cotton candy pink blush

Can You Feel My Heart?

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Hey can you please do a Gerard imagine based off this prompt “Imagine Person A of your OTP lying down on the couch, when Person B strolls along and decides to flop down next to A with their head on A’s chest. Person B then decides to tell Person A just how fast A’s heart is beating, all while A is getting redder and redder (or whatever color they may blush).” Cause that’d be pretty cute”

And Requested by Anonymous. “If you could write some nice basement era Gerard @ the extra fluffy level, that would be super great 😎👌🏻”

Word Count: 458

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: This is just a cheesy, fluffy, mess and idek

Gerard is lying on the couch in your living room, finally having come out of his basement to keep you company while your family is on a day trip. You had managed to get out of it and you sure are happy about that, smiling at your boyfriend who’s just spacing out probably thinking about comics. He looks warm and cuddly and you can’t stop yourself from walking over and lying on top of him, tangling your legs together and laying your head on his chest. You hear his heart pick up, pounding against his rib cage and you shift to look up at him.

His dark hair is messy from lying around and not bothering to brush it all week, his hazel eyes are bright and tired and you want to just get lost in them. He smiles shyly at you, cheeks turning pink while you fold your arms across his chest.

“You’re heart is beating really fast.” You comment and his blush darkness, his eyes darting everywhere but you. You giggle and lay back down, tracing soft circles around his chest and teddy-bear tummy.

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signs aesthetics based on people i know
  • aries: red lipstick, leather jackets & combat boots
  • taurus: loose denim pants, sunflowers & converse
  • gemini: bubblegum, high waisted shorts & plants
  • cancer: messy hair, the ocean & clean bedsheets
  • leo: hot pink, high heels & glossy hair
  • virgo: cats, smudged mascara & live performances
  • libra: pink lipgloss, cotton candy & blush
  • scorpio: lace, cigarettes & stargazing
  • sagittarius: long hair, road trips & mountains
  • capricorn: black coffee, matte lipstick & straight hair
  • aquarius: baseball caps, glitter & planets
  • pisces: dreamcatchers, light hair & big eyes

Pairing: Akakuro (Soulmate AU)

Akakuro Week Day 2: Upside Down | Treats | Language

Summary: His world burst into colors in a quick blink, and now as he sat up and stared at the person in front of him, he understood the things he never did want to understand before.

The Cherry blossoms were pink, the soil was brown, the wild flowers were a fair white, and the sky was blue.

As blue as his soulmate’s eyes.

Akashi understood so many things in a matter of seconds.

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Fav beauty products of 2016

Nars blush in Angelica cotton candy it’s a cute sparkly pink I love her 😋

Tarte timeless smoothing primer I love it it’s cute it hides my pores 😶

Dior forever foundation it’s so nice I use it with a sponge the coverage is medium-full doesn’t look cakey ever and it doesn’t transfer it and it looks so phenomenal in pictures 🙆🏻

Urban decay vice lipstick I’m Big Bang its sparkly and very pink and it’s basically glitter but I love it so much it’s very me💥

Mac concealer it’s very full coverage and my life saver 🤗 acne scars?? Where! 🔎

Morphe 35F palette I love her so much she is my life. the pigmentation is great and honestly don’t need more than this palette it has the mattes that you need and all possible metallics 🤳

I was tagged by @moonlightangel 🐰 and I tag @cashewcream @necromancerbarbie @zvaina @aviancy @driflloon and @timhortonsteepedtea love you all xx

Nalu Week: Happy

Here is the last day for NaLu week! I did the extra day Cold but it will only be found on my fanfiction account under the story titled ‘A Nalu Story’

Thank you so much for reading my little drabbles, or long ones depending on the day ( like this one). If you have an prompts for me go ahead and ask me and I’ll do my best to write them!


 Day 7 (July 7th) Happy

Lucy’s POV

               I was paranoid. I mean it was literally an hour left until I had to walk through the doors. My heart was pounding in my chest and I couldn’t find the courage I had saved up for this moment. Every nerve in my body had gone haywire and I was shaking with fear and anticipation. Today was going to be one of the most important days of my life, and I was scared shitless.

               I remained seated in my chair as Juvia and Erza worked on my face. Juvia was applying the light makeup, and Erza was doing my hair after Cancer made the most outrageous up-do I had ever seen. Now I was left in the capable hands of my friends. “Lu-chan stop shaking! Are you that scared?”

               I looked to Levy, she was so cute. Dressed in her baby blue dress and her beautiful hair in stunning curls she was perfection. A part of me hoped Gajeel feel on his face in awe at how lucky he was, because Levy was a keeper and for some reason she loved the brute. I sighed watching her eyes flicker to mine with worry. “S-sorry Levy…I, I’m scared. I mean what if he doesn’t want to marry me anymore!?”

               “He would never do that to you Lucy and you know that. Now calm down before you give yourself a heart attack.” Levy scolded. Juvia was another beauty, clad in a dress the same shade as Levy’s I was beyond jealous at this point. She hardly needed to do anything to look so drop dead gorgeous. Erza too! She was wearing the same thing and I felt like all three of them looked better than me and it was my own wedding!


               “Lucy he loves you very much, just trust him.” Erza rebutted sternly.

               “But what if he realized that there are other really pretty women and he wanted to stay single and I have to walk up that aisle alone without him there waiting!” I screamed in horror.            

               Days before, hell even months before this I was so excited to finally get married and yet here I was, shaking in my chair and wanting to run away.

               “Lu-chan stop. You’re working yourself up for nothing.” Levy said quietly to ease my nerves. Juvia and Erza backed away at the same time with wide smiles on their faces.

               “She’s perfect!” Erza squealed. Her hands came to her mouth as she quietly sobbed, a single tear running down her perfect features. Juvia nodded her head in agreement with the same look. I bit my lip still unsure about this whole thing and Levy grabbed my arm just as I was about to say something.

               “Lu-chan you HAVE to see yourself now!” She giggled pulling me into the middle of the room and running over to open the three paneled mirror. When it opened my eyes landed on the woman before me staring back at me through the mirror.

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