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What are their cloaks made of? Are they leather with a gold colored silk inside, are they fleece, cotton? What is the average measurement for the patches? (Back of cloak, Back of jacket, Arms, and pocket) What type of jacket is it that they wear, and do you know any patterns that may help in the process of making it? What kind of boot is it that they wear? And lastly… Are the bottom parts of the harnesses where it goes cris cross on your feetsies elastic or na?

Sorry, I’m really no pro when it comes to sewing and cosplay. Maybe some seedlings can help with their own cosplay experience of what’s best?

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Tips on enrichment for a leopard gecko? The kiddo's a rescue so I want to give her plenty of enrichment.

Congrats on your rescue! :D

One thing is to provide different levels. Let them climb! Use wood, stacked rocks, tiered hides, etc. Nature isn’t flat so why should the tank?

You can also use scent. Like use a paper towel and rub it all over something and put it in the enclosure. A couch where a lot of people sit, your bed, maybe something from another pet’s enclosure (not cat hair though), etc. Don’t use essential oils though.

Lastly, use texture! Nubby especially loves his soft bedding. You will want to use fabrics that don’t have loose fibers as they are an impaction risk. Silk, suede, minke, cotton, no-pill fleece, etc. Nubby loves his silkie the most <3

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whats ur fav kind of drink? are there like, any type of textures that u rly like? what are some bands/songs u like? (sry for the shitty questions its 5 am asbsdsh)

drink: GATORADE (blue) or or anything that will get me super drunk in that case i don’t care about the taste at all
textures: smooth surface….smooth plastic….soft things but the SOFT natural feeling soft like a cat and also cotton t shirts. cotton balls and fleece are the devils fabrics. real fur is god tier. also towels. 
bands: LEMON DEMON ALL THE WAY also ajj, uh, a lot of 70s and 80s music, rufus rex, caroliner, uh lots of metal music considering i was raised on it along w pink floyd, oingo boingo, mother mother… i will basically listen to anything if i like how it sounds


A couple of people have been interested in buying cloth pads made by me so I tried to set up a really convoluted system on my shop then gave up because it was… convoluted. So I’m just going to start simple here on tumblr.

My pattern is especially suited to fat people. It has a wider middle to suit underwear with a wider gusset, and the length is 11″. Your pad will be made to order for you, it will not be used, and the fabric has been pre-washed to remove excess dye and preshrink the fibres. The wings wrap around your underwear gusset and snap together.

I can offer three levels of absorbency -

  • light AUD$8
  • medium AUD$10
  • heavy AUD$12

For exposed core pads you need to choose a flannelette topper, and a cotton woven base. The above photos were taken under non-fabulous light and the plains (navy, teal, turquoise and pink) aren’t displayed correctly. When you choose a combo I’ll take a photo of the fabrics together tomorrow in natural lighting so you can see better.

For hidden core pads you can choose a flannelette or a cotton woven fabric.

The absorbent cores include cotton fleece and polar fleece, and the backing is a waterproof fabric called PUL. At the moment I have grey with white stars and I’ll be getting some ivory plain PUL delivered in the next day or so.

If you want to order, shoot me a message and let me know your choices, your paypal email, and your postal address. (I’ll estimate the postage first.)

ASTRO - Confession Talk (JinJin, Eunwoo, Rocky)

