cotton candy bag

Cotton Candy

Summary: Jason and his s/o at a carnival!

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A/N: Thanks for requesting! I hope you enjoy~



    Jason had never really been a fan of crowds, even when he was a kid. At galas he would always be found off in the corners, slipping outside, or even hiding under the tables for a moment of peace. Big groups of people were not fun for him. The noise, the bustle…it was just too much.

    So why was he having so much fun tonight?

    He’d told (Y/N) that they could do anything she wanted tonight. It was their one-year anniversary, and he’d been willing to do absolutely anything to make her happy. When she’d suggested the circus, though, he’d been a little skeptical. She’d acknowleged his hesitation, and seemed about to suggest something else, but then he’d insisted. He would push through it for a little while, to make her happy.

    Watching her so happy, playing silly carnival games, riding simple rides, watching funny little shows, had made him happy as well. Much happier than he had imagined when she’d first suggested it.

    Finally, hours after they’d arrived at the colorful little traveling carnival in the middle of Gotham, they sat on the ferris wheel together, huddled close against the evening chill.

    She had a bag of cotton candy, and was leaning against his arm while she ate. He kept one eye on the world outside their little ride car, but savored her warmth against his side.

    “Thank you for coming here with me, Jay.” She said after a few moments’ silence, when the car had risen enough to be above the general noise of the crowds. “I know crowds aren’t really your thing.”

    “Yeah, well, you’re my thing, babe.”

    She paused with a puff of pink candy halfway out of her mouth, and turned to look up at him, smiling, her (y/e/c) eyes reflecting the bright flashing lights of the carnival below them. “Aw,” she said around the fluff, “that’s so sweet, Jay.”

    He smiled, leaned down slowly, and kissed her. The pink fluff dissolved rapidly between their lips, melting into sticky sugar that seemed desperate to keep them both together. When he finally pulled away, licking the leftover suger from his lips, her cheeks were almost as pink as the candy. “No, that was sweet.”

    (Y/N) laughed, her blush deepening. She turned away for a moment, wiping her lips with one hand.

    “Did you have fun tonight?” He asked, moving to rest his arm around her and hold her against his side.

    “I always have fun with you, Jaybird. Thank you for this year, it’s been amazing.”

    He smiled, resting his head on hers, and took a handful of cotton candy from her bag. “Best year of my life, (Y/N). I love you.”

- - -

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Saiyuki: Matsuri Goku

Matsuri - the Japanese word “festival”. Whether it’s for Spring, Summer, or Fall, one of my favorite types of Japanese pop culture anime art are kimonos & yukata (the so-called “summer kimono”). Saiyuki is no exception and boy does PlatVis deliver!

Three of four, the saru-chan knows where it’s at! I agree with Goku! One of the best things in any festival is THE FOOD! He’s gotten the staple candy apple on a stick, cotton candy bag, takoyaki, tray, the dangos, and a to go box of take-a-guess at what it is (probably his favorite nikuman?). Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the swag of festival prizes he’s already got, like the water balloon, the aquarium fishy-in-a-bag and..ta-dah! He’s got a monkey mask based on the “Monkey King” of the old school “Journey to West” – it even has the circlet!

As for Goku’s yukata, he wears a sort of denim blue, fitting of him seeing as he tends to favor earth colors and those that contrast with his golden eyes and orange tones as well. But as always, Goku makes his fashion slightly more playful and here he’s rolled up his sleeves, as well as that the obi he uses seems a bit more puffier compared to the one Hakkai used.

Now, the real point of interest here are the geta Goku is wearing! Notice anything different? Rather than the flat-raised base, Goku is wearing the so-called “Senryou geta” which has a slanted underside, looks far more sturdier than the ones with “teeth” and whole history behind it. But if you ask me, I think Goku is just using it as a height booster! Goku is the shortest of the four but he wishes he was taller.

If you’re going to a festival and need to dress traditional, why not take a little advantage of dressing the part and looking a little taller, right? Silly saru-chan! Don’t worry so much about it! You’ll still got some growing to go and will get taller! Besides, we all agree the saru-chan is the cute one of the four! How much cute does Goku get? 

