cotton obi


This smooth brown kimono from Kimono Honoka shows that even the most simple iromuji (solid patternless) kimono can really shine when paired with a colorful obi!

It’s paired with a simple hanhaba (half width) obi, no obijime, no obiage, but the soft tan eri collar and beige straps on the zori makes the whole outfit feel warm, earthy and soft. The kimono itself  is a cotton/wool blend so its delicate earthiness is indeed real! 

How does this outfit feel so gentle? I think the secret is in the warm reds and oranges in the obi, which might be too bold or messy with most patterned kimono. But here those little flowers have room to shine.

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For are you afraid verse, will they find evidence of the chancellor being a sith and deal with the chips?

Obi-Wan gave a little whimper, eyes tearing up even as Kix gently continued to clean out the gash on his forehead, the bleeding long since stopped. “I’m so sorry. Fives and I was jus-”

“Playing, we know.” Anakin was gently assuring the teen, frowning in worry as assisting medic was giving Fives a brain scan, the clone having taken the brunt of the impact. “But trying to use the Force to float up and climb was really not a good idea.”

“It was until Ahsoka scared me.” Obi-Wan countered then gave a soft whine as Kix had to remove gravel from the gash with a tweezers.

Cody twitched beside Anakin at the noise, the commander resisting the urge to just grab his child general and hide him away.

Obi-Wan was trying not to make any noises but it really hurt and he had no idea what to do about that. Normally he’d try and release it into the Force but after mucking around with Fives he felt tired.

The Jedi knight reached out, most likely to assure when the assisting medic made a noise by Fives. “Um, sirs? I think you may want to have a look at this.”

Kix gave them a puzzled look before placing a bacta patch on Obi-Wan’s forehead and let him into Cody’s care as he and Anakin moved over to the scan that was being taken.

“Wha-Pink, what is that?”

That was the last Obi-Wan heard before he was being carried out of the medical tent by Cody, the commander taking him to get icecream of all things. And to get the blood cleaned off his tunic and face.


Heavy and cotton mouthed, Obi-Wan shifted slowly against the softer then normal bunk that he was curled up on, several blankets covering his body.

He felt…weird.

And fuzzy.

And just…

Also did his sleep wear shrink?

Obi-Wan sat up slowly, blinking down at his hairy feet in confusion as his hand raised to encounter his beard before memories came back to him.

The sith planet, Cody and his men, the fear in the air…and Qui-Gon.
“Master?” He whispered.

And sheer like a holo display, Qui-Gon appeared before him, smiling gently and looking just as he had on Naboo so many years ago. “I’m glad you remembered that part little imp of mine.” He teased gently.

The tussled redhead stared at him for a long moment before he dropped his head in his hands, shuddering lightly. “It wasn’t a dream…none of it was a dream.” He choked out, resisting the urge to whimper as he felt a touch to his hair as if a breeze was playing with it.

“No my imp. It was not a dream. You might want to call for Anakin though, your normal tunics are not here.” Qui-Gon murmured. “And the borrowed t-shirt from Anakin is not exactly decent.” He chuckled quietly.

Obi-Wan lifted his head slowly, staring up at him. “…You’re going to explain to me how you’re here…later…but for what its worth master…I’m glad you’re here.” He gave a watery smile before reaching out through the Force to summon Anakin.

Quicker then expected, Anakin threw the tent flap aside with a wide eyed look on his face before it broke into an even wider grin as he marched into the tent and wrapped Obi-Wan up in a tight hug. “Force! You’re back to normal!” He quickly leaned back, taking a good look at Obi-Wan before relaxing. “You’re back to normal.” He breathed out.

“I am. Though a bit…less then decent I’m afraid to say.” Obi-Wan smiled meekly at him.

“Right, you don’t have clothes here.” Anakin ran his hand through Obi-Wan’s tussled hair, the touch soothing as if…oh right Anakin had done this when his smaller self had gotten upset and Obi-Wan felt himself lean into the touch subconsciously.

Both froze a bit, staring at each other before Anakin awkwardly withdrew his hand. “Ah, um…”

“You…didn’t have to stop that.” Obi-Wan murmured. “I mean, unless you were uncom-” The hand returned to his hair, stroking rebellious locks back gently.

“I was more worried about your level of comfort Obi-Wan, you’re not usually a tactile person.” The blond hummed.

“Guess I had a refresher in what comfort I need then. But…I do need clothes Anakin.”

“Yeah…and I have something to show you.”

A shift of clothes later and some clean up and Obi-Wan was staring at the X-ray of Fives head. “You mean these are in everyone?” He gestured to the small spot in the troopers head.

