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PART 2 [DRABBLE] Boyfriend!Jun...

Word count: 1447
Flufffff-ish? Jun-ish? Idek anymore
Friend, I am so sorry??? Here’s your X’mas “gift” PART 2 & I don’t even know what I’m writing anymore. I was only aiming for a short 400-500 word story but nope? & I also wanted it to be somewhat similar to Kai’s date in 7 First Kisses but it totally went off track (not to mention how wordy, poorly-edited and dramatic it is, omg so sorry). Please excuse me, I shall push the blame to my lack of sleep. Check out PART 1 [SCENARIO] here🎄✨


Ok, I shall shut up now. ENJOY & BYE ~

junnie :>

“JunHui-ya, why this place?” you frowned as you looked up at the famous Gyro Drop in front of you.

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Showdown (Uncharted Secret Santa)

The atmosphere was ignited like fire as the boys prepared to duel. This was not a game to lose. 

Suddenly pistols were whipped out, ammunition flowing as the battle got under way. Both men diving and crouching. Still aiming with precision as they marked their targets.

“GO NATE!” A cheer sounded in the distance. Elena appeared, followed by Chloe who was munching on a giant cotton candy.

The fairground was packed and more passer-by’s stopped in awe as both men clashed comically with skill. The pistols, now half full, chugged as the streams of water blasted like laser sight across the stall, filling the balloons on the other side. Clown faces staring helplessly in return.

“Why is it always clowns?” Nate muttered to himself.

“Looks like the odds are in my favour love” Harry chimed, as his balloon filled, close to bursting.

“Not today pal” Nathan retorted, confident smile beaming as a drop of sweat ran down the side of his face.

The red balloons wobbled and became taught, stretching and stretching until, *POP*

Harry brought both pistols to his lips and blew on them with great pleasure and exaggeration.

“And that my friend, is game, set and match”

Nate examined his pistol for faults before turning to glare at Harry as he picked his prize, a giant pink bear.  

“Hey, You cheated!”  Nate called out, noticing the double pistols as Harry placed them on the counter.

“No honour among thieves mate” Harry winked, smug grin beaming as he threw the bear at Chloe.

“I call for a rematch. It wasn’t a fair win”

“No need to be a sore loser chum” Harry chimed smugly before turning to leave with Chloe.

“What, you chicken? Don’t think you can win with one pistol huh?”

“You just–“

“Buck-buck-buck” Nate mocked, chicken noises as he flapped imaginary wings. Elena and Chloe giggling at the spectacle.

Harry frowned, eyes darkening. “You’re on mate”

Both men took their positions behind the podium once again.

Elena rolled her eyes “Let’s go Chloe, they are gonna be at this all night. I wanna ride the ghost train again”

“Sure but let’s get more cotton candy first” she smiled, throwing the bear over her shoulder.

Both girls headed back into the fairground as the boys continued their duel well into the night.


Hope you enjoy the fic/Comic! Would have liked to have drawn/coloured the whole thing but not enough time QuQ

Merry Christmas!