cotton candy monster

  • [during BTS Vlive]
  • Namjoon: Why is Jimin standing on the table?
  • Taehyung: He likes to be tall (◕‿◕)

Introducing: cherrydonut’s tip jar!

I’m Cherry Donut, a chilean artist who is currently working in non profit projects such as The Flower Boy’s Daily Life, a fancomic about my special interest Kim Heechul, an original webcomic called Cotton Candy Monster that’s in development and Heechul’s Chilean Birthday Project! However, that consumes most if not all of my time, and I’m not able to get a job nor finish high school because of the point I will further explain.

Ok so as some of you might know, I’m autistic/mentally and physically ill and I’m currently trying to get a disability pension, but I’m probably not able to get it until next year so, while I’m trying to get it, I opened a tip jar to cover my art-related costs! That’s brushes, software licenses, online courses, and other tools I might need. I hate asking for money, but I already spend a lot on healthcare and those are things I currently can’t afford.

Your help would be deeply appreciated! Even $1 helps a lot! My paypal address is 

Thanks a lot for yout attention and I would appreciate if you could signal boost this! Have a nice day!

tidal wave

And I just cannot anymore I just like can’t even. Somewhere there is a story being written in a language I do not speak and in that story is a line of perfect text, so perfect I wish to highlight it but I cannot because it is a borrowed book and so I think that maybe I should copy it out but I am too lazy for that so I just read it and hope to memorize it though I won’t but it doesn’t matter anyway because I will never read that line of text in that story in that book because there is simply no room. And I just can’t even. I cannot with the snippets of thought, the unthoughts, the undoing of thought. I am so bored of it all so bored and my head is so full and my ears feel like I have just stepped out of the shower and I want to dig at them with Q-tips though I read an article on HuffPo that said I shouldn’t. My head is so full that I just can’t even with it anymore. I’m bored of your culture. Of your fucking presidents and your fucking rappers with their fucking outfits and your fucking loopy loop of conversation that is not really conversation because you are only talking to your fucking selves and I simply cannot listen to this monologue anymore. My brain has been monocropped and now the soil is depleted and I am depleted and empty and shallow and barren. I grow nothing, I create nothing, I think nothing. I simply can’t even with your guns and your policemen and your selective memories. I’m bored, I’m so bored but it’s like sugar and now it’s all I want so that I tell myself nothing else fills me like it does and I cannot consume anything else. There is so much more than this than this than this cotton candy It monster of a culture but I am consumed by it every thought I have is hashtagged and every frame of reference is cropped and filtered fuck me I want out. I simply can’t even with your white people and your thinned out ideals and your waspy wispy rice crispie bullshit excuse for fuck me I want out. Manifest destiny you plague, you bastard, you flesh-eating mother fucker and goddamit now I’m thinking of zombies zombie apocalypse AMC Sunday Night I know it’s illegal but I want it anyway and I want it now and I want it fast I want it IV drip drip drip into me and I cannot turn it off I cannot taste anything but sugar now. This has become mine has become all of ours it is monochrome it is technicolour dreamboat fuck this. Fuck your Lena Dunham fuck your representation fuck your postmodern fuck your postcolonial fuck your subaltern fuck your Orientalism fuck your third world fuck your diversity fuck your unheard voice. Unheard by whom? I’m straining to listen I’m trying but my ears are so blocked with all this static, all this white noise and my eyes have been scratched out and I can’t see past this past this past this. Turn it off, shut it down, give me more because I simply can’t even. But you can you say we can we can go to that place and see that thing and read that book and learn that language. But you say nothing is stopping you say but what about this, instead, or this or that or this have you seen have you read have you heard no thanks I’m tired can’t we just watch another episode of ok yeah put it on the queue looks interesting maybe next time turn the light off will you press play drip drip drip.