Anakin nodded. “Each and everyone…I’m not sure what to do. Fives volunteered to have it removed so we could study it and I’ve sent of word to Master Ti. For now we have to subdue the Separatists.” Anakin sighed before smiling at Obi-Wan, expression worn. “But perhaps with you back to spec, things will go smoother.”

“I hope so Anakin.” The Jedi Master smiled back.

“…You were one cute thirteen year old though Master.” Anakin couldn’t resist teasing. “All dimples, big eyes and freckles.”

To his surprise, Obi-Wan only laughed quietly with the tips of his ears turning red. “I’ll take that as a compliment Anakin.”

“…You seem different Obi-Wan.”

“…I guess…being thirteen again gave me a new perspective.”


Obi-Wan fiddled with a thread of his sleeve before looking at Anakin. “It reminded me that physical comfort can be a good thing. And that games played with friends is a comfort too.” He smiled.

Anakin blinked before smiling in return and reaching out, slowly winding an arm around the redhead’s shoulders, his smile widening when all Obi-Wan did was relax into him.


The war was still winding away, it would take time to stamp out the Separatists and the mourning for Palpatine was still ongoing…but Anakin felt…lighter then he had in a long time.

The future did not seem so dark.

Maison Margiela is honored to be featured in Vogue magazine’s September issue  #VogueForcesOfFashion. 

Model FeiFei Sun wears our AW15 ‘Artisanal’ hand-painted neoprene mesh dress-coat with an Yves Klein blue bonded silk cotton Obi - designed by John Galliano.. 

Photographed by David Sims, styled by Grace Coddington

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Ok, here we go.

  • Lingerie. So much of it. The lacier the better. They are disgustingly sweet about it. Anakin loves the light pink cotton ones and obi wan loves the light blue satin ones.
  • Obi Wan and Anakin in a field of flowers, a slow creek trickling and bubbling past where their heads lay soft in the grass. The sky is the prettiest baby blue as Obi Wan gently weaves flowers into Anakin’s curls. Ani returns the favor by tucking daisies and forgetmenots into obi’s beard.
  • This is dorky but whenever they are on a planet in snow and the mission is going slowly they pull out their light sabers and draw patterns and things with them by melting the snow. Their cheeks and noses are super rosy pink from the cold (under their scarves, of course) and they fall asleep around the fire with Obi Wan’s head resting on Anakin’s shoulder and when Cody and Rex come back they don’t have the heart to wake them up. 

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How is Vader dealing with Obi-Wan leaving? (betatoomega)

“Do you think he’s alright?” Cody stared at the door which contained his General, it had been eight days since they’d rescued Obi-Wan and brought him to the safe haven Organa had arranged with the Rebels.

An hour later he had closed himself off in one of the heat rooms of the base with everything he’d need.

“He should be, the heat rooms are provided with blankets, toys, easy food and water, but I… if he was an omega from the start then his heat would be natural but that’s just it, we don’t know how natural his heat will be. But the medics assures me his vitals are still within the normal range for an omega in heat.” Bail offered quietly.

Rex growled slightly, pacing. “I still can’t believe Skywalker would do this to him, I mean… karking frip!” The alpha captain kicked the wall and instantly regretted it as it just brought pain up his foot.

Cody grunted. “We know he’s gone crazy. This just adds to it… poor General must have been going stir crazy in there, fighting a new nature, incoming heat and the idea of being bonded to that crazy bantha fucker back on Coruscant. You saw the room Skywalker was keeping him in, once he was bonded General Kenobi would be hard pressed to leave and there was no way the General was escaping that room on his own.” He grumbled.

The senator might have said something if the door hadn’t made a little click at that moment and then opened, Obi-Wan standing there still smelling faintly of heat and looking worse for wear but no longer in the midst of it.

He smiled meekly at them and both alpha troopers fixed their attention on him, both desperately wanting to sooth and tend to. “General.” Cody breathed out.

“Hello Cody. Bail, I seem to have used up the water of this room, is there a sonic shower?” Obi-Wan questioned quietly, slowly stepping out of the room. “And…fresher clothes?”

“Of course Obi-Wan.” Bail reached out to his friend and now fellow omega, looking him over before pulling him into a hug. “I’m so sorry Obi-Wan.”

“…So am I Bail.” Obi-Wan sighed quietly against the dark blue fabric of the others coat.


He could still smell Obi-Wan, the sweet scent of pears and clean cotton that had become Obi-Wan after the little change and the very stirrings of heat still caught in the sheets of the bed.

