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I want a girls squad like this and I want us all to dress this extra.

Beyond Wonderland, 2017

Brendan Gallagher - Number Eleven

anon request:  Brendan Gallagher. Where you meet him at the end of a game and you guys hit it off, something cute like that thankss!

This is the quickest ive ever updates two imagines!!

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“y/n please” my best friend begged through the phone. her boyfriend bailed on her at then last minute and she decided to call me. where exactly does she want me to go you may be wondering. 

she wants me to go to a hockey game. i am the girl who considers shopping a sport so im not exactly cut out for the cold of the arena. 

“i dont know y/f/n, hockey isnt really my sport” i sighed into the phone. she made a loud huffing noise on the other side of the phone, i heard the sound of a door close. 

“listen here y/n y/l/n, i will be over in ten minutes you better have yourself all prettied up and ready to wear a montreal canadiens jeresey. you will come and have fun” she demanded. 

i nodded although she couldnt see me she knew she had won. the phone line went dead and i took that as my que to begin getting ready. i walked in my room and put on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white hoodie. i put my hair up in a messy ponytail and lastly placed my glasses on my face. 

a knock sounded from the door of my apartment and i quickly answered it. y/f/n didnt even greet me she just walked in and threw a red jersey at my face. “wear this, lets go game starts soon” she said already out the door. 

i looked at the jersey. number eleven. gallagher. i didnt know who that was nor will i ever but i just put the jersey on over my sweater and pulled out the hood, i then followed after y/f/n.

“so remind me why i agreed to come?” i asked as we pulled up to the overly packed bell centre. y/f/n sighed and shook her head. “just enjoy it y/n, i know you will have fun.“ 

y/f/n led the way through the arena, we stopped and got some cotton candy, pizza, and waters. after we made our way to the seats i realized just how good they are. you dont have to know then sport to know these were definitely expensive. 

i could see a swarm of red skating by. i tried to look for number eleven but i couldnt spot him anywhere. "y/f/n, wheres the guy whose jersey im wearing?” i asked. she looked up from her phone and pointed behind a tall guy wearing the number 27 with a jersey identical to hers. 

“over there” she said with a small laugh ringing from her words. he was lacking height compared to the rest of the guys on the ice but really they were all ridiculously tall. he had a big smile on his face and he was obviously laughing at something the number 27 has said. 

“what’s his name?” i asked my eyes not leaving him as he began to skate, i noticed an A on his jersey. “and what does the A mean?” i asked suddenly interested in the sport. the loud music and cheers was almost deafening but i could still mange to hear her answer. 

“his name is brendan gallagher and the A means assistant captain, he’s important is an easy way to say it” she said smiling as my eyes followed him. i watched him the whole warmup he looked fun and out going even though there is much pressure when playing at this high of a level. 

as he skated by he was looking into the crowd. “look he’s skating by” y/f/n pointed at him. that caught his eye. brendan looked at you guys and smiled. at least it looked like he smiled at us but i still felt my heart jump, this man is a hockey player and one i won’t ever know. 

“y/n gally has a crush on you!” y/f/n sung as number eleven grabbed a puck. i let out a loud laugh, “yeah okay.” she nodded with a stupid smile on her face. “your nuts” i laughed, “he was probably just looking at the crowd smiling” i shook my head. 

“oh!” y/f/n yelled hitting my shoulder one to many times for my liking. “here he comes!” she had a big smile on her face as he threw a puck over the glass. it landed right in front of my seat. i bent down grabbing the puck and looking up at the glass to meet the eyes of number eleven. 

i smiled and although he couldn’t hear me i still yelled a thank you to him which received a wink back. he skated away as the time on the warmups clock was coming to an end. i watched the number eleven disappear down the dark tunnel. 

“oh my goodness!” y/f/n squealed. “he’s so into you! you guys would look so cute together” though it was the most unrealistic and girly thing y/f/n has said it still managed to bring a smile to my face, the kind that doesn’t go away no matter how much you want it to. 

as the game started i found myself cheering for montreal and cheering even louder when that damn number eleven found the back of the net. when brendan scored i jumped to my feet cheering at the top of my lungs, y/f/n, the buzzer, and the fans around all cheering with you. 

this really was a game like no other and i did find myself enjoying it. once it was over, montreal winning 4-2 y/f/n and i decided to leave after the three stars were announced, number eleven was one of them. it was the cutest when he gave the hockey stick he played the game with to the little boy on the other side of the glass.

as we were walking towards the car after a stressful and crowded fifteen minutes of trying to get to the car, y/f/n began looking around her purse frantically and then hitting all of her pockets. 

“either i lost my keys or i left them at our seats” she finally looked up when she gave up thinking they would magically appear in her pockets or purse. i sighed, “i’ll go run in and get them in faster than you” i shook my head and began jogging back the way we had come out. 

the arena had cleared up quite quickly in only half hour. i found our seats with some help from some of the workers and i looked around it seeing the keys until i looked in the cup holder. i shook my head laughing. classic y/f/n. 

i grabbed the keys and began jogging back to where the exit was. as i was running my attention was grabbed by another hockey game that appeared on the large tv screen. toronto the blue team and pittsburgh the white team. i shook my head snapping my train of though and began walking forward when i crashed into something hard. or should i say someone hard.

“oh- oh my gosh are you okay?” i asked trying to gain balance. i heard a masculine voice let out a laugh and i felt two hands steadying me. “i should be asking you that” i finally looked up and was met with the same winking eyes from the ice. 

i laughed nervously, “yeah i’m okay” i smiled looking away. i could see him nod from the corner of my eye. “uh i’m brendan by the way” he managed to stick his hand out in the little space that was between us. i took his hand shaking it.
“y/n” i smiled shyly. 

“that’s a pretty name for a pretty girl” he smiled down at me. i already knew who he was and maybe just maybe he could remember who i was. 

“your more talented on the ice then you are at flirting” i took a step backwards smiling at the man in front of me. he was taken by surprise but quickly recovered a smile forming on his face. 

“let me see the puck i have you” he held out his hand and pulled something out of his pocket. i grabbed the put from the pocket in my sweater and i handed it to brendan. i noticed he pulled out a sharpie.

i handed him the puck and he signed something on there and handed it back. i looked down at the puck and read the writing. 

“i’m expecting a text or a call y/n” he smiled. i began to back up and i responded before walking away, “be patient number eleven, it’ll happen eventually” i laughed walking away. 

i could hear him laugh behind me, “i want that puck back one day y/n” he shouted as i was already down the hall. i smiled to no one in particular and found my way back to the parking lot where y/f/n was standing there with an annoyed expression on her face. 

“i could have walked home by now” she rolled her eyes as i threw her the keys. i just shook my head looking down at the puck. one day brendan. one day.