cotton candy works


Did a makeup test last night! I love the new supplies I got! Now to fix those large pesky antlers and make hooves!

dozing off.

I really wanted to draw the first fusion version of Garnet since I saw her! This was a little challenge to practice somewhat more simple set-up comic pages that look flashy yet don’t tire me out. There are things I would redo but I’m trying to learn to keep moving forward rather than nitpicking.

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She’s actually one of my favorite characters in The Lego Movie…
And then she’s getting her own show in Cartoon Network… wow…

Stay Positive! :D

(business business business, numbers… is this working…?)

Artwork by @derpyzu


captain underpants villain ocs look like so much fun and you can’t expect me to just not make one

evil cotton candy criminal who works at the circus…

but listen like it’d be so easy to take him out literally just get a bucket of water and throw it on him and he’ll disintegrate RIFP 

So at work today this boy (like maybe 16?) made his sister order his ice cream for him because (and I legit heard him saying this) he didn’t want to be seen asking for cotton candy cause it wasn’t a “guy flavor.”

I mean, seriously kid, idgaf what kind of ice cream you order. For real. This is a judgement free ice cream shop, I promise! Just please don’t hold up the line by hiding around the corner and insisting you don’t want anything unless your poor sister orders it for you lol.

night ramblings

Tim places his computer to the side, but keeps the documents he’s pulled up to the front because there’s some copying to be done. He opens his binder that’s thickened by papers, reports, newspaper clippings that he’s cut out for detective work. He gathers the papers and books and the sticky notes and the cds and stacks them. Not only by height, color and width, but also type, collection and organization of data inside and then refined by date added and modified. It’s delicate work and honestly, he’d rather not be interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps, Dick telling Damian goodnight, the jingle of Titus’s collar as he runs in and out of bedrooms nervously. 

Or the blur before his eyes because he’s so tired.

Or the light streaming into his room and the slow rumble of Bruce’s voice.

“Lights out, kiddo.”

Tim blinks. Yeah, it is 2:45 in the morning so it’s pretty insane to be up now for normal people. But. Work.

So he reaches out across his desk and switches off the desk lamp. “Yes, sir. Copy that, sir.”

Well, he said lights out.

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Never lose your smile! ^-^.

Hope you like it! ;9


Cotton Candy Pink

He’s upset because people keep trying to eat his hair thinking that it’s cotton candy. He wishes that his hair was cotton candy. I really like working with bright colors. It’s always so much fun. Tried to make these edits earlier and the shockwave crashed. Took me four hours to stop being lazy and re-make them. I’m glad that I did though because pink and fluff is a perfect combination. 


did some sketches of two characters that also belong to the world/story that Ezequiel and Benjamin are in! They’re preliminary so their color palettes may change in the future along with other small details but they’re not too far off from being complete! (except maybe Leu) Their backgrounds are still in the works but I can tell u one or two things about each.

Amiel is the owner of a Carnival. Z and Benji both work there so Amiel is their Boss. But they are also like a second parent to the twins. They are as sweet as cotton candy. Even though Amiel works mostly behind the scenes at the Carnival, they are always present when help is needed. But they only /help/. Amiel strongly believes in cleaning up ur own shit.

Leu is a little criminal. He likes sneaking into the Carnival and stealing stuffed animals from the game stands. He also loves stealing cotton candy & Benjamin’s leather jacket. (For the shiny zipper and buttons). Leu isn’t his real name, but he loves calling himself that. He also isn’t human but I can’t say much more than that.

That’s about it for now!


Well since you asked so nicely

And I ended up getting a lot more requests than I thought I would so I’m going to do a couple batches of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls character palette things over the next couple of days!