cotton candy body spray

It’s the @omgcpwomenfest day of friendship between women, aka my ultimate jam. Here’s a hc about girls supporting and uplifting each other. 

Mandy and Jenny are the nice drunk girls in the bathroom at every haus party.

Lardo isn’t the first to talk to them, but living there, she sees them the most. When she found out that the girls in the bathroom are the ghosts in the attic, well, she was tempted to burn the haus down, but actually they give the best pep talks she’s ever heard. She escapes to them when the dudes are being… dudes, and it’s nice to have someone to gossip with.

March meets them while sneaking down from the attic with Ransom she detours into the bathroom to stagger their arrival downstairs. She’s glad she did; with the help of the two nice girls already in there, she manages to fix her eye makeup and readjust her dress. One of them even gives her a spritz of cotton candy body spray before sending her out. March spends the rest of the night looking for them, but they must have left.

Caitlin literally stumbles into them after going through almost a full bottle of wine. As she heaves over the toilet, Mandy holds her hair while Jenny rubs soothingly over her back. They keep her company until she feels ready to go back out, and while they wait with her, they yell at anyone who bangs impatiently on the door. “You saved my life,” Caitlin says to them, over and over.

April discovers them after literally running away from a really cute girl who may or may not have been flirting with her. She’s pretty sure she could just stay there forever and die of shame, but Mandy and Jenny boost her confidence, reminding her that she’s gorgeous, that any girl would swoon over her, and they send her out feeling more confident than she has in years.  

sdr2 kids and what they smell like

@the-dad-friend and i came up with these and i know this sounds weird but it’s actually pretty cute okay 

Hajime Hinata: Kinda like flour. He usually wears a light cologne, though
Chiaki Nanami: Like vanilla and brown sugar
Nagito Komaeda: A dusty library. Not pleasant, but not awful either
Kazuichi Souda: He smells of oil and gasoline. Nauseating, since it’s very strong, so people often just offer him cologne to try and cover the smell
Ibuki Mioda: like punk rock COTTON CANDY. which is the opposite of punk rock but one time Sonia had cotton candy scented body spray and Ibuki has never been the same since
Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko: Slightly of smoke. It’s inevitable that he is around smokers being as he is in the yakuza, and a lot of the secondhand smoke just kind of…clings to him
Peko Pekoyama: There is no convincing that this girl does not smell like cherry blossoms and every beautiful flower out there
Mikan Tsumiki: You know that smell of hospitals? Really clean but also like chemicals? That’s what she smells like
Gundam Tanaka: Unfortunately he definitely smells like a barn, lots of hay
Sonia Nevermind: Like chocolate! You ever walk into a chocolate store, and all the chocolates smells are mixed together? That’s Sonia Nevermind
Mahiru Koizumi: She smells like the chemicals in a dark room, and she doesn’t notice it until people mention. She becomes very embarrassed and douses herself in perfume
Saionji Hiyoko: She wears plenty of perfume, but her perfumes are very sugary smelling she also smells like the devil
Teruteru Hanamura: Like whatever the most recent meal he has cooked. If he made spaghetti, there’s that slight tomato and garlic smell. He made soup? Like a warm soup but also like a middle schooler who uses wayyyy too much axe body spray
Akane Owari: Mildly like steak? But also sweat
Nekomaru Nidai: Sweat. So much sweat….
SHSL Imposter: He probably puts so much study into his person that he gets them down to the smell. As Twogami, he smells like spearemint

Since y'all are constantly bitching about men, here’s a few things fucked up about women.

-back handed compliments around other girls, mostly cute ones that are friends with their boyfriends

-guilt tripping their boyfriends into breaking off friendships with other girls that they knew long before they dated just because she’s attractive (and you’re not allowed to get mad, because it’s just supposed to be accepted) yet calling men controlling when they do the same.

-slapping men simply because they’re angry at them

-emotionally manipulating men by crying to get their way

-questioning a man’s sexuality just because they don’t wanna have sex with them

-sending their friends their boyfriend’s nudes

-talking to other women about their sex lives with their significant others yet getting mad when they talk about it to their friends

-bitching when men don’t put them on a pedestal over their careers, friends, and even family

-you know how y'all are always bitching about guys wearing too much axe? Well that cotton candy body spray is the same deal. That shit fills up the whole room and it’s disgusting.

-leaving tons of hair all over the shower and never cleaning it up, causing the shower to get clogged up with a huge wad of hair and gunk.

-not washing their vaginas and complaining throwing a fit when a guy says it’s gross, but doing the same to men.

-telling men they’re “not a real man”

-setting up their boyfriends to see if they’ll cheat.