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

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First off, THANK YOU for this blog! Reading the headcanons give me my SSS fix as I impatiently wait for new scenerios/routes. Could I request the brothers learning it's MC's birthday, but she's the one that actually ends up forgetting it's her birthday because she's too focused on her job

You’re very welcome! I indulge writing these just as much as you all do reading them. I’m so afraid for the new routes to come though, because then I’ll feel like I’ve done everything wrong with the characters lol ;;


  • type to throw surprise birthday parties
  • sends you off to work with the other concierges which si very strange bc
  • that’s not something he usually did, he was v selfish with you and wanted to keep you all to himself
  • but just fills the flat with balloons and cotton candy bags and stuff from your first date together with mutsuki and the amusement park
  • so when you come in there’s balloons in your face and the strong smell of elephant ears (or fried dough with powdered sugar)
  • and you’re just ?????
  • chiaki has a party hat on his head and mutsuki is even there too
  • and drew you a little picture of the three of you together with balloons just like this was going to go
  • and both of them blow on their blowout noisemaker party favor things at you
  • “Murayama reminded me it was your birthday today.”
  • Says that with a slight distaste in his mouth but
  • he’d be damned if he didn’t plan something more than murayama anyway


  • arranges a day off of work for you without you knowing
  • so when you’re going down to the concierge desk to pick up your assignments today they’re just like
  • “ya you don’t need to be here lol”
  • so you’re just confused, but you return back to the suite to talk to toma and
  • he’s not there either???
  • so you’re just going around looking for him and you think to find him in his usual thinking spot
  • and in the blue shaded room with light flickering through the water you see him there, and he’s facing away from you and just watching the dolphins swim and play in the water
  • and he turns to you with that handsome af grin and produces out a small velvety blue box
  • and it’s a necklace with two dolphins that make a heart and it’s super cute
  • and while he’s putting it on for you, he just murmurs into your ear,
  • “Sometimes, you still need to take a break and care about yourself you know.”


  • how to plan for birthdays
  • assumedly the worst gift giver out of all of them and he’s just like
  • oh god what does she want does she want shoes? sneakers? FOOD???
  • and while you’re running some errands that he set out for you earlier you run into him in the shop and you’re just
  • ????
  • “Shizuka? Why are you here?”
  • but then he’s just
  • “Uh, while you’re here… could you try these on? I want to see if they’d fit you..”
  • And shizu’s style is impeccable let me tell u
  • they’re just cute frilly dresses and shirts and blouses and just full outfits 
  • and while you’re trying them on in the fitting room he just presses you into the stall quietly and kisses you sweeetly and murmurs a happy birthday to you


  • this big idiot would disappear
  • like you would wake up one morning and he wouldn’t be there, and you’d think he’d be off to work but he’s just nowhere to be found
  • but you’re panicking again bc oh god what the fuck what if he ran away again
  • nope, there’s little notes laying around the house and the first one is left on your bedside table
  • just a long fucking scavenger hunt while he makes you ignore all your duties as a concierge (read: he begged toma to give you a day off that day so you could spend it for your birthday)
  • but ofc you’re worried so while you’re cleaning up around the house, you find other little notes
  • “Haha, I knew you’d try to clean ! But nope, this is your focus today, and this is your work!”
  • more little notes & one left with a dress that he got specifically for this day, and instructs you to wear
  • until you finally find yourself at the local theatre and there’s a crane machine there
  • and to get the last note you have to win the damn toy
  • but ofc you don’t you suck and magically out of nowhere
  • “Need help?” And it’s him, quick to cling to you before he takes you into the theatre for a hot makeout session movie date


  • mei, probably: how do i show affection to this girl on her birthday any different than i would any other day
  • probably wouldn’t do anything different but 
  • would compose a short piece for you to come home, because he knows how curious you are still about the music that he plays
  • and also welcomes you home with a big box of sweets
  • in fact you see two there, (but one’s actually for him)
  • a nice, quiet candlelit dinner out on the balcony with just sweet music in the background after one of your longer days at work
  • and he’s the one serving you 
  • and ofc he starts it with 
  • “Don’t expect this every day. It’s just because today’s your birthday, and you just got home… And it’s your first birthday with me.”


