cotton snaps

deal | pt 2 (m)

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summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,848 

warning: pure filth you’re welcome

part one | part three

Jungkook is no longer tender, his lips ravish your body in such a way that it has you believing that the powerful kiss you had shared earlier that evening was nothing but a mere brush of flesh upon flesh.  Hands don’t hold you like priceless porcelain, instead it’s with a vice like grip that he clings to the skin of your hips almost as if he’d cease to exist if he let go.

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Pairings: Crowley x Singer daughter!Reader, Sam & Dean (Mentioned: Bobby Singer)

Warning: Swearing, blood and violence gore. (Typical to a hunt)

Word Count:4,570

A/N: This is set up for a part 2 and if it comes to me I will write it… possibly… Who knows.


“Crap… Crowley’s gunna kill me.” You grumbled to yourself as you weakly army crawled across the floor of the old abandoned warehouse you were hunting in. The Djinn was simple to kill; he had been distracted by the man he was attempting to tie up. The issue you had was once the beast was killed, the man decided to take a tire iron you hadn’t seen and he slammed it into your left leg to protect himself like an asshole. You felt the bones in the lower part of your leg snap as the man leapt over your body and tore out of the warehouse. And unfortunately for you, when you fell you landed on your cell phone.

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A short Gureshin fic based on this prompt! Read here or on AO3!

The sun sears overhead mercilessly, casting heat waves upon the poor occupants foolish enough to wander outside. Said group, unfortunately, includes the two figures that stood beneath the little shelter offered by the roadside trees.

Gureeen, its hot!” Shinya whines, draping himself over the other male as he fans himself delicately with one hand.

“Well who’s dumb idea was it to come out here and ‘enjoy the fresh air’?” The raven asks incredulously, leaning away from the heavy weight, “And just maybe, if you use that rusted brain of yours, you will be less hot if you aren’t so fucking close to me.”

“So mean!” Shinya pouts, glaring daggers at Guren as the other pointedly ignores him. Pulling himself away, the white haired male leans against the tree, eyes squinting at the bright sky whilst mumbling under his breath about “stupid Guren”.

Half amused, mostly annoyed, Guren turns and is just about to insist they head back instead of standing out in the sun like two idiots when Shinya makes an excited squeal. “Guren, look!” He’s literally bouncing on his feet, hands pawing at Guren’s shirt for attention, as his gaze fixes on something in the distance, “Ice cream stand!”

Guren follows Shinya’s gaze and barely makes out the pink and blue stand a few hundred meters away. Decorative balloons bobble gently in the stifling summer heat and if he strained his ears, he could hear the faintest traces of some cheery, children’s tune.

Ice cream did sound like the perfect treat right now, Guren thought, not that he would willingly admit it to the still-gushing male. He had an image to upkeep.

“Fine,” he grunts, feigning annoyance, “Ice cream. Then we go home.” Shinya beams at him and skips out of the shade, Guren following a few steps behind. “Ah I wonder what flavors they have,” Shinya ponders, a finger tapping his chin in thought, “Hazelnut would be nice, or maybe cherry! Ah, I bet Guren would love to try curry flavored ice cream.”

Said male scoffs, punching the other lightly in the arm to which Shinya lets out a dramatic “ouch!” and digs in his pocket for change. “Don’t be ridiculous. You know there’s no such thing.”

Shinya laughs, the sound crisp and bubbly, and Guren imagines that if it took shape, it would be tiny bubbles of cool air that could clear the stuffy weather around them. “It’s called having an imagination, Guren. You should try it.”

The two exchange light banter before they reach the stand and Shinya immediately presses himself to the glass of the display, peering at the flavors underneath. Guren rolls his eyes and mutters “childish” under his breath, but there’s a fond glint in his eyes.

Taking a quick glance at the display, Guren holds up two fingers to the girl behind the stand. She adjusts her pink and blue hat, which looks utterly silly in Guren’s opinion, and holds up the scooper expectantly. “I’ll have a vanilla and he will get the…” when Shinya doesn’t finish his sentence, Guren jabs his side and Shinya’s head snaps up. “Cotton candy!”

A look of confusion clouds the raven’s face before he realizes it’s one of the flavors offered. To be honest, it sounded like an awful choice, but he sighs, runs his hand through his hair, and repeats dutifully to the girl, “Vanilla and cotton candy.”

After they pay for their ice cream and leave the stand, a monotonous “have a great day” trailing behind them, Shinya immediately sidles closer. “Why are you always so boring Guren? Why vanilla?” Guren takes a step aside and shrugs before answering evasively, “At least I know it tastes nice.”

“Boring!” Shinya declares again. He holds up his ice cream cone as if to silently praise it before lowering it and taking a lick. Guren watches his face curiously as Shinya samples the taste and doesn’t miss the way Shinya’s eyebrows pinch together just so slightly or the way his gaze flickers for a second. “I knew it.” Guren declares smugly, a smirk carving his lips, “Cotton candy flavored ice cream tastes awful.”

“I didn’t say it tasted bad…” Shinya protests, but his voice is already giving him away and he pouts, staring at the cone in his hands as if it had betrayed him. Guren hums absentmindedly, licking his own cone, and thus lurches in surprise when a sudden weight lands on his shoulder.

“I want to try yours!” Shinya says determinedly, eyes fixated on the cone in Guren’s hands as he leans on his shoulder. The raven barks out a laugh and shrugs him away, quickening his steps. “Nope! Your choice of flavor, you’re going to have to deal with it.”

If it weren’t so stifling hot out, the summer haze distracting him, Guren would have noticed the contemplative look that passed Shinya’s face; the faltering in his footsteps and sudden silence a telltale sign that the white-haired man had a Plan.

Without warning, Shinya hops forward and grabs Guren’s arm, the surprise making it easy to pull it towards himself without resistance before he dips down and licks the cone. Leaning back, he smacks his lips purposefully and smirks, eyes gazing teasingly at the still-frozen Guren, waiting for a response.

For a second, the atmosphere is still as if Guren is still processing the event that could not have taken more than 2 seconds, but the moment is gone almost immediately when a murderous look crosses his face. “Hiragi. Shinya.” He says slowly, voice threatening, as he crushes the cone in his hand.

Shinya’s eyes twinkle with mirth and as Guren lunges forward, he sticks his tongue out before dancing out of the way, laughter trailing behind him. Guren chases after him, threats and curses pouring out of his mouth.

The summer air seems to stir alive with their commotion, voices, footsteps, and laughter pushing away the hot and static heat. Shinya’s pale hair catches the light of the sun as he runs and Guren tries, and fails, to convince himself that his flushed face is the result of the unbearable weather.

Vanilla. Like the color of your hair.

Chuckling at his brothers blushing face, he handed him back the cotton candy after snapping a quick photo.  He laced their fingers together once again, turning to head leave. “That wasn’t so bad no was it?" ‘Good thing I thought to record it~’

He was about to walk away when he spotted two familiar faces in the crowd. Grinning, he headed toward them, pulling Haruichi along the way. "Kazuya-chan~ Sawamura-chan~”