-guilt tripping men for cheating, when they’re cheating too

-guilt tripping their girl friends into pledging full and complete loyalty to them, even if it means betraying their friends.

-body shaming boys but expecting to be accepted for who they are.

-breaking guys’ things when they’re angry at them, or throwing things at them.

-vandalizing men’s vehicles

-using their looks to manipulate men into giving them their money (and I don’t mean sex workers, I mean youtubers, twitch streamers, etc.)

-Pretending to be “nerdy” to get attention from boys (yes, this DOES happen, and yes, there’s some assholes that’ll accuse any girl that’s nerdy of faking, but it DOES happen, and you’re not fooling anybody).

-lying about being pregnant to keep a man tied down.

-flushing tampons down the god damn toilet

-leaving discharge on the god damn walls

-leaving huge pools of period blood in the toilets and on the toilet seats.

-separating fathers from their children even when they both have custody

-bitching when men don’t spend a bunch of money on dates instead of just being happy they want to spend time with them

-messy, messy, messy rooms. Makeup everywhere, clothes a god damn mess. Almost every single man’s room I’ve seen was nearly spotless but almost every single woman’s room I’ve seen has been a god damn hell hole, and I won’t be afraid to admit that I’m the same damn way, but at least I take time to keep my fucking bathroom clean.

-Always expecting things to go their way, thinking their some god damn princess and deserve the world and not wanting to work for what they want.

-making a big deal about how armpit hair and pubes and leg hair is natural, complaining that they have to shave, and then bitching when men don’t shave their beards.

-victimizing women that are complete strangers, even if they’re completely happy with their lives and CHOSE said lifestyle (porn, modeling, stripping, etc.)

-claiming that lesbian porn objectifies their sexuality, but claiming [male] gay porn is different and somehow okay. There’s tons of videos of emo dudes making out on YouTube that girls go crazy over, but whatever, nobody cares about that, right?

-You know what makes me feel objectified? When a lesbian won’t stop smacking my ass (right in front of @jooshbag for that matter which is insanely disrespectful added onto the complete and utter disrespect of touching my body no matter how many times I say no), thinking it’s okay because I like girls, so I have to like all girls, right?
But no, only men objectify women. Women are all pure and innocent. Every single one. Men are the only problem.

OBVIOUSLY, this isn’t all women. To all you sweet, non cunty, respectful girls out there, I love you and appreciate you and I hope you’re doing great.

But if you’re gonna spread hate about men, you need to recognize the faults in YOUR gender as well. Not all women are angelic little beans. Some of us are absolutely horrible.

🦄✨☁️ this ones for my girls wearing cotton candy body spray and covering themselves in temporary tattoos. for the ones with sticky lip gloss days and cried off fake lash nights. chipped polish and fake nails, huffing nail glue and getting high on benedryls. the ones who prefer stickers over flowers, glitter over nude shadows, and are still trying to figure out how to contour themselves a kardashian or over drawn lips. who are more impressed by a boy with drugs than the ones with a job. bubble gum machine dreams, slot machine nightmares, thrift store street walker outfits and the heels to set it off. the ones who carry fake luxury bags and wear fake fur and no panties with a slip. the girls that were outcasts but identified with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, putting on my best goth make up to watch the simple life. the ones who buy cute sweets not to eat just to have, only filling ourselves with sweet things. we are the ever living ghost of lux Lisbon and Cecelia, and we are dreamy as fuck. get you one! 🦄✨☁️

Entirely because of this post by @samwell-womens-hockey. Tango asks how long Bittle and Jack have been together.

He’s not trying to snoop, it’s just there. When he asked for a closer look at the Jack Zimmermann OYO figurine Bitty told him to feel free and turned back to folding his laundry, so now Tango is holding the figure up but he got distracted by the calendar. It’s right behind the mini Jack, so it’s not like he was looking for it, but all those hearts are pretty eye catching.

“Is this your boyfriend’s birthday?” He asks, pointing at the little cake drawing. It’s pretty cute, actually.

“My what now?” Bitty says, almost casual except that he’s stiffened up, fingers clutching into the sweater in his hands, and Tango really stepped in it this time. He’s always asking stupid questions and it’s not the first time he’s said the wrong thing and someone needs to put a sock in his mouth.

“Oh, uh, I-” he stutters “didn’t mean to assume that you’re… I just thought that-”

“Hush, Tango,” Bitty says, taking pity on him. He doesn’t look angry or upset, but his smile is definitely forced. “You didn’t assume wrong, ok? Now go downstairs and get those sheets from the dryer.”

So he goes, because now that he knows about dibs he’ll do anything if it means he doesn’t have to live in those smelly dorms next year, but as he’s struggling to fold the fitted sheet he wonders why Bitty avoided the question.

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