flammable items.