Rocky: It’s cold even though I wore more clothes underneath.
Eunwoo: How many layers did you put on?
Rocky: Close to three layers.
Eunwoo: Aren’t you usually not sensitive to cold air?
JinJin: Yeah.
Eunwoo: I get cold really easily.
Rocky: I think- I think it’s because I couldn’t get enough sleep again.
JinJin: Isn’t it because immune system weakened? Wear fleece when you go out, fleece.
Eunwoo: Isn’t this fleece?
Rocky: No, it isn’t. It’s just cotton but-
Eunwoo: Mine’s fleece and it’s warm. I wore just a layer.
JinJin: I- I wore just one layer too.
Eunwoo: F-f-for me, it’s just.. it’s rather bearable.
JinJin: But I seriously feel like dying.
Eunwoo: Why? You couldn’t sleep?
JinJin: I slept a lot.
Everyone: (laughs)
Eunwoo: But..
JinJin: But I don’t know why (I’m feeling like this).
Eunwoo: (to Rocky) How about you? Why does your facial expression look bad?
Rocky: I haven’t been able to sleep recently but the hyungs sleep well.
JinJin: Why?
Eunwoo: Why?
Rocky: I’ve no idea. I’m always.. I’m always- I did get some sleep. I felt sleepy at around 6 so I went to sleep but I haven’t been able to sleep recently. We had a lot of schedules during our 2nd album so we weren’t always able to get some shut eye. That became such a repetitive cycle for me and we were living busily but there’s no more of that now. Since everything’s ended now. There was nothing after we wrapped up promotions and we only needed to practice. We had to prepare for our 3rd album but something about it was kind of.. shall I say it felt empty? It’s like we had to do something but there was nothing so we only needed to practice. It’s just that my thoughts got kind of all over the place so I couldn’t sleep?
Eunwoo: I also went through a similar time. I’ve ever thought that I should purposely wear out my body. But there was once when I was happy that you couldn’t sleep.
JinJin: (laughs)
Rocky: Why would you?
JinJin: Isn’t that too mean of you?
Eunwoo: No, no. When I was kind of swamped with personal schedules.. seriously, I’d come in later and would leave earlier than the other hyungs, friends and dongsaengs. When I only got to see everyone sleeping.. up till now we’ve spent our 24 hours together for some several years but recently.. there were days when the day would be tiring and I’d kind of miss all of you. During those times, however, I’d come home late and thought everyone would be asleep but Rocky was the only one.. with the phone light shining on him, he was playing games alone.. I was kind of really happy to see him.. that you weren’t able to sleep.
Rocky: I’m pretty pleasant to meet.
Eunwoo: Ah, but at that time I was really.. I didn’t say a word then and just went into my room but- I didn’t say hi or anything and went into my room but I was so happy that you weren’t sleeping that I think I spent about 5 seconds staring at Bin-ie sleeping after going into my room.
JinJin: Oh~
Rocky: Oh my God!
JinJin: In love- You were in love.
Eunwoo: But seriously on that day, I really missed the members. Honestly, it’s like.. so that’s why we’re a team? It was the kind of day where I sort of realized that.
Rocky: Ah, but for us as well- We also- You had schedules back then for about 2-3 days was it? When you were fulfilling your separate schedules. We would always practice together but then.. we were starting to receive group lessons together in the practice room but you weren’t there.
JinJin: That’s true.
Rocky: It felt somewhat empty. We felt that too. When you (inaudible) and you started practice again, I realized, “Ah, as expected, a team’s a team.”
JinJin: A team’s a team.
Rocky: Since we were all together, we’d pull pranks on one another and.. the pieces were falling into place. I thought like that.
JinJin: Maybe it’s because we’re talking about teams but I originally had something I wanted to say to the both of you and to the other members as well during our concert. I was gonna say it during the concert after grabbing onto the mic but I started crying. That’s why I couldn’t talk about it so I’m gonna tell it to you today.
Eunwoo: Cry- You were being a crybaby then.
JinJin: It was no joke then.
Rocky: You were just holding onto the mic. “I’m gonna talk,” but then you’d be like (imitates JinJin).
JinJin: Anyway, firstly, it’s my first time being a leader and just as I’ve told you, let’s adjust to each other since it’s a first for me too. I’ve talked about that many times. During the period we were preparing for our concert, our schedules were packed, the members were on edge but you didn’t whine once throughout and I thought you pulled through well so I really wanted to tell you during the concert that I was very grateful. Also, even though we may play a lot of pranks on the norm, your serious sides- And there would’ve been things that you weren’t able to tell me. That’s why I’m so thankful that you didn’t take it out on each other even though you had things kept to yourself and just for other things like that. On top of that, as a leader, I may not 100% be a good one but (thank you) for understanding those sides of me and helping me.
Eunwoo: (to Rocky) Why are you agreeing when he talked about being a leader who’s not 100%? JinJin hyung’s such a good leader though?
Rocky: It’s like- What he’s saying- I did it to show that I was listening to that he was saying.
Eunwoo: He was nodding his head.
JinJin: I saw, I saw.
Rocky: No, it’s a gesture I did to show that I was listening. Don’t misunderstand.
JinJin: That’s why I just- I’m always thinking about how thankful I am that we’re a team. Also thank you for being you and I think I’m always thinking about how I’m relieved that you’re a part of ASTRO.
Eunwoo: It’s an incredible connection. Amongst 7.4 billion..
JinJin: Oh~
Eunwoo: They say that the current world population is 7.4 billion.
JinJin: S-seriously?
Eunwoo: Amongst them, in one country, we’re..
JinJin: Yup.
Eunwoo: How- How- We’re part of a team from Fantagio called ‘ASTRO’, aren’t we? Destiny?
JinJin: Destiny. Deti, deti (T/N: shortened form of 'destiny’).
Eunwoo: Deti?
JinJin: (laughs)

Translations by @99pm​h
Take out with full credits

Cloth Diapering Vocabulary/Lingo:

Microfiber - A synthetic material commonly used to make cloth diaper inserts. It soaks up liquids quicker than natural fiber inserts, but is not the most absorbant. Reliable all the same. Microfiber cannot touch baby’s skin.