  • wakes you up early in the morning, like before the sun even comes up
  • takes you to his car and you’re going on a long journey my friend
  • it’s just silence in the car though, you’ve stopped trying to protest where you’re going, and just end up dozing again lol
  • and you’re just out someplace nice and secluded and away from society
  • “I figured that for once, you could relax completely.”
  • And you’re confused why????
  • “Shouldn’t you be relaxing on your birthday?”
  • oh and when it clicks you’re just so smiley and blushy because he thought of you
  • even brought the picnic basket and the wine and alcohol for you guys to celebrate together and just spend the day/afternoon/evening together
  • and just enjoy each others’ company among the clouds and the stars
  • and it’s just really you two, and each others’ world

if letha isn’t stuffing her face just assume she’s in a coma.
Voltron Carnival Shenanigans
  • Lance loves the bumper cars. Beep, beep motherfucker.
  • Buys all the cotton candy bags because he can, but mainly because he just really likes cotton candy.
  • Actual Boss at knocking down the milk bottles. 
  • Every time he wins something, he always gives his prizes to Allura. She gladly accepts them…only to give them away when he’s not looking.
  • Gets lost so fucking easily. Shiro really needs to buy a kid leash for him.
  • Tries to impress girls by testing his strength.He isn’t strong at all. 
  • Totally carries huge prizes as if he was giving it a piggy back ride.
  • He’s the one that always complains about long lines and gets multiple glares from other riders.
  • Lance hates not being able to sit next to Allura on rides and usually he never does.
  • He loves getting face paint and wearing those cheap rub on tattoos.
  • actual five year old
  • Keith says he’s too cool for rides.
  • …and then he proceeds to buy $20 in tickets only to ride the same ride over and over again (it’s the Scrambler).
  • Never gets dizzy. Ever.
  • You know that game where you have to throw a small ring around the even smaller opening of a bottle? Yeah, well, Keith is an ace at that game. Lance really hates him for it, but usually relents when Keith gives him the prize. Keith just doesn’t like having to carry them.
  • Despite Lance’s teasing, Keith really loves corndogs. 
  • Keith is a total lagger, always takes his time to get to rides. Everyone has to drag him to get on other rides that aren’t the Scrambler.
  • Secretly he enjoys every ride though, he’s the one smiling the widest in each picture that has a camera on the ride.
  • Pidge is all about the Gravitron. She’ll ride it endlessly but honestly she loves every thrilling ride.
  • She always screams the loudest.
  • Brought her drone and is flying it around. She uploads the video to YouTube, probably.
  • The key to her heart are candy apples.
  • She is the one who always has a drink in her hand. She loves them frozen lemonade drinks.
  • Because of this she has to go to the bathroom every five minutes.
  • Pidge loves playing the mini-game that involves throwing darts at balloons. She never misses!
  • Sometimes gets mistaken for a little kid. Adults would ask her if she lost her parents. (“No. I’m here with my friends.”)
  • Hunk must be a fish because he just really loves water-based rides. His absolute favorite is the log flume.
  • Will totally make silly faces for the camera. Smile!
  • Always brings his handy-dandy backpack fit with a first aid kit, water bottles, snacks, a disposable camera, and…is that…a portable DVD player? (”It’s for when we’re waiting in lines, okay?”)
  • This boy is all about funnel cake. He buys at least five plates every night.
  • As soon as someone says their feet hurt, Hunk will not hesitate to give them a piggyback ride. Say goodbye to your dignity, friend.
  • Hunk loves THE PETTING ZOO. He will pet and cuddle with every animal he can (even the chickens!).
  • Sometimes he tries to take the animals with him but Shiro always catches him. (”No, Hunk we can’t take the goat with us!”) 
  • Shiro loves the Zipper. He finds it so fun and usually he rides it with Coran or Keith because everyone else is too scared to ride it.
  • Every year he has to head to the help desk because he’s lost everyone. Its happened so often that as soon as an officer sees Shiro (alone, of course) come into view, he immediately makes an announcement.
  • He’s insanely good at every mini-game. Anytime he wins, however, he’ll usually give away his prizes to passing children, or Allura ( she keeps Shiro’s prizes).
  • But also, as insanely good as Shiro is, the only time he loses is when on purpose. Say, for instance, when competing against children, he’ll purposely lose just to see the look on their faces. He gets so excited for them by congratulating them. He’s just so proud for some reason.
  • Accidentally buys 10 turkey legs when its time eat.  
  • He eats them all and doesn’t share.
  • Allura is so entranced with the carousal. She rides it multiple times just so she can use each and every horse/lion/griffon.
  • She’s the only one who rings the bell when it comes to the strength test.
  • Everyone’s so impressed. Especially Coran! (“That’s my girl!”)
  • She’s the one who wants to buy silly souvenirs such as the Caricatures.
  • Absolutely adores the plastic inflatable animals. Her favorite is the pink dog.
  • Buys a lot of kettle corn and shares it with Coran.
  • She is the one to always initiate photo opportunities for Hunk to take.
  • Coran makes it his personal mission to ride every ride available. Even the kiddie ones that no else wants to ride. 
  • He’ll ride them by himself.
  • His favorite is the Haunted Mansion.
  • Maybe ruins the ride by pointing out every flaw in which makes the scary animatronics fake.
  • He has to hold Hunk’s hand because he’s the one that’s most afraid of the ride.
  • Gets over excited every time someone wins something. Especially Allura. He’s her number one fan.
  • He enjoys eating the kettle corn but his favorite food is anything deep fried. Deep fried twinkie? Why not!
  • He always enters in the art gallery competition for macoroni art. He always wins 1st place.
  • At the end of the night they all ride the Ferris Wheel since they all like to see the lights from above. Lance tries to ride with Allura but she always takes Coran or Shiro to ride with her. Hunk and Pidge usually share a cart as well leaving Lance reluctantly to ride with Keith.

