cotton candy pop rocks

imkira-binch  asked:

whenever I read your URL, I feel colors of peach and soft yellows, maybe some pinks. But I think of vibrant and deep brick red colors too. I also think of sunshine and cotton candy. But also pop rocks for some reason. Specifically the cherry kind. ¿ I have a weird synesthesia for letters/words/names correlating with colors.

Damn okay you got me.

Yellow and peach are my two favorite colors.

I have had red hair off and on since I was 15. I always go back to it, but I also go back to having pink hair.

I used to love eating pop rocks and washing them down with coke (they make them explode even more)



In which there is Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Coda to 10x12: About a Boy

Dean waits a good ten minutes after Sam is gone.

Not that he necessarily has anything to hide, but it’s still kind of embarrassing. With the pink iPod and the wool socks/boxer/robe combo… it’s just better this way; kinda private, you know?

Besides, this way, he doesn’t have to worry about volume.

Grabbing the iPod dock from Sam’s room, Dean sets it up on the kitchen table, fully intending to do something productive while he indulges the decidedly cotton-candy-bubblegum-pop part of his personality. Dean loves classic rock, he really does, but sometimes you just need…fluff. Sugary sweet and like the marshmallow crap he used to put in Sam’s mac n’ cheese, there are days when Taylor just hits the spot.

Today is one of those days.

Dean makes sure the pan is heating in earnest before he allows himself to go back to the dock and pick his music. Even though Sam is gone, even though his brother knows, Dean looks over his shoulder and blushes. He clears his throat and tells himself there is nothing wrong with this.


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