Microsuede/Microfleece - The inner lining of most pocket diapers and the soakers attached in All-In-Ones. Microsuede/Microfleece wicks moisture away from baby to prevent rashes and is okay to be against baby’s skin.

Inserts - Insert is a loose term referring to the absorbent mechanism in a cloth diaper. For pocket diapers, the most common inserts are made from microfiber. Inserts can also be made from organic cotton/hemp fleece, bamboo velour, charcoal bamboo, or any blend of the said fibers. Natural fiber (blend) inserts are more absorbent than microfiber, but don’t absorb liquids as fast.

PUL - An abbreviation for polyurethane laminate, PUL is the outer waterproof cover of most cloth diapers. (A lot of WAHM brand diapers are made with a cotton outer layer and a hidden layer of waterproof PUL.)

All-In-One (AIO) - The easiest cloth diapering device, just grab and go! AIOs are made with sewn in inserts/soakers. Most AIOs are made of synthetic innards (microfiber soakers lined with microsuede against baby’s skin), but there are natural fiber AIO options out there.

All-In-Two (AI2) - Also known as hybrid diapers, AI2s are very similar to AIOs. Unlike AIOs, not only do they have snap in inserts (often made of natural fibers), they also have disposable insert options. The removable insert option allows you to reuse the outer cover more than once, unless the diaper has been pooped, then you have to replace the entire system.

Pocket Diapers - Often referred to as just pockets, pocket diapers are also very easy to use and loved by cloth diapering parents. Pocket diapers are lined with microsuede/microfleece and have an opening in the back to put the insert in. Most pockets come with microfiber inserts, but you can put anything from folded receiving blankets to old t-shirts in pockets as inserts if you’re in a bind.

Prefolds/Flats - Prefolds and flats (often made of organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, or a mix of said fabrics) are a square fabric made to be folded and pinned either around baby. Prefolds and flats are most like “old style” cloth diapering, and is the cheapest method of cloth diapering. Prefolds and flats can also be folded into threes to be laid flat into a waterproof cover and can be changed out several times before needing to change covers. (Unless baby poops.)

Snappis - Snappis are a modern diaper pinning device for use on prefolds and flats rather than conventional diaper pins. (People still use diapers pins, so don’t worry if you’re not coordinated enough to use Snappis!)

Aplix - Aplix refers to the velcro closure of diapers. Aplix is much easier to get a better fit with, but wears out quickly, which is a problem if you aren’t a crafty mom who can replace it or want to use your diapers for future babes.

Snaps - A reference to the button like outer closure of diapers. Snaps last longer than aplix, but can be more difficult to close with a wiggly baby. For the most part, snaps are favored by a majority of cloth diapering parents due to longevity and the fact that it’s harder for babies to undo snaps than it is aplix.

Fitted Diaper - A fitted diaper is made of natural fibers in the shape of a typical diaper. They can come with or without snaps. Fitted diapers without snaps need to be pinned. Fitted diapers are not waterproof and need a cover if you don’t want any leaks!

Hybrid Fitted - A hybrid fitted diaper is a cross between an AIO and a fitted diaper. Hybrid fitteds have a hidden layer of fleece to force moisture back into the diaper before leaking outwards. A lot of cloth diapering parents let their kids roam the house in hybric fitteds without a cover. They are very breathable, but are not completely waterproof and need a waterproof cover if you want to be 100% leak free. 

Diaper Covers - Covers are used over prefolds/flats/fitteds/hybrid fitteds to prevent leaks onto clothing/bedding/etc. There are three common types of covers: PUL, wool, and fleece. PUL covers look very similar to pocket diapers, just without the inner lining. These are the cheapest and most commonly used cover system. With PUL covers, you can put them over fitted/hybrid fitteds and snappi’d prefolds/flats or just lay a folded prefold/flat onto of the cover. Wool and fleece covers are very similar to each other. They can look like shorts, pants, or even underwear. They’re much more expensive than PUL covers and prefolds/flats must be snappi’d/pinned around the baby. The pad fold method would not work with fleece and wool covers. Care instructions for wool covers are more detailed, but wool does not have to be washed as often as PUL and fleece. (If you have the money to try it, you get a lot of bang for your buck while wool diapering.)