But no Obi-Wan.

Because Obi-Wan had escaped with the help of Rex, Cody and the rest of the 212th.


With Obi-Wan going into heat.

A small part of him, the part that was still somehow Anakin was sighing in relief but the other part, the part that now ruled howled in rage.

And Vader’s rage was a terrible thing.

“Emperor Vader, there has been no news on the deserters but we will keep looking for them.” Commander Appo was firm, his face open and devoted to their new Emperor.

Palpatine hadn’t lived long after Obi-Wan’s escape, after all, it was Palpatine’s job to keep the troopers loyal, had assured Vader that Obi-Wan would be unable to go anywhere…

“…Find him. Find them. Shot them down but bring Obi-Wan alive and unharmed back if possible.” Vader growled out, yellow eyes flashing. “All information is to be brought straight to me and if you have a solid lead on Obi-Wan it will be brought to me personally regardless of what I’m doing. Have I made myself clear Commander Appo?” He looked at the man finally.

The Commander saluted and then hurried away from the other alpha, swallowing hard.

He may respect the man and would follow him into hells gate but damn if he wasn’t scary now that his omega was taken from him.

Appo almost pitied his deserter vods, almost.

Yes that does look like giant taiyaki in her hair. They match the pink of the asa-no-ha design (Hemp leaf) in the yukata, as well as the pink goldfish. Pink and orange are not commonly paired with white, but a white yukata always looks cool and breezy (especially with a light blue obi). I like the fashion-forward look of this piece and the hair and makeup particularly!

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I'm curious as to your opinion on this. I recently made an obi out of cotton fabric, simply because I loved the print on it and it complimented the look I wanted for my kimono (you can see it in my kimono tag if you wish!). I know obi are generally made out of a stiff silk, but is it acceptable or even seen elsewhere to have obi that aren't silk/silk like polyester?

Yep, it’s common for hanhaba obi to be made of print cotton in a casual setting (not even necessarily for yukata, but for a modern casual/all-over print look)

Like this one. 

And these!

I actually bought the barbed wire one just because it’s so unique. XD

These printed obi would usually be used for yukata just because of the casualness of the print, but you could certainly use a printed cotton for a (casual) kimono look, like a striped kimono, or a plaid like this one.

Fei Fei Sun wears Maison Margiela AW15 ‘Artisanal’ by John Galliano - hand-painted neoprene mesh dress-coat with an Yves Klein blue bonded silk cotton Obi. Photographed by David Sims, styled by Grace Coddington.

Maison Margiela and John Galliano are featured in @voguemagazine’s September issue “The Most Powerful Names in Fashion Today”

Reversible Cotton Chuya Obi

This weekend I’ve tackled making a reversible chuya obi. I found I like them the best, but since there are not that many of them online, and even then they are selling out like hotcakes, I figured making my own is the way to go. 

I had this red polka dot fabric laying around for a LONG time, but never really did anything with it. Silly me. The flowers side was a chunk of vintage cotton I got off ebay, so I don’t have as much of it as I would have liked. I do love it though. I was hoping there will be enough to make 2 chuya obi, but alas. I do have enough for hanhabla, so whee!!

So making obi is not exactly a rocket science, it’s just a reaaaaaaally long rectangle but dang let me tell you by the end I was ready to throw it across the room! Imagine sitting there with 4 meters/13 feet of fabric full of pins on your lap, which constantly freaking pin you? And then trying to sew through 4 meters of fabric at one time, keeping a straight line? Or measuring it… Yup, suddenly making obi is not so easy, at least for me. Ok, so it’s not really hard either, more like annoying since there is so MUCH of fabric! 

I’ve actually messed up on the bottom with measuring, that’s why it’s not really straight. I measured and double measured, but it still came out slightly different on each side. I’m actually not THAT bothered by it, because I know that when worn it won’t be visible much, and if it is, I can just say I tied it uneven like that on purpose! 

I’ve also wanted to have some decorations on it, but since it’s a chuya obi, I wasn’t going to mess with it too much. So I opted for decorating the bottom part only, since it will be nicely visible when worn, and I didn’t have to guess where to put the decorations to make sure it was visible. I had some vintage lace I bought a while back, so I set out to find the perfect one. For the flowered side I choose a thinner lace and just arranged it my favorite way, the striped of course. For the red polka dot side, I wanted some more ooomph since it’s kinda plain on it’s own, so I choose some hand crocheted lace there. I imagine it will stand out quite nicely when worn. 

I can’t wait to wear these!

~ Lyuba