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can u do #60 (cotton candy)? it's literally me

Sure thing, doll😘😘

60. Cotton candy is for adults too, leave me alone.

Your name: submit What is this?

It was hard going out with your boyfriend, Shawn.  You absolutely supported him in whatever he chose to do in his life, so you couldn’t complain when he took you out to the carnival and a few fans would stop him for pictures.

At times, you would just walk away, letting the fans get some one-on-one time with the idol.  And other times, fans would occasionally ask for yo to be in the picture with Shawn, or just for an individual picture with you.  You didn’t know why they would want a picture with you, but you never said no.

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Clown available in north Texas

I’m moving into a different apartment soon and I have just learned they don’t house clowns and it’s too late to break my lease. His name is Barnaby and he is a sweet older Harlequin who I have had for many years and it truly pains me to give him up. He has been neutered, which now constitutes clown cruelty but my parents didn’t know that when they got him for me, and he is of even temperament and gets along with other pets and older children. I can provide a cotton candy machine, several bags of candy treats, a few tents, a ball pit, and various other toys. He has only been in apartments with tiny outdoors spaces and would love a big backyard to work on his juggling. I would prefer to keep him in the DFW area so I could visit him a couple times a month if possible. Please message me if you are able to take him and I will be able to reimburse moving costs up to $150

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           “– why’re you lookin’ at me like that?”

    adjusting the straps of her bag, Evie’s brows perked
    up so high that they almost disappeared in her wild
    blue locks. “Do you want candy? I have a variety in
    my bag. Cotton candy in a jar, lollies, something–”
    She frowned, before diving a hand into her bag and
    pulling out a few chocolate bars. “Aura bar, isle bar,
    W.C.K.D.– Also tiny caramel apples–” Suddenly, a 
    wide grin came to rest on her face. “and this one is
    my personal favorite… salt water caramel bar with
    green smith apple bits.”

The Signs As Aesthetics

Aries: Scraping your hands on gravel

Taurus: College parties where they play beer pong unironically

Gemini: A single fried egg and a black cup of coffee

Cancer: A mason jar full of what looks to be something fancy. But it’s actually just off-brand grape soda.

Leo: Free sample bags of organic dog food.

Virgo: Pumpkin carving

Libra: Ugly motel curtains

Scorpio: Actual real gold

Sagittarius: Boots with loose soles

Capricorn: Unreasonable expectations

Aquarius: Cotton candy and a bag of caramel popcorn

Pisces: A bowl of only blue m&ms

{All aesthetics taken from @aesthetics-to-try}

Seungcheol As a Boyfriend!