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Can you give us a run down of how you made your Chat hoodie?

Ho boy, here we go.

First things first, make a pattern. For something that you can’t use a pattern right off the shelf for, I always suggest making one before hand. It saves on fabric in the long run and it keeps the final nice and neat. Not to mention you can keep the pieces of the practice to recreate later. Try to use fabric that matches your end-goal fabric, I used white Sweatshirt Fleece because it has a slight stretch unlike normal fleece or cotton and is thicker, so it falls differently than you’d expect.

Next, I had to find the right dye combination. I had a zipper that matched my Minky in Lime Green perfectly, so I used that while I waited for the ordered fabric to arrive. As you can see I tried multiple different strips in all different variations. The worst part about this step is the time. Fabric is darker and richer in color when wet, so you have to wait for the dye strips to fully dry before you can tell if the color really matches (I sped it up by putting them in the dryer for an hour). After you find the right recipe of colors, I dyed all my precut strips of ribbed knit from white to green and dryer them, then ironed them into a bias tape by folding the edges in to the center, irons those in place, then folding the whole thing in half to create what’s called a “Double Folded Bias”.

After you find the perfect fit in your practice piece, seam rip it and use the pieces as your pattern. Here’s one of the sleeves already pre-cut in the black Sweatshirt fleece with the green bias tape pinned in place (these pieces have been opened instead of folded so I get the right width). To find the placement for the stripes, I drew markings on the pattern piece before seam ripping it apart. Because I didn’t want there to be any seen seams, I cut the black sweatshirt fleece down the center of where the green knit was going to go, then sewed the knit to the black fleece so that all seams would be on the inside and hidden by the lining. I did the same method for the stripes at the shoulder and end of the sleeve (above picture shows no visible seams).

By far the hardest part was the embroidery. I drew out Chat’s paw design from his ring and traced it on the back and front of the jacket in chalk. Then, I put one large piece of the green Minky beneath the Sweatshirt fleece and pinned it in place around the entire sketch (left picture). I then used my sewing machine and sewed a base stitch (this is a wide, loose stitch meant to hold down fabric while you work and either be removed later, or sewn over) along all the lines. I then removed the pins and cut the black fabric out from between the stitches (middle picture). I then used a zig-zag stitch on the tightest setting and did what’s called a Satin Stitch, or Embroidery Stitch, around all the edges, hiding the raw edge of the black Sweatshirt fleece beneath black thread (right picture).

The hood and ears were a constant struggle. The hood lining cut from Minky constantly wanted to billow and just seemed overly huge compared to the black outer layer. I had to manually take it in a lot and differ from the pattern, but I left the bottom seam open for just this reason. The ears were pinned in place, then cut and sewn into the black Sweatshirt fleece in a “V” shaped cut. They pointed out, resembling more like a dog or fox, so I hand sewn a few loop stitches (just going back and forth in one spot) to permanently pin the ear in the “bent” shape you see above on the right. I sewed this directly to the black layer only and didn’t go through the green Minky. The draw string was added by running my desired string along the inside edge and pinning it in place then sewing a base stitch along just the outside of the string, making sure not to catch it in the process.

And that’s it! Piece it all together and line it as best you can. I have always struggled with lining, it’s literally the bane of my existence. I never get it right the first time, and it takes me the longest to just keep futzing with till it gets close enough and I give in.

Let me know if you have anymore questions! :D


Unikitty Kigurumi - REDUCED TO $60 + shipping

Worn for one afternoon.  Made by me, all fleece with cotton lined hood.  Fits most sizes up to 5′ 10″ (can fit taller but the legs will be short)

Rose Quartz Bundle (Wig, Dress, Gem (can be adhered using pros-aide) ) - $100 +shipping

Rose Quartz is sold!!!

If interested in purchasing please contact me at

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Fortune Cookie

A NurseyDex ficlet inspired by my fortune cookie…

Make two grins grow where there was only a grouch before

Nursey stared at the small white slip of paper in his hand. Both his fortune cookie and the universe seemed to be screaming out for him to act. Dex had been in a mood since their last game. It was a loss, a hard one, and Dex seemed to blame himself for it despite the fact that he’d done everything he could to stop the other team. He’d hardly spoken to the team except on the ice since. Nursey knew he had to do something.

