cotton cafe


g3 mlp asks !!🐴🌈

pony: which earth pony is your favorite?
unicorn: which unicorn is your favorite?
pegasus: which pegasus  is your favorite?
custom: if you were to be a pony, how would you look? cutie mark, mane, outfit, personalty, etc
ponyville: which pony gang would you like the hang out with?
unicornia: would you rather make the rainbow, or see the rainbow?
butterfly island: would you be more of a town or beach pony?
celebration: in your opinion, what is the best year for the G3?
cotton candy cafe: if you lived in ponyville, where would you work?
core 7: do you think the core 7 ponies were a good idea? which pony is your favorite?
music: what is your favorite G3 song?
movies: what are the mlp movies you watched, and which one is your fave?
playsets: What are the playsets you own ? Which ones are your favorite?
G3.5: What is your opinion on the G3.5 ?
toys: how many G3 ponies do you own, approximately?

“It’s Tappyoca time!”

Tappyoca is a an earth pony that resides in “Old” Ponyville & works part time at the Cotton Candy Cafe as a barista. Her favorite item to order & serve is Tappy Tea, a yummy boba tea recipe they she concocted all by herself.

She is quite shy upon meeting new ponies & tends to tap one of her hooves in anxiety. To help counter out her shyness, Tappy attends Twinkle Twirl’s Dance Studio where she is able to express herself freely through dance!


Tappyoca was originally designed by & adopted from positivelypinkie!
The spotlight background was taken from wallpapercave 😊