cotton candy body spray

sdr2 kids and what they smell like

@the-dad-friend and i came up with these and i know this sounds weird but it’s actually pretty cute okay 

Hajime Hinata: Kinda like flour. He usually wears a light cologne, though
Chiaki Nanami: Like vanilla and brown sugar
Nagito Komaeda: A dusty library. Not pleasant, but not awful either
Kazuichi Souda: He smells of oil and gasoline. Nauseating, since it’s very strong, so people often just offer him cologne to try and cover the smell
Ibuki Mioda: like punk rock COTTON CANDY. which is the opposite of punk rock but one time Sonia had cotton candy scented body spray and Ibuki has never been the same since
Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko: Slightly of smoke. It’s inevitable that he is around smokers being as he is in the yakuza, and a lot of the secondhand smoke just kind of…clings to him
Peko Pekoyama: There is no convincing that this girl does not smell like cherry blossoms and every beautiful flower out there
Mikan Tsumiki: You know that smell of hospitals? Really clean but also like chemicals? That’s what she smells like
Gundam Tanaka: Unfortunately he definitely smells like a barn, lots of hay
Sonia Nevermind: Like chocolate! You ever walk into a chocolate store, and all the chocolates smells are mixed together? That’s Sonia Nevermind
Mahiru Koizumi: She smells like the chemicals in a dark room, and she doesn’t notice it until people mention. She becomes very embarrassed and douses herself in perfume
Saionji Hiyoko: She wears plenty of perfume, but her perfumes are very sugary smelling she also smells like the devil
Teruteru Hanamura: Like whatever the most recent meal he has cooked. If he made spaghetti, there’s that slight tomato and garlic smell. He made soup? Like a warm soup but also like a middle schooler who uses wayyyy too much axe body spray
Akane Owari: Mildly like steak? But also sweat
Nekomaru Nidai: Sweat. So much sweat….
SHSL Imposter: He probably puts so much study into his person that he gets them down to the smell. As Twogami, he smells like spearemint

🦄✨☁️ this ones for my girls wearing cotton candy body spray and covering themselves in temporary tattoos. for the ones with sticky lip gloss days and cried off fake lash nights. chipped polish and fake nails, huffing nail glue and getting high on benedryls. the ones who prefer stickers over flowers, glitter over nude shadows, and are still trying to figure out how to contour themselves a kardashian or over drawn lips. who are more impressed by a boy with drugs than the ones with a job. bubble gum machine dreams, slot machine nightmares, thrift store street walker outfits and the heels to set it off. the ones who carry fake luxury bags and wear fake fur and no panties with a slip. the girls that were outcasts but identified with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, putting on my best goth make up to watch the simple life. the ones who buy cute sweets not to eat just to have, only filling ourselves with sweet things. we are the ever living ghost of lux Lisbon and Cecelia, and we are dreamy as fuck. get you one! 🦄✨☁️