Dex groaned from his bed as the curtains over the attic window were thrown back. Blinding sunlight shone through driving him deeper into his nest of blankets.

“Close the curtains!” His voice was almost a growl but Nursey smiled just hearing him speak finally.

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll kick your hipster ass…”

Nursey chuckled softly as he crossed the room to the bunk beds.
“You love my ass, hipster or no.” The corners of Dex’s mouth moved slightly as Nursey continued. “You know Bitty’s making that blueberry lemon thing you like. The one that turned your lips blue for two days ‘cause you ate the whole thing by yourself.” The freckled cheeks continued to rise slowly.

“He is, really?” Nursey nodded and ran his fingers through his boyfriend’s short ginger hair. Dex pressed his head into the touch.

“It wasn’t your fault babe, there’s nothing you could have done. Those pricks were playing dirty and we both know it.” The smile under the freckles began to slip away. “Oh no you don’t, no more grumpy gills Dex. You’re going to get up and socialize with your team but before that you are going to shower cause frankly dear you are ripe.” The smile began to reappear as Dex reached up grabbing Nursey in his vice grip.

“Well then come here and I’ll share the funk with you!” Nursey shrieked and burst into laughter, high and loud, his emerald eyes shining with happiness.

“No get off me!” Dex’s laugh echoed off the walls along with Nursey’s and it was a sound that made Nursey smile brightly. With only minimal effort the ginger D-man was able to pull his partner into the nest of fleece and cotton. A light smile lingered on Dex’s face as he gazed at his boyfriend. “Done being a grump?”

Dex nodded in reply and pulled Nursey close to him. “Yeah for now at least,” Dex replied as he pressed a chaste kiss to Nursey’s lips. This time it was Nursey’s turn to smile.


Limited Edition Sea Bunny Weighted Plush

This plush weighs 13oz. Its made from cotton fleece and the markings are hand drawn. The body is filled with weighted pellets. This Sea Bunny is made to look like the real animal. Sea Bunnies fit perfectly in your hand and are super soft. Adopt one today!

Only 2 available in this colour scheme and they are $14 each.

Limited Edition "Real” Sea Bunny

Custom Sea Bunny

Also a reminder that until November 18th you can use the code SUNMOON to get 10% off all orders of $10 or more.

Holiday Orders Reminder!

All custom made items for holiday gifts must be ordered by November 30th to guarantee delivery by when you need them.

In Stock items for holiday gifts must be ordered by December 10th to guarantee delivery by when you need them.

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yknow t really funny to think about since robin doesnt have any memories he has the social graces of a crawfish. the first time someone tries to shake his hand its like 'the fuck? am i supposed to do with this? why are they sticking their hand out at me'

I THOUGHT ABOUT IT. I actually wondered, what kind of things one forgets when they’re amnesiac? And yes lmao I bet he doesn’t know what to do when someone wants to shake his hand.

Imagine Robin seeing snow for the first time, and he has no idea what is this shit. Imagine him actually fascinated with snow, like a child. He probably knows about pegasi and wyverns but I don’t think he’d ever petted them. So he has to. And his eyes sparkle again. But he hides it.
First visit in a tavern, music and this specific atmosphere? HE’S OVERWHELMED. Eating weird sweets like jelly and cotton candy with Gaius? Mind. Blown. COTTON CANDY. LIKE, GAIUS WHY DO YOU EAT THIS SHEEP FLEECE/COTTON. STOP YOU’RE GONNA BE SICK. OH WAIT. Holy shit.
Accidentally finding out he can make himself and random objects levitate? And running to show it to Chrom? Slay me


Professor Layton pillow complete!

Made with a variety of fleeces and cotton, with different textures and patterns.

The background has a free-reign quilted pattern onto a cotton fabric featuring teacups and teapots!

There is also gold thread on the picture frame and teacup, and the tag on the side reads “Great British Stitcher”

Two small 6mm safety eyes were also used and it has London fabric on the reverse :)

4 hours work, and around 35-38cm squared.

One of a kind Aboriginal Print Scarf - 100% cotton lined with soft, warm matching fleece. Perfect for keeping warm through the winter months and long enough to cover your ears and neck….The scarf is 10 inches wide. Having stretched ears myself, I always appreciate wide scarves so I can cover up my ears from the cold! It is also very long at 76 inches so you can wrap it around a few times (^_^)

Handmade with love, magic and fairy dust¸.•*¨`* ✩¸.•*¨`* ✩¸.•*¨`* ✩


Shop Online Here…