First post! Please enjoy~

•Okay so we all know how Coups is the father of seventeen right??
• Well guess what!! He’d still be very overprotective and father-like in some ways
•Like you’ll be eating and some like idk pasta sauce will get over your face and Coups just kinda,,,, *wipes your face with his thumb* And you’re like ?????? Wtf babe I’m not two years old???
•Also lots of feedback and opinions on your values/clothing/work
•Like he’ll probably suggest clothing he’d like to see you in while shopping and have deep conversations with you at any given time
•Like he’ll constantly be questioning your opinions and arguments not bc he’s trying to be rude!!!!! Just he’s like???? Woah why do you think this I’m so intrigued!!???!
•Also gives the best hugs
•he just seems so cuddly oml
•Lots and loTS of forehead kisses/back hugs
•Probably looks so good in the morning except has p bad morning breath????
•And he tries to kiss you goodmorning and you’re like???? babe nO
•A M U S E M E N T P A R K D A T E S
•literally always so hype!!! To go the amusement park yet???? Is a smol bby??? Two yrs old??? Doesn’t get on any rides??
•Like literally not even the kiddy rides I’m talkin like a 5 mpr merry go round!!??!
•Loves feeding you!!!?
•Like literally you’ll get there and two minutes later you already have like four hotdogs, two orders of funnel cake, two things of cotton candy, and three bags of kettlecorn and you’re like???!!? Since when¿? am I dating seokmin??

• Constantly has you over at the dorms like no joke ya basically live with your 2 yr old bf and his sons
•The boys probably tease him on the daily but like he doesn’t get it??? he will just be sitting there doin nothing and just
•"Dad???? Where’s mom??¿"
•Coups: *points to jeonghan*
•Also yeah ok prepare to be called mom by 12 lil munchkins
•Like Seungcheol probably gives the softest kisses and like holds your face gently with two hands and always ends up smiling into the kiss aND IM SO EMO RN

•Okay but honestly domestic shopping with coups is probably a wild ride!!??¿
•Like he’ll literally choose a dining ware set with like twelve different colours??? And then get like a couch with a bright neon version of a colour you don’t like
•But the thing is??? He’s so clumsy???
•Probably drops at least two plates per week tbh
•So you guys constaNTLY need to get more and onCE AGAIN!!!??? HE CHOOSES THE WEIRDEST COLOURS??? THAT DONT MATCH??!! AT ALL???¿
•Also probably have to take care of him when he gets hurt
•Lots of boo boo kissies
•And the first aid kit constantly needs to be restocked

•Also constantly getting to wear not only his clothes but the members two bc Seungcheol probably begs them bc of how cute you look!!
•He’s a huge sappy nerd ok
•probably constantly doodling your name on important paperwork and doesn’t notice until last minute and just wAIT,,
•Basically Seungcheol is a huge nerd ok trust me on this
•B U T
•also is very immature and probably laughs at dirty jokes
•gets flustered and proceeds to make dirty jokes whenever you’re around bc he’s a dumb poop
• But he’s your dumb poop so it’s ok!!!

Leave any feedback if you can guys! This was my first time doing this omg
Sorry if it’s bad, I’m always open to constructive criticism in the tags!

I was originally gonna post this as my “blog birthday” fic, because this was the first thing I ever wrote on this blog, almost exactly a year ago, and I figured it’d be good to finally give it a better conclusion, but writing it was kinda like pulling teeth, oh god. Definitely not one of my favorites, but eh well, what can you do. (Part 1, Part 2, AO3)

“For the last time, it doesn’t matter what you wear, Cas,” Gabriel says, rolling his eyes. “One look at those big, blue eyes of yours, and you could be wearing a tutu for all the attention he’d pay to the rest of you.” Then his face lights up, and he says, “No, that’s brilliant! You should wear a tutu!”

“Gabriel, you are absolutely no help. Go away,” Castiel says, looking at himself in the mirror. He’s wearing a dark brown button-up over black jeans, and he’s pretty set on the dark jeans… but does the dark-pants-dark-shirt combination make his skin look too pale in contrast? He doesn’t have the palest complexion, but anyone would look pasty against such dark colors.

“Are you going out on a date?

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just chillin realizing my hat perfectly matches my cotton candy bag 

and realizing instead of going to dumb school i just want to lock myself in my room and watch movies 4ever (today i watched the depressing “i know my first name is steven” nd i watched “mi vida loca” yesterday that one was soooo good srsly whisper & sad girl were just the koolest characters)

i have also been listening to the same ice cube song for like an hour

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Could you write a fic where the Shamy go to the fair together and ride the merry-go-round together (preferably getting stuck on the top, hehe)

Hi!  Thanks so much for the prompt.  I sometimes get annoyed that we don’t get to see many date nights beyond just Amy’s apartment or The Cheesecake Factory.  I know it’s a symptom of being a situation comedy.  Only having so many sets, but I bet that Sheldon and Amy have a lot of fun together.  Come on, season eight, give us some cute Shamy date nights.  I guess until then, I have to settle for my imagination.  I hope you enjoy the story!

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