cotton candy monster

  • [during BTS Vlive]
  • Namjoon: Why is Jimin standing on the table?
  • Taehyung: He likes to be tall (◕‿◕)

she’s supposed to be a cute retro 1950s-ish candy girl — I think it’s funny that the dress turned out to be too triangular– but what the heck …… 💖  she is so pink!!!  🌸  💖  😍  won’t you take her to the fair? 💖 

blueeyedorihara  asked:

❛ Even monsters need love. ❜ --probably left as a note with a bag of cotton candy--

I love a monster..


“…Azami, you’re an odd one.”

Slender digits reach forward, to hold the bag of cotton candy gently in his hands. It was even purple. He tucks the note away into his pocket, walking back to his work room. These things were new to him; he still saw Azami as inferior, and somewhat pathetic. He doubts that will ever change. 

But one thing did change; his expression. A smile, now rested upon his face.