cotton fleece

Fun fact I discovered today

JoAnn carries Fantastic Beasts fabric! Quilting cottons, flannels, and fleece. And they’re pretty frickin rad

(also they have Harry Potter fabric still/again) 

-Jamie (Gryffindor)


Limited Edition Sea Bunny Weighted Plush

This plush weighs 13oz. Its made from cotton fleece and the markings are hand drawn. The body is filled with weighted pellets. This Sea Bunny is made to look like the real animal. Sea Bunnies fit perfectly in your hand and are super soft. Adopt one today!

Only 2 available in this colour scheme and they are $14 each.

Limited Edition "Real” Sea Bunny

Custom Sea Bunny

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Blanket Castle

Category: mega fluff

word count: 534

pairing: Kim Myungjun x trans!male reader

You sat there, in your magnificent fortress of fleece and cotton blankets. With pillows lining the ground, a fully charged laptop, and fairy lights strung throughout, you could have sat there by yourself for a good while. Only one thing could have made it better. MJ, your well-meaning boyfriend, seemed to agree. He repeatedly circled the fort, trying to find the right opening.

“Uh, how do I get in here without pulling this all down?” he asked. Instead of responding, you stuck your foot out where the opening was. Soon after he was carefully placing two warm mugs next to you and crawling into the haven. He struggled to move closer to you, and you laughed as he scooted up next to you.

“Can I help you?” you teased. 

“Probably not,” he poked back, “I’m looking for my boyfriend, we’re supposed to have a movie date today.”

You pursed your lips in false sympathy. “I’m sorry you haven’t found him, but I’m here if you want to stick around.”

He pretended to consider your suggestion before grinning and responding with a cheeky “I guess you’ll do.”

After your usual banter, the pillows were arranged accordingly and the laptop was placed with the Sorcerer’s Stone ready to play. MJ laid behind you during your set up, and when you were finished, hooked his arms around your waist and pulled you back into him.

“I was promised cuddles, was I not?” he asked defensively. You just nodded your head in agreement. After all, the entire premise of this date was a Harry Potter cuddle party. “Watch out for the coffee!” he yelled as you moved your leg (which was nowhere near the mugs in question).

“Did you really have to yell?” you asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“Do you even know me? Of course I have to yell. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be MJ.” You nodded in agreement, and he shot you a blinding smile before kissing you on the top of the head. “Now shut up, this is a good part.”

Some time later, during the 3rd movie, right as Hermione throws stones into Hagrid’s hut, you noticed MJ playing with the tassels on one of the blankets forming the wall of your cuddle hut. You shot him a questioning glance. “Are you bored?” you tease.

He responded quickly. “No, I was just thinking that this is a terrible blanket fort.” Your eyes widened and your back straightened in defense, ready to fight him.

“What makes it so terrible?” you ask bitterly.

“Wait, no! Shit! That’s not what I meant! I was just saying, that it isn’t really very fort-y. Do you know what I mean?” You shot him a weary glance, daring him to continue. “Its too big to be a fort. It’s more of a castle if anything. Yeah, a castle seems appropriate. It’s a blanket castle.”

“I actually really like the sound of that.” you said meekly. 

MJ chuckled. “I thought you would.” he said. “A cuddly castle for two of the fairest kings in the land.” 

Your eyebrows raised almost involuntarily before you gave in. “Yeah, sure. Whatever you say babe.” 

He shot you another blinding smile before squeezing you tightly into his chest.

one of those aren’t sheep [-closed-]


fluffy black hair stuck out among the cotton colored fleece of the sheep, a gentle hand running over the softness of the sheep. the purpleblood was loving this place, full of fluffy and soft cutie pie sheeps. the masked highblood was overjoyed, laughing softly as a sheep took up gnawing on his jacket sleeve, patting it’s head.